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New Digital Signage Platform by Lanner

Lanner is the company that is well known when it comes to the release of various forms of products that will make you think twice in the digital world. Lanner had been in this business of making anything digital for several years now, which means that the company can be trusted when it comes to the provision of very essential and smart looking digital products.

The product

One of the latest releases of Lanner is the digital product known as LEC-7030. This product is a special kind of interactive platform. The purpose of getting it is to help in the narrow casting of the digital signage market.

Its qualities

The LEC-7030 does have certain qualities that just newly added to this latest version of the LEC-7030 are special audio and even video inputs that will make you fall in love deeply with the product. The product has onboard 1.6Hz Intel atom. This Intel atom has DVD and VGA video output.

If you want to produce very clear audio and video outputs from this digital product, all you really need to do is to connect the AVG and DVD outputs to any form of digital signage screen and you will nave your quest. If you want to increase the surface area of the message being displayed, you just need to utilize both the output for the AVG and the DVD. This will also help in increasing the effectiveness of the signage a great deal.

Its functionality

There are various forms of applications too that are available on this signage platform. One of these useful applications is the high impact advertising screen in places like a shopping mall. You can also make use of this application at mass transportations and even tourist destinations.

Lanner is capable of adding other signage functionality. This is due to the design of the signage platform with both analog S-Video and RCA audio inputs. Every data about the viewpoints of customers can be easily viewed to the intent of increasing signage effectiveness. This is done by stationing a kind of external camera, which is connected through S-Video port.

One great thing about the signage platform is its ability to make available high quality video footage. This goes a long way to set it far above IP cameras. It doesn’t even need to request for any network capability like IP cameras before it functions properly.

You will find this special signage platform to be very compatible with the various software you may be making use of on your system. Be it Linuxkernel2.146 and even higher grades, the digital product works well on them. If what you have is either the windows XPE or even windows XP 32-bit, you can be sure that this signage platform will work well for you to the extent that you will fall in love with what you are provided with. It will surely make a reality out of your sweet long dreams.

Sigma Designs Unveils First Low-Cost Microsoft Mediaroom(TM) Compatible Set Top Box Platform

Microsoft Mediaroom™ is a platform that has achieved great success in the establishment of the premier solution for the IPTV deployments of the variable sizes. Mediaroom is considered to be the world’s most deployed IPTV platform that has got the ability to deliver the services to more than five million subscriber households with the global customer base. Mediaroom is also having great experience of increasing deployments in the new regions which demand very less amount of cost set top boxes together with the best performance needed to supply a great variety of features and a better user experience.

Fulfilling the customers’ demands

The senior manager of business development of Microsoft’s media platform business explained that, an important part of the Mediaroom marketing strategy is to drive down the costs without any discontinuity in out ecosystem keeping in mind that we ensure the delivery of full-featured and high quality experience that view the customers’ demands. As it is an important ecosystem partner the sigma design is being helpful in taking the steps to advance this goal so that it can enable even more cost efficient set top box designs that can be helpful in increasing the availability and access of the well known TV services powered by Mediaroom.

In order to cope with the new demands the sigma designs introduced a new IPTV platform that is lesser in cost and is using the second-generation SMP8652 media processor. The SMP8652’s is designed in such a way that its architecture favors great savings for the set top box designs with the providence of the performance that is required to deliver the good quality Mediaroom user’s experiences. The multiple Mediaroom OEMs are also indulged in designing the new set top boxes that are based on the SMP8652 media processor. The OEMs are going forward with implementing of the SMP8654 that is another Mediaroom platform set by the sigma offering, it will give even better performance and it will belong to the same kind of the devices. Tatung will be sent to the market before any other new technology and it has got the approved SMP8652 based set top boxes.

Is it beneficial?

First Low-Cost Microsoft MediaroomTM Compatible Set Top Box Platform is unveiled by the Sigma Designs. The technology is so designed that it will give high performance at a low cost and it will be widely used once brought to the market. It will be of great benefit to everyone and most of the people are looking forward to it. The architecture is so efficiently designed that it will provide great savings for the set top box designs. The quality is very good and the performance is excellent. The cost saving is the best feature.

With the help of the new 8652 platform by sigma the Tatung technology can get great benefit of the growing market chances for the deliverance of the high performance. Tatung technology has great advantages working with the Sigma for the new generation platform. With this they can also get new and low-power consumption and high performance.

Qualcomm Announces Augmented Reality Platform for Google Android Phones

Qualcomm announced a new software development kit to encourage the development of augmented reality (AR) applications for the Google Android operating system that will help the developers to create new augmented reality apps for devices using Google’s Android operating system.

Taking Technology to the next level, Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm’s chief executive has launched the software development kit at the company’s Upling conference; this kit will be offered for free to the developers and is aimed at encouraging them to create a new generation of vision-based augmented reality applications.

The Company’s 1GHz processor already powers some of the most advanced and wanted Smartphone’s, including Google’s Nexus One and HTC’s HD2, Incredible, and EVO 4g Smartphone’s, for once the Google’s Android phones are ahead of Apple’s iPhone. iPhone users will have to wait for the next operating system before they can use some of the best augmented reality apps.

The software development kit brings the world of fiction to reality, this concept of (AR) existed for years but with the latest generation of mobile phones many of which encompass 3G mobile internet access and access to a growing range of mobile applications, augmented reality’s route into the mainstream becomes clear.

The software development kit features different (AR) apps, one example would be a program which activates when pointing a camera phone down a city street, then tags all the retail stores with data about the store’s offerings and by focusing your phone camera on a building you can get to know more about the history of the building on your screen.

Qualcomm’s augmented reality platform offers state of the art image detection and tracking technology, this software is already in use by toy maker Mattel, the potential of this technology is illustrated by the 21st century makeover to the company’s classic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em boxing game which is serving as a testbed for the AR technology. The players can control the sparring by hitting the buttons on the touch screen to floor the opponent down.

Qualcomm will make the beta version of the software kit available in fall.

The Company has also announced its collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology to establish an augmented reality studio. The studio will use Qualcomm’s augmented reality platform to develop new application concepts and prototypes. And is also partnering with game engine developer Unity Technologies to create the potential for augmented reality games running on Unity for Android.

The concept of (AR) has been borrowed from science fiction- digital content and is superimposed on a live view from a camera. Augmented Reality has proved increasingly popular in the recent times and is a feature that has left behind Apple’s iPhone.

Augmented Reality technology is ideal for technology solutions that extend physical toys into new. But obvious, this vision of the future is dependent on a number of factors, not least augmented technology making the leap from mobile phones in to something less obtrusive, something that could be worn at all times.

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