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Malware update: a threat to industry companies

The fast growing technology is taking human civilization one step ahead in every moment. The daily updates and new inventions give a new hope to  mankind. Along with this malware and virus comes across with a ill motive to hinder the progress of daily routine works and positive progressions. Recently, a new attack has been confirmed and is now targeting on the industrial system specifically the SCADA.

What is the SCADA?

SCADA or supervisory control and data acquisition is a kind of industrial system which mainly monitor and control the overall system of industrial process.One of the industrialized companies is the Siemens Corporation.

The Siemens Group

The Siemens Corporation is a wide organization with so many branches that concerns mostly on technologies and its process. One of its specialized branch it the industry sector.

But just recently, the Corporation has experienced a great attack that threatens its business service as a whole.


Recent report has stated about a consumer on the Siemens Company that has been affected by the current industry type of worm attack. It has been added that the attack was uncertain and they will investigate about the severity of the damage by the attack.

This is a new type of worm attack that specifically made for industry control system. Although the worm has made its first move on an unidentified Iranian organization, the effects and the level of threat the worm will cause is still under observation.

This new type of worm is called “Stuxnet”.

A great trouble for all the industry specialized companies because of little information about the said worm. Aside from its previous recorded attacks, further information has yet to be unveiled. Although some experiments were done under some Virus experts, they didn’t confirmed that the issue is resolved yet.

How does it affect the system?

It steals information by hacking passwords with the aid of connecting to the main system of security of the industry’s operating system. It is termed to be a great business threat because it allows criminals to falsify and forge products being manufactured by the Companies.

Recent updates

The Microsoft Corporation has been reporting also of having this kind of attack on other parts of the world. It has been logged into the security system about the attempts of infection.


Companies like Siemens have taken its measures regarding the issues. Many consumer guidelines and advisory have been published in order to warn the consumers about this worm.

Some serious troubles regarding malware attacks over the web and into network communications have taken placed, but this is something new to the people and still does not have any background information regarding its origin and specifications aside from its serious attacking of industrial sectors.

Siemens Gets Attacked by Trojan

In the USA today, Siemens is strongly warning its users that Trojan, which is the name of a certain malware program is directly targeting PCS 7 as well as Simatic WinCC. This virus is further distributed with the use of USB memory sticks. The sad part is that it is very good at taking advantage of the present vulnerabilities of Microsoft security.

As reported, the malware has negative results on all of the Windows computers, especially from XP on up.

Unfortunately, merely one click in order to view the contents of a particular USB memory stick can actually end up activating the Trojan virus. This is why Siemens recommends its users to, as much as possible; avoid using a USB memory stick on multiple personal computers, especially those that are running the WinCC software.

The Virus

This malicious code has been named W32 or Stuxnet-B. It propagates through USB drives that have been infected with the malformed shortcut .lnk files. The code is activated when the user starts to insert the memory stick and then clicks to view the contents of that particular USB with the use of Windows Explorer or some other applications that gets to display the icons of the files.

Although it is true that its main aim is WinCC, it can still target any of the systems under Windows, as long as it is capable of accepting removable media. The code seems to rely largely on undisclosed vulnerability in how Windows .lnk files are handled.

Smart Malware

It is quite smart, actually, since it is well aware that it needs to bypass the readily installed Microsoft controls that make sure that drivers are to be signed digitally. Being a smart malicious code as it is, its creators made sure that it contained the digital signature of Realtek Semiconductor Corp. This way, it could gain all access entry.

With this virus up and coming on Siemens gadgets, the company decided to take all precautions in order to alert its loyal clients to the possible dangers of this aforementioned malware. The sales team has already been informed, and the company’s customer representatives will be speaking directly to the clients in order to fully and genuinely explain the given circumstances. As the first warning, Siemens tells their users to actively check their computer’s systems, especially ones that have been installed with WinCC.

To date, a trio of highly effective virus scan programs has already been recommended for systems that are under Siemens. They are, namely, Symantec, Trend Micro, and McAfee, which also happen to be the best virus scan programs in the entire market. Additionally, their latest versions or upgrades are also the best when it comes to successfully detecting Trojan.

Deploying such virus scan programs on Runtime environment can have some unexpected results. To date, these results are still being investigated fully in order for everyone to obtain further understanding on the matter. Still, experts are pretty much verbal in implying that approval will be issued very shortly.

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