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Microsoft and Sandisk Deal Gets A Boost

Microsoft Corp. and SanDisk Corp. have announced that they have signed an agreement in which they would be delivering a software of the next generation and would also be providing the users with the hardware solution for placing the application programs as well as the personal customization on the USB flash drives and also on the flash memory cards. This would be used for expanding memory and would also replace the existing U3 smart technology of SanDisk.

Microsoft and SanDisk agreement

Under the terms of this agreement, Microsoft would be developing new experience software and SanDisk would be developing the new capabilities of the hardware that also include the addition of the security technology of the TrustedFlash. SanDisk would also be incorporating the combined software as well as the hardware solution on the flash memory cards that are removable and in the Cruzer USB flash drives. Both of these companies have teamed up for the U3 replacement.

Both of the companies are making the efforts for expanding the success of the U3, which would be surrounded by a great number of the large as well as the vibrant ecosystem. Both of these companies are also stressed that the developers would also be provided the migration path for modifying the already present U3 applications for running on the new offerings.

SanDisk Corp

The SanDisk Corp. is the actual inventor of the cards of the flash storage and is considered to be one of the largest suppliers of the whole world when it comes to the products that are related to the flash data storage cards. It can do so with the help of using its patented, high density flash memory as well as the controller technology. The headquarters of the company is in Milpitas, CA. The company also has the operations around the world and more than half of the sales of the company are done outside the United States.

Microsoft Corp

Microsoft is the leader in the software in the whole world and it provides the service and solutions which helps the people as well as the businesses for realizing their full potential.

Microsoft and SanDisk got a boost

The markets have edged up and are led by the stocks of the technology which also includes Microsoft and SanDisk and the ratings upgrades of the analysts have also followed. Though there have been some jitters over the earnings of the second quarters and also on the import data which was from China that was weighed on Alcoa and many of the other materials of the stock.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gone up by 18.24 points, or a percentage of 0.2 percent, to 10216.27, which is the fifth straight session of the measure in the black. His would mark the longest winning streak of the DJIA as a six day run which would be ending up on April 26. Microsoft – Nasdaq are considered to be the best performers of the measure and they have an increase of 56 cents or 2.3 percent to an amount of $24.83. The Janney Capital Markets have gone up in the ratings of its investment on the stocks.

Gamer alert: Xbox will now support USB Memory

It is official. Major Nelson of Microsoft confirms that Xbox 360 is adding USB memory support on April 6th. This new system update will let gamers use their USB as additional memory for the Xbox 360. Users can utilize this for saving profiles, game data, demos and much more. Up to 16 GB per USB is supported. What’s more, two devices can be hooked up simultaneously to the console giving users up to 32 GB of added USB memory.

The Xbox 360 Elite consoles come out of the box with 120 GB HDD and 120 GB HDD. The Xbox 360 Arcade has 256 MB and 512 MB onboard memory.

Major Nelson however encourages users to use flash-based storage rather than the spinning media to maximize their gaming experience. Xbox is also partnering with SanDisk to release an Xbox branded USB flash drive in May. This drive will come pre-configured out of the box and ready to go. After the release of the system update on May users can use over 1 GB with the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, the system will not be able to automatically configure the device once it’s plugged in. To configure the device, users have to go to the system settings, select their USB Device, and select Configure Now (Format and Configure the Full Device), or if you are just setting aside a parcel of the drive’s available space, choose Customize.

What it Means

This upgrade will thrill all those Xbox 360 gamers who have found themselves in want of storage space. The ability to save profiles and game data to another device will also make it possible for users to bring their games with them to their friend’s house. That is, if that friend is also not bent on a finishing a game of his own.

This upgrade news left most Xbox users in a speculative mood. Is this the pre-cursor of Xbox Slim’s use of USB device? Joystiq’s interview of Ben Heckendorn, a modding artist, delves on the possibility of this happening. Apparently, based on the leak of Xbox Slim’s motherboard, there are no indicators that this device will use memory cards.

The 16 GB limit to the USB support also gathered some flack. Since 16 GB drives costs $75, Heck believes that most users will be concerned with the cost and not the limits. eBay however offers this devices for as low as $30.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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