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Tablet PCs at MWC

Starting CES 2011, the year of 2011 was already announced as the year of smartphones and tablets. Soon after the CES, Dell and HP launched tablet computers. The tablet craze actually reached a feverish pitch. Motorola XOOM, HTC Flyer, LG Optimus Pad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer Iconia Tab, HP TouchPad, RIM PlayBook, Sony Xperia Play, Apple iPad, ASUS EePad, ViewSonic ViewPad, and many more were displayed at the MWC exposition. It was Android-based tablets making news at the MWC barring the Blackberry and iPad along with Windows Phone 7.

The whole range of tablets expected in 2011, has introduced new perspectives like the WebOS from HP and the Windows Phone 7 with their collaboration with Nokia. A range of processors and hardware be it NVIDIA or Tegra or QualComm, Snapdragon, Intel Extreme,  AMD, Dual Core processors, Quad Core processors, and a host of new powerful devices, have been introduced.

The Android 3.0 platform – the Honeycomb has been specifically designed with large 7 and 10 inch tablets in mind. Although manufacturers like HTC are using the Gingerbread and other proprietary solutions jointly, to bring about the kind of performance to match the iPads or RIM Pads and probably even better it, the combinations of hardware and OS and performing apps on the same, are going to set the rules in the market.

The MWC 2011 also saw the massive growth of apps, app developers, carriers and operators and a host of related problems like revenue sharing, OS updation, standardization, mobile security, and many more areas. MWC also saw the growth of the WAC – Wholesale Applications Community, a platform to provide opportunities for global developers to create, synchronize and sell applications using standard and open API (Application Programmable Interfaces). This alliance of telecommunication companies is focused towards an open application platform, as also provision of a unified service platform for carriers towards aggregating mobile Internet applications. This will definitely help in better revenue generation and provide an excellent cloud based service experience to all smartphone users. The MWC 2011 has been acclaimed to be a success in such tablet and smartphone related issues.

MSI Announces 10.1-inch Intel® Powered WindPad 100W Tablet PC

MSI has released the 10.1-inch Intel powered WindPad 100W Tablet PC. It has several advanced features. It has a very sleek and compact design with touch screen facility. There are several I/O ports along with USB 2.0 facility, SD card reader, ALS light sensor, HDMI port, G-Sensor and a lot more. The mobile platform processor of Intel powers the device and it boasts a battery life of over six hours. The 10.1-inch multi point screen along with a set of dual cameras makes the device a must buy for all. The finishing of the WindPad tablet is excellent.

The sleek design with dimensions of 274x173x18.5 mm, makes the product extremely space effective. It also has face recognition software for security purposes. The price tag attached to WindPad is affordable, considering the huge benefits that the machine can offer. The operating system of WindPad is Windows 7, which happens to be the latest operating system that is available. WindPad 100W tablet PC will compete with other products such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc. In general, the 10.1-inch Intel powered WindPad 100W Tablet PC is a product which can be effectively used for several applications by home, business and office users.

PlayBook Enters Tablet War

Research in Motion surprised the market with the introduction of its Play Book tablet gaining applause from one and all who saw the unit at the CES show where they had a hands on experience with a fully functional device and superb performance. Though some analysts feel that the Research in Motion Play Book maybe late in the tablet race led by Apple’s iPad, the Research In Motion CEO claims “The iPad’s dominance of tablet computing will change when we are in the market.”Although the Play Book sports a 7 inch screen in comparison to the iPad’s 9.7 inch display, Video is one area where observers feel Play Book beats the iPad wholesale.

In fact, even at the CES 2011, barring the iPad, the only two other players with fully functional working units were the Research In Motion Play Book and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. At the show, almost every manufacturer, vendor in existence displayed prototypes of tablets with huge announcements presenting big tablets, small tablets, Android tablets, Windows tablets and even many concoctions poised to launch in the markets in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy tab, on the Android platform, has definitely done wonders. But, with so many other vendors promoting the Android platforms none of the others were able to present a fully functional touch and feel product. The near future will definitely unveil a horde of big time names pushing technologically advanced tablets, working hand in hand with carriers to woo the buyers away from the Apple iPad way. As of today, Apple almost holds near total supremacy of the market with over 87% holding of Apple iPad products supply. But, the dynamics are changing. Research inn Motion Play Book has set the pace equally strongly, although they cannot compete with Apple on volumes, will definitely dent the market with their outstanding product at the CES 2011.

Even diehard erstwhile Apple users have found the Research In Motion Play Book and the Samsung Galaxy Tab much, much better in terms of performance. Research In Motion has a discreet advantage over other players in that enterprise and corporate using Blackberry server and Blackberry phones will automatically move towards the same platform by Research In Motion Play Book. The multi-touch interface has been termed way, way ahead of the Apple device. The device with its large processing power has impressive multi-tasking capability, touch screen motion is fluid and the feel of the product is very comforting. Research In Motion Play Book runs Adobe Flash, ad HTML files besides being able to play proprietary audio formats of both Microsoft and Apple with phenomenal ease.

The Research In Motion Play Book runs a version of the QNX OS with 1 Gb of ram dual core processor, dual HD cameras, HD video recording, HDMI outputs, micro USB ports making the product formidable. This has set the playground for different operators and vendors including Apple to rethink their strategies and literally wage a war of technology on the tablet market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Crosses 1 Million Milestone

Now days tablet PCs are very famous worldwide. Tablet pc is a personal computer which is equipped with a touchscreen as a primary input device and is designed to be operated and owned by an individual. The term was made famous as a concept created by Microsoft in 2001 but tablet PCs now refer to any tablet sized personal computer unconcerned of the Operating System.

In tablet computers you don’t need a keyboard because they are fully touchscreen computers so they use a virtual onscreen substitute and all tablet PCs have a wireless adaptor for internet and local network connection. You can get software with a tablet PC like Office suites, web browser, games and a range of different applications. On the other hand since portable computer hardware components are low powered then demanding personal computer applications may not provide an ideal experience to the user.

Recently launched Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which is tablet computer hit more than 1 million sets sold all over the world last week. It’s a similar new edge computer like Apple iPad. Samsung is giving thanks to the users of this tablet pc for such big numbers. There are many bearers in the United States who have been selling this tab like Verizon, At & T, T-Mobile and Sprint with both contract and separately. The increase in sales of this tab had a lot to do with Black Friday holiday shoppers. It’s because of selling this kind of new thing would be cause for wild celebrations on the other hand the rival of Samsung, Apple has been selling its iPad since April 2010 and Apple sent out million of iPads in just 30 days and now Apple sent out almost 4 millions of their famous gadgets in its fourth quarter which ended in October 2010.

Samsung also sent out 5 million Galaxy S phones to their customers worldwide and in those sales 3 million phones sold out in United States. It you add the Galaxy tab sales in that then it shows that people likes Android based products.

Android is an operating System based on Google’s Linux and it has been targeted by manufacturers for the tablet space. Its success on smartphones is due to its open nature and support for low cost ARM systems like Apples iOS in 2010.

Several tablet PC makers have standardized on a 12” widescreen format and with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The 12” form factor is optional for the power, weight and size contemplation required for portability.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a seven inch view screen which is a small screen and any users like to use a small screen tab. It has a video camera but not with a very nice quality on the other hand you can see that Apple iPad has no camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is good in portability and its ability to use internet and web applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets priced by O2 Germany

The Samsung Galaxy tab is a compact tablet computer that was launched on 2nd September at the 2010 IFA in Berlin. It features Wi-Fi capability, a 7 inch TFT-LCD touchscreen, a 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, and the Swype input system. It is also equipped with a 3.2 MP rear-facing camera and a 1.3 MP front facing camera for the purpose of video calls.

Ever since it was launched, the early impressions on the product were positive by technology reviewers. There have been lots of speculations going on in the market regarding its final price. In the early stages after its launch, people were more concerned about its performance and how its tablets would work together with its other products.

More than a couple of days back, few details have become known regarding future Android tablet prices in Germany. One of the German barriers that are going to sell the Galaxy tab is O2, and the official price is 759 Euros. Although there is no subsidy for the Galaxy tab, you do not have to pay all the cash at once. O2 would let you pay the amount in monthly installments, for a 24 month long period. What you need to do here is pay a 99 Euro deposit, followed by 24 monthly installments of 27.50 Euros each.

However, there is no indication from O2 that they would lower the price anytime soon, especially in the case of bundling the price with new data plans. With the new price, you would not get any 3G data plan from O2; therefore, if you wish to get the facility of any such new products, you would be required to pay over and above what you are already paying.

It has started to become clear why Samsung hadn’t come up with the official price of the tablet at the time of its release. Many experts are of the opinion that it was because the device is more expensive that it’s direct competitor, the iPad. Even though the device is a 7 inch tablet and smaller than the iPad, packing in some of the features that are not present in the latter, they do not exactly justify the huge price.

What would make the clash between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tab even more interesting is Apple’s launch of a new iPad tablet in the first quarter of next year. People would wait for its launch with baited breath and would be most curious to know about its price, as the upgraded tablet would bring in some of the additional features not present in the current versions. If prices of the new tablets are same as their previous models, then it would be a serious blow to the Galaxy tab by Samsung.

There may be a unanimous opinion about the wonderful features of the Samsung Galaxy tab. No one seems to question them but the product’s high price and its direct competition with the Apple iPad may make things slightly difficult for it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Release

Its seems like Samsung has finally decided to take the plunge into the tablet market with its release of the it Galaxy Tab. Apart from the iPad the Galaxy tab has added further features towards the development of the tablet platform. Some of the features of the Galaxy tab include:

  • Flash –Unlike Apple which had a huge debacle with Adobe over the flash issue, the Galaxy tab includes a flash. Moreover it has an entire lineup of Apps that are primarily designed on the flash platform.
  • Camera – It has two cameras that are situated in the back and front to allow video conferencing. Moreover it records video in HD. The camera is 3MP with LED flash.
  • Android OS – As an open source operating system the Galaxy tab is certainly feasible than the iOS4 which has a lot of bugs.
  • Call and tethering – This all is possible through the SIM and the 3G network through the Tab when compared to the iPad.
  • Multitasking – With a 1.0 GHz processor the Galaxy tab has a efficient control over applications which enables multitasking between applications. Whether you are busy downloading on the Internet or reading a book, the Galaxy tab enables you to perform numerous tasks.

For starters it seems like the Galaxy Tab is just a larger version of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. However, Samsung has designed the device to meet its brand criteria, as the applications are seemingly similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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