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Microsoft and E-space to new browser plug ins

Microsoft is taking the mobile world to a really great level. The company had been in the news on several occasions for bringing up innovative ideas that are capable of bringing a great deal of transformation to the mobile world. By the time you compare Microsoft Corporation to many other computer hardware and software industries, you will discover that there is practically no comparison as Microsoft is able to withstand all of these companies considerably.

What’s new?

One of the latest inventions of Microsoft is the new browser plug-in called Silverlight. This particular browser plug-in is able to play media files along with so many other web applications. All that the browser plug-in needs to work with any kind of web application is the availability of the application to work on windows and Macintosh. Various web browsers can be used along with the starlight; some of them are internet explorer, Firefox and even safari.

What does it do?

The browser plug-in called Silverlight is capable of so many other functions. It has the ability to display interactive animations, graphics and various audio and video features; it is able to perform all these on a fixed window of the screen web browser.

With the browser plug in. Microsoft was able to present several hours of free streaming video of the recently concluded China Olympics. This proves that the Silverlight is able to offer you the ability to watch various forms of online videos right on your system as long as you are using it with any of the internet browsers mentioned above. You will also need to remember that as long as an application works on windows or mackintosh, then it can be played with the silverlight browser plug-in.

Its limitation

One limitation to this plug-in is that it is only available to users from the United States alone. This means that any other user from outside the United States may not be able to have access to this great product from Microsoft Corporation for now. Microsoft is however is determined to continue their research work towards the development of the product so as to make it more available to all and sundry the world over. This will enable all Microsoft users to have access to this great browser plug-in called the silverlight.

The promotional move

To make it  available to the United States users, Microsoft had decided to show the product for free to all. This is some kind of promotional move on the part of Microsoft Corporation with intent to create some awareness about the new browser plug-in.

What about Linux users?

It is not only windows users and mackintosh users alone that can have access to the usage of the silverlight. Microsoft had also made it available for those who have only Linux operating system on their computer systems. This is made available through some kind of partnership between Microsoft and Novell.

Mobile availability

In the nearest future, Microsoft is planning to make this plug-in available on mobile. This will ensure that mobile phone users too can easily make use of the silverlight on their mobile phone even while they are on the move.

Browser Add-Ons: An Excellent Software Plug-in

Internet browsing has become a major activity for today’s jet generation. Rather for most of the folks using computer itself means surfing internet. So in that case the browser used by those people bears a great responsibility of providing an excellent surfing experience to the user and this is where Browsers come in picture. They are like a plug in to a software program which merge with the main application and enhance the web surfing experience by providing what browser is unable to provide.

Browser add-ons have become pretty famous these days. As we are all aware of the famous browser wars between popular brands like Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Opera over their products like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, respectively. Everyone is trying all they can to provide the best they can to prove their superiority over others and hence capture the maximum share of the market. In this spat of browsing software manufacturers the customers are certainly having a party time. The idea of add-on was perhaps first started by Mozilla people as coming up with a new version just for a few small updates didn’t seem appropriate so instead they thought why not develop a completely different community who only develops only add-ons which will be mini-software products which will work by embedding themselves with the browser and serve its purpose and ultimately that whole unit will be able to deliver more than it was earlier able to.

Mozilla’s add-on was a successful idea which led to a completely new trend. Slowly and steadily everyone started coming up with their own set of add-ons to deliver the enhanced browsing experience. The add-ons could perform a lot of functions like play heavy media files like DivX, Xvid, etc formats, customize the appearance and looks of the browser, improve searches for images and other stuff and use customized home pages, listening to radio, getting extra toolbars to perform lots other tasks just by few clicks, getting better bookmarking options, adding RSS feeds readers, run some specially programmed scripts, etc. But none other than Mozilla could get successful in this area of software industry and that was due to the generous contribution of open source community and several good programmers across the globe. Talking about Mozilla there were more than 600 million total add-ons downloads a couple of years ago, so by today it would have certainly crossed 1 billion.

As Mozilla’s add-ons community is really big and really generous, it has several kick-ass add-ons which can really make lots of minds boggle. This is the advantage of making a project open source that the better minds can deliver their share and make the end product much better. To name a few add-ons like Cooliris, Greasemonkey, Chatzilla, etc if were to be developed professionally would have cost really quite an amount but here in Mozilla it doesn’t cost a penny. Thus Mozilla’s add-on site gets around 4.5 million hits everyday more than perhaps any other site in software industry.

You can download plugins and add-ons for Mozilla from some cool and necessary add-ons include Acrobat Reader, Flash Player, Java, RealPlayer, Shockwave, and Windows Media Player, etc. so go ahead and explore the world of browser add-ons.

Microsoft, GM Partner On Kinect Virtual Test Drives

Chevrolet’s Volt the new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is ready for launch in November this year. Its propulsion system will be based on general Motor’s new Voltec electric automobile platform, which is significantly different from earlier BAS Hybrid and Two-Mode Hybrid systems.

Being a new technology altogether General Motors will also be marketing it in a new way entirely.  General Motors has tied up with Microsoft for developing the first of its kind campaign. This campaign will tap the Xbox 360 to promote its electric Chevrolet Volt. Xbox along with Kinect will make it possible for general Motors to let the new car be experienced by people virtually on their TV screens. New multi-screen advertising campaign will make the people physically involved with the brand and virtually feel the new car.

Xbox is used majorly by youngsters and kids, so will this new mode of advertisement really make a difference still remains a question. Probably keeping this in mind Microsoft is coming up few other marketing strategies for General Motors. For promotion Microsoft’s game studios has developed the “Kinect Joy Ride” which lets people virtually test drive the electric car via their TV screen. To get the Keys for starting the virtual car’s engine people first need to watch a video ad in-dash on Xbox Live or on the web. Some other marketing moves by Microsoft include adding a calendar event in people calendar applications for getting a test drive of Volt. It will also give the details of the dealers in their area. Microsoft is also using the “Deep Zoom” technology within SilverLight graphics for giving an enhanced and detailed look of the car’s interior and exterior. Company is also planning to setup kiosk machine with Kinect in the promotional events by General Motors so that visitors can test ride Volt there and then.

Jim Campbell the Marketing VP of Chevrolet in U.S said “Kinect allows us to bring the excitement of the showroom to the living rooms of our customers. It’s a way for us to replicate the experience of physically involving with a product that is essential to the customers purchasing decision.”

Microsoft and General Motors is planning to start the campaign this month. As already said the outcome of this new promotional technology remains a question but it definitely will start a new era for marketing campaigns. We surely will see similar other products being marketed in similar fashion.

`Lorentz’ and `Lanikai’ – The latest inventions of Mozilla which are due for their grand release

The novel beta test builds essentially known as Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1, which is popularly given code names Lorentz and Lanikai respectively, will be released very soon. These are the updated wonders of the esteemed company Mozilla. Mozilla is undoubtedly the gigantic based company and has been diversely integrated since many years in offering the latest versions of web browsing and e-mailing. Now, with the inventions of its two incomparable test builds, Mozilla has certainly got into a higher bump which truly makes it much ahead of others. Mozilla has grandly taken this new leap on Wednesday.

Mozilla has spaciously presented its most recent features that are highly discovered to be much more stable than the earlier versions. The Firefox 3.6.4 beta and Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2, both are the topmost features not only suitable for Windows and Mac but also for Linux.  Firefox 3.6.4 is a marvelous integration that covers the many anticipated features of Out-of-Process-Plug-in. This tool is effectively superb because it greatly prevents the crashing of plug-in not only from the System Flash of Adobe, and Quick time of Apple but also Silver light of Microsoft to effectively bring down the complete browser. However, the essential factor involved is that, it will continue to fix up the bugs that are greatly related to OOPPS, which stands for Out-Of-Process-Plug-ins. It, however, includes about a dozen that are being marked as the critical. Mozilla Company has scheduled to release its most awaited Firefox 3.6.4 in the second week of May.

Nevertheless, Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 has a marvelous feature of introducing multiple fixes. The new build will continue its effectiveness to improve the process of migration from Thunderbird 2, which was reported by many users to be buggy and problematic. Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 is efficiently being sported with the novel and unique features like auto-complete, utilization of tab and last but not least the activity manager. Moreover, there is a tremendous improvement of stability and leakage memory. The beta version has definitely made few minor changes in the interface. It has primarily improved the font selection that is default. Surprisingly, the Thunderbird beta build is released on time and the keen users can expect a release candidate for Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 in another two weeks. The final version will certainly be available in the beginning of June.

Thus, it is inevitable that the two tests builds of Mozilla the Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2, which are popularly coded as Lorentz and Lanikai are to bring the novel change in the effectiveness of the PC technology. These two latest versions which are to be released very soon this year; Firefox 3.6.4 beta in the second week of May and Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 probably by beginning of June will certainly make a major improvement in the total stability, leakage of the systems bringing about the unparallel improvement in the working of the systems worldwide.

Topix’s new Brand: Includes features from Twitter and Facebook

With the increasing popularity of the system, Topix now introduces a series of new enhancements to its website. The news aggregating system that is known for offering the most recent news stories based on varying geographies has integrated a unique feature of twitter and also from Facebook., in the process of refreshing its functioning has introduced a feature from Twitter that sends all its users their local news stories based specifically on their geographical location, while on the other end it has also included social plug-in from Facebook on its topic pages. This will only help the website to double the total amount of news stories on its website which is closely followed by users across 38,000 towns from across the globe.

Chris Tolle, the CEO of Topix stated that these newly added features were specially designed in order to take the advantage of the socializing features that these networking websites offer its users. These new features completely change the infrastructure of the system which the website has been strictly working upon for a long time. Between the two newly added features, the Twitter localization enhancement is comparatively much more interesting than the others. Based on this feature, you no longer need to manually check or even subscribe for special topics based on the different geographical locations. Instead, all users will be directly notified about the latest news stories happening in and around their local areas by following a specially provided Twitter account known as @Topix local. Once the users enable this location feature across the social community, they will directly receive messages whenever a local news story is published. Chris Tolle further said that he had originally figured out this new idea from that of the International Space Station that features a similar functionality of sending tweets to all Twitter users based on their specific areas.

Topix also integrated the social plug-in from Facebook into its topic and the location pages but doesn’t allow its followers to directly login using their Facebook account information. According to Chris Tolle, the users of Topix who usually comment on the website seem to have a higher preference of having a “semi-anonymous profile” which hence allows them to straightaway interact with other without disclosing their real identities. Topix however, doesn’t wish to disturb this preference. Tolle thus expects that the users will further want to broadcast all their specifications and interests in a given location against a given story.

The website receives as many as 125 million page views in addition to its 14 million unique visitors every single month. However, its main focus is to connect in a better way with all its readers. Although, the main question still remains the same about “How to make the visitors to return back to the website and spend a longer time reading the content and other information.” Creating a stronger base, the website is further supported by Tribune Co., Knight Ridder and Gannett which are counted to be USA’s largest media series.

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