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How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router

Linksys has some exceptional contribution in bringing successful home networks and solutions to network related issues. Being a sister concern of Cisco, Linksys has attributed phenomenal experiences to the consumers. Cisco and linksys in alliance have got hold of almost all the consumer and corporate network worldwide.Linksys routers are accompanied by manual and software guides for installation, in addition there is extensive round the clock support available to the users. Therefore if you are also trying to set up the Linksys wireless router to set up a wireless network home than the following steps could add on to a smooth installation:

1.After you get the linksys wireless router, do not forget to connect the antenna
2.Place the router ensuring any metal not to be around
3.Connect power cable and ether net cable to the router
4.After you turn on the router, than switch the computer on
5.Access the webpage http: and configure the settings

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After you get the linksys wireless router, do not forget to connect the antenna

To establish a wireless connection, the linksys router must be connected to the antenna so that the computer and the router can communicate wirelessly.

Place the router ensuring any metal not to be around

Every router goes along with a range that ensures that the signal strength is strong with in the range. If the laptop or computer gets distant from the router the signal strength decreases. Therefore place the router at a distance so that the signal strength is not poor but excellent and ensure no metal to be around.

Connect power cable and ether net cable to the router

At the back of the router there are ports for power, phone and Ethernet. The power cable, DSL cable should be connected to the respective port. Most importantly for the initial set up even in wireless connection, the Ethernet cable must be connected between the computer and the wireless router.

After you turn on the router, than switch the computer on

After ensuring all the connections to be proper, switch on the router and check on the lights on the router. Afterwards turn the computer on. And let the system come to the normal desktop window.

Access the webpage http: and configure the settings

Open the respective browser loaded on your system and got to the link http: opens up a page which asks for username and password, by default the username is admin and the password is blank. The page is the set up page for the router and needs the settings so that could connect to the wireless router. All the information should be grabbed from the internet service provider .The settings include the connection type from DHCP to PPPoe, SSID, WEP key and others.SSD is the name of the network you are setting up and can be kept anything as per your wish. The WEP key is the security password that would restrict any third party access to the network.

The comprehensive discussion helps in proper set up of a wireless linksys router to the computer. Every step should be rightly carried out to avoid any kind of errors.

Expectations high for Skype enabled iPhone 4G

Reports are concluding that the latest iPhone 4G marked to be released this June during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. Also reports have pitched in that Verizon is testing a CDMA based iPhone 4G which could be released as earlier as Christmas 2010. Also Skype released an upgrade allowing customers to make Skype to Skype calls on iPhone 3G.

iPhone which has brought a ground breaking revolution in the fortunes of Apple’s business and which alone amount for one third of the forty billion sales Apple made worldwide. iPhone 3G which was launched in 2008, was backed up with a newer and faster version later on the year with the launch of iPhone 3GS. Now during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference everybody is expecting Apple to release iPhone 4G, the successor in the range of iPhone series and this phone may also mark and end to iPhone 3G. Though Apple has always been very strict regarding the security controls for its unreleased phones, two of new iPhone 4G’s were leaked out. While one of them was found a month ago in a bar, the recent one was found in Vietnam, and when it was connected to iTunes, it was recognized as an Apple Device.

Currently Verizon is testing the comp abilities of launching the iPhone 4G on CDMA platforms and plans to avail it to the eager customers by Christmas 2010. While when the reports questioned the authorities at Apple and Verizon head quarters, they refused to comment on any such issues. The new iPhone 4G will have faster downloading, multi tasking enabled, video chat and even work on dual core processors. The graphic card and the camera may get higher resolution pitch adding to the charm of the phone.

While on the other hand the major Internet telephony company Skype which provides free Skype to Skype Internet telephone calls, provided an upgrade to it customers so that it can work swiftly on Apple’s iPhone 3G. but the catch it that the free calls are for a limited time, as in the brochure of the Skype application it has been mentioned that the free calls last only till August 2010 end. While the Internet telephony major has refused to comment and also provide details about the charges and tariffs the company plans to charge. While it has been speculated, the company may charge a user fee every month while providing the free calls. Skype could not be used in iPhone until the launch of iPad, when Apple tweaked its SDK interference and allowed Skype to be downloaded on its hand held devices.

Skype has made a huge and potential migration from one’s personal desktops to hand held mobile devices, which also allows the Internet telephony company to make greater revenues by creating new plans for mobile devices users.

While the soon to be launched iPhone 4G would also allow, non core applications like to Skype to work on it, Skye’s revenue potential has only increased.

Was Google Nexus One an EXPERIMENT???

Barely a few months after the launch of the Nexus One Smartphone Google seems to be pulling the plug on the device by directing potential buyers to the newer HTC Incredible. The Incredible is almost similar in all aspects to the Nexus One but also packs in a more powerful camera. Compared to the sales of any other phone in the same league like the iPhone or Droid, Nexus One seems to have fared the worst. This has led to many market analysts to believe that Google was in fact testing the waters for its Android platform rather than entering mainstream competition in the smartphone segment.

Considering the scenario mentioned, the whole Nexus One venture by Google seems to be an elaborate experiment to test and understand the market before it launched Android. This is indeed a very good idea as it would get to interact with the customers directly and also obtain feedback for its developers for the future iterations. Here is what we think what knowledge Google has gleaned or has to learn from this pilot project.

Since a lot of electronics goods are bought online Google has estimated that all sales of future tech gadgets would take place only online. This has prompted them to offer the Nexus One only through their site instead of a more traditional shop. Though an innovative idea customers definitely were not happy with. Many people were not happy about shelling out approximately $500 for a phone before even having a trial for a couple of minutes. Every user would like to touch and get the feel of a phone before he actually buys it. There were also connectivity problems and other hardware related problems which could be addressed immediately due to the lack of telephone support. The only option disgruntled users had was to email Google and wait for the reply. This raised a lot protests against Google and the giant finally arranged for telephone support.

The initial buzz around a Google phone before the release of the phone was a potential Google failed to capitalise on. The marketing strategy of Google was all wrong. Google never advertised why the Nexus One was great nor did it target any particular audience. The marketing was vague with Google never showing the reasons for people to shift over the Nexus One. Another mistake Google committed in this regard is offering the phone only on T Mobile. Google may be the all powerful in the realm of the internet but in the telecom sector mobile carriers are powerful allies. Google never built any relations with the mobile carriers. Even a super phone with a lot functionalities is limited with the carriers ability to provide service.

Microsoft had done it with computers way back and now Google is doing to smartphones. It is trying to separate the software and hardware and letting the users decide what software to be on their cell phones. In order to achieve this Google needs to have an intricate understanding of how phones are designed, sold and how they are used by an average user. This is where the Nexus One experiment comes in. Google had a hands on experience with the general public about smartphones and we hope soon Google enters the market with a bang this time.

Sony Launches Spiro And Zylo Walkman Phones:

Sony Ericson has launched two new walkman phones named as Spiro and Zylo. The two musical phones come from Sony and are new addition to the Sony Walkman series. Bot the phones, Spiro and Zylo are slider type of phones and come with a stylus. The major difference between the two appratus is of cost as the the support for the networks of third generation is absent in Spiro.

The Sony Spiro walkman phone is a new step into the musical world by the company. With 2,2- one inch [EAE]- screen with QVGA and 2 mega pixel camera, the Sony Spiro walkman phone can deliver a high quality video output. Along with the video quality, the Sony Spiro walkman phone comes with a 3.5 mm audio razem that is used to connect the head sets. With the 3.5 mm audio connector, the Sony Spiro delivers an amazing audio experience to its users. Apart from these features, the Sony Spiro walkman phone has a blue tooth, a 2.0 USB port and 5 MB of memory. The Sony Spiro walkman phone can support maximum memory of 16 GB. User can enjoy radio transmisiion of FM and can listen to music in MP3, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+formats.

Coming to the Sony Zylo walkman phone, the phone has QGVA display that measures 2.6 inches diagonally along with the 3.2 mega pixel camera. The powerful camera and QGVA display deliver great video experience when it comes to clicking pictures or watching videos. The Sony Zylo walkman phone has 260 MB of built-in memory and can be extended upto 16 GB. Apart from the above stated features, the Sony Zylo walkman phone comes bundled with bluetooth, Fm- radio with the support RDS, integrated clients of social networks and GPS- navigator, who works with the maps Of google Of maps. User can enjoy music in standard MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA and FLAC formats.

Both the phones, Sony Spiro walkman phone and Sony Spiro walkman phone will be available in market from third quarter.

Sony Ericsson Naite your Basic Phone

What’s sassy about Sony Ericsson Naite? Well, for starters, it has a certain twang to it; it’s actually pronounced nigh-tay. Naite also calms your eco-friendly conscience since it’s actually made from recycled plastic and its packaging is also thinner than other regular boxes. Its charger also boasts of complying with Energy Star V standards. Charging will be less frequent because it consumes less power even in standby mode.

At least you won’t be dreaming about tsunamis and carbon footprints while placing your calls and sending text messages with this 84 g of eco-friendliness. It is a phone after all, so it does offer features you would expect from your mid-range phones. Although the 240 x 320 display will not make your eyes pop, it does give clear and crisp output for its multi-media tools. It has built in FM music player and tools for editing music, photo and videos. It supports storage expansion through microSD support up to 8GB in case you are wondering where to put those edited multimedia formats.

There is also eMail, push eMail and Google Maps for the Naite. Navigating through this task will be a breeze with the suitably spread keypad. Managing e-mails however with ease however doesn’t compare well with phones equipped with a full QWERTY keypad. Setting up eMail accounts manually might take a few minutes of your time to look up server names. Facebook and YouTube apps are also included for bridging your social networking pursuits. Podcasts and RSS feeds are also available.

If you can’t afford a secretary of your own, or your virtual secretary has skipped on you, the Naite has that also in mind. Aside from the virtual rolodex which can accommodate at most 1,000 contacts, it also has a feature-packed calendar integrated. This allows you to put reminders and fix appointment schedules with your Naite.

There are two choices of colors for this green phone. Vaporous silver if you’re up for a more classic yet updated look and Ginger Red if you’re someone who likes their cell phones to come out of the box with a personality of its own. It doesn’t mean however that you can’t own and customize this phone yourself. A dedicated button is available for those times when you just want your phone not announcing every bit of message and call it receives. Although you can assign a picture to a contact, sadly, it does not come with an option to assign a particular ring tone to each one.

The keypad has a light spring to it and is adequately spaced. A feature definitely needed if you plan to integrate your cellphone with your very active lifestyle. Although some might find its keypad still cramped, the central OK button and the navigation keys amply makes up for it.

The phone also comes with 3G and Bluetooth support, and of course, text and MMS capabilities. It also has USB support for PC connectivity.

The battery has 13.5 hours of talk time or almost 25 days of standby time.

Bottom Line

Yes its green and down-to-earth but obviously this wouldn’t be the cream of the crop of mid-range cell phones. Available for $159, this phone is for somebody who wants cell phones without pretentions and to come with the basic features that wouldn’t leave them out of their social media loop.

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