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Microsoft Office 2013: How to turn your PDFs into “Real” Documents

What is your best bet when you want to edit the text in a PDF file? Anyone who wants to edit a PDF file knows how frustrating it can be. Since most of the PDF files come in a “read-only” format, for most of you, the best way to edit your PDF files is to convert them into a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet with the help of PDF converters. But all these software have their own disadvantages, ranging from interface problems to conversion issues to messy outputs. However, with Office 2013 productivity suite, Microsoft has relieved its users of the hassle of purchasing Adobe Acrobat Professional or downloading other expensive PDF converters to open and edit their PDF documents.

With Word 2013, you can now seamlessly convert your PDF documents into a Word document and edit them. Designed with attention to heuristics, Microsoft Word 2013 features PDF Reflow, a feature that offers you a built-in ability to edit tables, lists, headings, columns, and paragraphs by converting your PDFs into “real” documents. Let’s see how to do that:

Convert a PDF file into a “real” Word file

  1. To open the PDF file in Word 2013, click ‘File’ and click ‘Open.’
  2. Navigate to the PDF file location and click ‘Browse.’
  3. Locate the PDF file and click ‘Open.’

Once the PDF file opens, you can now edit it like any other Word document. Word 2013 empowers you with the ability to edit the text, delete paragraphs, tables, pages, as well as add more pages, just like you do with any other Word document.

Save Office 2013 document to a password-protected PDF

With Microsoft Office 2013, you can directly save the edited documents to the PDF, without the necessity of going through a PDF converter. Let’s see how to do that:

  1. Once you have edited the document, click the ‘File’ tab on the left side of your Word 2013 window.
  2. Click ‘Save as’ dialog box and choose a location and a folder.
  3. Now enter the name of the file in the Name box.
  4. In the ‘Save as type’ list, select PDF (*.pdf) and hit ‘Save’ to save your edited document in the PDF file format.

Thus, of all the powerful enhancements that Microsoft 2013 offers in its Office 2013 productivity suite, the ability to turn your PDFs into “real” documents and edit them in Word has proved to be the cherry on the cake.

How to Create PDF files in Microsoft® Word

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is the most widely used document format from Adobe which has gained immense popularity because of its features. Any kind of information, be it text, image, tables, charts, hyperlinks, etc can all be consolidated into one single document and sent across. PDF also works seamlessly on web pages and viewers for PDF files are free of cost. You can download Adobe Reader to read the PDF files. It is not only portability but also the security measures which have made PDFs a great success. Every PDF file can be password protected and the hash used in its password is quite extreme and cannot be broken if a strong password is used. PDF has become an amazing platform for sending across the information without even thinking of the version of reader the recipient would have. There are any issues in sending documents created by other applications like Microsoft Word etc, because if you create a document in Word 2007 and send it to someone then the recipient must also have version 2007 or later in order to open and read the file. This often lead into resending of the files in proper formats and delay the work.

In this post I will discuss a way to save any document as a PDF file using Microsoft Word.

Step 1: create your document and insert whatever you wish to add. You can add text, pictures, tables, charts, hyperlinks, you can have multiple colours and whatever you want and save the file as a word file (DOC). Saving it as DOC would be wise because this will work as the original file which you can anytime modify.

Step 2: Keeping this file open click on ‘File’ and then on ‘Save As’.

Step 3: When the ‘Save As’ box appears click on the ‘Save As Type’ drop down and then select ‘PDF’ from the menu. Once you select PDF as the ‘Save As’ type you will get further options in that window.

Step 4: Make appropriate choices for your PDF file by clicking on the options button. These options are standard features of any PDF file and will decide the way the file views on other computer if that doesn’t have proper fonts etc.

Step 5: Click on ‘Save’ and that would be all. This way you can save your Word Document as a PDF document.

Steps given above were strictly only for Microsoft Word and if you want even other programs to be able to create PDF files then you would need to install PDF printers. PDF printer is a small application which installs a logical printer on your machine and you can select to print on it for creating PDF files. One of the best software for the same is CutePdf Writer.

PDF ‘anomaly’ for Bible to be Fixed by Microsoft

ISV foundation has been impressed by Microsoft’s response to their notice regarding a bug report that they have labeled the Microsoft Office 2003 PDF generation anomaly. Microsoft reaction was very rapid, professional and well-organized with respect to its actions on ISV Foundation behalf and they are very grateful.

It was Microsoft which itself acknowledged the problem with applications like Office 2007 PDF creator that was discovered by a local Bible translator and had released solution for the trouble this month, as told by the Corporate Vice President Jeanne Sheldon.

It was found by a Bible scholar, William Welty that the Word 2007 PDF version has some number of words missing or added. This was related to the ISV Foundation’s Bible and it was also available for download.

At first, Welty considered that the problem lies in Adobe Acrobat Distiller, which is the first and still the dominant creator of portable document format, files popularly known as PDF but then Adobe clarified that it was a problem with the PDF creator in Microsoft office.

In the month of November, the in reading and authoring application in charge of Microsoft Office, Sheldon met with Welty after reading the Register’s story. A few technicians were assigned to rectify the problem which turned out to be the problem arose with major MS Word users not with academic or legal users.

As elaborated by her the problem occurs, she said, when a document involves three conditions:

  1. Copy is set in multiple columns.
  2. It contains footnotes that reset on each page.
  3. The footnotes are variable in width.

If any of the conditions are evolved then the software may either delete or duplicate a word, as confirmed by Sheldon. That issue is more likely to occur in large documents in which the text is only justified, causing text movement that “confuses the pointer” in the software.

As it is a known fact that legal and academic documents contain footnotes, they rarely are set in multiple columns. The newspapers have columns and text is full justification, but they don’t use footnotes. It’s these were the rare situations that software engineers don’t find when they test their products, Sheldon replied that if there is a deep commitment to quality and testing as Microsoft does then you would find all the mainstream errors prior to release.

She also anticipates the correction to be part of the next round of fixes incorporating the past three months of work which is probably going to be released in the week of Dec. 13.Welty also said that he was impressed with Microsoft’s response after Sheldon contacted him. She also sent me a free (software) upgrade, which was nice of her and she’ll be also sending   him the fixes so that they can test it.

ISV used Microsoft Word to create its online version but first will use the traditional commercial printing for the hard copy edition that will be made available in the spring.

4 Tips to Modify PDF file in Linux

PDF is an acronym of Portable Document Format, it contains static documents and it is a product of Adobe. It is the most used application to distribute documents, document saved as PDF can not be change using word processors.  You can download an open source application from internet PDF edit. Using this application you can edit, copy, cut or modify the PDF files. PDF files are very popular because of their reliability and safety, if the document is password protected you can not modify the document. Using PDF is very secure, so people use it frequently. If the PDF file is password protected then you must know the password to modify the PDF files.

We will help you to use this application and modify a PDF document, you just follow the steps given below.


The first step is to download and install “pdfedit” package on the system. To install the application go to system’s software repository. If you are using Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian type the command “sudo apt-get install pdfedit.” And if you are Fedora user then type the command “yum install pdfedit.”


Now click the application menu, in application menu go to graphics sub menu. In the sub menu locate the PDF editor and click the icon.


Now in the PDF editor, click the open file menu and choose the file you want to modify. Now to modify the document use the buttons given at the top of the window. You can choose text, pictures or select entire document to modify.


Modify the document as needed; now click save button to save the document. You can save the file on any location on computer as per need.

Now you are done with the modifying the document. As modifying a PDF document is not possible directly, we recommend you to use this application. It is tested and secure to use, it is also user friendly and you can use it with few keystrokes. If you are a newbie in Linux then no problem; it does not require a great and deep knowledge of Linux. You can easily play with this application and modify PDF documents as you want.

Working with the PDF edit is very easy; you can save the files in several formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP. You can also share the document in XML if you do not want to save it in PDF. As the PDF edit is an open source application and developers change it continuously, so make sure that you have a stable version present on the computer. When you save the PDF document in PDF editor, you will get a warning message saying the content will not display correctly. Just ignore the message and continue with saving the document. After some time, the message will not appear as you ignore it every time.

How to Create a PDF or adobe Acrobat file

An adobe or acrobat file is also known as PDF file. Adobe acrobat files are one of the highly popular and standard ways to distribute and exchange electronic documents and forms around the globe. There are various reasons for the popularity of this application like it takes very less space as compared to its competitor ,it allows your document to remain durable and unaffected by others and give you a feeling of great safety and it also allow others to read and view your document negligent the format of the document.

Steps to create an adobe acrobat file

There are some tools available online to create PDF or adobe acrobat files. These applications or tools are very easy to use. You just have to stick with these instructions:
We have some easy n very convenient instructions for you to use these applications.  At first you should know about CutePDF and to create PDFs in your operating system you just need to go to Cute PDF website and download it. After downloading, install this application and one important thing you must know because this is a web based program you have to be contacted to internet.

Now open the document from the file menu in the web browser you are using and click “OK’. Now just click on the “print” tab and after clicking this button the “print window” will appear. Now choose printer as “CutePDF” and click “print”. The creation of PDF is done now choose the location where you want to save this file and click on the “save” tab, now it will save the file to the location you specified.

We have two more tools, these tools are easy to use and user friendly. Now we tell you about ghost script: as we told you all these applications is web based application.  You have to be connected to internet, now click “download” and after that click “install” the GhostScript application. After installing this application, you just open the GhostScr  ipt program and just click on the “file” tab now click “open” and select the file you want to convert into PDF. After this you save the file by selecting the file type as PDF.

How to place these adobe acrobat files on Internet

Now you want to place this newly created adobe acrobat file on web. Follow these steps to do so: go to programs and open adobe acrobat program, now click on the file tab and open file option. After selecting the files, click on the tools button, now select web link and create the file. It made all the URLs by default. If it will not create URLs then select the pages you want to create. After doing all this, resave the pages.

How to Create PDFs in Windows Vista

PDF(portable document file) is the highly popular and standard way to distribute and exchange electronic documents and forms around the globe. There are various reasons for the popularity of this application as it takes less space as compared to its competitor. It also allows your document to remain durable and unaffected by others and provides better security. Moreover users can share PDF of different formats.

To create PDF in Windows Vista a large number of tools are available online. Some of these tools include:

  • CutePDF
  • Ghostscripts
  • Openoffice

You can choose these tools according to your convenience. According to our research and testing we found that the most popular and suitable tool is CutePDF which is open source application.

We have some easy and very convenient instructions for you to use these applications. First let us tell you about CutePDF. To create PDFs in your operating system you just need to go to Cute PDf website and download it. After downloading, install this application. However the only major drawback of CutePDF is that it is an online based program, which requires you to be connected to the Internet.

In CutePDF open the document from the file menu in the web browser you are using and click “OK’. Now click on the “print” menu and after clicking the “print window” will appear. now here you have to do is to choose printer as “CutePDF” and click “print”. The creation of PDF is done now choose the location where you want to save this file click on the “save” tab.

We have two more tools which are also very user friendly and easy to use. First we tell you about ghost script: as we told you these all are web based application so you always have to be connected to internet, now “download” and “install” the GhostScript application. Now you have installed this application , open the ghostscipt program and just click on the “file” tab now click “open” and select the file you want to convert into PDF. Now click on “save” and you will get save window there only you have to change the file type into “PDF”. You can specify name of the file and locate this file to save there when the conversion is done.

So,you are familiar with these two application, now we will tell you about one more interesting application named as “OpenOffice”. Like the last two this is also very easy to use and efficient. To get this application you just have to go to “OpenOffice” website to download and install the file. When the installation is done ‘open” or “create” a file in the writer program. As usual click on “save as’ name the file and locate the file where you want to save it as per your convenience, select format as PDF(important).

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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