Lately Google released a bunch of updates for its most popular and highly used search engine. This new update will enable you to see status of your flight, package delivery and hotel reservation right from the search engine. Sound confusing yet exciting? In an easy language, Google will act like your personal assistance of sorts, almost like Google Now. Filtering through your Google+ account, Gmail and Google Calendar, the search engine will bring relevant results from various services by Google.



For instance, by merely typing “When will my package arrive” Google will fetch out the details and provide you the accurate status of your package as well as where it’s at in the process of shipping.

What’s more? You can also get relevant up-to-date details about your upcoming flight. By typing “Is my flight on time” or “What is my gate number“, the search engine will quickly provide you the information.

The best part is to find the information you require, you don’t have to type in robotic phases or some specific sentences. You can simply say what you are looking for as naturally as you want. Google search now supports natural language input.

Not just this, Google will further enable you to find out your entire schedule for your next day by using unique search key like “what do I have going on tomorrow“. This functionality will significantly decrease your effort and save you from opening up your calendar or e-mail and find out the information you require. Even you can search for online purchases and Google+ Photos.

So, at this time, who all get to enjoy this new functionality in their browsers? Currently, the feature will initially be rolled out in English in the U.S.