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How to Make a Fembot Android

Fembot or Gynoid means any which relates to or look like woman. In more technical term, a Fembot is also known as humanoid robot which is designed to look like a woman. It has been a dream for most of the scientist to and geniuses to create a perfect Fembot Android but the success is still far away.

There are so many current multi-million projects are going to create a Fembot Android which can be used a perfect companion.

Some of the major steps and key points are mentioned to below which can help to create your own Fembot android:


You have be a genius if you are planning to create a fembot android as it requires in depth knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, electrical engineering and robotics. Any previous experience in any of the mentioned domain is also necessary. Generally you should have team of scientist which specialized knowledge and training on this particular area.

Fembot android is believed to act like a superhuman, so it has to have the common human qualities as well. This will require the knowledge of philosophy, necromancy and artificial intelligence. For assembly and install you will also need a basic metalworking skills and knowledge of welding work.


The motive has to be right while creating fembot android. It is good to have the desire to win the world, but this desire should not lead to harm anyone. Fembot android is a very complex and powerful robot and it can cause a lot of harm if the creation of fembot android is based or wrong motives.


The first and important thing is to create a robot brain. Mostly people make mistake by creating the body first and then plan design and create the brain.

It is also very important that the robot brain passes the Turing test which is designed and used to recognize machines capacity to understand intelligence. Keeping the aggression inhibitors and command to not to arm humans is also required. You can also transfer a living person’s consciousness into fembot brain using the big helmet and wires.

This feature can be very useful is you are creating a fembot to resemble any of your lost family member or friend.


Once the creation of fembot brain is completed, create the fembot body. The most popular way to do it is by creating the body with wood however you can also go by tradition by creating the body with burnished chrome. You can then use the choice of the body color and make to give face and look to fembot android.

Although it is an open area of research but you should first consult local ordinances before launching your fembot project as some of the state government are completely against the creation of fembot android.

Facadeprinter – The Unparallel Robot that highly shoots the Art of Paintball

Facadeprinter; is actually a robot that is software controlled. It will shoot colours onto the walls from an unimaginable distance of 40 feet away. It is a true spectator which can be watched and amazed by innumerable people. It can invariably from the largest installation of true art for the people to admire. Calvin; the work on the wall was essentially formed by Facadeprinter. The primary creation of this unique device is to envision the large scale images signifying either the medical help or the fresh water which is utilized mainly in the efforts of relief.

Today, the inkjet printers are producing an image with utilization of thousands of tiny ink dots. Instead of a print head and ink cartridge the user has to imagine a printer that highly utilizes the paintball gun and color pellets. This is what actually this device does in reality; it forms beautiful memorable images on the grand walls. This device is, however, invented by three legendaries from Germany, the eminent designers Martin Fussenegger and Michael Sebastian Haas and eventually engineer Julian Adenauer. This robot which is essentially software controlled can shoot color either on the wall or on the other surfaces and make the spectacular watch it as the evolution of the largest installation of not only art but also beauty.

Fussenegger, Haas and Adenauer, the three inventors have felt that the applications of this robot should be applicable in efforts of disaster relief, symbol of the medical facilities, fresh water and last but not least danger zone. Thus this small device can be an effective and rapid means of communication in public. This device is integrated with two axis turntable and an air pressure print head. This device can be safely closed when taken for transport. This modified paintball marker is highly mounted on 2 axis turntable. It is incorporated with touch screen for operation control and USB port for the input of file. Other two important components of this device are called the large scale communication tool. These are the ball tower for holding pellets and the cylinder filled with compressed air. The printer can offer the printout that could be taken at 26 feet greatly from safe distance of 40 feet away from the wall. The investors have utilized their invention to print on concrete, plastic, brick, steel and eventually glass.

Thus, Facadeprinter is simply not a complex robot. It will print huge artworks out from the box onto the walls. It essentially works on digital artwork software in which the thousands of colour balls are fired by the motor place and the air pressure marker. Artwork is dot by dot. It is truly an architectural design of an inkjet printer. Mounted on 2 axis turntable the paintball marker which is modified offers the best control on the input and the operation. This device is a symbol of faster and more effective communication. So, Facadeprinter is the ultimate provider offering the largest installation depicting not only its art but also its hidden beauty.

Robot Orchestra in L.A. – It is bound to Rock the music, Globally

The robot technology has taken its ultimate leap essentially from robot conductors to robots performing in Wiimote ensemble and eventually robots representing as the full fledged performers popularly named as Karmetic Machine Orchestra. Here, the robots are highly integrated in an orchestra with blend of human musicians. The spacious and extraordinary looking Karmetic Machine Orchestra is ready to gear up for another outstanding performance in Los Angeles, which will be grandly held on May 13.

The folks that are highly incorporated in Karmetic Machine Orchestra can be defined as the think tank of artists and the engineering is greatly geared to explore a renaissance that is purely magical. They are undoubtedly the robot musicians which will intensely get interacted with their human counterparts to play the electronic sitars. These are the special instruments that are highly modified. Karmetic Machine Orchestra is primarily based at California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. It is supervised by the legendary Mr. Ajay Kapur, who has basically got its training in classical Indian Music in addition to Mr. Michael, who is a genius production designer.

Following their earlier premiere, which was extensively exhibited in January, the group is setting for their next grand show on May 13 to be held at Cal Arts. The orchestra that is formerly a laptop driven is incorporated with three robot percussionists that are custom built. They are, however, aiming to incorporate two more to it. In the debut show, the orchestra had unbelievably involved more than 10 performer, 43 actuators and 65 speakers.

The robot drummer which is popularly called as MahaDeviBot has an efficiency to play 12 instruments in which finger cymbals, bells and gongs are also included. Moreover, it is sported with a Hindu Goddess face that is bouncing. It highly signifies the tempo. The groups of Karmetik Machine Orchestra have also re-engineered the successor to MahaDeviBot, which is called GanpatiBot. In this set up, there are two speakers, which are located at either side of the spinning bar. They play the sound and drone specifically from an iPod Mini.

In this genuine orchestra, the robots are utilizing the sensor data by which they can easily interpret the gestures that are made by the human performers. It is apparent that they can be effectively programmed to carry out the dual activities of performing music and at the same time receive the essential commands from the modified instruments which are played by their fellow musicians. And when there is no human accompaniment, the robots play the music which is more sounding lugubrious. Nevertheless, when the dancers and human musicians also join the orchestra it becomes truly a magical orchestra. The Walt Disney Modular Theater `Cal Arts’ must definitely have a perfect setting in order to grandly present this show next week.

Thus, Karmetik Machine Orchestra, comprising of the robots as the full fledged performers in integration with human performers is a memorable orchestra which is going to rock the music world on May 13 at Cal Arts.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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