Twitter has already grown it’s user base to 20 million and now it is in the process of launching more  features to get new user groups.

You will find almost everyone on Twitter; if you are using Twitter functions correctly. Much to your surprise you will find any lost friend from high school or your boss from the previous company or even your ex-girlfriend on Twitter.

Now, Twitter is going one step ahead and has added a non human entity to its user list and it is exceptionally, but an experimental robot of NASA which has its own account in Twitter.

Twitter officials would have never thought of this kind of success, this is really getting them attention as it is creating sensation in social networking world as it means a lot to be associated with such a huge research and scientific institution like NASA.

Twitter account for Robonaut – 2

Robonaut -2 is the first humanlike robot which is mainly designed to live and report from the International Space Station. This robot is actually a mechanical astronaut which is extraordinary.

NASA has created a Twitter account, for the robot, which seeks to take the social networking concept to new heights and it a next level up gradation for twitter and social networking websites.

Since Robonaut or R2 is almost like a robotic humanoid, which  will be able to manage ISS very affectively similar to its human counterparts. This will also give you in depth knowledge of how the R2 is being prepared for this project to go deep into space.

Space enthusiasts are waiting anxiously for the moment when R2 will be sent to ISS and NASA mission STS-133, which is  set to launch on November 1 at 4:40PM Eastern Standard Time.  The mission is going to take R2 to the ISS. R2 will communicate with public from ISS using Twitter and will be actively providing details of International Space Station.

Huge followers for R2 Twitter page

R2’s Twitter page is already flooding with messages and followers as it is a sensation in social networking website.

R2 is very active on twitter and has been answering user’s questions as well.

Recently R2 has left a message that he is desperate to leave for Kennedy Space center.

R2 has already got 7600 followers since last month and they all have been manages and answers by NASA R2 handlers.

All the followers of R2 are getting regular updates and messages on R2 Twitter page and are very happy to be associated with NASA’s project in any form.

Now this is what we can call a phenomenal success for Twitter as it is being access out of the world.