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Angry Birds™ Sets to Fly to Your TV Screen

Are you crazy about Angry Birds game? No surprises, as the game truly has everything to keep you interested and busy throughout. The game, which has topped all gaming charts in a very short span of time, is now planning to feature on your TV screen. If sources are to be believed, you can expect the Angry Birds cartoon series featuring on your TV screen in August 2012.

Nick Dorra, Rovio animation head, said that they are planning for a weekly animation cartoon series for Angry Birds that will feature 52 to 53 minute episodes. He also provided hints about the Angry Birds movie but clarified that it will not happen in 2013 or 2014.

In addition to the TV screen, the Angry Birds cartoon series will be available for other devices as well that include smartphones, tablets, and more. You can also expect some more birds-related games in the near future.

For now, keep your fingers crossed and wait for the next Angry Birds launch.

10 million flocks of Angry Birds™ in Space

Angry Birds are not just catapult throwers. They are record-breaking lot as well. As soon as Angry Birds Space launched, a whirlwind of users swept the spatial zones, as if in a hurry. Outcome — 10 million downloads in just three days!

The closest record ever to this feat stands for the Draw Something app from OMGPOP that saw 20 million downloads over five weeks. Given this, you can easily imagine what kind of stir Angry Birds has started with such an instant following. The makers of the fascinating game, Rovio, were the happy party. They chirped soon, “Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more!”

It is noteworthy to mention here that Angry Birds is the most selling app on iTunes App Store. The game was first introduced in 2009. Over the years, more than 500 million downloads of all versions of this game have been registered.

Pigs would have a hard time, definitely!

Angry Birds™ Celebrates its Second “Birdday”

Angry Birds completed its second year with a new “Birdday” update, which offers 15 new levels

The infuriated birds, from the game Angry Birds, continue their rage against the greedy pigs for another year. Looks like nothing can abate their anger as the game completes its second year. Game developer Rovio wants all its fans to be a part of the occasion by offering them to play the new “Birdday Party” update.

“Birdday Party” includes 15 new levels with decorated cake themes. The developers at Rovio have updated the game with new menus, graphics along with new achievement levels to be unlocked. The game also has a new orange bird, which can expand its original size with a simple tap to cause greater destruction to the pigs. The special feature about this update is that you can access the first level in all the six episodes. This means that you can start playing any episode in case you have not managed to unlock it.

The new update is currently available with the iOS version of the game. It is expected to hit the Android Market next week. The birds plan for a bigger attack next year on the pigs as Rovio has four new games in the process of development. It is also speculated that one of the games will feature the perspective of the pigs. Year 2012 is surely going to be exciting for Angry Birds fans but until then enjoy the birthday party with the Birdday update.

If you still have not played the game, you can download its latest version with the birthday cake levels from iTunes Store.

AngryBirdsRio-Movie to be released in March

A well-known game company Rovio is going to launch AngryBirds for smartphones and Tablet PCs, which became the world cultural sensation, and animated film “Rio”, unite their efforts to create a new game AngryBirdsRio, which will be the first of its kind, thanks to the partnership between the company and film company Rovio Twentieth Century Fox.

On Jan. 28 chief executive officer of Rovio Mobile, Michael head announced to create a game Angrybirds , and Peter Levinson, president of the placement of new movies to digital media and Twentieth Century Fox, informed about a graduating film “Rio ” in the world rolled on April 15.

This new product is well-known brand Angrybirds will be launched worldwide in March in conjunction with the world premiere gala screening of “Rio.” To celebrate the partnership and to give its fans a look behind the scenes of the game AngryBirdsRio, Rovio company produced a unique video presentation that can be viewed on the site

By working with Rovio, we combine the developers of the popular application in the world and the best creative forces of the film industry to introduce millions of fans Angry Birds with the wonderful world of the movie” Rio “- says Mr. Levinson. Our cooperation with Rovio is another excellent example of the efforts of Fox Digital Entertainment to introduce our content in different digital platforms.

The new game AngryBirdsRio, the characters of the original game, is kidnapped and taken to the mysterious city of Rio, where they escape from the kidnappers and sent to save his friends  that are two rare parrots,”Rio”,  is filmed by Fox. In AngryBirdsRio can play for hours, being rescued from destruction and using the opportunity to play again and again – all this is accompanied by plot twists, based on the popular movie

Angry Rio Birds landing on the App Store in March, and movie of the Fox , meanwhile planned for April 15.The first screenshots of the game are really exciting and the excellent trailer is produced by Kombo .

Initially the game AngryBirdsRio will have 45 separate levels, but the new levels will be constantly adding updates with the application. Game can be downloaded to smart phones and tablet PCs worldwide.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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