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Keyword data of Google™ offers huge benefits to businesses

The keyword data retrieved by the search engine of Google is bringing big benefits to businesses. Taking advantage of the next generation’s obsession with smartphones and mobile phones is a new application from Google – Mobile Keyword Tool. This tool provides comprehensive data on local, paid and other SEO based mobile searches which have grown over the past 2 years to five times. Your advent to the small screen is now better and easier with mobile advertising on Google. The keyword tool is updated to serve the purposes of two such tools that have been combined in making one new search keyword tool. The functions of search based keywords and the URL based search keyword tools are being combined to give you a single SEO based search engine.

The answer to the question as to what are the factors responsible for local search rankings is that among many other things it is the business category you are in, your location and the search terms that you use that will fetch results. For a location you better list your location for the available city on the search engine instead of the townships. The chances are better with a broader definition of your location. It is better to have yourself categorized than to have the keyword in your business name.

One of the most fascinating search services is the Google Trends. It is a service that online marketers, data enthusiasts, curious individuals and bloggers cannot do without. The self professed dedication of Google sets its own standards to its search engine. Google Trends is updated with daily data of search terms. It is an indispensable tool for the Internet marketers. Google Trends displays the search index for specific keywords. Along with this is the news reference where a particular keyword is analyzed for its occurrence in the news items. Apart from these two facilities, Google Trends also lists the top 10 searches in the US. It also lists search terms simultaneously for more than a single search term.

The latest search engine is Google Instant which allows more intense keyword searches. Understanding the target audience for these SEO based keyword searches only got better. Small businesses search under long tailing keywords which are SEO based results. Relevant and popular queries are offered according to the location of the searcher. You could use Google Scribe to figure out how to use Google Instant. It is very useful for people who want quick searches enabled. You need to understand as a search engine optimizer that what stage your searcher is in of his search. Once understood, it is easy to provide content for keyword based SEO searches.

How to Calculate blog traffic

If you are a blog writer then you know the importance of blog traffic. The revenue from a blog is dependent  on the blog traffic i.e. the number of readers visiting the blog site. Therefore it is essential for you calculate the blog traffic according to the amount of revenue that you would like to generate. Google is the only search engine that provides you a blog rate and also it calculates the popularity and visibility of blogs. Follow the steps given below to calculate the blog traffic.

Step 1:

You can calculate blog traffic through “BackLinks,” which is measured by the number of visitors or readers linking to the blog. The backlinks happen when they visit the blog site or read the blog; it will create more traffic and make a big impact on the popularity of blogs.

Step 2:

You can also calculate blog traffic by counting the number of pages. The number of pages refers to the number of articles published on the website or the number of posted articles. Number of pages is fully based on the content of the blog, so, you will have to post or create as much articles you can.

Step 3:

Last but not the least is the page rank of the blog. A page rank is determined by the number of links, if you have 100 links then you are on rank 3 and you need 10000 links to reach rank 5. The ranking of a page is numbered 1 to 10. So you can see that the number 1 is weakest and the number 10 is stronger.

Step 4:

We also recommend you to install Alexa tool bar on the system to know the blog traffic. It shows the popularity of the website with some fluctuating graphics. As Google is ranked number 1 and Wikipedia is ranked number 7 among the websites in world. But the problem with Alexa toolbar is that it can not be installed in Windows 7 and Vista so you can use Webandrank; it is also same as previous and very easy to use. You can also calculate the blog traffic by calculating the number of RSS feeds or subscribers you have. We also recommend you to use Quantcast tool to calculate the blog traffic, the main feature of the tool is that it shows the statistics of entire websites available not just your own website. You can calculate the traffic and also calculate the blog traffic. So these are the methods we know till now and what we got from internet, these are really helpful in calculation of blog traffic. You can easily compare the blog sites with millions of sites and know the ranking.

How to Avoid to Google Ban in SEO Strategies

Common complaints of webmasters or web-makers are the sudden disappearance of their own sites when search in search engines like Google. Some does not know any formal reasons why does a thing like that happened to their self-made sites.

To avoid such occurrence, we might need to first know important things that would lead us to a complete understanding of the issue.

Knowledge about SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process for driving quality traffic to a website and improving the volume – SEO Meaning and Strategy, definition.

Since 1990’s, SEO has been the integral part of internet marketing world and help achieve certain ethical practice that maintain its quality purpose traffic. Because of the increasing company competitions, the need of establishing an ethical practice must be followed in order to achieve the greater purpose of gaining a high rank in search engine and be able to have a great number of visitors to website.

The SEO proposes a strategic way to maintain a healthy website.

The first one is friendly. The friendly here is emphasizing through the quality and uniqueness of your web content. The second one is organic, becoming more intrinsic by taking responsible on your own creations and making.

And the most important but less valued is the devotion to guidelines.

The latter plays the most reason of having a website ban.

It was stated that the ban’s causes are categorized in two main reasons: dropping Google index and IP address has been blocked.

The first reason is categorized as a website ban.

The following tips are highly recommended to avoid the banning.

How to avoid ban:

Say ‘NO’ to website ban-

· “No to Spam” – spam is considered as an electronic junk mail and by excessively sending a large amount on this in the search engine would probably bring your website to its end.

· “No to outbound links” – excessive links like those on the outbound, with 100 pages or more, must be separated to different page. Take note also that in links, one must place only the relevant ones that correspond to your web themes.

· “No No Cloaking” – is the worst type. This is usually done by doing or creating one page for a search engine and another one for the users.

· “No to all inbound links” – not all inbound links are good to your site. Others might be harmful and can cause for the ban of your site because careless building links. Again, only get links that are relevant to web themes.

· “No to bad domains” – the word bad would always go after the word harmful. Therefore, one must never ever use such bad domain history for it could ruin your site.

· “No to unauthorized SEO software” – there are so many substitutions done in order to do things in a hassle-free manner such as engaging to those illegal programs that deeply violates the Google terms and conditions. Eventually, bringing your web to end.

How to avoid IP bans:

The second reason is categorized as for IP bans.

Say “NO” to IP ban-

· “No to unauthorized software” – engaging to an illegal act would really result to an unwanted ban. You have greatly violated the rules being implemented.

· “No to excessive searches” – this can cause great unwanted traffic that would tire up the Google search engine resulting to a ban recommendation.

· “No to excessive number of results” – this is similar to the earlier thought. You must start for at least 30-50 search results before going to a higher number.

· “No to malicious purpose” – use the Google with its main purpose and not by doing those illegal actions.

These are the tips to keep your precious website be at always available.

Ten Best Search Engine Optimization Secrets

In today’s age of Internet revolution, it is no hidden secret that every website owner is trying hard to stay on top of the search engine lists. Search Engine Optimization involves making use of certain important strategies that are of great use in making you retain your top position in the search engine ranking. The ultimate aim of any search engine would be to make the search relevant, genuine and fruitful for the browsing guest. There are a few important tricks to remember that might place you in a better position than your competitor and can even assist you in overtaking them and staking the top position in the Search Engine Market. Given below is a list of the top 10 search engine optimization strategies.

  1. The first important thing to remember is to optimize your website. For this you need to make provision for a title tag with some keyword in it. The title tag is very crucial in indexing your website. You also need to ensure that your important keywords appear in your title, content and meta tags.
  2. You need to pay more attention to improve your website qualitatively. Do not bother about quantitative upgradation. The content in your site must have something genuine and informative to offer to the guest browser. Your website must also be user-friendly. Clear navigation and uncomplicated layouts and fonts make your website user-friendly.
  3. Try to have exciting titles so that they can attract visitors. A little ingenuity makes a big difference in giving you good SEO rankings.
  4. You don’t have to invest a lot of time and effort in furnishing your information to search engines. Once you have ensured that the site is an exciting and informative one, the search engines will automatically spot it out.
  5. Avoid being a part of link farms which are web pages created exclusively to have several links. You do not have to be connected with these link farms in an attempt to beat competition. It might work contrary to your goal.
  6. Always try to step up your keyword density by bringing in your primary keywords several times on the webpage. This might have a wonderful effect in enticing the search engines as they would be able to clearly understand what your main keyword is on a particular web page.
  7. One important strategy to be always kept in mind is to make use of back links. This is the best manner to comprehend the importance of your site. Always try to create good quality links to your site pages from various other well ranked sites.
  8. Be prudent in avoiding search engines that do not exhibit search volume.
  9. Avoid using many images in your site as search engines cannot read images.
  10. Remember that a clean and fast website attracts more visitors. Do not make your site a bloated one by adding some unoptimized images. Make sure that your website includes optimizable webpage components.

The above mentioned 10 tips are some of the most important strategies to be kept in mind to make your search engine rankings soar to great heights.

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Making your newly designed website appear onto the first page of the search engine results is the most difficult way to enhance traffic to your website. Once you have launched your website and it gets indexed, it appears somewhere on the search engine pages when the topic niche is searched by a user. This seems easy, but bringing your website onto the first page of the search engine results is equally difficult. Nearly every major search engines uses certain algorithms which helps determine the specific rank of the websites in a search engine result page. Any and every website which satisfies the given criteria in these algorithms gets listed on the top of the result page. As a result, it gets extremely essential to design your entire website based on these search engine ranking strategies which are also termed as the Search engine optimization strategies. Here are a few major factors that are usually considered by the search engines while ranking the various websites.

Research your Keywords

Selecting the right keywords for your website is extremely essential. You need to decide the search queries for which you need to show up yourself on the web. Properly study the most common topics that people usually prefer to search on the web. You can use tools made available from Overture and Google to search the right keywords.

Consider points beyond the keywords

Once the keywords are selected, people focus only on them. However, it gets important that you also focus on the other most relevant niches. For instance, if you are a realtor and have selected your keyword based on real estates, then it is an additional advantage to optimize your website for florists, movie theatres, dentists, etc. This will help you draw a larger audience from all walks of life and interests.

Benefit of the end user

While designing a website, most of us start thinking of all possible ways to please the Google spiders. However, while doing this, we tend to forget about the benefits of the end users or the consumers, who are the Market King. Hence, you should include features and services those appeal to the common users. For instance, you should focus on the content, information, its quality, use of keywords, etc.

Customize all Titles and Descriptions

Tags are beneficial for your website, especially the Meta Description tags, Title tags, etc.

  • Title Tags: These are the most important SEO tags for all websites. Approx. 60 characters are supported by the Google for any title, where as Yahoo supports 110 characters. Hence, every page in your website should include a unique page Title.
  • Meta Description Tags: Previously were extremely essential but are no longer considered to be important. Some search engines still display a description while others don’t.

Create sitemap for your website

Search engines love sitemaps and so, it’s essential that you place a site map for your website.

Keep the navigation, website structure and also URL structure simple

Search engines usually cannot parse your navigation system if they contain flash animations or javascript. Hence it is extremely essential to stay close to the basic HTML designs.

How to Find a Bid Strategy for Adwords

There are lots of people who are not aware about the working and advantages of the campaigns that are offered by Adwords. This Google strategy is very much useful for the purpose of promoting your online business in a short period of time. Lots of individuals and companies now prefer this way of promoting their business in today’s time. It is a fact that working of Adwords is little confusing due to the presence of lots of complexities but in spite of this, the strategy is one of the most widely used advertising tactics across the world. Through the Adwords, you can easily get a lot of traffic towards your websites in terms of quality and quantity, by paying a small amount for displaying your ads on some other websites.

Following are some of the most useful instructions for the purpose of finding the best bid strategy for Adwords:

Lists of Keyword:

The very first thing that you must do is to develop a suitable SEO oriented list of keywords. You must choose those keywords that easily represent the targeted pages of your website along with the targeted audience. These lists of keywords are appeared along with the website’s link on the web pages of many other websites. When people click on these keywords and links, they are automatically directed to the page of your website. So, developing a good list of keywords is very much important for getting the quality traffic to your website.

Cost of Per Click Estimation:

It is very much necessary for you to make the Cost of per Click Estimation for the purpose of making the best strategy for Adwords. You can do this with the help of a tool named as “Adwords keyword tool”. This tool will help you to make a proper per month estimation relate to the cost of per click of some keywords. If you want to get more income through per click then you must use the list of efficient keywords so that lots of users can easily surf the pages of your website.

Development of Advertisement for Adwords:

The next step is to develop some suitable and simple but eye-catching advertisement for the Adwords campaign. You must place these ads to those websites from where you can get more targeted audience. But if the PR of the website is high then you will have to pay a lot for the Adwords promotion. So, you must be careful of all things. You must first look for the budget that you have and then try to make strategies according to your budget.

Information through Forums:

There are lots of online forums that provide suitable guidelines for the purpose of making an effective strategy for maximizing the profit through Adwords. Lots of people post their suggestions regarding the best way of making the suitable strategies for Adwords. You must visit these forums regularly because in this way, you can easily get suitable information regarding your Adwords’ strategy. By following these above instructions you can easily develop a good Adwords’ strategy.

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