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Discover apps with Facebook® App Center

Facebook, the social network giant, recently launched its own App Center to help you discover a myriad of apps, both for web as well as mobile platforms.

What is there in Facebook App Center?

Facebook App Center is a fun and easy way to choose from as many as 600 apps including prime hits like Draw Something, Pinterest, Ghost Recon, Angry Birds, FarmVille, etc. On the main Facebook App Center page, you will be able to browse the apps suggested by the public along with the apps that your friends use. In addition to this, you can find apps based on your Facebook activities. This is especially helpful when you want to connect to friends while using a social photo service, like Instagram or playing a game, like Words With Friends. You can also find a list of highly used, top rated apps, and trending apps. Moreover, before installing a specific app, you can also check out its details and reviews in Facebook App Center.

Pinterest™ valued at US $1.5 billion

The social bookmarking platform Pinterest, where users curate images by ‘pinning’ them with links and commentary to themed boards, has lifted its value to US $1.5 billion by raising US $100 million in a recent financing round led by a Japanese online retailer, Rakuten Inc.

Reason behind the funding

There has been a sudden increase in use of social media by retailers and other companies to market their products and services. Like Facebook and other social networks, Pinterest too has struggled to generate revenue, but Rakuten’s investment could lead to a deeper integration with corporate partners.

Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten’s chief executive, said his firm and Pinterest share the belief that using online marketplaces should be an “entertaining” process that encourages shoppers to explore.

“While some may see e-commerce as a straightforward vending machine-like experience, we believe it is a living process,” Mikitani said in a statement. “We see tremendous synergies between Pinterest’s vision and Rakuten’s model for e-commerce.”

How Pinterest will generate revenue

You must be wondering how the virtual scrapbooking platform is going to generate revenue for an e-commerce site, click here to know the business plan of Rakuten.

Image by: Ruth Tsang via Flickr (CC)


If you are not on Pinterest, you are missing something

Pinterest has claimed the third spot in the most popular social networks list by beating Google+ in the United States. It is now behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is largely a social photo sharing website that attracts a lot of female visitors. Pinterest members share a lot of interesting stuff related to fashion, food, health, fitness, home décor, and more.

Pinterest has reached the third position by leaving behind many social networking big shots like Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. The platform experienced a 50 per cent rise in its web traffic in the month of February 2012 alone.

According to the Experian 2012 Digital Marketer report, “The popularity of Pinterest is a result of the next phase of the behavior we’ve seen online over the last few years. Users are increasingly more comfortable with recommendations from friends or other users when they come through social personalization. As communities become less about friends and more about common interests, retail brands in particular need to take note if they want to make more meaningful connections with their customers.”

Pinterest is also a great platform for marketers and companies who are interested in promoting and advertising their products.

Go through this interesting INFOGRAPHIC if you want to know why you should be on Pinterest.

Pinterest™ helps retailers in boosting sales

Although Pinterest is 2 years old, many of us wouldn’t have even heard its name. Pinterest is a social media platform for sharing pictures. It is not about sharing words and content; rather, the platform helps you in organizing and sharing any beautiful picture you clicked randomly or came across on the Internet, using pinboard as the platform. It is a completely DIY platform and is all about your creativity. The image or picture that is added to Pinterest is known as a pin and a collection of pins forms a board. The feature of repin is similar to the Facebook sharing feature and it lets you share others’ pins.

Recently, Pinterest has been in the news since the platform is attracting hordes of traffic and interestingly, the major traffic comes from female visitors. As per the statistics from Compete, “The site’s popularity is quickly growing. Pinterest’s traffic increased more than fourfold between September 2011 and December 2011, bringing in 7.51 million unique visitors in December alone.”

The sector that is benefitting the most from Pinterest is retail. Of late, Pinterest has become the topmost traffic referrer for retail- based websites. This is what leads to a rise in the number of visitors and ultimately the sales.

Pinterest is emerging and it is expected to become the most sought-after social media commerce website in the future. According to the internal data and statistics from Monetate, the photo-sharing platform has already joined the list of the top five referrer websites for various retailers.

Retailers, on the other hand, are also making a great use of the platform to attract more and more potential buyers.

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