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Snapdragon Tablet 3D Edition showcased at MWC 2012

Qualcomm, a renowned chipmaker in the computer industry, surprised everyone by presenting a new version of its Snapdragon processor at MWC 2012.

A lot of companies introduced their gadgets and futuristic concepts at the Mobile World Congress 2012, but Qualcomm took everyone by surprise when it unfolded the latest Snapdragon processor configured in a tablet. The 10.1-inch tablet runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 along with an outstanding 1920×1200 resolution. The Snapdragon chipset Pro has been designed with a modern hardware architecture to provide brilliant performance while dealing with visual elements, web surfing, and especially gaming. With the inclusion of Adreno 320 GPU, the device will deliver four times more processing speed as compared to its previous variant. It is worth mentioning that the Qualcomm S4 processor (Snapdragon) does support hardware acceleration technology that can be easily discovered in Windows 8. Moreover, the S4 processor can convert 2D content into 3D quite easily.

Luis Pineda, Qualcomm’s senior vice president of computing and consumer product said, “Snapdragon S4 and S4 Pro are designed to enable tablets and notebook devices to deliver the high performance, flexibility, global 3G/4G connectivity and energy efficiency consumers are increasingly demanding.” However, the Snapdragon S4 processor is likely to hit the stores in the last quarter of 2012.

x86 and MIPS Applications Processors to Challenge ARM’s Smartphone Market Share

The smartphone market is currently occupied by ARM based processors. ARM based processors have the advantage of high power efficiency and have more processing power as compared to their Intel equivalents. Hence they have been ruling the smartphone industry. But according to analysts, both Intel and ARM have been working hard to address their weaker areas and there will be a point in the next few years when the performance/power efficiency of these technologies will be equal. At that point, the competition in the market should be immense. x86 and MIPS cores have entered the market in 2011, and are forecast to grow to around 18% of the market by 2016.

Processors based on ARM architecture like those of Qualcomm are ruling the roost in the smartphones business. However, Intel is now reworking its new Atom based processors to slowly stand up and hold its own against the competition. The chips Intel is now working on are supposedly extremely power efficient and pack enough processing power to get the task done. It can enable features like video conferencing and High Definition support. This is their second-generation, low-power Atom platform that can exceed their competition in terms of power and performance. These chips are codenamed Moorestown. This system on a chip platform is divided into three components, first is an Atom processor combining the CPU core with video encoder, graphics rendering and memory functions; the second part controls system level tasks, while the final piece is an IC chip handling power delivery and charging. These chips are stated to use just 1.75 percent of the power used by the current Atom chips in the idle state and provide an overall much less power consumption as compared to the present Intel Atom architecture.

At this rate soon Intel could be up and ready to threaten ARM’s market presence. Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Marvell the 4 market leaders, currently occupy 70 percent of the total market revenue stream and these revenues are expected to nothing but double in the next 5 years. The only precursor event for this to happen is for the smartphone industry to continue growing at the same rate as now.

While chip architectures battle it out for control, the selling prices of chipsets are expected to come down. Intel and ARM will have to fight it out in terms of innovation.

Can iPhone and Android Apps be used for Spying?

The security researcher at the University of Luxembourg has confirmed that it is very much possible to hack the Apple iPhones and Android smartphones. The hacking process can turn these two devices into remote listening devices while not letting the user even get a hint about it. The demo to show that iPhone and Androids can be converted to spy machines will be held in coming few days.

The research associate, RalfiPhillip Weinmann at the University of Luxemberg announced to the ComputerWorld that the new technique of hacking will break into the baseband processor of a smartphone. The baseband processor will then send receive signals at it to communicate with the mobile network. The hacker will then be able to listen to the conversation from a remote location. The location to listen to a hacked conversation may be very far off from the spy devices.

Weinmann further said that there are some bugs present in the system of Qualcomm and Infineon. The way that the radio chips of these two companies process signals to GSM network have the problem.  In earlier attempts and attacks on iPhone and Android devices have been focused on hacking of the operating systems of these two devices. However, with the new techniques, it will be difficult to attach and hack a smartphone in this manner in real world. As a smartphone is required to communicate with a mobile phone tower, there will be a need to set up a fake cellphone tower. Weinmann said that they will set up this fake cellphone tower and make the mobile phone on target communicate with it. Only when this is done will he be able to send the malicious code across to the baseband processors. Weinmann further said that once the code is running successfully, it can use the auto-answer function of a phone to convert it into a bug. The bug can then be used to eavesdrop on conversations taking place.

It is increasingly becoming easier to set up a fake cell phone tower these days. The research is this area is also increasing and the process of finding new techniques is speeding up. Due to this, there will be more baseband attacks in near future. The world of such techniques of hacking is developing so fast that probably the hackers will be invited to break into cell phones at some important conferences and press meets. The hackers may become very important people in future and they stand to earn some good money from their ability of breaking into the mobile phones.

The governments and various government agencies have been using various techniques of hacking to listen to conversations of people without letting them know about it. They have been using these techniques for wiretapping and the new inventions in this field will be welcome by the government agencies anytime.  These days, we are having phones where the batteries cannot be taken out or they cannot be fully turned off. This feature has been built into the phones as a part of law enforcement and this makes the task of hacking easier.

Qualcomm and Microsoft Head Towards Innovation After Joining Hands

Qualcomm is one of the biggest venture investment groups that came in the market in the year of 2000. The company had the initial allocation of $500 millions. The main focus of the company is to support the 3G and wireless internet market. They are the leader in the next generation mobile technology and they have been in the system for over a decade supporting to innovations and development of wireless communication which helps to connect people with more close information. Now, in the same fashion, Qualcomm is joining hands with Microsoft to spread the same business standards and technologies in the Indian market. Microsoft is another big organization which has been providing software products and solution for over three decades now. Now, these two big giants in their respective fields are coming together to support innovation in 3G and wireless technology development.

In recent time, Qualcomm has announced that their association with Microsoft will try to identify the opportunities of investment in the startup companies which is catering to wireless technologies in India.

The actual brand name is QPrize which is Qualcomm’s second largest investment company for international ventures.  It is mainly designed to promote new and energetic entrepreneurs who wants to bring innovation and new business ideas but are short of resources. The concept is all about recognizing the potential and awarding them with financial and all other resources to implement ideas and innovation. Anyone, above the age of 18 years, is an eligible candidate to get this award.

Microsoft is joining hands with the QPrize with its BizPark programs. BizPark is an international venture of Microsoft’s which is to support startup organizations and provides them complete access to all the Microsoft software development tools. The BizPark program also helps startup organizations to make connections with key industry, which includes investors. The program also helps them to create their market visibility and make their presence in the international market. Any person with potential to perform and substantial business idea can join the program where he/she can build the network with global business leaders.

The director of Qualcomm Ventures India Investment, Karthee Madasamy, told that the QPrize is aimed to provide full support to India’s mobile ecosystem development which further enables startup companies to provide solution which identifies unique needs in the Indian market.

He also told the Microsoft’s support will help to get the maximum exposure to the global investor and it will bring more performance driven ideas for the program.

This news is a boon for all the startup organizations in India who are currently underperforming with so many factors like lack of resources, lack of global marketing , financial stability etc. The venture can lift the moral of new age entrepreneurs by providing them all the resources they require to implement their ideas.

Qualcomm Announces Augmented Reality Platform for Google Android Phones

Qualcomm announced a new software development kit to encourage the development of augmented reality (AR) applications for the Google Android operating system that will help the developers to create new augmented reality apps for devices using Google’s Android operating system.

Taking Technology to the next level, Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm’s chief executive has launched the software development kit at the company’s Upling conference; this kit will be offered for free to the developers and is aimed at encouraging them to create a new generation of vision-based augmented reality applications.

The Company’s 1GHz processor already powers some of the most advanced and wanted Smartphone’s, including Google’s Nexus One and HTC’s HD2, Incredible, and EVO 4g Smartphone’s, for once the Google’s Android phones are ahead of Apple’s iPhone. iPhone users will have to wait for the next operating system before they can use some of the best augmented reality apps.

The software development kit brings the world of fiction to reality, this concept of (AR) existed for years but with the latest generation of mobile phones many of which encompass 3G mobile internet access and access to a growing range of mobile applications, augmented reality’s route into the mainstream becomes clear.

The software development kit features different (AR) apps, one example would be a program which activates when pointing a camera phone down a city street, then tags all the retail stores with data about the store’s offerings and by focusing your phone camera on a building you can get to know more about the history of the building on your screen.

Qualcomm’s augmented reality platform offers state of the art image detection and tracking technology, this software is already in use by toy maker Mattel, the potential of this technology is illustrated by the 21st century makeover to the company’s classic Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em boxing game which is serving as a testbed for the AR technology. The players can control the sparring by hitting the buttons on the touch screen to floor the opponent down.

Qualcomm will make the beta version of the software kit available in fall.

The Company has also announced its collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology to establish an augmented reality studio. The studio will use Qualcomm’s augmented reality platform to develop new application concepts and prototypes. And is also partnering with game engine developer Unity Technologies to create the potential for augmented reality games running on Unity for Android.

The concept of (AR) has been borrowed from science fiction- digital content and is superimposed on a live view from a camera. Augmented Reality has proved increasingly popular in the recent times and is a feature that has left behind Apple’s iPhone.

Augmented Reality technology is ideal for technology solutions that extend physical toys into new. But obvious, this vision of the future is dependent on a number of factors, not least augmented technology making the leap from mobile phones in to something less obtrusive, something that could be worn at all times.

Review of Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual Core Chipset

Qualcomm Third generation Innovations

Qualcomm Incorporated has presented its third innovation of tablets, smartbooks and smartphone devices. Their new and first dual core chipset the Snapdragon MSM (Mobile Station Modem) series processor. The latest MSM series models are the MSM8260 and MSM8660, these models are pack with two cores with running ability of 1.2 GHz.

The Qualcomm executive vice president and Qualcomm CDMA president Steve Mollenkopf stated that their new processor has set the latest standards of advanced devices for mobile products. Mollenkopf express in words his excitement for their latest technology as it was greatly greeted by customer, designing also their products based on Qualcomm MSM8260 and MSM8660 two-core chipsets.

Snapdragon MSM8260 is designed for HSPA+ supports while MSM8660 capable of supporting multi-mode HSPA+/ CDMA 2000 and the 1xEV-DO Rev. B.  The two MSM series model has an enhanced dual processing core with running speed rate of 1.2 GHz suitable for high level web operations and high level performance for multimedia applications. The Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU core includes a GPU with a 3D and or 2D acceleration engine used for Open GLES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1. The new model comes also with a low power audio engine and equipped with 1080p video encoder and decoder. It also has a low power integrated GPS and has a supported 24-bit WXGA 1280 x 800 screen resolution.

The most recent enhanced technology of Qualcomm precedes its first and second generations of products which gained full acknowledgement and acceptance in technological industries. The QSD8x50 chipset as the first released chipset of Qualcomm has a 1 GHz core. The Second products of Qualcomm the MSM8x55 and QSD8x50A has a 1 to 1.3 GHz core with multimedia optimization.

New Innovations
The Qualcomm Incorporated has been busy developing and innovating people connecting technological products thus the released of Snapdragons MSM8260 and MSM8660 chipset proved their abilities to be the next generation leader of mobile technologies . The latest MSM model is design by Qualcomm to bring advanced core to high-end smartbooks and smartphone unit.  The Qualcomm CDMA Technologies is dedicating their effort in developing advance mobile functionality and high standard performance to all smartphone users. The Qualcomm Inc. is located in San Diego, California. The company is listed in the Fortune 2010 top 500 company and included in S & P 500 and 100 Index.

MSM8260 and MSM8660
All the new features of MSM8260 and MSM8660 are impressive and will sure gives mobile device developer and users a real value for their budget. As the news spread, Snapdragons will be out soon and aiming for tablets and bigger screen display. Also a version of the third snapdragons products with a running time 1.5 GHz is being talked to have its appearance soon.  Shipment of the third generation Snapdragon chipset is a widely spread news leaving smartphone users question of to whom it was delivered and who will manufactured the smartphone unit with the Qualcomm MSM chipset.

The MSM8260 and MSM8660 create its first great impressions and now being waited to go on public. As for its high standard processing capabilities, it will sure give a stiff competition to other mobile processor.

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