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Dual monitor Application

If you have a computer, which is rarely utilized, then MaxiVista can help you to connect the PC as the second monitor for another computer. For doing this, there will not be any need of extra hardware.MaxiVista can be used with any sort of combination of laptop, tablet PC or desktop, to mirror or extend the screen content of the primary PC. MaxiVista is also compatible with multi-monitor systems based on hardware, and two dual monitor systems may be put together to prepare a display of four monitors from the primary PC.

The software of the server is fixed up in the primary PC. Then the program of the server is utilized to produce a viewer file of small type, which is duplicated to the PC of the secondary type and run. MaxiVista operates ideally on one’s current PC with a dual-monitor.

The PC of the secondary type may be operated in background so long as one does not require viewing the screen. In mirror style, the screen content upon the initial display may be copied to the secondary display.

Multiple monitors enable program switching and comparing documents easier than before. If quality is not a major issue, you may choose used or older monitors at online auctions, or at discount stores or computer outlets.

New launches from Sony® in Smartphone Arena

As has been announced, the CES Show 2011 saw the references made by Sony for all the products showcased with a common content shared across all products like the Play station devices PS3, PSP, PSP2, and the PS phone.

Microsoft being ahead of Sony with regards to tying the new Window Mobile Phone 7 handsets into the live providing a live login. Gaming is already made available by Microsoft. Sony seems to be heading the same direction with services which will hook on to the devices from Sony like PS3, TV, PC and Blu-Ray players.

The PS3 introduced in 2004 was dubbed the `Walkman of the 21st Century` was not a great success in the markets. But subsequent PSPs introduced have been very successful and now Sony is looking to make great profits with the release of the PSP2 stealthily. They are hoping to oust Nintendo and Apple at their own game.

The world`s second largest portable player maker has outlined a strategy to use, networked entertainment services. Sony intends to launch the PSP 2 on January, 27th of 2011 which is 2 days ago. The PSP smart phone is set to be released in February.

Sony will also outline their strategy to use its networked game system on portable devices. The Mobile World Congress is all set to take off on February 14th through 17th showcasing Sony`s Ericsson made PSP phone which is also called the Xperia Play, although no comments are available from Sony regarding this.

Company faced some troubles getting any grip with the PSP, failing to catch up with Nintendo, when it was released in 2004, selling only 18.5 million units compared to 47 million units of the Nintendo. Sony plans to gain market from Nintendo and Apple dominated market. It has revealed the networked services to share games, movies, and music over handheld devices, TVs and the likes.

With the release of the PSP Go in 2009, Sony did away with disc drives and introduced direct downloads of games. Bloomberg has been keenly following the news from Sony and their report on the Sony PSP2 is intended for the CES show this year in 2011 and later in February of the smart phone. The updated PSP will compete with Apple`s iPod Touch and Nintendo`s 3DS which are gaming devices and have been a threat to the Sony`s PSP.

4 Tips to Connect Your Phone With Your PC

If you synchronize your phone with you PC then it is going to be the best way to transfer information, settings, and files. You can have all of them up to date and can access it at home and at work to.

Maintain Your Appointments

It sometime happens that you have made an appointment in your PC but have not synced it with your hone and so you missed it. You are sometime outside your home and have entered an appointment in your phone but as you have not synced it with your PC you miss the appointment again.

But not anymore, the latest version of windows phone makes it easier to keep a track over the appointments. The new Today screen appears when you turn on your phone which shows your appointments and any missed calls, unread messages and all your programs. The new Lockscreen also displays new messages and appointments without asking for your PIN when the phone is locked with all providing access to mute, hold, speaker and other functions during the phone call

Take Your Work, Projects or Homework with You

Now you can do your homework while riding the bus or simply sitting in a coffee shop. You just have to install Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone and as you are already well aware of the Microsoft Office look and so there is no learning curve.

If a touch screen is in your hands you get few additional features with you such as word count and spell check. You can also create charts in Microsoft Excel Mobile and with that can also create documents in Microsoft Word mobile with also highlighting the selected sections. Not only this you can use OneNote mobile to take quick notes or to save web links and then sync your notes with your PC.

Microsoft Office Mobile is too compatible with the Office 2010 and previous Microsoft releases which enables you to work with all the existing Office documents. You can create even richer charts in Excel Mobile, by using SmartArt and Themes in PowerPoint Mobile and can view the contents of zipped folders. Even the improved clipboard on your Windows Phone can make copying and pasting to and from any applications on your phone in a simple and intuitive manner. If in case OfficeMobile is not pre installed on your phone then you can get it download free of cost from Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Save Pictures

You have taken pictures of your special moments from your phone. May be you want to send these pictures right away but you may probably want to save them as many in your PC. There is only one thing you need to do and that is to synchronize your phone with your PC.

Protect Your stuff against Loss and Theft

You can easily misplace or even lose your phone or your PC and this happens you everyone and just not to one. Replacing the email, contact information, pictures, music, documents that are stored in your phone can prove to be an impossible task if you haven’t synchronized your phone with your PC on a regular basis.

Try out the Microsoft My Phone Service which is available free of cost. My Phone creates a back up of the contents of your Windows Phone.

You can sync and save: time, energy, money and your important information.

How to Fix common PC problems

A computer system or PC needs regular maintenance in order to function efficiently. However every user faces common computer glitches. Some of these computer problems and their resolution can be stated as follows:

Windows Help

Windows has extensive help on every topic. If you get stuck somewhere then before seeking anybody else’s help try searching something on the Windows help.

Identify the Problem

What will you fix if you don’t know what the problem is. See if you get any error message. In Windows now you get options for fixing the error along with the error message. Try fixing the error by those options. These options might look for an online solution or can also open a do it yourself decision tree.

Try Fix It

Microsoft has launched its new error fixing tool called Microsoft Fix It beta. You can download this tool and get yourself guided and helped in getting problems fixed. This tool would need your Windows Live account as the login credential and once you log into it will access the basic computer information and the error logs and will send you the error recovery options if available.

General Issues

  • System Performance – This is directly proportional to the Hardware and Software configuration of your computer. If you find that your computer is running low on resources then its time to upgrade the Hardware. Programs and applications are always developed keeping the latest Hardware Configuration in mind, so if you install a new application on your old computer then it will work but not efficiently
  • Internet Connectivity Issues – These issues can be because of your computer or because of some issues in your network or because of some issues from the ISP. Always follow an approach of drilling down to the problem. Look from a wider perspective and then filter out the possibilities. Check with your ISP if they have any issue. Check if other computers connected to the same network are able to connect to the internet or not. Check if your computer is getting a valid IP address from the ISP or from the Router (if any) and then reach to the actual cause of the trouble. Try using the PING command to find out the connectivity, and using another web browser other than the one you always use would also be a good idea to understand the situation.
  • System Failure – System failure which we often call as no boot situation can be categorized in two parts: Hardware failure and the Operating System Failure. If it is a Hardware failure then your system will not boot at all and it is quite possible that you will not get anything on the screen as well and all this will happen before you could reach the Windows logo. If it is an operating system trouble then you will at least see the Windows logo and if not then your system’s BIOS will let you know about a corrupt operating system. Once you know the problem, act accordingly.

How to add more memory to your computer

Programs and applications have increasingly become resource hungry. They need more RAM for working smoothly without the momentary lockups of the operating system. It’s not only the applications on which you work but the operating system also demands more RAM modules of large capacities. Days are gone when Windows 98 used to work efficiently with just 32 MB of RAM; it’s the time of Windows Vista and Windows 7 which requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM. (minimum 1GB). With this much amount of RAM Windows will only work without complaining but will often get tired and stop doing its bit. So if you have to get the most out of the new babies of Windows then you need a 4 GB chip of the Random Access Memory.

Users often say that they have large amounts of hard drive space on their computer but still their computer runs slow. The Answer to this is that hard drive plays an important role in enhancing the performance of any computer but it does not play the vital role. The Vital role is played only by the RAM and the Processor off course. If you don’t have enough RAM on your computer than your computers operating system would not be able to feed the necessary amount of data to the processor for processing and will increase the delay of every activity.

Further in this post we will discuss how to find out how much RAM your computer has and do you need more of it?

To check the performance capabilities of your computer Windows Vista and Windows 7 there is a system called Windows Experience Index. It gives you a rating to your computers hardware basis the kind of software and other applications you have installed on it. It will let you know if you have enough RAM, enough Graphics memory, decently fast processor etc. You should always run the Windows Experience index and find out if your computer is still able to cope up well with the newly installed applications and driver software. You can launch this tool by opening the Control panel, then opening the System & Maintenance option, and then clicking on the Performance Information and Tools. This rating is given on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.

After checking the rating find how much RAM you have. This can again be checked from the same screen which is of System & Performance, and then clicking on Advanced System Properties. Here along with the information of your Windows version, Processor configuration you will also find the amount of RAM installed. Don’t panic if the figure shown up there is lesser than what you know your RAM size is, because some part of the RAM is often shared with the graphics memory so the size shown up here would be lesser than what you expected.

Lastly know more about the operating system you have and know the amount of RAM it can support. What is the need to buy extra chips of RAM if your computers operating system cannot utilize the same.

Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249