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Gears of War Triple Pack to be Released

Finally Xbox 360 gamers have a moment to rejoice. Microsoft has announced that the Gears of War Triple Pack will be available at your nearest games store from Feb 15.  The prolonged wait and the rumors had added to the speculation of the latest release in Gears of War line up. Microsoft’s recent announcement has finally put all the doubts to rest.  Gears of War Triple Pack have nothing to do with Gears of War 3 which will not be available or released until late this year. So Xbox 360 gamers have no option but to wait till the game is released. However, there is no reason for avid gamers to feel dejected, as Gears of War Triple Pack has something exciting to offer them.   Gears of War Triple Pack include the brostatic Gears of War and its sequel Gears of War 2: All Fronts Pack.  Besides this the buyers also get 19 multiplayer maps in All Fronts, and downloadable “Road to Ruin” DLC campaign.

The Dom and Marcus series of stealth missions did make the avid gamers a bit nervous; however with 19 new maps added to the game, the fun and excitement never seems to end.  The Gears Of War – Triple Pack is fully loaded to take you to a whole new level of gaming. Even gamers who have already experienced the thrill of Gears of War through the single campaign will experience a different thrill altogether with the addition of 35+ maps.

Sounds interesting, behold.  The most exciting part of this latest offering from Microsoft is the Gears of War- Triple pack will be available for just $30. Well, you would surely not like to miss on this.  Gamers who were not able to lay their hands on Gears of War or its sequel earlier can now finally immerse themselves in the richest and mind boggling world of gaming and finally get an opportunity to catch up with their friends.

Truly, the Gears of War is a gamer’s delight and anyone who is an avid fan of multiplayer games should not stay away from it.   Epic Games, the designer of this game, have confirmed that the Gears of War- Triple pack is an exclusive offer for the US. The triple pack will not be available elsewhere and the company has no plans to release it anywhere other than US.  The Gears of War- Triple Pack is a product that is set to entice veterans and newcomers alike. The Gears of War is the multiplayer game with the highest caliber with no other multiplayer game having the ability to challenge the gaming experience it delivers.  By announcing the release of Gears of War – Triple Pack in February, Microsoft has given you one more reason to celebrate than the usual Valentine Day Celebrations. So, what are you waiting for, book your Gears of War – Triple Pack now!

Galaxy S Captivate to release in Mid-October, Pre-order goes live

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate pre-order is now live on Rogers, for a price of $149.99 with is inclusive of a three year data plan. Just to hype up the sales of Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Rogers is also offering free Bluetooth headset online with the pre-order. It is also including those customers that purchase Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in its contest of $10,000. This certainly seems to be one of the steaming offers that Rogers is offering for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in the US currently. Besides Samsung also is seeking retailers that will be able to challenge Apple iPhones base in the market.

You should be able to see the phone on the shelves in between October 15th to October 12th. Though a fixed date has not been yet announced, Rogers might be currently guessing the release of other retailers that will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in other cities of US.

Nokia Shares Plummet due to delays in N8 release and Stiff competition

Nokia has once again delayed the release of it N8 model, due to final tweaks in its technical aspects.  Originally, Nokia was poised to deliver this flagship smartphone in June, but it got rescheduled to September.  With news of a delay and stiff competition, Nokia’s shares ended 14.7% lower at 9.47 Euros.

According to Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia’s chief executive, “Competition remains intense, but demand in the overall mobile device market appears to be bottoming out.” Nokia is looking forward to releasing the N8 smartphone so as to rival Apple and Samsung release of their flagship products. However since Apple’s release of the iPhone Nokia has not been able to hold on to a staggering market share. This has mainly been attributed to lack of innovative products in comparison to its competitors.

Nokia N8 was first demoed at the Nokia World Event, with pre orders passing previous estimates of Nokia models. N8 is being seen as the crucial market accelerator for Nokia in order for it to get back a greater market share. Another strategy for Nokia has been to introduce an online apps store called Ovi.

Sakshat- Indian tablet for just $35 to be released on January 10 2011

Sakshat the Indian tablet for just $35 is soon going to be out in India on January 10 2011.  Sakshat is a tablet which is the Indian government’s initiative to introduce it for educational purposes for the rural areas. The contract had been awarded to HCL Technologies, which in the course of its development, has designed a tablet that enables user to access the Internet and enable multimedia application. Currently HCL Technologies has manages to produce 100,000 units of the tablet, which is said to be a rural boom in the coming years.

In order understand the impact the tablet will have and check for any defects the Technology Institute in Rajastan is conducting field tests on the tablet. The target audience of the tablet are said to be higher secondary school children, in the rural areas who are said to greatly benefit through this technological marvel.

Similar projects of low cost technology development were earlier initiated by the government in which HCL had developed the low cost laptop in collaboration with Windows, which was known as the classmate PC in 2008.

The Specifications of Sakshat are as follows:

  • 9 inch screen
  • Video and Web conferencing support
  • PDF Reader
  • Unzip Utilities
  • Open Office
  • Internet Browser
  • 2GB RAM,
  • Wi-fi Connectivity
  • Camera
  • USB support

The Indian government had allocated $6.5 million, for this project. With the success of the low cost laptop, experts are keen to see what Sakshat has to offer to bridge the technology divide.

Samsung to roll out Dual-Core A9 Processors for Smartphones

In the ever increasing load of applications and widgets that are being created every day, it becomes necessary to multi task between the various applications that are running in your Smartphone. You might have been frustrated with the occasional delays that your Smartphone may have while starting up. Well, with Samsung introducing the Dual-Core A9 Processor things are certainly going to speed up. Samsung seeks to gain a competitive edge of Qualcomm Snapdragon and Tegra 2 which are currently ahead with developing the dual core processor.

According to Vice president of Marketing, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics, Dojun Rhee “Consumers are demanding the full web experience without compromise while on the go. Given this trend, mobile device designers need an application processor platform that delivers superb multimedia performance, fast CPU processing speed, and abundant memory bandwidth. Samsung’s newest dual core application processor chip is designed specifically to fulfill such stringent performance requirements while maintaining long battery life.”

Experts point out that a mobile device is keen to become the next “PC” for consumers, as advances in application development has brought about greater access to information. Not only do consumers need GUI applications but they would like to have an entertaining experience by playing games, view movies or take photos on the go. In order to make this happen the only alternative is to increase the CPU speed of the processor. Due to these reasons Samsung has invested into the market of Dual Core processors, which will certainly facilitate its own product developments of products like Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Wave.

System Specifications of Galaxy Tab

With the price tag looming around $200-400, Samsung has rolled out its Galaxy Tab to put up a stiff competition to Apples iPad. It’s almost as if Samsung increased the screen size of its Galaxy Smartphone and encompassed all the details in terms of application and navigation to that of the Galaxy Tab. However the Galaxy Tab seeks to plug in the holes of the Apple iPad in terms of have flash, a 3MP camera and a 1.6 Hz processor which is enough to cater to more Apps.

With the versatility of having an Android OS Samsung Galaxy caters to wide range of Apps including the augmented reality Layar App. Apart from the custom built Apps that users can install, the Galaxy Tab includes and in-built e-reader.


  • Network: HSUPA 5.76/HSDPA 7.2Mbps 900/1900/2100 EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 WiFi a/b/g/n, BT3.0, DLNA
  • Dimension: 19.09X (380g)
  • Display: 7.0 inch WSVGA (1024X600) TFT
  • Operating System: Androoid 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Samung Apps/ Android Market: Various applications downloadable
  • Social Hub: SNS, e-mail, IM and calendar accounts, Integrated Calendar
  • Android Samsung UI: Multiple Homescreens, Hybrid Widgets
  • Processor: 1.06Hz Application Processor with PowerVR SGX540
  • Battery: 4,000 mAh
  • Camera: 3.0 MP with LED flash
  • Video: Full HD (1080p) Video Player and Recorder (720x 480) @30 fps
  • Memory: 16GB/32GB+ MicroSD (Up to 32GB)
  • LBS: Google maps, Lattitude, Places, Google Maps TM Navigation (Beta)

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003