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RIAA hit by DDoS Attacks

There has been a buzz of activities in matters relating to the anti-piracy movement. A lot of members have been involved into an operation called ‘Operation Payback’.  For those who are unaware, it is an anti-piracy movement where a group of anonymous members had been very busy for over 36 hours, launching DDoS attacks on the Indian anti-piracy site AiPlex Software and the MPAA, and MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). The latest target of this group is the RIAA, the Recording Industry Association of America.

The RIAA is a trust representing the recording industry distributors in the United States of America and its members comprise of record labels and distributors. According to the RIAA, these distributors manufacture, create and distribute almost 85% of all legitimate sound recordings sold and produced in the country. It is involved in the administration, collection, and distribution of royalties and music licenses and is also responsible for certifying gold and platinum albums, and singles in the United States. The major objectives of the association are to protect intellectual property rights across the world and the First Amendment rights of artistes, and also to perform a thorough research of the music industry. Apart from this, it also aims to review and monitor relevant laws, policies and regulations.

Coming back to the protest of the anonymous members, their attacks were said to be in response to the comments made by the CEO of Aiplex software. The former was reported to have his firm hired by the film industry to put an end to The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay is a Swedish website which is said to be the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker, having more than 2 million registered users. Being one of the subjects of a documentary named ‘Steal this Film’, The Pirate Baywas raided by the Swedish government about 4 years ago. However, no torrents were removed for a long time after that from the bay due to legal threats from the torrent tracker.

The Anonymous had issued a letter stating that they are organizing an operation called ‘Payback is a Bitch’ and they will prevent users from accessing the above mentioned ‘enemy sites’, by keeping them down for as long as they could. They were tired of the Internet being controlled by their corporate interests and interfering in people’s rights to spread and share information. As a result of these protests, both the RIAA sites, namely and are currently offline. Through the Twitter and 4Chan message boards, many protestors have begun to mobilize and launch attacks with the use of the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) DDoS tools. They continue to launch independent attacks and make celebratory tweets, something that seems unlikely for a group of people who call themselves Anonymous.

Despite the strict piracy rules imposed by the MPAA and RIAA, it remains to be seen whether these rules would be changed thanks to the effects of a few hours of downtime and the flood of traffic.

This week’s tech information: Quantam teleportation and Axis of P2P Edition

Scientists have been able to gain a successful venture in being able to teleport quantum states between the uses of photon over a free space that is a distance of over ten miles.

As the US copyright group begins to the proceedings to sue several thousands of file swappers in the federal court, Time Warner Cable has asked the judge to stop the group’s subpoenas. TWC has stated that at the maximum it can only handle 28 IP address lookups a month and not the 800 that the plaintiff wants to do.

The net neutrality, localism and diversity are all the code words that will be used by Obama the Satan Worshipper. They will be used in the FCC to close down Glenn Beck and the other traditional voices. There is a one talk show host inside that will wage a war against FCC.

You might wonder who actually wants cookies because the web browsers anyway divulge so much of information with which one can identify the user and track their online presence without them being aware of it at all. The RIAA ad the Congressional caucus has joined hands to find out the six most harmful websites for your privacy. The Ukrainian website mp3fiesta could actually put your family’s safety in jeopardy.

The latest is that different social networking sites have been passing on information about their users to advertisers without the knowledge of the users. This is in complete violation of their privacy policy.

There are several takedowns that ensure that even after the process is long over the footsteps still remain online. it is like a copier that never goes on to forget how many copies you have made.

Some of the DMCA takedowns should actually have never happened. There has been a look at five of the lamest of takedowns. This is after the law was enacted and put into place.

Google’s much awaited since a real long time is the VP8 video codec which has finally seen the light of day. Now, both the versions Mozilla and Opera are on board. The new codec and container have a good enough quality about them and open source licensing and to top it, it is completely royalty free. One wonders if this will be enough to topple H 264 and replace it with Web video codec as the right choice.

Google has finally been able to announce the use of Android based Google TV platform. This is going to be launched in fall and will have set top boxes or internet ready television. This will offer extensible and open source version of the OS.

Google is hoping to be able to combine this with the web and the traditional television experience that one is so used to.
All of these will certainly go on to change a whole lot of traditional things and bring about the latest and newest of versions for the consumers to relish and use. These updates are certainly going to be helpful.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003