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How find a PC for your home or business

Selecting a right PC is a very complicated task as there are number of options available in the market and it gets more complicated when you have to suggest some to get a perfect computer or you have choose the appropriate PC for a parent or you friend.

Here are some of the basing things which one should keep in mind before helping your parents of friend to buy a computer.

1. Search for all the available options:

Buying a computer is a big decision. You have to be very careful as it is a big investment as well. So the first and foremost thing is to be patient and understand their requirement. Try to understand their needs and make them understand the various use of computer like Internet browsing, multimedia use, etc. Show them some computer features and make them familiar with basic computing and also show them some basic software like MS Office, and Music players.

2. Visit computer store or on website:

It will be easier to just go out to any computer store and pick a best computer for your parent or friend or simply order the computer online; however you must keep them with you while you are buying the product. Your parents might not be comfortable for online shopping so it is better to take to the nearest store and help them choose the computer of their choice.

3. Finalize the type of computer:

It is also very important that what type of computer will be suitable for your parent or friend. A Netbook if very light in weight but very small cannot provide the better multimedia experience. A desktop will be suitable for your friend who is very enthusiast in playing video games because a desktop can be customized according to high end gaming requirement and provide a better visual and audio experience.

4. Set up computer:

Setting up the newly purchased computer is also very important. You can make your parent comfortable for various terminologies while setting up computer for him/her. It is also necessary because your parent might not be that comfortable with the hardware and it cause for a damage.

5. Make them familiar with the use of computer:

Once the computer is set up and ready to use. The next step is to make them understand the best use of the computer.  Install some basic application like MS Office and Music players on computer and create some sample document for them. Make them work on those document like edit, save, and making changes to the document and guide them for the various uses of the computer.

How to maintain your PC through Task Scheduler

“Prevention is better than cure”. It is an old saying but it stands true in most of the situation in our life. It also stands true for your computers. Most of the time we hear people saying that their computer has crashed , or it is really running slow, but they never talk about the preventive measures they have taken to avoid such sluggish stage. A Computer is not a single unit (though it appears) but is a system which works when all the devices attached to it runs in accordance with each other and gives the best throughput. If one device goes slow then obviously everything will go slow. It can be seen as a tunnel where the entry point can be the hard drive from where the data is picked and the end point is the monitor, where the result gets displayed. Hidden inside the tunnel are the   Graphics controllers, Memory, Cache memory, addressing and spooling techniques, Processor, software and every other identity present in the computer system. Now anywhere inside the tunnel the traffic gets slowed then the entire queue gets slowed and we get delayed results. Example given above was quite hypothetical but it makes a good sense when we talk about computers performance.

You purchase a new computer with decent processing power, high capacity RAM, high-end graphics card, Large Hard drive. You are so happy and satisfied by the performance you get when it is young but one or two months down the line it starts getting slow. Let us understand why this happens and how can this be avoided by taking preventive measures.

Every thing that works or let other programs work exists in the Hard Drive. If your Hard Drive is over loaded then the speed of reading and writing will go slow, and thus it will not be able to cope up with the speeds of other devices like Processor and the RAM and will result in the entire system slowdown. Make a habit to run Disk Defragmenter and CheckDisk at least once in a month. You can even add these tasks in the Task Scheduler so that they run automatically even if you fail to remember. Path for Defragmenter is C:\Windows\System32\Defrag.exe and the path for CheckDisk is C:\Windows\ystem32\chkdsk.exe. use these executable files when you add the path in the Task Scheduler.

Another important measure is to keep on freeing space on the Hard Drive. This can easily be done by the disk cleaning utility available in Windows called as Disk Cleaner. Path of Disk Cleaner is C:\Windows\Syste32\cleanmgr.exe. This utility cleans all the junk and temporary files which get accumulated by time and this utility should be run at least once a week. Just like Defragmenter and CheckDisk this can also be scheduled in the Task Scheduler.

Over here I have not talked about increasing the performance of other devices like Processor and RAM because there is nothing you can do to improve them.  The Most you can do is to over-clock the processor but it is not advised at all. RAM, Processor etc are hardware devices and they work the way they are designed. There is no software means of improvising their performance and the only optimization we can do is of the hard drive and it should be done regularly

How to set up and customize your new computer

It is the most important task to set up and customize your new computer. Although all manufactures send the Operating System and default software installed on the computer but there are some other things involved which need to be configured. Setting up a new computer requires a lot of steps where you will need to assemble hardware, user accounts, personalizing PC, etc.

Here are some basic steps which will be very helpful set up and customize your new computer.

Know your machine and tools:

It is very important that you have enough knowledge related to computer.  Setting up and customizing the new PC will be a very easy task for a person who is familiar with basic computer terminologies and technology and if you are new to computer then you should first get the basic knowledge before starting the computer.

Go to some informative website which gives information related to basic computer knowledge and brief introduction to computer. You should also get knowledge about the basic computer parts.

Set up your computer:

It is necessary to choose a perfect place at your home where you are going to keep your computer. So take good amount of time before unpacking the computer box because it is very tedious task to move the computer to another place after it is set up in one place.

The location should be near to power outlet so that you can connect the computer to get the power. There should also be enough space for cabling and other devices like speakers, printers, etc.

Unpack the computer:


You must always go though the manufacturer’s guidelines before unpacking the computer as it can give a fair idea of the product and the content of the box. Make sure that all the components like power cord and other extensions are intact and not broken. If you find anything not up to the mark then you must talk the manufacturer and return the product within 15 days.

If everything seems to be fine then remove all the covers and plastic protective items from a Laptop or Netbook and also take out the battery cable.

If you have a desktop, then you need to remove the covering from the CPU or the main box and monitor. Take out all the cables and unpack mouse, keyboards and any extra components.

For Laptop, all you need to so if to just insert the battery cable on the power outlet and connect the other end at the Laptop connectors and swish on the Laptop. In case of desktops, you will need to place all the components on the computer table and connect all the components as well. Switch on the desktop once all the components are attached.

Install Software:

The new computer will only have operating system and some of the pre-installed software (provided by manufacturer) in it. You will need to add software on your computer as per your requirement. Software like Microsoft Office, Music players, etc needs to be installed manually by inserting the software disk in the CD/DVD drive.

Customize your computer:


Once you have set up the computer and installed all required software in it, you will need to customize of personalize your computer. Create a user name of your own choice and set password. Add your user id in the Administrative group so that you have access to all features.  You can also create user for your children and give them limited access to computer features. Now personalize the look and feel of the system by setting the themes and desktop images on your computer. You change some other settings like enlarge the text size and add web favorite, etc according to your choice.

5 Tips to Optimize your PC performance

Some times your PC is taking too long to boot up or running applications at slow speeds. It is very annoying if your PC is taking long time to open some small programs like notepad. This problem might be due to virus or unwanted file formats  on PC. It is very important to maintain and clean up your PC at regular interval in order get the best performance from your PC. The performance of PC depends on the maintenance by its user.

It is not a tough task to speed up your computer, you just have to follow the steps given below and you can speed up your PC.

Step1: Delete cached files or erased files from system

It is very important to delete all erased files from system. You may delete the files but they are stored in the  recycle bin and use same space and size. You can delete these files from recycle bin to get extra space. There are so many unnecessary items on computer that slows down the computer.

Step2: Delete temporary internet files and cookies

Temporary Internet files and cookies can slow down the system. They are useful while browsing but so many of them slow your computer, so delete them at regular interval. To delete them in Internet explorer, just click on tools and then click Internet options. Now in Internet option go to general tab and click delete.

Step3: You can install a memory module

You can add memory modules to the system; this is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to boost the speed of your PC. You can add a RAM in 5minutes using a screw driver and easily speed up your PC. When the system has more memory it spends less time in allocating memory to all the programs.

Step4: Delete unused programs

It is always better to delete programs which you do not use. If you are a gamer then programs can pile up your computer. You have to delete all the programs which seat idle on the computer and eating space from your computer.  The more space your computer has, faster the computer runs.

Step5: Run Your Utility Programs at regular interval

If you want to speed up your system then it is very important to run the system utility programs at regular interval. There are so many disk utility like Disk Defragmenter, desk clean up or antivirus software. You just need to run these programs regularly. Install a good antivirus program on the system and scan the system regularly. There are several antivirus program available like AVG, Norton, Avast etc or you can install some cleaner programs like Ccleaner, Revo or Tweak Now; these programs clean up your computer at regular interval and help your PC to run faster then before. You can regulate these programs also like you can schedule the scans and cleaning utility at regular intervals.

These tricks are very helpful to run the system smoothly and make your work easier.

How to Protect Personal Information on your PC

The cyber world is getting more threats with it increasing popularity so it is also very important to protect the personal information on your computer. Data like your passwords, document files, medical informations, etc can be stolen from your computer.

Suppose you are using a P4 computer and now you want to upgrade the system, but just think about the older computer and loads of data it holds with it. You do not want to share all the personal data with any one, so it is very important to remove all the data from the computer. Just imagine if your hard drive will fall into wrong hand then you just cannot think about the damages. So from your part a little bit of damage control can save the hazards. Now you can delete all the files from the hard drive but simply deleting those files will not protect the personal information. Anyone can simply retrieve all the information from the hard drive easily.

You just have to follow the given instructions given below to use different software to protect all the personal information.


The first and very simple step is to transfer all the data on writable CD, DVD or other hard drive. These will safe all the data and double check if all the data is completely transfer or not. Now delete all the original files from the computer.


We recommend you to delete and uninstall all software programs from the existing system. If you plan to use same programs on another computer then please rethink because performing this step can violate the software license agreement. You cannot use same software on more than one computer.


We also recommend you to use a hard drive cleaning program to completely clean personal files and information from the computer. There are several software programs available online like Active@killdisk, wipedrive etc. to use these programs or software properly try to read the hard drive cleaning software’s installation and operation instructions. You can also check out these programs online to know more about these software programs. Now reinstall the operating system and restore it to the manufacture version, it will erase all the personal information and other software from the system.

You can also wipe entire data from a work computer; you can protect all sensitive data like e-mails and other system files. If you are still concern about safety of hard drive then just don not give away the hard drive. We recommend you to first encrypt the data and then format the hard drive. If anyone tries to break in the hard drive he has to first undelete the data and then decrypt the entire data. And just be sure because it will surely not going to happen. We recommend you to use Bestcrypt to encrypt the data. Encryption is one of the best methods to protect the personal informations.

How to Clean your PC’s Motherboard for optimum performance

Your computer is a vital part of your everyday life and it is very important to take good care of it. In terms of taking care the motherboard needs the most attention as dust particles often settle on its surface and can cause poor connectivity problems in different devices that are connected to the motherboard.

In order to keep the motherboard up and running, please follow these steps:


The first and important step is to turn off the computer and disconnect all the wires from the computer. Also other components connected to the CPU and make sure that no electric connection is present.


Now you will have to remove the motherboard from the computer case and also detach the video card, fan or memory cards. Now the next step is to buy a can of compressed air from near by office store, it is also called air duster. With the help of this air duster, spray the motherboard. It will remove all the dust and debris from the motherboard.


Now you can also use painting brush or a brush with soft bristles with distilled water. We recommend you to use only distilled water because simple water can damage the motherboard. It builds up some material on the surface of the motherboard with the minerals present in it. Now take a look at the motherboard and brush those areas that air compressor did not clean very lightly. Try to make sure that you do not scrub too hard because it can damage the motherboard.


Now you can also clean it with alcohol, just take a lint-free rag and blot the motherboard. As alcohol is more pure than p[lain water and it will clean any debris or residues left behind.


Now you are done with cleaning and next step is to dry the motherboard. Some times you can use little heat to dry the motherboard; it will remove the alcohol and water particles from the motherboard. But we recommend you to leave the motherboard overnight to make sure it is completely dry.


Now make sure that motherboard is completely dry and clean.  Now collect all the components and reassemble the motherboard into the computer. Reattach all cards and fan in the computer case and restart the computer to check if the motherboard is running properly.

Cleaning a motherboard is also depends on the environment in which you are working. Most of the times you need to clean the motherboard every year. When you are cleaning a motherboard just take a look at the fans and other cars also. If any dust or debris is there then you can also clean them with a piece of cloth. As we told you take maximum care while cleaning a motherboard because if you rub hardly or spray with more water then it can damages the parts of the motherboard, so be careful.

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