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5 Easy steps to Format Your Hard Drive

Windows XP is a popular operating system used by many people today, including office and home users. The fact that Windows XP has many applications that make work easier, has made it a must have for everyone. When you decide to format you computer’s hard drive, this is the product to think about. The process is simple and one can easily follow it.

Here are the guidelines:

1.Back- up creation: Before you even think about formatting the computer, make sure that you have saved all your files in a safe place. You need this back up in case your files are deleted. You have to also note down all programs that have to be installed. In case you are formatting the hard disc and installing Windows XP, then you have to go through the reinstallation procedures of these programs. You can save them in a flash disk or even a CD, which you do not intend to format. You should take your time and evaluate the functions that you need your machine to perform. You can save all the documents at random.

2.Beginning: The process is done through the provisions under ‘My Computer’. Right Click on My Computer. From the drop down menu you select ‘manage’. When a new window flips open (computer Management), you should pick ‘Storage’ on your left. This will lead you to the ‘Disk Management’ on your right.. Many people face problems when they wrongly left click on ’My Computer’. If you left click ‘My Computer’ icon, you get other options which are completely irrelevant.

3.Double click on Disk Management. Here you can see all hard drives and you can start deleting the unwanted partition in the disk that you want to format. That is why it is crucial to save everything before you begin the disk formatting process. You can spare what you do not want to format. To create a new partition, right click on the black colored bar and you get to see an option ‘New Partition’.

4. In the ‘New Partition’ go to ‘Primary Partition’ and follow the sequence. Pick the ‘maximum’ option and continue. The next step is the provision of letters to name the disk. Take the first option. In order to get to the other step, you will have to follow the process by clicking next. You should pick ‘NTFS’ for your format, which according to experts is the safest to use.

5. You should give the computer some time to process the formatting. Leave Windows in running mode . Once the formatting is complete, you will get an option ‘finish’. After you click on ‘finish’ the computer is now ready to use. Now you can reinstall Windows XP.

LogMeIn Ignition – Beta Version out for Android

After the launch of LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone, in February of this year, a Beta version of the Ignition has been launched for Android OS. As the name suggests ‘LogMeIn Ignition’ is a remote access application through which you can login to your office computer or your home desktop even when you are away.

With LogMeIn Ignition, you can go mobile without worrying to leave anything behind. With this remote access application, you can carry your office computer or your home desktop with you anywhere in the world! You don’t have to worry about carrying your files on a CD or a Pen drive; with LogMeIn Ignition on your Android you enjoy remote access to your computer. LogMeIn has different versions for variety of Operating Systems.

Beta Version

Recently, the company released its Beta version for Android OS for free. It invited users to download the Beta version from their website, try it and give feedback on the application. This would help the company to optimize and enhance the application based on the user’s feedback before the final launch of the product.

How does it work

The LogMeIn Ignition provides unlimited access to office and home computer on the go and connects you with just a click! It allows you to access any application or folder on the distant computer. With on your Android’s keyboard and screen become you computer’s screen and keyboard. To make this work, one needs to install this application on their mobile, as well as work PC or home desktop. The computer to be accessed should have Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X as an operating system.


Despite all its features, this application has certain limitation. The speakers of your phone do not work as your computer’s phone (as the mouse and the keyboard) with this application. Another limitation that one faces is: while watching videos, the screen is a little slow for the video to be played successfully.

Availability and Pricing

The Beta for Android is currently available for free in United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Its price has not been disclosed yet. However, the application for iPhone version is available at $29.99. It is expected that the price for the Android will be a equal to that of the iPhone version.


Overall, LogMeIn is a great application as you do not have to worry about carrying your data with you. Remote access gives you the data that you want, but it is good only when you have a little work to do. If you need to create a presentation for your work, or have to draft a report, working through the Android will be time consuming as compared to working on your Computer or Laptop. Some people would still prefer to carry Laptop for bulk work, but for quick and short work, LogMeIn will be great!

Heart of the processor: Dell laptops to get AMD’s fusion chips

News is out that the PC making giant, Dell plans to include t fusion chips from AMD as new processors in their new breed of desktops and laptops. However there is no formal confirmation from Dell as to how and when and in what series or models of their machines these chips will be included. But certainly, there will be a major change at Dell, as these chips will define the new structure and architecture of future Dell machines.

These fusion chips from AMD are no mere processing chips. They are a new path-breaking technology in the field of processors. These chips are a combination of two different units namely Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) into one single cast. This will purge the power-crunching demons called ‘graphic cards’ from your motherboard completely and things of past. Although this technology will certainly take some time to implement and come to the showrooms in your town but tempted by its features there are some positive indications from Dell regarding using these chips in their future computers.

Powered by AMD’s high performance cores called Bulldozers and Bobcat mobile architecture, these chips are supersonic in speed and compact as compared to the total architecture used by CPUs and GPUs. These chips reduce the power consumption to a phenomenal extent like never before. Lured by the set of flexible features, and several more, the project planning team from Dell has shown interest in these fusion chips, yet no testing procedures have been framed.

Considering the usage of these chips in computers in future, the only problem that may arise will be when are upgradations of hardware is required. This idea favours the concept of embedded systems which has always been undermined due to upgrading habits of people these days. Newer and newer technologies are introduced every day and no one feels like using the older ones. So the fusion chips might face this threat of dying out any day when their big brothers come into the market. The solution to this problem can only be cheaper rates or reliable long term technology which comes with a late expiry date. But the latter cannot be promised because if you don’t introduce better technology today; your competitors will do it tomorrow.

The thing which remains to be seen is that Dell recently started using Intel’s Core series of processors in its Studio, Inspiron and several other series of laptops and desktops. Some of these core processors contain features like AMD’s fusion chips, you see the cut throat competition I mentioned, and better processing speeds as well. Now, watching Dell shift to AMD chips will be an interesting sight to observe. Also no one knows the changes that will be introduced in Dell machines, one can only speculate about those Only future will be able to tell us if a segment dedicated to ultra-thin computing machines or even smaller computers will be born and be able to survive in the competitive computing world.

Fabric Computers in market?

The computer and electronics corporate giants are planning to create wearable devices. The devices have been launched for the consumer market in small numbers. The integrated devices though portable and small; are still noticeable. The objective is to create integrated computers and devices directly into the clothing and to keep them hidden. This will make the apparel look good in contrast. The smart shirts will be able to monitor heart rate, our breathing, blood pressure or play music. Even maybe a display can be achieved on apparel with the help of LED monitors.

How will the fabric be created for computer clothing?

The digital clothing requires the cloth to be made of thread that can carry electricity. The concept of metallic thread is quite old in the garment industry. Fashion designers have used metallic threads at many fashion shows. Many researchers are using silk organza for digital clothing. It is a unique fabric that is invented and used in India. Silk organza is made of two threads. The first thread is a normal but second thread in the opposite direction to the first and is wrapped in copper foil. It is due to this copper foil that the fabric can conduct electricity. A strip of this fabric is equivalent to a ribbon cable. The researchers use insulating material on the fabric to prevent a short circuit from the contact of copper foils. All the computer or electronic components are then attached to the fiber using soldering or gripper. These devices can be easily removed for cleaning the fabric.

Many more researchers are employing plastic optical fiber woven into the fabric. These shirts can wirelessly network with other devices.

How the computer clothing will be powered.

The present computer apparel in the market comes with rechargeable batteries as the power source. Researchers are working to generate power from the flexing and movements of the cloth. The other options are solar power, wind power and temperature; that can be used to power the smart shirts.

Application of smart shirt in the war zone

The US navy is interested in the smart shirt project for their combat personnel. The navy is in the research and field test phase of their version of smart shirt. The navy smart shirt employs hardened fiber clothing inter weaved with fiber optic cable. This shirt is able to monitor breathing pattern and heart rate through in-built computer devices and transmits the data to the nearest base. The fiber optic cable is wound around the shirt and a light signal is transmitted through it. As soon as the personnel are hit by a bullet the fiber optic fractures and light signal cannot reach the receiver. This condition triggers an alarm and sends a signal to the nearest base indicating bullet hit. The US navy anticipates the smart shirt to save a lot of life.

Lenovo’s and CIT’s grand financial agreement was a remarkable event

On 3rd May 2010, Lenovo and CIT Group Inc., who is one of the giants in providing finances, signed an intent letter to create the efficient Lenovo Financial Services [LFS]. LFS will be a program that will offer not only a wide range of solutions, specifically in vendor financing to business partners of Lenovo but also the customers who greatly avail Lenovo’s highest range of products and services integrated with its efficient technology. The programs of LFS will grandly initiate on 1st June 2010 in North America.

The President and Chief operating officer of Lenovo announced that the establishment of Lenovo Financial Services Program offers various opportunities to avail the alternatives of financial services to the elite customers. In addition, he mentioned that Lenovo Financial Services Program will focus on the financing programs that are specifically made to be in total terms with the effective needs of customers.

However, the President of IT vendor Finances, Mr. Bon Arrington mentioned that it was a great excitement to have the high relationship with Lenovo, who is a developed PC company in industry. The LFS establishment is a leading provider of financing solutions of their vendors. It demonstrates the ability of CIT to offer financial solutions for the customers of the technology companies.

Advantages incorporated

Lenovo customers are benefited the most because they will achieve the technology that will acquire them to increase their purchasing power. It will not only offer protection against obsolescence of technology but will also preserve the capital for other utilizations.

Discovering Lenovo and CIT

Lenovo is popular for its dedication in building the personal computers that are engineered exceptionally. The business model of Lenovo is structured on the efficiency of operation, satisfaction of customers and focusing on the investment in the emerging markets. This was created by acquisition group of Lenovo, former IBM personal computing. This division of the company creates, develops and markets the reliable, secured and easy to use technology products and services globally. Lenovo has many research centers that are localized worldwide from Yamato, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Raleigh to North Carolina.

Founded in 1908, CIT is headquarters in New York. The company is a holding bank and its approximate assets and finances is $ 45 billion, which offers financial products and advisory services to small and middle businesses. It operates in more than 50 countries and offers an unparallel combination of bonding, intellectual power and capital finance to its customers. CIT is a leader in retail, finances, aerospace, and equipment, rail leasing and vendor finance.

Concluding remarks

Thus, it was a memorable event when the two big technology giants Lenovo and CIT announced the integration of financial services. These companies will offer opportunity for all those customers who are increasing their purchasing power. It is greatly estimated that this program will effectively solve the true needs of customers.

How to prevent virus infections on your PC

The best way to prevent viruses from infecting your PC is, obviously to have a good anti-virus software on your computer. This kind of software can detect and block many viruses before they can cause any harm on your PC. A good anti-virus software can scan for viruses on your hard drive or any files , documents or program. If the anti-virus finds any viruses, usually, it can quarantine them and eliminate them with no problems from your computer. Because there are many crazy people that did new viruses on daily basis, your anti-virus protection has to be updated continuously.

Another good way to try to protect your PC is continuing to make back up copies of your most important documents and files. This way is a good option of your PC should ever get hit by a virus that can corrupts a part of your computer system, in this case you will have a safe back up copy of your works available. If you like you can set a system restore point, it depends on you. This will allow you to restart your PC using a previous configuration before you got attacked by any virus.

An important tip is do not open attachments in emails if you do not know the source of email. You have no idea what emails might contain and you don’t know who sent them. But the problem could arrive also from people you know, you should always be careful about opening attachments, if you are not sure what the attachment is about, because this way (attachments) is good for viruses to penetrate into your systems. If your PC is a work or a public computer, you need to run a scan before you save any files that you may use on your own computer at home. This is the only way to know, if you are transporting viruses from home to work.

Another big source of possible attacks it’s obviously downloading. It’s like opening the door when the wind is blowing and saying “Come on in!” If your anti-virus software is updated, it should catch the virus. But sometime, it might not. Few tips when downloading: first of all you need to make sure about the source (the site) you are downloading you need a good source, reliable with a lot of traffic. Don’t use unreliable sites that have only few visitors. Probably source of virus. When you save data on your computer, either from a download or if you get data from another PC, always run a scan on the computers, in order to make sure it is clean. Many viruses did not act immediately. Some smart viruses may wait for a trigger like reboot or shut down.

One of the most common option is to use a firewall, but this option it’s more for preventing intrusion from an outside source than for detect viruses, but few firewalls could block some viruses. Normally, use a firewall is always a good idea, everybody should have one firewall activated.

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