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Sony® PlayStation phone

Sony is one of the pioneers in the gaming market, with its PlayStation range of game consoles. Sony has a wide range of PlayStation consoles. The first model of PlayStation was launched in 1994 in Japan. PlayStation has three components, including Media Center, online service for gaming and line controllers or input device for the Media Center. Currently three models of PlayStation are available in the market, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Sony also manufactures portable PlayStation called as PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PSP device is like a cell phone, but specifically it is used for gaming purpose and for media entertainment. PSP console was launched in 2005. Since it was launched, it has been a great success in the world market and established various records of selling.

The specification or configuration of PSP is very good and ideal for High Definition (HD) and 3D games. Since many days, there has been news regarding the plan of Sony to launch the PlayStation phone in the market, which is made for gaming and also there are facilities of a phone as like any cellular phone. Sources say that this phone is a combination of Sony Ericsson Experia and PlayStation Portable. The phone has a modified chip of PSP Go and has the Android Gingerbread operating system. It will be a full touch screen device and will also have a slider section, which will feature four buttons of directional pad and touch pad for the gaming purpose. PlayStation phone will also feature a camera which will be based on Sony Ericsson Experia.

Sony® to Launch Networked Portable Game Player, Smartphones

A revamped and updated PlayStation handheld gaming device will be unveiled by Sony followed by a smartphone with gaming capability. Sony is planning to use its networked entertainment services to share data, media and games among handheld devices, TVs and other media enriched platforms. Sony will unveil the new portable player and a Sony Ericsson Touch enabled smartphone. The company seems to be ready to make a comeback and give its competitors something to worry about. Sony also realizes this market is dominated by Nintendo and Apple and so will have to be very careful about playing its cards.

The portable entertainment system dubbed as the successor to PSP is said to deliver ultimate portable media experience. According to Sony’s press release regarding this product NGP (code name for the yet to be titled product) is designed to propose supreme interactive entertainment that would only be possible on a PlayStation. This innovative design would present a innovative blend of rich gaming and social connectivity inside a real world situation, made promising by leveraging SCE’s experience from both PSP (PlayStation Portable) and PlayStation 3 (PS3) entertainment systems.

With both Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity, jointly with a mixture of applications, NGP will facilitate endless potential for users to connect and share with friends wherever they are. Within the device are a range of features that provide a genuinely cutting-edge, next generation ultimate portable entertainment experience. It features a mindboggling 5 inch organic light emitting display (OLED) and an innovative user interface combined with a high performance CPU and GPU to give a never seen before visual experience.

This is going to be one of the most awaited release of this year. Judging by the products Sony has put in the market recently, this release will be an event with much fanfare. Let’s hope it has a better luck than the PSP and can rival Nintendo’s 3D gaming portable player. The NGP has stiff competition decked out for it and it will be a fight that gamers will relish.

New launches from Sony® in Smartphone Arena

As has been announced, the CES Show 2011 saw the references made by Sony for all the products showcased with a common content shared across all products like the Play station devices PS3, PSP, PSP2, and the PS phone.

Microsoft being ahead of Sony with regards to tying the new Window Mobile Phone 7 handsets into the live providing a live login. Gaming is already made available by Microsoft. Sony seems to be heading the same direction with services which will hook on to the devices from Sony like PS3, TV, PC and Blu-Ray players.

The PS3 introduced in 2004 was dubbed the `Walkman of the 21st Century` was not a great success in the markets. But subsequent PSPs introduced have been very successful and now Sony is looking to make great profits with the release of the PSP2 stealthily. They are hoping to oust Nintendo and Apple at their own game.

The world`s second largest portable player maker has outlined a strategy to use, networked entertainment services. Sony intends to launch the PSP 2 on January, 27th of 2011 which is 2 days ago. The PSP smart phone is set to be released in February.

Sony will also outline their strategy to use its networked game system on portable devices. The Mobile World Congress is all set to take off on February 14th through 17th showcasing Sony`s Ericsson made PSP phone which is also called the Xperia Play, although no comments are available from Sony regarding this.

Company faced some troubles getting any grip with the PSP, failing to catch up with Nintendo, when it was released in 2004, selling only 18.5 million units compared to 47 million units of the Nintendo. Sony plans to gain market from Nintendo and Apple dominated market. It has revealed the networked services to share games, movies, and music over handheld devices, TVs and the likes.

With the release of the PSP Go in 2009, Sony did away with disc drives and introduced direct downloads of games. Bloomberg has been keenly following the news from Sony and their report on the Sony PSP2 is intended for the CES show this year in 2011 and later in February of the smart phone. The updated PSP will compete with Apple`s iPod Touch and Nintendo`s 3DS which are gaming devices and have been a threat to the Sony`s PSP.

Laptop Gaming With 4G

Gaming industry is growing with all new improved and innovative technologies. Online gaming is also getting extremely popular among masses. With Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PSP, we have already seen how competitive this market is. CES 2011 has shown so many innovation and some of them were for innovative networking technology also. Recently at the CES 2011, at the Intel Pavilion there was on particular kiosk saying:”Laptop gaming with 4G”.

Intel has been reported using a Sandy Bridge-based Toshiba Satellite laptop that how using 2G with quad-cores/Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 in conjunction with the embedded Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 successfully executed the on-line multiplayer game called NFS(Need For Speed) with smooth 3D rendering and got no jitters. Clearwire at the CES 2011 installed an indoor WiMAX network for broadband connectivity via Toshiba’s embedded Intel 6250 PCI Express Mini card. Intel like its other chipsets and processors made history once again with launch of the Sandy Bridge Processor family.

There are some amazing features in this processor family, below we describe the features.

It has several features and the first is the single monolithic design that includes the processor graphics core alongside two, one is four cores and up to 8 MB shared L3 cache on a new ring bus, It is shared with the integrated graphics core. And the second one with L3 running at full core-clock speed.

The sandy bridge processor is connected to the peripheral control hub (PCH) via a single 20Gb/s direct media interface connection. The other features includes, AES-NI instructions- it provides the encryption/decryption acceleration and also it add Intel’s Advanced Vector Extensions(AVX). This will improve its floating-point performance for media-rich applications.

This processor is also has GPU-accelerated encoding , it makes On-line games like NFS(Need for speed) possible for mainstream gamers and also for  extreme gamers. It has also the Turbo Boost 2.0 with all the cores being pushed that makes a single threaded games like Need For Speed performance possible. There are some more games that can be played with 4G like ”Marvel Super Hero Squad Online” for the first time using a sandy bridged-based Lenovo T420 thinkpad laptop. It is also embedded with  Sierra Wireless LTE PCI Express Mini Card that is connected to the commercial Las Vegas Verizon LTE network. At CES 2011, it was a rare occasion because Intel was launching a historical laptop i.e. an Intel-Inside laptop with LTE 4G internet connectivity.

With the technology is going to the next level, this new innovation by Intel can be a breaking point and also it is first time in the history. You will be able to enjoy high-ends game online with 4G connectivity on your Intel-inside laptop. Online gaming is a new craze among youths and they will surely going to love this new and improved technology.

Recent PSP game releases

The play station portable has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times with numerous excellent games being introduced to the gaming world. The games like the pro evolution soccer 2011 have managed to prove to the entire world that, the tool happens to be the best medium for enjoying any game. The battle vs chess and lord of Arcana have managed to gain a lot of popularity in almost all parts of the world. The game of battle vs chess is the traditional chess game with a modern approach. The design of the game has made the game of chess an even more interesting one in more ways than one

The lord of Arcana is basically an action game which enables the users to enjoy the perfect dose of thrill and excitement to say the least. The shift extended is also another game which has been introduced to the market very recently. The game is again an action game which involves the basic motto of survival. The game has gained a lot of popularity in almost all parts of the world. There are several users who have said that the game is too good to ignore. The ghost recon predator is also a very good action game which should be given a try. It is strongly advised to all users to ensure that they try their favourite games on the platform of play station portable. The users can be assured of the fact that, the entire gaming experience would be a much better one in several ways.

The platform is a special one in terms of details. The games get a very high end feel when played on the said platform. The users must not miss out on this wonderful chance to enjoy the great games of the modern generation in any way.

Unleashing of the God of War – Ghost of Sparta game

God of war – Chains of Olympus, an action adventure game had received excellent reviews from critics and had generated a lot of positive feedback from users when it was released. It was developed by Ready at Dawn for the PlayStation portable and now they’re coming up with their second GoW game. This year, on August 2, Sony announced that the next installment in the God of War series, Ghost of Sparta, would be released on November 2. This has resulted in tremendous hype and excitement from fans. However, Sony has some other plans and it seems that people who are waiting for the game with baited breath wouldn’t have to wait for the day of the release. The company has come up with a marketing strategy in which fans can now order the game before its launch day with an exciting offer that is hard to resist.

The pre order package of the upcoming game has generated a lot of buzz for it in the gaming industry. It is going to feature a documentary featuring the present and past directors of the God of war franchise. All the directors namely David Jaffe (God of War), Cory Barlog (God of war II), Stig Asmussen (God of War III), Dana Jan (God of War – Ghost of Sparta) and Ru Weerasuiya (God of War – Chains of Olympus) are seen having a discussion over the game. This video was taped and recorded in front of a live studio audience. The full soundtrack of the upcoming game would be accompanying this fascinating documentary. The pre-release package would also include a PlayStation 3 dynamic theme, a PSP theme and an exclusive PlayStation Network Kratos avatar. This is certainly going to ensure that the Sony hardware is going for one of the biggest pre order packages.

Even if you do not own a PSP, the God of War – Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack is another package being released by Sony. It would be available only for $199.99, including a red and black two-tonned PSP-3000, Ghost of Sparta game on UMD, a digital download code of God of War – Chains of Olympus, a 2GB Memory stick Pro Duo and a UMD of the movie Kick-Ass. The new game is also said to have 25% more game play than Chains of Olympus. It would also have the capacity to enable the users to fight up to nine enemies on screen at once. With these user-friendly aspects, it seems all set to beat its predecessor in every possible way on November 2, when it releases. Once the game is launched, fans would want to get their hands on the earliest copies. Sony revealed that those who do would get what is being called the ‘Ultimate DLC pack’.

With a bigger, meaner, and gorier version of its predecessors, God of War looks set to boast of an outstanding gaming experience, and a value for money deal for its fans.

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