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Sony® PlayStation phone

Sony is one of the pioneers in the gaming market, with its PlayStation range of game consoles. Sony has a wide range of PlayStation consoles. The first model of PlayStation was launched in 1994 in Japan. PlayStation has three components, including Media Center, online service for gaming and line controllers or input device for the Media Center. Currently three models of PlayStation are available in the market, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Sony also manufactures portable PlayStation called as PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PSP device is like a cell phone, but specifically it is used for gaming purpose and for media entertainment. PSP console was launched in 2005. Since it was launched, it has been a great success in the world market and established various records of selling.

The specification or configuration of PSP is very good and ideal for High Definition (HD) and 3D games. Since many days, there has been news regarding the plan of Sony to launch the PlayStation phone in the market, which is made for gaming and also there are facilities of a phone as like any cellular phone. Sources say that this phone is a combination of Sony Ericsson Experia and PlayStation Portable. The phone has a modified chip of PSP Go and has the Android Gingerbread operating system. It will be a full touch screen device and will also have a slider section, which will feature four buttons of directional pad and touch pad for the gaming purpose. PlayStation phone will also feature a camera which will be based on Sony Ericsson Experia.

Will Google Search Support Sony Playstation 3?

Playstation 3, successor of the very successful Playstation 2 is already a huge hit in the market. Launched in 2006, Playstation 3 or PS3 comes with alluring add-ons like upgraded gaming experience and online browsing as compared to PS2. The console is now available with 80 or 120 GB hard disc space against the previous versions of PS3 that offered 20, 40 or 60 GB hard drive. PS3 is undoubtedly a perfect combination of hardware, gaming, fantastic media capabilities and online support.

Online Trends

The online browsing options on the PS3 menu offer its gamers with search options. Hence PS3 offers easy access to various search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. But there is a good possibility that Google may turn out to be default search engine for the console. The probability of Google supporting the PS3 search browser increases with the fact that Sony is already into a business relationship with Google. Sony television with in built Google TV service will soon hit the markets. These Sony televisions are most likely to be available in Best Buy stores. You may have an easy access to these televisions in Sony online stores as well as the Brick and Mortar stores. With an already sound business background, there is a good possibility that Google may tie up with Sony for default browsing option.

Google stands high in the rankings for default search engine option for another reason. Since Microsoft owns the Xbox360, Bing cannot be the default search engine for the PS3 console. Yahoo further stands out of the race since Bing powers the search features of Yahoo, so Google has a good chance to win the race.

Google’s Revenue Strategy

Lately Google has been looking for newer streams of revenue for the company. Game related arena is a lucrative sector where Google would like to move on. If Google collaborates with PS3 and becomes its default search engine, the company will get another big source of revenue. As per sources, the company is already trying to develop games for the Android operating system. Although Google has not confirmed the news of collaborating with PS3, but the move does give a good indication that Google is looking to expand in the gaming arena.

The competitive authorities of PS3 too do not confirm the tie up between Google and PS3. The final decisions of the default search engine are made in the head quarters of Sony in Japan. But if Google search engine supports the Sony Playstation 3, the gamers will have another easy way to connect their screens. There is a good possibility that the gaming console can take over the laptops if the gamers have great internet surfing experience.

Gaming experts of the industry believe that Google could be the default browser for the PS3 gaming console. But we need to wait and watch if PS3 does something similar to what Nintendo’s Wii offers to its customers. Nintendo’s Wii supports Opera web browser and you can play easy flash games on it. Let’s see if the gamers get an access to PS3 supported by Google Chrome.

Shadow of the Colossus in HD: This is What it Could be

Shadow of Colossus, published by SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment) has been making everybody crazy and is widely believed that it would be provided with the same treatment as has been offered for God of War Collection. Rumors are on that Ico and Shadow of Colossus, the adventurous cum action oriented video game that has been published as well as developed for the PlayStation 2 would be receiving the matching treatment till at least preceding to the release of The Last Guardian. This buzzing of the gossip mill that PS2 hits Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is all set to the HD treatment has been going on for quite a long time. This excellent news would get many gamers heart racing. Not only that, there was further rumored that the double pack is supposed to hit the supplies in the initial part of 2010.

While the gossips have been churning and Sony has up till now to substantiate these buzzing, Eurogamer, the leading sovereign betting website in Europe, has taken the resolution of operating the game through a console emulator in order to find out what the budding High Definition (HD) description may possibly look like.


The High Definition version of Shadow of the Colossus has established that the outcome was remarkable. It illustrated enhanced quality and features even while the console emulator failed to deliver the outcome of fog that are current in the unique game. When the game is run with the help of emulator, the resolution is not only improved but also demonstrated that the prospect of HD restructure might develop the border speed of the game. As per TSA, Shadow of the Colossus is resolved to getting a high definition make over on PlayStation 3 in the near expectations. But, Shadow of the Colossus’s expertise utilizes the PlayStation 2 in features that the emulator makers have up till now to fully put into practice in PCSX2 – hence while the knowledge of PC illustrates nearer to the PS2 on the entertainment with its discharge, it might not be the entirely specific replica that one might look forward to. After the vision of HD phase of Shadow of the Colossus, it was obvious that ICO’s artwork has lots more to provide us with when it is set free from the boundaries of average characterization.


Shadow of the Colossus (SOTC) is working from the HD. SOTC has also been working fine under ToxicOS. A newly patched High Definition loader can cooperate and participate in the running of Shadow of the Colossus and other games that have not been working before the patch. The patch is latest than 0.7c. Along with that, in order to make ToxicOS to work, one needs a DMS4 pro chip while this is a stand alone elf. According to some people, the new patch is also permitting to play Capcom Classics off the High Definition, but as regards the other games, it is still unknown. Hence, it has been understood that it has been the same as 0.7c with its supplementary compatibility that was used for the playing of Capcom Classics Collection, Shadow of the Colossus etc.

With a modest endurance in offering and amid a savor of high-concept venture, one can discover know-how in Shadow of the Colossus that is not like any new games.

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