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Samsung Galaxy Tab Release

Its seems like Samsung has finally decided to take the plunge into the tablet market with its release of the it Galaxy Tab. Apart from the iPad the Galaxy tab has added further features towards the development of the tablet platform. Some of the features of the Galaxy tab include:

  • Flash –Unlike Apple which had a huge debacle with Adobe over the flash issue, the Galaxy tab includes a flash. Moreover it has an entire lineup of Apps that are primarily designed on the flash platform.
  • Camera – It has two cameras that are situated in the back and front to allow video conferencing. Moreover it records video in HD. The camera is 3MP with LED flash.
  • Android OS – As an open source operating system the Galaxy tab is certainly feasible than the iOS4 which has a lot of bugs.
  • Call and tethering – This all is possible through the SIM and the 3G network through the Tab when compared to the iPad.
  • Multitasking – With a 1.0 GHz processor the Galaxy tab has a efficient control over applications which enables multitasking between applications. Whether you are busy downloading on the Internet or reading a book, the Galaxy tab enables you to perform numerous tasks.

For starters it seems like the Galaxy Tab is just a larger version of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. However, Samsung has designed the device to meet its brand criteria, as the applications are seemingly similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Acer Set to Release Aspire One D260 Netbook

Acer is set to release its new Acer Aspire One D260 net book, which is a dual boot net book that can run on Android and Windows 7 on the new DDR3-ready N455 or Intel Atom N450. Acer Aspire One D260 net book is a sequel product to the atom powered dual-boot Acer Aspire One D250-1613 released last October. The Acer D250 became the first atom-powered net book that ran on Android.

D260 Net Book for Windows 7

Windows 7 is the main operating system on the Acer Aspire D260 just like on the Acer D250-1613, with the Android set as an accessory option. It seems Android is set as an alternative for a fast boot just like the similar OS role on some quick boot Linux products like MontaVista’s MontaBello, Xandros’ Presto and Phoenix Technologies’ HyperSpace.

The fast boot Android alternative is quite effective. Acer claims a user can access an email client or web browser within just 15 seconds after putting on the D260, if the user boots with Android. The ability of Acer D260 to boot in less than 15 seconds shows a minor improvement from D250 that was cited as taking 18 seconds to boot.

Acer D260 runs on the latest Atom processor version, the Pineview Atom processor N450 or N455. The later D250 model ran on a 1.66GHz N280 Atom processor, which is a slight variation of the 1.6 GHz Atoms N270. Both the D250 and D260 models run on processors equipped with onboard graphics and set to consume less power. The battery of the D260 however offers only eight hours, while the later the battery of the D250 model offers nine hours.


Acer Aspire D260 has a 2GB DDR2 or DDR3 memory capacity. It also comes with a 160GB capacity hard drive with an option for an additional 250GB HDD. Acer D260 spots an Acer CrystalBrite 10.1 inch backlit display screen with a 16:9 format and WSVGA (1024 x 600) resolution. It however does not support any touch screen capabilities.

The Acer D260 is said to come with a wider multi-gesture touchpad compared to that on D250. According to Acer, the D260 comes with a 93 percent standard keyboard, which offers larger keys compared to the D250 version. Acer D260 also comes with a 10/100 Ethernet port, a Bluetooth 3.0 and 3G modems plus 802.11b/g/n. There is also a CrystalEye Acer webcam that is said to be capable of enhanced support for conditions of low lighting. The D260 is expected be available in black flake, pink flake, purple flake and charcoal flake colors.

There is a picture of the net book on SlashGear with most of the product specifications. According to the specs provided on SlashGear, the Acer D260 also has one VGA port, three 2.0 USB ports, a headphone and microphone jack and a speaker. The specs information uses the term “Android InstantOn” to describe the Android, which suggest minimal install.

According to Acer, the Acer Aspire One D260 models that come with a six-cell battery pack measures just 0.94 inches or 24mm with a weight of 2.76 pounds or 1.25 k. There is also an Acer D260 model with a three-cell battery pack that offers fours hours of battery life. Acer Aspire D260 net book is set to ship on the first day of July, although the price is yet to be specified.

Dropbox to Release software for iOS4

Dropbox application remains one of the most useful applications available to Mac users today even though it as also available to users of other systems. The cross platform application is also adaptable for Linux, Windows, Android, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile systems. Dropbox won an award in the 2010 Ars Design Awards under the Most Innovative Mac OS X App category.

Dropbox recently announced the release of a new API. Adam Gross, the Senior VP of Dropbox Marketing and Sales told Ars that the API was not released earlier because, recently the company have to contend with two main design problems when creating a new application as opposed to one in the past. The API has to be designed to adapt with a desktop API and a mobile API. He is quoted as saying that a Web API will require significantly more intricate semantics to indicate the relationship of the service and the state of the desktop.


He gave an example involving the creation of a photo uploading service, which involves organizing files into a folder and then having them automatically processed to be posted to Ars. To create such an application, they will have to create the right set of APIs without reducing user experience. Another issue he pointed out is how to know when it is over if some processing is involved.

The company is proud of its new API and credits its success to the help of its user community. Dropbox depends on their users to bring in more referrals. They do not spend much money on advertising but offers its users extra free space for each referral. This way the users of the forum help the forum to grow. According to Adam Gross, it pays them better to concentrate on making the community users more successful so that they can reciprocate the gesture than to spend money on advertising campaigns such as Adwords.

Market Focus

Much of the forum community consists of Mac users. Focusing on PC-one applications would have been unsuitable for the community according to Gross. The emphasis was thus placed on tech community such as the Digg community and the Ars community, and these communities tend to be Mac-ish-ness. This is a factor why Dropbox, according to Gross never considered the option of not being on Mac.

Gross says that a large number of new users discovered the service from the App Store using their iPad or iPhone.  The openness of the company to iProducts has thus helped them to grow because users of iPad use the service quite differently from users of other mobile applications.

There is a lot of anticipation for the new API. It promises to offer users more functionality and use. Users will be able to do more with their Dropboxes and enjoy some functions already available on Android on the new iPhone 4 and iOS. They application makes it possible to take photos and probably also video, and load them directly into the Dropboxes. This will make reduce the need of large storage space. Users can only wait and see if the new Dropbox API is deserving of the award.

Finally-Israel gives the “Green light” for the iPad

In another good news for Apple fans (especially if you are living in Israel), Apple will be able to release its iPad in the country. Earlier, the Israeli government had banned the release of the iPad within its boundaries, citing technical issues.

Yechiel Shabi, a spokesperson for the Communications Ministry, said in a statement:”Following the completion of intensive technical scrutiny, Israel Minister of Communications Moshe Kakhlon approved the import of [the] iPad to Israel.”

Earlier Israel had cited multiple concerns regarding the wireless technology used in the iPad. According to its own investigations, the Israeli communications ministry regarded the bandwidth utilization of the iPad to interfere with other communication devices. It had also cited reasons that Apple had not done enough research, in making iPad meet international standards.

Apple is scheduled to release the iPad to the international market in late May. So, far there hasn’t been any resistance from other government sources. However the only controversy has stem from the Israeli government, which had claimed that Apple did not design the iPad according to standard norms of the European market that Israel follows.

Skeptics are looking at this issue very warily, as Israel has not had any problems with gadgets before. Some cite the reason of the ban to be vested interests, in which the Israeli government might be safeguarding its own interests. Though there are no scheduled releases of any Israeli gadgets, the government might be looking into protectionist measures regarding its technology market.

Lenovo ThinkPad L Series—Let’s go Green Team

If the end of the world is not enough inspiration to go green, why not try something that will benefit you as well? Laptops and other mobile devices now have greener carbon footprints. These still have carbon footprint but at least your conscience will not wrecked by worrying about pollution or your contribution towards the end of the world as we know it.

Computing Features

Lenovo announced the unveiling of its ThinkPad L412 and L512 laptops today. This new L series features the latest Intel technologies, military tough durability and strong web conferencing all starting under $700. These come with a choice of i3 and i5 processors with Turbo boost and Hyper threading or HT Technology. HT technology processes multi-tasking operations between the computers’ processors, making it possible to take advantage of the i3 and i5 Intel processors in the laptop. The RAM can also support up to 8 GB and comes with a 500 HD and 7 in 1 built-in card reader.

Display and Graphics

The 14-inch L412 and 15-inch L512 comes with a 16:9 HD antiglare displays. The L series offers an Intel integrated graphics, but if that’s not your cup tea, it can also perform under ATI Mobility Radeon graphic cards.


The L series survived a battery of military specification tests. These tests tied the L series capacity for endurance at the typical office set-up and also the rigors of field work. The exams showed that the L series’ stamina showed it can endure high and low temperatures, high altitudes, certain vibrations, the perennial accumulation of dust and much more.

Green Footprint

The laptops under L series uses almost 30 percent recycled office water jugs and other IT products. The L512 contains the industry’s highest post consumer content (PCC) with its 18 percent usage in a laptop. Lenovo also ships these products in a 100 percent recycled packaging. According to the company, the laptops save as much as 10 plastic water bottles and 10 paper cups for its packaging.

Web Conferencing features

The L series covers almost all connectivity options available. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. Designed largely for web conferencing, the L series boasts of a paramount voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) leverage. The built –in high resolution camera has an automatic white balance control that will work splendidly under low lighting conditions.

The L series also comes with an array of keyboard controls for managing its audio. Another dedicated short cut key, Fn + F6 activates the VoIP settings control, allowing users to navigate quickly through the VoIP settings GUI.

Battery Life

The 6-cell battery life however is a maximum of 8 hours only—a standard but not so impressive feature since laptops nowadays boasts of 11 hours or more for those using Pixel Qi displays. A bit disappointing because what good would a laptop bring if you continuously need to plug it to recharge throughout the day? Although it boasts of surviving a couple of outdoor endurance tests, it forgot to consider that outdoors might mean camping and hiking and several no-where-near-electricity sites.

Boot-up sequence however might seem faster so it might save a few minutes of its battery life

Bottom Line
You can literally become one with nature with this made for rugged adventures laptop. However, you have to makes sure you come up for a charging session once in a while. Going green is one of the hottest themes nowadays and Lenovo brings this laptop series to the forefront in terms of eco-friendliness. Starting at $649, this series is actually attractive for its features.

Hate to burst your bubble though, if your laptop is still working and you’re still eking out performance from it, the greenest you can go is to stop and think. Do you need to put another electrical gadget on the pile of detritus that we call ecological excesses or you’d rather wait until it croaks?

OF course, for any gadget geek, going green is reason enough to warrant a visit to eBay or your local computer/laptop dealers.

iPhone 4G Leaked?

It’s once in a blue moon that such incidents happen accidently or are meant to happen. To everyone’s surprise the first glimpse of Apple’s iPhone 4G, were leaked recently. One may call it a publicity stunt, or a marketing gimmick but the news is certainly good for the iPhone users.

Due to conflicting media reports, and various gadget blog it’s not even certain if Apple has any plans of releasing iPhone 4G.  However according to various media reports, an iPhone 4G was found on the floor of a bar. Later on there were various photos circulated throughout the Internet, that claimed that there was an actual video footage of the device.

Apple is always keen to censure, any information regarding its product launch. Even if there is any news of a release, the product is always showcased on the launch dates. Apple has however not come out with any clarification of the leaked reports, however it’s too good to be certain as of know if an iPhone 4G was actually found.

What seems to be an impression set through the Internet, it seems implausible that Apple will be releasing any gadget too soon, as its not finished dealing with the iPad yet.

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