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How to Print in a Homegroup Netwrok?

Printing a document leaves us with a hard copy of any file that can be used as evidence or a mark sheet of a person showing his excellence or anything that we wish to store in a paper format. Thus use of efficient printer that suits best in our criteria is very important. In offices printing of document is routine and so is the use of printer. In most of the offices printer is connected over a network. Thus, only one printer is used instead of installing printer for each individual system and thus it helps in reduction of hardware cost.

Common Reasons and solutions:

It might have happened with you that even after giving ‘print’ command you haven’t received hardcopy of the document. There can be several reasons for this problem. It might happen that you are trying to print a document from a printer, which is either turned off, or not connected to power supply. It must be checked manually if it is turned on. Same way, computer can be turned off or it can be in sleep or hibernate mode. Power settings of computer must be changed if it is responsible for computer from turning into another mode from working mode. These are manual errors which are not much to bother and can be corrected immediately.

It might be the reason that the document you want to print is in the computer of other user and that user might be logged off from the network. In that case you have to check if the system you are trying to access is turned on and connected to the network. These are few common problems that are accompanied with easy solutions. Now we shall discuss some reasons that are seen in very rare cases and are related to hardware or software of the printer.

Rare Reasons and Solutions:

There are various ways to connect a printer over the network depending the type and model. If the printer is USB enabled it can be directly connected to the system. If the printer does not support USB connectivity then it has to be installed from ‘Devices and Printers’ tab in Start menu. Following the instructions in the tab, printer can be easily installed in the network.

For any device to run properly, device drivers are very essential. Drivers carry out the task of mediator performing vital operations. If you are unable to print the document via printer connected over the network, you must ensure that proper drivers of the model are installed in the system. If you are using 64-Bit system and 32-Bit compatible drivers are installed then printer wont work properly. To install proper drivers, you can make use of Windows update, which can take up to 30 minutes to install drivers. You can even simply follow manufacturer website to get correct driver.

Network Issues:

If all the above stated reasons fail, then you must check your network connectivity, which is shown in the notification area of taskbar. Sometimes, rebooting computer solves the issue.

To get errors while printing the document is very common issue and have very easy solutions which is properly followed can prove their utility.

Printing methods in Windows 7

While printing a document you may have come across different options depending on your requirements. It includes variation in color like color or grayscale or size like portrait or landscape and method of printing viz. single or double sided. Printing options are basically decided by Software application and type of printers that are in use. Printing in Windows 7 is quite easy as it can be done in a single click on option ‘Print’. As soon as you click on this option, one dialogue box opens in which you can modify settings like number of copies or dimension of paper etc. This box varies with model of printer and software that you are using. Windows 7 offers various options to enhance the form of printing. You must aware of these features and the way to utilize these options.

The box explained earlier shows various   options such as ‘Select Printer’, ‘Find Printer’ etc. These features let you know about printers on your system and also network printer. As home networks and office settings are considered, these options are very much advantageous. There are choices for printing Microsoft XPS file, fax etc. By using ‘Print to file’, document can be saved in a .prn format. Although this option doesn’t go well with modern USB printer, you can print file to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

As you go further, Printing Preferences provide choices for size and layouts of paper.Page Rabge offers you the facility to print only required part of the data. ‘Selection’ option lets you to print content which is highlighted and also content of current page can be printed simulteneously. If you want to print some pages of document instead of whole, you can give page numbers that are separated by hyphens like 8-10 to print pages 8 through 10. Printing of pages which are not in a sequence can be done by entering numbers separated by commas such as 1,8,13. You can also have multiple copies of a particular document.

Options, which are demonstrated above, are generally provided with almost all printers but some printer manufacturers and publishers of software modify these things. Instead of ‘Preferences’, you might find option like ‘Properties’ or ‘Advanced’. You can seek advice from manuals that come along with printers. They give you a whole idea of these various options and their advantages.

There are generally two standard options namely ‘Printing Preferences’ and ‘Printer Properties’. In Printing Preferences, you will have various options in dialogue box. Page orientation or layout lets you to choose between landscape and portrait. In Paper or sheet size, there are options like A4, legal, letter or envelope size. By using output source, papers can be stored in different trays. Printing on one or both side can be done with the help of Double-sided printing. Additionally, you will have options like ‘Print color’ and ‘Staple’ in this Printing Preferences.

Printer Properties is an option related with hardware customization of printer. It offers options for configuration of ports; and they also help in updating drivers and management of printer. You can open Printer Properties by selecting ‘Device and Printers’ located in ‘Start’ menu. Properties of printer that are you want to access can be selected by right-click and can be modifies as per requirement. Printing seems effortless when you perform it in Windows 7 with such exciting options which are meant to save both your time and money.

How to Set Up Your Own Wireless Network

There are lots of benefits that you can have from a wireless network. Imagine you are working in your kitchen and are sending the printing requests to the printer of your home office; you are sitting on the couch and relaxing and browsing the web or chatting with your friends in the bed at night. All of these things are only possible with the help of a wireless network. You can easily have a lot of network flexibility once you set up the wireless network.

How to start

First of all you must get the right equipment for yourself. If you do not have the right equipment you would never be able to get the things done. Some of the important items that you should have for setting up the wireless network include wireless router, broadband Internet connection and modem and the wireless network adapters.

Wireless router

The importance of the wireless router can not be denied in a wireless network. The information can be transferred between the Internet and your network with the help of this router. This sort of router helps you to connect your computer with the network of yours with the help of the radio signals and no wires are used in this case.


The broadband Internet connection is of higher speed as compared to the dial up ones. The wireless network can not be supported with the help of the dial up connection as they are slower and are less powerful and can not support the wireless network. DSL and cable are two major options which you have for the broadband connections.

Network adapter

The adapter is a device which is used for connecting your computer to the network. In order to connect your computer to the wireless network, the computer should have the wireless network adapter in it. The computer can be either the laptop or the desktop computer. Usually this is installed in the laptops and also in some of the desktop computers too. For checking the settings for the wireless network adapter first open the device manager by clicking on the start button then control panel then click on system and security. Under system click on device manager. Give in the password if you are prompted so. Then double click on network adapters and then search any network adapter which has wireless in the name. If the wireless network adapter is missing then you must buy one from the electronics store and then install it on your computer.

Set up the Internet connection and modem

Once all the equipment is set then you must set up your Internet connection as well as the modem. If your ISP did not set up the connection then you must follow the instructions that are given for the setup.

Position your wireless router

Place your router in a central position. Try to place it in the center of your home so that you should be able to access it from anywhere in the home. You should place the router above the floor and also away from the walls and things that are made up of metal. The interference should be tried to reduce and the frequencies should not cross.

How to Re-Size a Photo for Printing

We all like to tweak around with the pictures we take with our digital cameras. Some of us are creative enough to change them well enough to make them professional in print. There are many photo software programs available, all of which have basic options to re-size pictures on your Microsoft enabled computer before printing them.

When we take pictures with our camera we hardly care about the details of the resolution and pixels. This makes it difficult for us to get a good print once they are downloaded as image files into our computer. Here are some easy software options you can choose from to edit your pictures according to the size you want for print.

Microsoft Paint

Open the image file you want to re-size with the help of MS Paint. This software is the most basic in its genre and is installed by default in your Microsoft PC. You can right click on the image to select “Re-size” the picture. Or you can click on the “Tools” options on the toolbar above in the MS Paint window to choose “Image Size”. In both cases you will be served with options to edit the resolution of the picture by adjusting the pixels and adjusting the width and height of your picture. Make sure that the resolution is such that the print is not too distorted after re-sizing. 300 to 400 pixels are good enough for print purposes.

Microsoft Picture Editor

After opening the image file via this software you can edit the size of your pictures with the help of four default options:

  1. Original size

  2. Percentage of original width x height

  3. Predefined width x height

  4. Custom width x height

Although each feature is unique and useful for re-sizing your picture, if you are looking for the best option for printing purposes, you may choose any one of the last two features.

The only thing you must be careful about while saving the edited picture is that the resolution is not too distorted as this can spoil the printed Version.

Adobe Photoshop

Once you open the image file with Adobe Photoshop you must deselect the “Resample” option on the window before re-sizing. Now adjust the resolution anywhere between 240 to 300 pixels, which is the recommended range for printing purposes. After doing so you must select “Resample” and choose the option that says “Bicubic Sharper”. Your next step is to edit the size of the document. While saving make sure that you don’t override on the original image file so that you don’t lose the original resolution.

Although this article covers only three (most popular) image editing software programs, there are many more you can use. The only cardinal rule while re-sizing photographs is to maintain the resolution in order to derive a decent print.

Before selecting “Ok” for Print you must view the “Preview” option to see if the photo is fitted perfectly on the paper or not and if the quality of the resolution is decent enough.

New printing Solutions from InfoPrint

InfoPrint Solutions Company, a manufacturer of digital printing and output solutions, has released a new model of inkjet printer, InfoPrint 500 MP. InfoPrint Solutions Company is a joint venture between Intel and Ricoh which started its journey 3 years ago, where Ricoh contained 51% share. The new model inkjet was unveiled in IPEX exhibition at Birmingham, UK. The new multi-purpose product has been produced for the better printing solution with high quality service. This multi- purpose printer can support three speed points for low, medium and high.

The InfoPrint 5000 MP is a new member of InfoPrint 5000 series which is already dominating the market. The new model InfoPrint 5000 MP has come across with some new features and technologies which will increase the market share of InfoPrint Solution. It comes with a vision to provide more flexible opportunity and risk-free business environment by giving protection to investment. It includes some lucrative features like MICR and duel engine.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR):

InfoPrint 5000 MP will provide the optimized and customized color system by producing the documents with the help of customized checks which is a privilege of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). This will enable the customer with new format and characterized selection of printing color and ways which can portrait any certain necessity that is demanded for the definite printing theme.

Flexibility in inks, configuration and engine:

The new model is providing a wide range of flexibility of using the variety of inks and fluids at a time which will be customized. Secondly the twin engine termed as ‘tandem’ will enable the customers with using double engine with monochrome duplex for more comfortably and speed with optimized selection advantage.

Stats and views:

“InfoPrint solution again holds the market leader position in the printing solution industry at last two years continuously after its setting up in 2007. The system of InfoPrint is marketed in USA and Western Europe, where it creates a huge demand. The company was the top market share holder with 30% in 2009, which grabs 35% of the total system in USA and Europe just after its very recent starting journey only 3 years ago. In last 3 years InfoPrint Solutions with its partner, Dainippon Screen, have installed more than half of all continuous-feed color inkjet systems,” according to InfoTrends, an analyst of the latest trends and developments on the digital imaging and document solutions industries.

Factors behind InfoPrint 5000 success:

Many factors played role in making the journey of InfoPrint 5000 successful. From customers’ view the main factor is its flexibility and multipurpose approach. High reliability, compactness, modulation in design and lowest power consumption are also key factors which created the market demand. PostScript(R), PDF and AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) support also helped to put it first in the choice list. Above all InfoPrint 5000 was designed to facilitate the users with reduced cost of printing. So it is designated and immersed as the most popular brand among printing accessory.

InfoPrint solutions is now concentrating on producing more sophisticated printing solutions inspired by InfoPrint 500 MP. This brand will available in North America, Europe and Asia within September of 2010.

Dell 3115CN Color Laser Multifunction Printer Scanner Copier and Fax with wireless option

A multicolor laser printer, Dell 3115CN can be used not just for printing but also for scanning, facsimile and photocopying. The speed of printing a black and white page using Dell 3115CN is 31ppm whereas for printing a color page it would take 17ppm. Dell 3115CN offers print resolution of 600 X 600 dots per inch. You can print up to 60,000 pages per month using your Dell 3115CN. There are two ways of standard inputs for paper in this multifunctional laser printer. A 150 sheet multipurpose tray and a 250 sheet drawer are a part of the multipurpose printer. Dell 3115CN comes with the 400 MHz processor and standard and maximum memory options. When considering 256MB memory version, 128Mb is allocated for the printing purposes and the next 128MB is used for scanning, faxing and copying.

The maximum memory comes with 1152MB out of which 128MB is given to the printing as usual and the rest 1028MB is used as RAM. You can also expand the capabilities of the laser printer using 200 pin DDR2 DIMM expansion slots. Added to that there is an additional option of 550 sheets drawer that increase the capacity of the papers to 950 sheets. With the help of wireless options, you can connect the printer to a network without any cables. There is also a dual-sided printing capability in this laser printer. There are three options for the networking standards. They are 10/100 Base T Ethernet, high speed USB 2.0 and lastly a parallel port of IEEE 1284. Dell’s printer is compatible with various operating systems that include Windows Vista of both 32 as well as 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Mac, UNIX and Linux. The cost involved with the printing and other jobs using the multifunction printer is very less as compared to other printers from several makes.

The installation software is included in the package of the printer. The Dell’s 3115CN printer package features Dell toner management system, Dell color track 2, Dell printer configuration tool, remote printer setup tools, and many more. There are three color cartridges that come with this multicolor printer like yellow, cyan and magenta to give you high quality imaging experience. The owner’s manual is also given in the set for the user to understand and find necessary help in the installation and setting up of the printer. There is also an amazing online support system which works round the clock and helps the customers with the proper working of the system. The toner management system would check the toner levels of the system continuously and sends email alerts to the customer on the picture quality whenever the quality of the system gets low.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003