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Gadgets launched at CES 2011

At the 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), several new gadgets such as laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, televisions, operating systems, and more, were launched. Acer introduced the innovative dual touch screen ICONIA notebook. The Acer ICONIA notebook has the Windows 7 operating system, virtual keyboard, SocialJogger, Gesture Editor, and many more advanced features.

At CES 2011, Dell introduced the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible tablet. It has a 10.1-inch touchscreen which can be detached to convert it into a tablet computer. Dell Inspiron Duo is powered by the Intel Atom N550 processor and the screen has a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. It has 2GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB SATA hard disk drive, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, and Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. In the original position it is a regular netbook with a full keyboard. On detaching the screen it converts into a tablet with touch screen. It has four-cell battery, which offers back up for four hours.

Samsung Series 9 Notebook will compete with the Apple MacBook Air laptop. The new ultra-portable 13.3-inch Samsung Series 9 Notebook runs on the Windows 7 operating system.  This laptop features a 128 GB SSD, the Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 13.3-inch LED HD screen, HDMI ports, USB 3.0, Ethernet, headphone output, two speakers of 1.5 Watt, etc.

Acer® Announces Iconia smart phones and tablet PCs

Acer like many other manufacturers is adopting the Android Honeycomb operating system in a big way. AT the MWC 2011 the Honeycomb based Iconia A100 and A500 were announced. Apart from these two tablets, a large display based smartphone, the Iconia Smart, was also announced. The third tablet, the W500 was released in Europe, however running the AMD Fusion and the Windows Phone 7 OS, also comes with a docking station. The A100 and A500 have the Tegra 2 processor and runs on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.

The Iconia Smart has a 4.8-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1000 x 850 pixels. Using a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the smartphone sports a front facing 2 mega pixel camera. It also sports an 8 mega pixel LED Flash camera at the back. The Iconia Smart runs the Android 2.3 OS and has features of HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR for connectivity.

The Iconia A100 is an Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, with a 7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen. It uses the NVIDIA GeForce GPU, offering 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services. The Acer Iconia A100 uses the NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU and includes the USB 2.0 port. A 2 megapixel front – facing camera and a 5 megapixel camera, on the back, are available on the tablet. It also has 8 GB storage space. It also consists of dual speakers.  The device will be available in Wi-Fi and 3G versions. Like the A500, the A100 is also scheduled to come to Verizon, 4G LTE network, slated to be released in April this year. The most unique feature of the A100 is the Acer’s Zones software. With the tapping of the touch screen, gaming, multimedia, reading, or social networking, brings up menu screens, with lists of apps that fit each category, such as an e-reader and magazine store in the Reading Zone, and themed wallpaper like a set of book shelves in the background. An attractive social jogger in the form of a graphical wheel allows access to your contacts’ social feeds.

The Iconia A500 tablet has Android 3.0 version with a larger screen in its 10.1 inch capacitive multi-touch screen display. It uses a customized Acer User interface, powered by Tegra 2 processor. It also consists of NVIDIA GeForce GPU, a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera and a front facing web cam, 1 GB RAM and 16 or 32 GB of storage space. The Iconia A500 will be made available through the Verizon 4G LTE network. It also consists of Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth.

The W500 however, in Europe, is also available with a docking station / keyboard, housing a single USB port and an Ethernet connection. This 10.1 inch multi-touch slate is powered by the AMD C-50 processor and has the AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphics processor. The operating system is Windows Phone 7.

iPhone® launched for customers of Verizon

With the launch of the much awaited iPhone for the subscribers of Verizon, analysts are making statements regarding the likely sales percentage of Verizon and whether it will be able to sustain the market pressure or not. Chief market analyst Mike Abramsky has forecast that the Verizon version of iPhone should sell around one million units in the first week of its launch itself. The analyst from RBC Capital also believes that at such a huge demand for the Verizon models, it might get out of stock soon. This forecast, however, varies from analyst to analyst, with some seeing the sale numbers for the Verizon model crossing two million.

Verizon became the second carrier for the Apple iPhone. It is a CDMA version of the AT&T iconic smart phones. The main reason behind Verizon selecting the CDMA version is that it does not wish to make changes in the iPhone network functionality as this will be required to carry forward LTE network. The price band kept for the CDMA phone is $199 for the 16 GB model and $299 for the 32 GB device with a contract for two years. The Verizon set of CDMA phones also will facilitate Wi-Fi connections with the option to connect to five different devices at the same time. The data plan that is to be provided for these sets is $15 and $30 per month for unlimited services.

Analysts feel that the affordable price band will attract more customers. It would be interesting to see if the Verizon phones are able to keep up with the expectations of New Yorkers that is visible with the crowding of the Verizon mobile stores. How good the CDMA sets perform depends on how well the phone are made to compete with other brands.

How to Build Your Own Wireless Network Connection Manager

Wireless adaptors are being used more than the native Ethernet adaptors because of the increasing popularity of wireless networks, portable devices like laptops, netbooks, wireless printers, smart phones etc. Computers being sold these days already have a wireless card installed in them, which is used to be an optional device a few years back. Along with the wireless adaptors comes a disk to install the driver and software for the device. Every wireless card manufacturer has its own way to control the device and has many features in it. Sometimes the interface of these wireless connection managers is very hard for the users to understand and tweak, and sometimes the options and the settings in the connection manager become a hurdle in the smooth operation over the network as they might conflict with other network software.

Generally, people continue using the connection manager provided by the manufacturer, thinking that there could not be an easy way out. In this post I will tell how to let the very simple connection manager provided by Windows take control of the wireless device and manage it. Every version of the Windows operating system which has the capability to control wireless adaptors has got an inbuilt connection manager which works with any card type. You just need to enable the same and the standard features of this connection manager make the tasks very easy and simple.

Let us see how to make your own wireless connection manager in the Windows operating system.

Step 1: Click on the Start button and then click on Run. In the Run box type ‘CMD’ and press ‘Enter’. If Run is not available in the Start menu then just click on the ‘Start’ button and type ‘CMD’. This will list Command Prompt in the results which then you need to click upon.

Step 2: Type the following command in the command prompt without quotes. “netsh wlan show settings”.

Step 3: If your Windows wireless connection manager is not enabled, you will get the following line in the result of the command executed in Step 2 “Auto Configuration logic is disabled on interface Wireless Network Connection”.

Step 4: Type and execute the following command “set autoconfig enabled=yes interface =”Wireless network connection””.

Step 5: Exit the command prompt

Step 6: Click on the Start button and open the Control Panel.

Step 7: In Control Panel open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 8: In Network and Sharing window you will find an option on the left “Manage Wireless Networks” – click on it.

Step 9: Here in this window you will get options to scan for networks and connect to them. Do the same and then double click on the icon of the wireless connection and make other necessary settings in the configure window.

These were some easy steps to let Windows Wireless Connection Manager take control of the installed wireless card. This automatically disables the manufacturer’s connection manager. Windows Wireless Connection Manager has a standard interface and it can be easily configured to save the security keys, SSID, and auto-connect settings of any wireless network available.

Microsoft’s Kin re-branded for release on Verizon

Microsoft’s brand pseudo smart phones are back at Verizon, this time sporting an M appendage to their names and what looks like better pricing across the board, the Kin ONEm will set you back a cent under 20 $ with a two year contract whereas the TWOm costs just under 50 $ but it is also subject to buy one get one free offer.

Some of readers will remember the Microsoft Kin one and Kin two smart phones that were cancelled a few months ago, duo to lack of demand well it seems they have reappeared and now available from Verizon wireless.

Both of the phone Kin ONEm and Kin TWOm are designed for social media, the Kin ONEm features a circular style design with a touch screen display with resolution of 320 x 240 with five mega pixel camera, the ability to record VGA video and 4GB of built in storage, also a slide out Qwerty keyboard.

The Kin TWOm comes with a touch screen display and a 480 x 320 pixel resolution with eight mega pixel camera, you can record HD video in 720p, and it comes with a single out QWERTY keyboard and has 8GB of in built storage.

Verizon is a wireless phone provider that owns and operates the largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States; it is based on a total of around 93 million. US subscribers only 0.4 million ahead of the second largest provider.

Verizon wireless is one of the two major U.S carries to use CDMA technology the other bring being Sprint Nextel. It invests $8 billion annually to maintain and expand its nationwide CDMA network, Verizon offers voice services as well as 3G data services such as wireless broadband based on EV-DO Rev A text and picture messaging, over the air downloadable applications and content from it’s media center also known as Get it Now, service video on demand in the form of V Cast which allows customers to download and view video content location based services and push to talk.

Review of Samsung Wave II

Samsung is known for its new innovations in technology. Now in the specific mobile handset and computer market the competition is really high and we have seen lots of products launched in recent times. We have seen launch of Blackberry’s smart phones in last weeks and now the Korean giant has decided to launch new models. There is a great competition among the cell phone manufacture companies nowadays. It is normal to see launch of new range of products every week. Samsung is very popular in handset market and already it has big share in handset market. It has also launched mobile phones with Android OS. Android OS is getting huge popularity due to its highly user friendly features and compatibility with unlimited applications.

Ten days ago, Samsung launched its new mobile phone Wave II with 3.7 inch super clear LCD.

Bigger display with advanced camera

It has some upgraded features like it has bigger display and powered with Samsung’s smart phone platform, bada 1.2. It is also powered with 5 mega pixel camera with great clarity, useful for professional photographers with its new bigger display.

Downloading feature

The downloading features are also very attractive, and it supports 3G services and Wi-Fi for fast download. Samsung Wave II has also cool features like face detection and smile detections and you are capable to record 700p HD video.

Super Clear LCD

You will see all new features in this new wave II phone like; it has 3.7-inch, 800 x 480 pixel touch screen which is based on different technology than the AMOLED display found in the original Wave. It has Super Clear LCD; it has a touch sensitive surface that is layered directly on the main display with no layer of air between them, like Super AMOLED. But the similarity is, it still requires a backlight. Visit Samsung website and you will find more info about this new model, they also said that the new LCD is thinner than conventional TFT LCD and the clarity is better than regular screens. It also improves the brightness, color strength and resistance to reflection.

Unlimited Audio and Video support

If you are looking for a good smart phone which is capable of playing unlimited type of audio and video format; the phone can play video in following formats like DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, Real, MKV, ASF. The music player is pretty cool and it powered with Sound Alive EQ support and also you can record FM radio.

On screen QWERTY Keyboard

The typing feature is also interesting; it works like Swype technology, user can trace words from on-screen QWERTY keyboard. You can also download more than 1000 application from the Samsung app store.

Samsung hummingbird processor

If you think about the processor speed then you just do not have to worry, it has 1 GHz Samsung hummingbird processor. Processing speed is pretty cool and you will find this all new Samsung Wave II smart phone a cool stuff to have. We are very sure that the new Samsung Wave II smart phone will make a big impact in smart phone market.

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