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Twitter: A New Portal for Marketing

With the new spreading hype of social sites today, we can never tell the limitless possibilities of exploiting these advances. In making people see the things that we do, introducing new aspects to other people, building communities, and gaining new acquaintances. The link to the world just got broader and the world just got a little bit smaller. With these things at hand, business-minded individuals can now take advantage of these features.

Twitter, for example, is one of the most used application and most convenient way to reach other people. You can:

  • send advertisements,
  • make them check websites, and
  • Let information you have in store available for them to check out.

But, how can we conveniently use this to its full potential, as a tool for our business strategies? Here are some tips that we could use.

First of all, we could learn a few basics of Twitter. If you are a common person that tweets every day, like your life depends on it, you’re good to go. You have all the knowledge on the terms and the things that you can do with it. But if you’re just a starter, or a person who just thinks of trying Twitter because you just knew of the marketing strategies that you can use it with, you have to learn and study. Twitter may be simple and user-friendly, but you have to know the application from the simplest executions to the most elaborate postings to maximize its potential. After all, you can only put 140 characters at a time (just like SMS), so you have to know how to incorporate everything in that one single message. The things you want and need to say, and maybe a little comment or information that you need to imply.

The most popular and most appropriate thing that you can promote over Twitter is websites. Your websites could be for downloading movies to pay sites, the list goes on. The most effective way is to get the website’s URL (short for Uniform Resource Locator, the “address” of the site). Now, URL’s sometimes consist of a lot of characters and you have a 140-character limit. You can use a URL shrinker that lets you rename the URL to a more reader friendly fashion. For example, could be renamed as SEARCH. That’s saving characters from URL’s, making the link friendlier to those who are not accustomed to reading internet stuff, and giving you extra character allotment for more important things. Furthermore, you can register to an account wherein you can keep track on the hits of your URL; the people that clicks on it, the people that visits the site because of your link, and so on. If you have several messages, this determines which were ignored and which were good.

Another thing to consider is sending your initial messages to the people who needs and appreciates your business. Just like with other marketing strategies, you can’t give make people eat meat if they are vegetarians. Same goes here. It makes the re-tweet value higher. Sending the message to the right clientele raises the re-tweet value, giving you less effort on sending but still getting great results. Putting tags on your message is also a good step. Tags put your message to a certain category; so every time a user searches for a website that matches to your message, it will come out with the results; thus, reaching other people furthermore. In Twitter, tags are made by putting “#” before the word. To tag search, just type in #search. Easy.

That leaves us with a few finishing touches. You could always leave a few characters blank. This will be beneficial in cases that a friend might want to add a comment or additional information to your tweet. He/she doesn’t need to edit your message; he could just add the information for you. With these few tips, you could just use Twitter not just as a medium for gossips and talks, but for other benefits as well.

American Express’ SearchManager Consolidates Ad Campaigns

American Express, with the use of its all-new and newly developed Open Forum, was able to launch a new tool for search marketing for businesses that are relatively smaller than the average. This tool actually derives its power from Clickable and is given the name SearchManager.

Through the SearchManager, business owners are able to appropriately manage search campaigns that have already been paid for across:

  • Yahoo search marketing,
  • Microsoft AdCenter,
  • Google AdWords, and
  • Facebook ads from a particular dashboard.

According to the reports released by the representatives from Forrester Research, search advertising is one of the best tactics for interactive marketing. In fact, it is presently the most popular and most widely used. Experts even say that only in the coming four years, this venture could grow to as much as fifteen percent for each year that passes.

Google, alone, was able to accumulate nearly fifty four billion dollars for American-based business only, particularly in the year 2009. Some people are questioning that, if such information is true, then how come today’s owners of small businesses have not yet fully leveraged what search marketing can do?

Experts have stated that the small business monitors implemented by American Express found out that approximately three quarters of today’s online entrepreneurs are not spending the right amounts of money for search engine marketing.

Some business owners, only small time, have answered this, reiterating that the main purpose why they chose to avoid such tools was the opaqueness and complexity that are involved in such entrepreneurial endeavor. Most of today’s sellers have blatantly decided to avoid making use of PPC or pay-per-click tools for their ventures.

Although there are some who chose to try it out and dipped their toes in this venture, they oftentimes came out sad with highly disappointing results. In fact, according to the firm called Borrell Associates, nearly fifty percent of today’s small businesses that choose to pay for search ads oftentimes end up not coming back when the next year comes.

You do not have to worry about being scammed because; first of all, American Express is not a scammer at all. Secondly, the company is also offering its patrons with a trial period that can be availed all for free, and for as longs as thirty good days. This trial period is best for those who are greatly interested to experience what American Express has to offer, with regards to their small businesses.

The SearchManager has actually been purposely designed to house half a dozen ready-to-use user interfaces that you can easily utilize in order to give searching capabilities, absolutely royalty-free, within your own application of Microsoft Access. All you got to do is to contact a search interface from virtually any kind of form, for you to be able to filter the said form. Or, if not that, you can easily contact a search interface so that you can modify the row source for a certain combination or list box.

Better Late than Never: Google Moves Forward

It takes a lot to make the world a better place overnight. It is basically tantamount to moving mountains, establishing world peace and making the perfect soufflé. That is what Google has done. They have established an entity that has changed society for the better, although some think the opposite. In any case, Google has become a lifesaver. Its search engine has provided the world with the means to find the information that they need in record time.

Following in its footsteps are search engines like:

  • Yahoo!,
  • Bing, etc.

Just like Launch, Yahoo Music, MSN Music and other external programs and websites, Google is finally widening its access to more than just searching for the definition of this and that or the official website of someone famous. It’s been discussed in community boards and a few of the Google representatives have come forward with comments on the subject.

Apparently, Google is launching a new feature that allows people to pay for publications online. The problem at first was that most publications started losing revenue around the time that the internet started archiving information from all over. This made selling actual books and magazines harder, more so when they started integrating issues on their websites. Google has offered the chance for the publishers to reclaim their revenues.

The system called NewsPass gives people a single log-in and payment account to access the “pay walls” of certain publications. This was allegedly triggered by an article published in Italy’s Republica where it is stated that

Apparently, Google is offering the publication companies a sort of peace offering to publication companies that have been affected by the revenue crisis mentioned earlier. Google is under scrutiny that it has been using third-party news content to build traffic for its search engine. The Google News service is Google’s way to serve the public headlines, short text blurbs and thumbnails. Their defense states that they always give due credit to the publisher’s website. But since Google is the most widely used search engine, it is only fitting that they will publish the news during random searches of users.

Aside from that, Google will launch a music downloading service later in the year. Since the launch of iTunes, Zune, etc. were all successful endeavors in the retail of online music; Google is finally joining in on this money train. The music service will be integrated into Google’s search engine thereby allowing users to play the music through its partnerships with online music providers. The music service will also be designed to work on mobile phones that run on the company’s Android OS.

Following that, they will add a subscription service. Since this is still in the works, Google cannot confirm any of the speculations that people are offering except for those already given by their spokespeople. These new systems signal the birth of a new era for Google. Its company’s financial status will skyrocket once this follows through but Google maintains its first and only goal; to give the people what they want.

A TV and Video Search battle from Bing and Google

Google and Bing are two of the most renowned search engines in the world that have been a choice to many users recently. Both the search engine provide excellent services to all the Internet users in order to get to the information that they want. This consisted of websites, images, videos, and a lot more then that only.

The start

The competition was certainly started when with the news coming from Google about the introduction of Google TV somewhere in the last quarter of this year. The video service has been working fine and people from Google are pretty satisfied with the services that they are rendering in the sector.

This statement has aroused in a new sensation in the Microsoft world as well. Microsoft officials have stated to enhance the capabilities of Bing and to redirect it to the entertainment section as well. This would certainly enhance the search engine in order to get the appropriate information about the entertainment world that includes movies, television, music as well as online games available around the world.

Official Statement

The official statement from Microsoft has come from the West Hollywood in presence of some of the American Idol characters. The announcement made was a promise to bring serious updates from around the world of entertainment. Bing would certainly consult even major figures from around the entertainment world to help them through this process.

The reports state that the developers are working on integration where you can easily search all the details for your favorite serials from around the world. Program listing as well as the programs themselves can easily be watched from within the browser through streaming.

Possible outcomes

The first possible outcome of this integration would certainly be a competition between Microsoft’s services related to entertainment and Google TV. This would definitely give users with an excellent experience giving them the type of content that they actually want. Though both the service providers are excellent in whatever they have been producing but still the sense of competition would certainly enhance the product quality by many folds.

Entertainment lovers from all around the world would have certain platforms to help them through grasping information from the world of entertainment. A huge class of people would be attracted towards the announcement’s implementation for it would certainly let them have relaxation from all the work that they do.

One could even expect the integration of Xbox Services in future as both the services are closely related. This prediction could even be made with respect to the statement being released by officials that included the online gaming in the entertainment section as well.

The whole lot of features promised by Google TV and the upcoming fight back from Bing promise to be quality features therefore  promising to bring a whole new sensation attracting great deals of people from around the world in order to get them updates from the entertainment world. In addition, you would certainly not regret that you missed your favorite TV show once you get both these services launched.

Google to Launch Highly Anticipated e-Bookshop

Google, the most popular search engine is going to launch their highly anticipated e-bookshop at last. The search giant had been fighting for years with the US court on the issue of creating the world’s largest online library, which is finally won by Google and have been given permission to open it. Google Editions are expected to launch at the end of June or July. Google Editions books will let you to download e-books in various devices starting from web-enabled mobile phone to your personal computer. As said by Google’s spokesperson Gabriel Sticker “It is a different approach to what most readers today have and the vision is to be able to access books in a device agnostic way,”.

The Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iBookstore is associated to books from the company’s own store. Till date, Google has already scanned over 12 million books, both in-print and out-of-print, thus offering a larger selection of material than both Apple and Amazon. It is yet to disclose what amount it is going to charge per book. This step will definitely strike Amazon, whose Kindle currently manage 60pc of the e-book market. Despite of not releasing any specific figures, Amazon leads the market all these days. As per e-tailer throughout 2009, the Amazon’s Kindle remains the most popular software in the Amazon’s history and is said to have sold more e-books than physical books on the Christmas day.

After launching Google Editions the readers would be able to buy digital copies which they will get through the Google’s book search function. The book retailers will be capable of selling Google Editions on their individual sites. This will enable them to obtain most of the revenue from sales. Google Editions will be absolutely browser based and will offer the latest digital books without fasten customers to a specific device.

Google Books, previously known as Google Print, was launched in 2004 but adjourned a year later when the Authors Guild of America and Association of American Publishers take legal action on the ground of “massive copyright infringement”.

Google’s endeavour to create a vast digital library has caused anti-trust and copyright concerns. Earlier this year, the US justice department said “the plan still confers significant and possibly anti-competitive advantages on Google as a single entity”.

According to the analysts, the arrival of e-book reading devices has been a blast for the book industry. The Kindle was a hit, selling 2.4m units, and own a market share of fifty-five percent (55%).

A US judge is still considering whether Google could be able to legally digitise millions of books. Earlier this year Google said Judge Denny Chin that he holds the key “to the greatest library in history”, and about twenty-eight (28) interested parties presented a confirmation to a fairness hearing over a proposed $125m (£83m) settlement that held between the Online Technology Specialist and the Authors Guild, that embodied tens of thousands of authors.

Though people were not sure if the Google’s court battle over its plan to digitise out-of-print books will hold up the launch date but Google has confirmed that Google Editions would not be affected by the firm’s existing legal troubles, and it will launch the e-bookshop within July.

As per Mr Stricker “Plans for Google Editions will happen independent of whatever the settlement agreement is”.

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