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Microsoft Gains Edge in Search market, Google still ahead

According to BoardPoint Amtech analyst Schaster, “Overall, the trends continue to be very strong for Bing, and remain very bad for Yahoo,” he also wrote that “Investors hoping that tonight’s data would show stabilization for Yahoo will be disappointed…Unfortunately for Yahoo, we still do not see a bottom for its potential share loss.”

Yahoo saw the twelfth consecutive month of share loss in January, which commanded 17.5 percent in November 2009, 18 percent in October and as much as 20.4 percent in November 2008. Schachetr also wrote in the research paper that the less profitable distribution queries and the downslide is impacting Yahoo’s net revenues. This downslide will continue to impinge the perception of the company.

Yahoo downslide has make them to transfer ownership to Microsoft, it will boost Bing’s search share to 28 percent of the market. This deal also let Bing to power its search result on the back end.

Bing will continue to grab search share from Yahoo and Google in US market. It will continue even if federal regulators at the Department of Justice fail to bless the Microsoft-Yahoo search pact.

Bing is growing bigger with new technology innovation like with improving Bing Maps, adding nice features such as Bing Recipes. Recently Bing bolstered its search deal with Facebook, it will power all the social network’s Web searches in the US and overseas.

Microsoft is also taking aggressive steps such as talks with Apple to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone. These are the steps aimed at dethroning Google in searches. Chitika claimed Google searches account for 50.5 percent of all Internet traffic on the iPhone.

Google is also not a silent viewer and the company launched Google social search and will soon roll out Google Buzz. These important efforts will socialize Google. Google will not give it up easily and being the biggest in the searches, it will take these steps seriously.

An Introduction to Google’s Page Rank

The top the rank the best position you will have on Internet. Google PageRank is a very interesting system where the worth of page is located in Google’s web page tools. A high page rank can help you in many ways such as your article, blog and news may appear in search engine and you can get more traffic. PageRank is a very important factor of your business and a very essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The simplest way to understand and know much more about PageRank is that it tells about the quality and number of links of any particular website. If the quality of any website is good it will do more business. As far as Google is concerned it says that PageRank depends on exclusively democratic nature or character of particular website while using its link structure as the main pointer of a person’s page value.

The counts of PageRank link to a definite page as a type of vote or favour indicating the worth of a page. The calculation of all these votes is not equal just because a link related to any high expensive page is counted much more than a link related to any less expensive page. In addition, links of any specific website to other pages posted on its own website are not able to receive a particular vote.

With the help of a complicated algorithm including proprietary factors which is not shared by Google, on this condition, these votes are calculated by importance and number to provide a page rank from 1 to 10. On this basis, if the page rank is higher then Google gives more value to the webpage.

This point should be kept in mind that every web page has its own value and ranking. As we know that internet users opt to see home page due to which website home page is seen more frequently and may have a particular position or ranking. This does not mean that each sub-page does not have any ranking; it may have but not the same as home page’s position or ranking.

Links are very important to any page only when it matches to the requirements and needs of internet users otherwise they have no value because user does not get what he search for. So PageRank does not have any importance unless they are useful for internet users. To handle this high and low complication, Google uses a unique search inquiry which displays best possible matches, resulting a lower page higher in search results.

Google has its own strategy and tactic in calculating how, when, where and what a webpage will come out in search engine results’ list. This way Google is able to determine concerning value of a respective webpage in terms of quality and number of times. Every page link is considered as a vote of different value in Google’s eyes. Using this voting calculation, Google provides internet users a great way of searching for the content and information they want to get.

Ten Best Search Engine Optimization Secrets

In today’s age of Internet revolution, it is no hidden secret that every website owner is trying hard to stay on top of the search engine lists. Search Engine Optimization involves making use of certain important strategies that are of great use in making you retain your top position in the search engine ranking. The ultimate aim of any search engine would be to make the search relevant, genuine and fruitful for the browsing guest. There are a few important tricks to remember that might place you in a better position than your competitor and can even assist you in overtaking them and staking the top position in the Search Engine Market. Given below is a list of the top 10 search engine optimization strategies.

  1. The first important thing to remember is to optimize your website. For this you need to make provision for a title tag with some keyword in it. The title tag is very crucial in indexing your website. You also need to ensure that your important keywords appear in your title, content and meta tags.
  2. You need to pay more attention to improve your website qualitatively. Do not bother about quantitative upgradation. The content in your site must have something genuine and informative to offer to the guest browser. Your website must also be user-friendly. Clear navigation and uncomplicated layouts and fonts make your website user-friendly.
  3. Try to have exciting titles so that they can attract visitors. A little ingenuity makes a big difference in giving you good SEO rankings.
  4. You don’t have to invest a lot of time and effort in furnishing your information to search engines. Once you have ensured that the site is an exciting and informative one, the search engines will automatically spot it out.
  5. Avoid being a part of link farms which are web pages created exclusively to have several links. You do not have to be connected with these link farms in an attempt to beat competition. It might work contrary to your goal.
  6. Always try to step up your keyword density by bringing in your primary keywords several times on the webpage. This might have a wonderful effect in enticing the search engines as they would be able to clearly understand what your main keyword is on a particular web page.
  7. One important strategy to be always kept in mind is to make use of back links. This is the best manner to comprehend the importance of your site. Always try to create good quality links to your site pages from various other well ranked sites.
  8. Be prudent in avoiding search engines that do not exhibit search volume.
  9. Avoid using many images in your site as search engines cannot read images.
  10. Remember that a clean and fast website attracts more visitors. Do not make your site a bloated one by adding some unoptimized images. Make sure that your website includes optimizable webpage components.

The above mentioned 10 tips are some of the most important strategies to be kept in mind to make your search engine rankings soar to great heights.

How to Create a Website

A website is one of the most important needs these days for any business to be conducted on line. Every organization likes to have a presence on the Internet because the future of the world seems to be the Internet. There are many other reasons for companies and individuals to want to create and also own a website.

There are various steps that are involved in the creation of a website and they are listed in this article.

The Initial Idea

The initial idea is very important because the need for the website and the kind of website that is needed is reflected in your thoughts. These ideas become reality and so the initial idea needs to be built on to create a good website.

The Clients

If you are focusing your website on a particular group of people, then you should make sure that you know the needs of all your clients and satisfy them. This will help more visitors to flock to your site and make it successful.


Before you embark on your mission to create a website, you should make sure that you have completed the groundwork in terms of research regarding the website. If you do a keyword research, then you will be able to fathom the need for such a site.


The next most important aspect of planning for the website is the resources that you are ready to allocate to the creation of the website. You should be able to allocate a certain amount of time and also a particular amount of money for the creation, hosting and other needs of the site. The extent or size of your site will directly depend on these factors.


The creation of a domain name and the purchase of the domain name are important as they have a direct effect on the search engine optimization of your site. Make the right purchase to get the best results.


Once you have purchased the domain name, the next step that is involved is to decide on the hosting plan that you would like to have for your website. You can start your hosting with either a dedicated host or a shared hosting service. Each of it has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you have to decide on the hosting plan depending on how much of storage you will need for your site.

Development of the website

If you would like to develop the site, then you can try to do it by your own effort, but you need to have some basic knowledge about programming. There are different kinds of sites that are present and they include WordPress, AJAX, CSS and other kinds. If you do not know the programming, then you can use a professional to get your site live.


The final step in building the site is to make the site to be search engine optimized. This will serve the purpose of the website by increasing the traffic to your site. If you do not have Search Engine Optimization, then you will not have visitors in your site and the site will not serve its purpose, especially if it is an e-commerce site.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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