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The Growing Nexus of Apple and Siri

There is good news for Apple iPhone users because Apple has acquired a brand new application. It is called as the Siri. I am sure most of you would know what exactly a Siri application is. Well, this application is nothing but voice recognition software that responds to the tasks given through voice commands. Just imagine yourself speaking to your phone and getting the answers and results from it without having to type in a text message. It is a very cool application and makes life much easier for the busy scheduled people.

Having a Siri application installed in your phone is just like having a personal secretary with you all the time. If you want to locate a nearby restaurant and you have nobody to guide you, just take your Apple iphone and utter “Where can I find the nearest restaurant?” The application, with the help of its algorithm grasps the voice and searches the internet that matches the relevant term. Here in the above example, the software would comply with the GPS application in order to give you the nearest location of the restaurant. It sounds just too good. Isn’t it?

It is not only about locating the restaurants or making use of the GPS connection with your voice. The utilities are unlimited in the sense that you can virtually do anything with this application. You can book the train tickets, flight tickets; plan the dates of a business meeting etc. This new application in the iPhone invariably makes your mobile a virtual personal assistant.

The sad thing is that Siri is available only in the United States. But it will be made accessible to all other countries in the next few years because Apple has purchased this technology and they are trying to globalize it in a larger scale. At present the Siri application comes only in iPhone and the iPad Touch. But this application will be soon coming in all the other Apple products in the near future.

This particular application is a revelation in the sense that businessmen need not depend on their personal assistants for such small tasks anymore. It is not only about the businessmen, all other Apple iPhone and iPad Touch users can make use of this wonderful application to great effect.

With its Chief Executive, Steve Jobs always on the hunt for making Apple iPhone the best in the Smartphone section with innovative and appealing technologies and applications, it is obvious that Apple will come up with even better features in the next years. One prime example is the company’s acquisition of the Intrinsity, one of the leading chip makers in the country for a whopping $121 million and in a few days it came up with the news that it has acquired the Siri as well just for the sake of improvement.

We do not know much about the Siri brand’s present state as a single stakeholder but it is sure to live long and strong until Apple uses this application in all its products.

Siri Has Been Bought Up By Apple

Apple is continuing to run ahead of the pack in the world of mobile devices. This is regardless of the increased competition from Motorola’s Droid. A big news item that shows how Apple is advancing comes from its latest acquisition. Apple has recently bought up the Siri mobile application development company.

The Siri application is a truly unique material that can work on one’s iPhone. What happens here is that a user can enter in a query through the application and get a response for a variety of different things. A person can get information on local restaurants, how to get a taxi cab in an area and what the weather will be in an area. Details on concerts, movie showtimes and other events where one is at can also be retrieved. A person can even get information on flights through the application.

It is an application that is especially receptive to different questions. A person can speak into one’s iPhone or enter in a question to the application. The application will then identify the query and then retrieve an answer. For example, a person can ask about what movies are playing at a movie theater that one lives near. Information on all movies playing at that particular theater and their show times will then be retrieved.

The program also works with preferences that a user has set up. These include preferences that relate to where a person lives and the time that has been set on the mobile device.

The application was developed through the Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes project that has been handled over the years by SRI International. The project itself was financed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. SRI has confirmed the transaction but is not saying much as to what is going on with the deal.

Today this application is available for free to iPhone and iPod Touch users. It has been available for free since it was first featured at the All Things Digital conference back in 2009.

It is not fully known as to what Apple plans on doing with the Siri application. Information on the value of the acquisition is not available either. However, this is the second news item that relates to acquisitions by Apple in two days. Apple acquired the Intrinsity chipmaker company a day before acquiring the Siri application. This is a transaction that is at least $120 million in value.

Apple does have enough money to work with this transaction though. Apple is reporting that it received more than forty billion dollars in cash at the end of its second fiscal quarter for the year. This is something that could be the sign that this may not be the last acquisition that Apple could be making in the near future.

This news item from Apple is a sign that the company is looking to continue to make forward strides in the world of technology. This is a transaction that shows how Apple is looking to add to the many features and functions that the iPhone and other mobile devices from the company can use.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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