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How to Create a Slideshow in Windows 7

Ever since the age of the digital camera, everyone is snapping photos left and right.  My computer is jammed with favorite memories.
It sure is a lot easier in the digital age than it was when you had to deal with the whole “drop film off, wait, pick film up, throw out the junk photos, and then stick the good shots in a box” era.  And let’s face it; all those photos stuck in a box are never really going to end up in a frame, are they?
So I love my digital camera, I can get rid of bad shots with a click.  But I just don’t seem to enjoy the good shots, any more than I did with the old process of cramming them in a drawer, a photo box, or even an album (huh?).  In fact, if I want to actually show someone my fantastic photographic skills, I have to log into my computer, pull up the file, click through each one, and my audience (although impressed) really does not enjoy standing behind me looking through twenty angles of me standing by Mickey Mouse in Disney World.

Present your past with Slideshows.
There must be a better way for me to show off my travels, my family, how photogenic I am, cute pet shots, and delightful scenery.  Well of course there is!  I can use my computer screen to have a running display of all of my worldly adventures by making a slide show of my favorite (and most flattering) photos.  It’s not hard to do and can even be fun.  In fact, if you have a child over the age of six, they could probably do it for you while you are out capturing more shots to show off.
How to Make a Slide Shot in Windows 7:

  1. The first thing to do is organize.  Go through the photos in your computer – discard any duplicates or poor shots and sort them into files.  (Vacation, kids, pets, etc.)
  2. Then decide if you ant to have a “themed” slide show, or one with a mixture of various events, people, scenes.
  3. If you want just vacation shots running along your screen, fine – then that’s the file you will use.  However, if you want a mixture, pick the shots you want as your part of your show and create separate file of those photos.  Label it “Screen Slide Show 2010” or whatever name will help you identify it easily.
  4. Open your Start screen and go to Control Panel.  In the search section type Desktop Background, and then click on Change Desktop Background.
  5. Find the file of the pictures you want to include as your personal slide show.  All of the pictures in that file will be included as your background show, so make sure you want each one displayed.  If there is one or two you don’t want, just clear the check box by those photos.
  6. Go to “Change Picture Every…” to indicate how quickly you want the pictures to advance.
  7. If you want the picture to appear in a random order, simply click “Shuffle”.

That’s it.  Now you can enjoy your memories and show them off with ease!

Windows 7 Desktop-Slideshow of Pictures

After the failure of Vista, when Microsoft came up with Windows7 they took care that user will love it as soon as installation completes. This might be the same reason why they even made installation interface so easy to understand and operate. As you as you take a look at Windows 7 you notice beautiful wallpaper on the desktop and appreciate it. You browse through My Computer as curiosity and return to desktop to find out the wallpaper has changed. Don’t get surprised because it also one of the astonishing picture that Windows 7 provide.

Many users of Windows7 have confirmed that what has catch their site and mind is the slideshow feature of the desktop more than features like HomeGroup or flashy new taskbar. You can even save and share that slideshow so that your family members or friends can watch it. It is good remedy to the online posting of photos where privacy issue gets more importance than a beautiful picture. There are various ways with which you can decorate your desktop. You can add new themes or can edit current ones and many more. Before that let’s understand how we can personalize desktop.

To adorn your desktop you have to access the personalize menu. It can be done by using right-click on desktop and accessing ‘Personalize’ from list of features that appears. There you will find two ways to change desktop. There you will find two ways. One is to choose theme. Loading a theme can result in number of changes to your desktop. Each theme is associated with the set of pictures. These pictures will appear like a slideshow with definite interval of time. Along with the picture theme will also change desktop color and startup sounds. Instead if you chose another way which is desktop background you pick up the simpler way in which you have to select a picture or a group of pictures and set time interval with which they will appear.

If you get tired after some days by looking at those same themes then well Windows7 have made precision for it. You can get new themes online. What you have to do is go into personalize tab and scroll down where you will find an option get new themes online. Click on that option which will lead you the Microsoft website. There you will find various themes categorized as per there types. Above all these themes can be downloaded free of cost. After downloading if you like the theme you can save it or discard it. If you save it will appear in the ‘My Themes’ tab.

There is good news for users that they can create their own theme. What you have to do is go into personalization tab and make a set of pictures you want to include into slideshow. You have to keep in mind that at a time you can select pictures only from one folder. You can set them in slideshow by defining a time span. It will be called unsaved theme and saved at the top of the list. File size will grow with the addition of pictures.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003