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Windows® Phone 7-based ASUS® E600 smartphone

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is likely to become the fastest-growing platform for operating systems in 2011. Windows Phone 7 has a unique and very simple user interface.  According to market analysts, Microsoft is finally managing to harness the evident design and user experience of its Xbox, Zune and Windows Live teams to create a proposition that is more than the sum of its parts. We can expect Microsoft to increase its share of the mobile operating system market in 2011.

Windows Phone 7 is a very popular OS and it has number of good features. With Windows Phone 7 you can connect to online gaming services like Xbox, Xbox Live and there are more like you can connect your phone to the Windows Phone marketplace and download music. You will have to just pay $15 for the music you love. There are various playlists according to different artists, genre and others. With Android and iOS around, Microsoft is also getting its picture right with Windows Phone 7. It has also your favorite Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for more convenience. Windows Phone 7 makes a very reliable smartphone operating system with these features.

There are many companies which are interested in Windows Phone 7 and one of them is ASUS. They started working on Windows Phone 7 long ago, but during the launch of Windows Phone 7, we did not see any ASUS powered Windows Phone. ASUS showed a prototype of Windows Phone 7 that was used to demo Windows Phone 7 features last September, but after that we have not seen any.

Now according to recent reports, ASUS is developing a Windows Phone 7 powered phone i.e. ASUS E600. It will be available on the AT&T network. The phone has a 5MP HD camera and 4 inch touch screen display with 1300mAH battery. ASUS was not clear about its price, but we are expecting that it will be in line with othersmartphones.

Microsoft is also mentioning now that they will launch an updated Windows Phone 7 OS in early 2011. Windows Phone 7 is the key strategy point for Microsoft in the smartphone market. Everyone is expecting a bigger picture i.e. second bigger update in February at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona. In this update, it will include enhanced developer controls for applications and updated components. Microsoft is very keen to update the Windows Phone 7 OS performance wise and in the CES 2011, Microsoft was clearly indicating about the updates, they are going to do in the OS.

Google™ Tool to Move Microsoft® Files to Web

Always dreamt of an application that allows you to work online on documents, but not able to do so? Now it is all possible for you because Google is all set the launch an application that makes you able to edit files online. Now with the said application it will be possible for you to do so. There are different files you want and wish to work online. It is possible for you now to transfer the Microsoft files on the web (Internet). As per the news coming from Google, it will be possible for you to edit and work online with this brand new application.  The application makes you able to do word processing online with the help of applications like Google Docs. They are giving a tough competition to the Windows applications like Word, Excel and the other corporate oriented application PowerPoint.

You must have heard about cloud computing. The new application going to be launched by Google is called Cloud Connect, applicable for the Microsoft Word applications. Google says that it takes all the office files to the Google server and it gives these files a new and unique address so that they could be accessed through Google Docs. It is possible to get the access from any computer through an Internet connection. After the files are available on the web, it is possible for anyone to access these files through Google Docs and edit these whenever you need them. Not only one person, but all the employees in case it is a online register for attendance, or in some other case if it is an online opinion poll, it can be accessed and easily edited anytime. Once these comments are made, these are visible for the people on the web; it is really great and a never before experience. It is an attempt to make it possible to get the employees at one place and share and edit the documents. Suppose there is some kind of product launch in the market for that the company wants to do a survey to deliver a better product. It is all possible with the new generation web connected document files.

Because there is no need to buy software when there is an application available with you. It is helpful in reduction of cost and it is a sure success to the low budget companies as well, because they are freed from the extra burden of different software and applications for each computer in the office. This great and revolutionary application is going to change the way people work in their offices and students the way they study.

Microsoft edging closer to Cloud computing domain

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer and New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently announced new cloud based services for New York. This agreement will boost competition for similar services offered by Google. Under this contract, about 30,000 New York worker will use Microsoft’s Business productivity online suite. This information will be sent to Microsoft data centers and they will use various Microsoft services like Office which includes Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Form next year onwards, workers will be migrated to new Office 365 suite. It will increase more technology uses in New York City, deputy mayor Mr. Goldsmith told reporters that most of the workers do not have even e-mail account. This agreement will increase use of technology among them and workforce will do more technology oriented work now onwards.

There is huge competitive pressure from Microsoft’s rivals like Google and IBM and this agreement will boost its presence in cloud computing. The agreement value will be $20 million annually and New York will save over $50 million in next five years. There will be no need to purchase as many computing hardware as many people work on that, because of the cloud computing they will work online. Cloud computing is important as it consolidated power in data centers and uses the internet to connect users to applications and data stored in data centers.

Goldsmith also said that we took advantage of the competition among software companies in cloud computing. Microsoft’s step is the result of this competition from Google as Google is also providing similar product online at simple rate of $50. But Microsoft’ product is broader and Google is yet to match the product. Microsoft is also aware of the consumer’s trends to use Google cards and they are doing everything to change the trend. Under this agreement we also learnt that there will be upgrade of Windows 7, some server software and access to Microsoft’s cloud computing hosting and programming: Azure. This agreement will also help in trimming New York data center from 50 to one.

Microsoft will make three layers of workers based on the application they use the most and give access to them to use the applications. New York administrators also said that they do not know how many software agreements exist in the city. The Microsoft’s Office 365 will boost customer-relationship management program and also boost new innovation in New York City work approach.

Mr. Goldsmith also supports his counterpart Mr. Bloomberg and comments about the Pizza deal and said we are excited about the Microsoft and New York cloud computing deal and it will extend the technology use in our sector. He also said that we are looking forward to use these services to save our cost and to use more and more technology in our work.

However a vice president of Microsoft said that there will be no changes in the Microsoft’s licensing model and we will stick to the same model.

Microsoft and New York in Software Deal

Recently Microsoft has made a software deal with New York City that should lower technology cost will give government workers more access to Microsoft products.  It is not a normal kind of software deal, it is first of its kind and it has a value of about $20 million a year. New York administration said that, it is a citywide, 100,000 person deals and will save $50 million over five years.

New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Microsoft’s CEO Mr. Ballmer announced the agreement in the city hall. Mr. Bloomberg told reports that this deal is all about making the city government work better.

As expected some concession is required on Microsoft’s part. Microsoft usually focuses on selling licenses to bundle of business software products. But in the agreement it is clear that Microsoft will charge people on a sliding scale based on which application they used the most.

There is a huge pressure and competition from Rival companies like Google and IBM and Google launched a office software. Google provides online version of the similar Microsoft Office at a simple charge of $50 per person, per year. Los Angeles had an agreement with Google and they are distributing Google’s software to about 30,000 city workers over the last year. But the Microsoft and New York agreement has different vision and it covers a broader set of applications, Google is yet to match those applications.

In the agreement, Microsoft is expected to sell licenses of bundles of products like MS office which includes Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. But the problem is different and many government workers use only word to create document and outlook for email. There is also a bigger problem for Microsoft is the customer’s tend to Google and they love to use Google card but its customer’s choice and Microsoft said that they can not do anything.

The agreement says New York will put workers in three categories based on how many application they use. Microsoft decided to use pa-per-use model for customers because of its new online version of its software.

Microsoft is using Cloud computing in the New York City and it will benefit them. As City plans to store information for 30,000 workers at Microsoft’s data centers and there is no need to buy as much computing hardware because people can work together online.

The deputy mayor of New York City Mr. Goldsmith said that we need to increase the use of technology tools and there are large numbers of workers that do not even have e-mail address.

Mr. Goldsmith also supports his counterpart and assert about the Pizza deal and said we are excited abut the Microsoft and New York deal and it will extend the technology use in our sector. He said we are looking forward to this deal and it will only help our worker with some new innovations and technology.

However a vice president of Microsoft said that there will be no changes in the Microsoft’s licensing model and we will stick to the same model.

How to Edit Password Recovery in PowerPoint

Microsoft Power Point, or usually credited as Power Point, is a presentation program designed by the Microsoft and is a part of one of the many applications in MS Office. It runs on both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS operating system. The Power Point application, with time, has become a very popular software program and is used all over the world, by business people, lecturers and professors in universities, trainers as well as students.

The MS Power Point presentations contains a number of ‘slides’ which are a very important feature of the program. They, in simple terms, are individual pages that contain a part of the overall presentation on a specific topic. These slides may consist of text, movies, graphics and other objects depending on their relevance, and they can be arranged freely on the slide. Using a template or slide master, Power point facilitates the use of a consistent style in a presentation. The presentation can be displayed live on a computer, printed, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. When the number of people attending the presentation is large, the computer display is often projected using a video projector. The types of movements that are included in the presentation are the transitions (movements between slides) that can be animated in anyway and custom animation (animating pictures to enter, exit or move).

The Power Point presentation does offer several advantages and facilities to its user for making an appealing presentation. Apart from these, it also has a feature wherein a password can be added to the presentation project to ensure that no one else can access or make any changes to the document. However, it must be noted that there is no safeguard facility by Microsoft to recover a password if it is lost or forgotten. So it is your responsibility to remember the password by storing it safely in a disc, a flash drive or a separate document such as MS Word or Notepad. Care must be taken to ensure that the location of the chosen password is accessible only by you.

Instructions to edit Password Recovery in Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 1: Open the Power Point application and go to the specific project which you want to work on.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Tools’ tab on the top left corner of the screen and click on it. From the drop down menu that appears, select the option that says ‘Options’.

Step 3: In the box that opens up, select the ‘Security’ tab.

Step 4: In the boxes that say ‘Password to Open’ or/and ‘Password to Modify’, highlight the asterisks that are the current password.

Step 5: Go ahead and delete the asterisks and click on ‘OK’ if you want to get rid of the password altogether.

Step 6: Now you need to rewrite the passwords by editing the password content and then click on ‘OK’.

3 ways to simplify your PowerPoint presentations

You have a presentation to create. Its important but, formatting diagrams can take forever and the text on your slides seems to have a mind of its own. Along with that the sad fact is that each PowerPoint Presentation looks same. Creating professional presentation can be much easier than you think. After reading this article you will be able to grab viewers attention, clearly communicate your information along with that it will help you to keep a control in your presentation. This article will provide you time saving tips to help send your presentation in unique style. You will surprise that how a little work it takes to go from basic to brilliant. PowerPoint provides a host of tools for keeping you slides consistent, precise and professional.  Microsoft PowerPoint is terrific medium because it allows you to strengthen your message with visual prompts. If you want to feel more relaxed and confident the next time you are using PowerPoint for a presentation then just try these tips to maintain the focus of viewers on topic.

Method One: You want to change the bulleting and indentation style on every slide of the presentation, PowerPoint will do this for you. Only thing which you have to do is to make those changes in the master slide once. The slide masters stores information about the theme, and slide layout of the presentation, including the background, colors, fonts, size & place holding.   Each slide will be consistent without much effort from your side. The slide master includes place holder, layout of the slide and the style the text will be formatted in. The changes which you make on slide master they will be automatically applied to all the slides in the presentation. If you want o make changes in a specific slide then start in normal view, with that slide selected. Make any changes in the slide as mentioned here for example.

Method Two: To change the bullet style make changes on the slide master by clicking on “View” tab then after that click on “Slide Master”. Then click on first bullet, after tat click “Home” tab. In the paragraph click the arrow besides the bullet, and then click bullet and numbering. Select attribution and style of bullet which you want for first level bullets, then click OK. In similar way you can other adjustments.

Method Three: You can even select date, slide number, or the information which appear on footer either in specific slide or for complete presentation. In normal view click “Insert” tab, then in text box click “Header & Footer”, just specify the information you to appear, and indicate the slide it should appear on. In this each item will appear in the placeholder and the style indicated in master. Dynamic content, such as brief video that illustrates an important point, is one the best way to engage viewer. Using audio can also help to keep you slide clean and approachable. In PowerPoint 2010 the video which you insert in your files is embedded by default, so you don’t have to use multiple files for sharing files electronically.

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