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Reinstall Windows without Losing Your Data

Here we will discuss how to reinstall the operating system without losing the data from your computer. Here we will discuss for Operating system Windows XP. You can find what your operating system is by simply restarting the computer. You would see it either says Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP.

Here we will discuss parallel installation which will be as good as fresh installation but will not delete the old operating system. And once it is completed we can manually choose to copy all the document and images and transfer them to your new windows even if you don’t have an external drive.

Let’s start; we would need Windows XP CD to run parallel installation.

Step 1: Enter the CD in your CD Drive. Do that when your computer is turned on and then turn off the computer and then moment it comes back again look carefully you would get a screen on the computer that would say the Name of the manufacturer of your computer. Once you get pass it you will see a screen that says “Press Any Key too boot from CD” moment you see that screen please hit any key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now at times you will notice that you will not get the screen and computer will load to your desktop in that case please check the steps to get in the BIOS of your computer which can be found in manual of your computer and is brand specific. In case you are finding it difficult to find try F2 or Delete Key.

Step 3: Once you are in the BIOS of your computer. Try to look for Boot Order which would show CD ROM, make sure it is at the top if not use “+” sign to change the order. And then restart the computer again and wait for the screen that says “Press Any Key To Boot From CD…”

Step 4: Once you get the screen to boot from CD and you enter a key you world land up in a Black screen that would say “Setup is inspecting your computer’s hardware configuration… “ Do not worry if you don’t get that screen and it loads to your desktop you may have missed as it stays only for 5 sec. Try again

Step 5: It would take you through some screen and then you will get a screen to load windows XP. All you have to do is just hit the enter key to install windows XP. And on the next screen you will have to accept the agreement called EULA by pressing F8.

Step 6: In the next screen you would get screen that would ask for fresh installation in order to save your old files please press esc and on next screen press Enter so that your new windows can be installed on C: drive you will also have to confirm the same by pressing C in the following screen.

Step 7: Now you will get a option of choosing Leave the current File system intact (No changes). Please chose the same so none of your files are deleted. And now again Windows will ask you if you want to delete the old files just press ESC. And then in next screen you will be asked to change the name of Folder where you will install the new Windows. Please rename it to WINXP so that even if you forget it we can help you to find it as it is the universal name used in this step.

Step 8: Following steps are automatic. So you can just grab a cup of coffee as it can take up to 70 min to complete. Somewhere at the end it will ask you to once enter the Language that too is very simple just chooses it from the drop down menu and just name your computer.

Step 9: Once you are at your desktop please go in to my computer and look for C: and then look for Windows Folder i.e. your old windows and then copy the entire document and then delete the folder once your are done.

How to Reformat and Reinstall Windows Vista on your Computer

When you reformat a computer, it means that you will be completely erasing and resetting the content of the internal memory. The internal part is referred to as a hard drive and so when you reformat a computer you will be reformatting the hard drive, which holds your computer operating system and all your personal files. That is why before formatting your Windows Vista computer system, you should back up your work on a CD or a memory stick. Reformatting your Windows Vista computer means that you will have to reinstall all your programs once again, after the reformatting process takes places.

Tips on Formatting Your Hard Drive

Although the whole formatting process can take up to an hour, formatting your hard drive is not that complicated if you follow the simple steps below. No matter the reason you would like to format your computer, you must first back up all your information.

Windows Vista does not come with recovery disks so you will need to create one to protect your computer from viruses. To create a recovery disk is relatively easy. You will need about seven CDs (equivalent to 3 DVDs). To create a recovery disc, click the ‘Start button’ and type ‘recovery’ in the ‘Start Search’ option. Then follow the process in the recovery disk creation. Then insert the ‘recovery Disks’ in the CD/DVD tray in your computer tower and turn the computer off and on again. The screen should now offer you different options to boot but you should choose the hard drive option. You then have to follow the instructions on the screen always keeping an eye out for choosing the reformatting options as opposed to selecting the recovery process selection. Eraser disks are also available if you want to ensure that your disks are clean.

Reinstalling Windows Vista after Reformatting

To reinstall Windows Vista you will need to have the Vista Drivers CDs or latest downloads which you will need to save on a USB or similar memory retainer disk but do not save this in the ‘C’ partition. Always double check that Vista is compatible with your hardware. Insert the Vista Drivers in the DVD compartment. Turn off the computer and restart it. If the Windows Vista Setup does not begin loading automatically, you will need to restart your compute again. This time press F2 or F8 when the Boot screen shows up. Then select the ‘Boot from DVD’ option. Your Windows Vista should begin to install the Vista system onto your computer.

Once you have completed this process, you should have a new install of your Windows Vista operating system with all the default settings. Enjoy your newly installed computer!

How to Reinstall MSN 9 Dial up for Windows Vista

MSN 9 Dial-up, which was earlier known as MSN Explorer is an application for connecting to the Microsoft’s Dial-up Internet service. This service is for people who have subscribed to the MSN’s Dial-up service and have an active account. If you do not have MSN 9 dial-up on your Windows Vista or have accidentally removed it then it can again be reinstalled with ease. Before you could download it on your computer you need to establish internet connection using some other Dial-up connection or any other Internet connection at some other place.

Once your computer is connected to the Internet you are all set to download the new MSN 9 Dial-up and this can be done by opening the web browser and going to This is the official download page for MSN Dial-up and it also tells you about the plans in case you are a new user. Click on the button titled “Get it Now” and you will be directed to another page. In this page enter your or email id. This ID should be the one which you would have received while signing up with MSN Dial-up Internet Service, so use this particular ID and not any other MSN or Hotmail ID which you have. After providing the User ID and Password click “Sign In”. Once you successfully Sign in, click on Download now to download the installation files of MSN 9 Dial-up application. Save the file on your hard drive and once the download finishes you can double click on the file to begin installation. The installation will again ask you to enter your account information and you need to enter your MSN Dial-up’s User id and Password. Installer will also ask you for the telephone number which you would connect to for establishing the dial-up connection. If you do not remember this number then it can be obtained from customer service of MSN Dial-up. This number is location specific so make sure that you enter correct number when asked. After entering the number the Installation will continue and will install MSN 9 Dial-up application on your computer.

Minimum requirements for installing MSN 9 Dial-up are very low and if you have Windows Vista running on your computer then you certainly can install MSN 9 Dial-up without even thinking of its minimum requirements.

MSN 9 Dialup has some advance features and it gives you the liberty to keep yourself safe while browsing the internet through it. It has built in protection against Viruses and Spywares powered by McAfee personal firewall, and McAfee Virus Guard. It has Webroot Spy Sweeper which monitors your internet traffic and blocks any malicious software entering you computer. It also includes a download accelerator called as MSN Dial-up Accelerator which help you in downloading the content quickly from the internet. It has a Connection Center with which you can easily manage your Dial-up connection and various other settings of the application. Another new feature which might interest many users is the Photo Plus which allows you to organise your images and photographs and using Photo Plus you can even share the pictures amongst your friends easily. It helps you in creating and sharing your own online albums. To give unmatched support and services a 24×7 help line is available for MSN 9 Dial-up users.

How to Reinstall or Repair Internet Explorer in Windows 7

You might have encountered instances where you Windows Internet Explorer might have crashed because of some files associated with it damaged or the registration information missed. In such cases, you will be required to reinstall or repair the Internet Explorer to get it working back to normal. This is the only way that can help you repair the damaged files or get the missing registry information right on place.

Dealing with Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Solution 1: Set Internet Explorer settings to default:

The first method to deal with Internet Explorer  7 or 8 is to set it back to the default configuration. This would try and attempt the damaged files and registration information making the application work fine:

  • Run Internet Explorer, and click on Tools.
  • Click Internet Options under the menu and move to the Advanced tab.
  • Click Reset and you would land to Reset Internet Explorer Settings box.
  • Click Reset to confirm the reset.

Solution 2: Reinstallation of Internet Explorer:

The reinstallation works for a lot of time. It resets everything associated with the Internet explorer. You can easily download the installation package of Internet Explorer from the site of Microsoft.

Solution 3: Install Windows XP Service Pack 3:

There might be some issues with your service pack of Windows XP that can help you set your Internet Explorer 7. You can have the service pack installed from the update site of Microsoft. You can use the Express Install feature in the Windows that will install the Service Pack 3 on your computer. You can most possibly have your internet explorer resolved in this way.

Dealing with Internet Explorer 6:

Before fixing the issue, you are suggested to move on to the latest versions of Internet Explorer. This alone would solve a number of issues enhancing the security and browser performance. You can have your internet explorer fixed this way. You can still continue to make the registration repairs after the newer versions have been installed. The method would be as described at the earlier writing.

Solution 1: Install a Service pack:

You might need to update your service pack in order to get your Internet Explorer working in fine tone. The installation of Service Pack 2 or sometimes 3 might help you in order to get the best out of all the different applications that you are doing. You can visit the Microsoft’s website in order to search for the latest Service pack and you can then install that using the express installation mode in the setup.

Solution 2: Use the System File Checker in Windows XP:

You can still manage to go ahead with the repair using the System File Checker in the Windows XP feature. Follow the steps below to make the necessary repairs:

  • Click on the Start Menu, and then Run. Type sfc / scannow and hit ENTER.
  • Move ahead through the System File Checker process.
  • Restart your system once you are done with the System File Checker.

Follow the above  steps and you can get your Internet Explorer repaired and fixed very easily.

How to Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in Windows Vista and Windows XP


At times errors occur in Internet Explorer run on Windows Vista and/or Windows XP. The reasons for such occurrences can be distorted files or/and misplaced registration information. At this point of time, the only solution is either to repair or reinstall the affected software.

In this article we share with our readers the methods by which Internet Explorer can be repaired or reinstalled.

Procedure to reinstall Internet Explorer

These methods are enumerated as under:

  • Open “Tools” section by opening up the browser.
  • Now, indicate “Internet options” and select “Advanced” option in it.
  • Select”Reset Internet Explorer Settings” in the dialog box, appearing on your screen.
  • To verify, click the same “Reset” option again.

Procedure to repair Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer version 8, then it is vital for you to reinstall and repair Explorer. Repairing can be done by adding the necessary misplaced information, used for registration. For repairing Internet Explorer, following steps have to be adhered to:

  • Open “Tools” section by opening the browser
  • Select the “Internet Options” tab
  • Locate the “Advances” section
  • Press shift and click on the “Reset” option visible
  • Now, you will see Reset Internet Explorer settings, click on the “reset” option in it.

Procedure to use System File Checker

The procedure we followed up till now changes if you are using Internet Explorer 6. For the proud owners of Windows XP Service Pack 2, they do not have to take troubles of the reinstallation of IE 8.If any problems are faced they can be resolved by using System File Checker.

The method to be followed, for using System File Checker is enumerated as under:

  • Open the “Run” section in “Start” menu
  • Type “sfc/scannow”, clicking “Enter” will execute the command.
  • Now, on the screen you will see the directions to be followed. Follow them as directed.
  • Reboot your computer to finish the process.
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