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A Smart TV with Smart Remote by Intel

Intel has done a great job in the development of the smart TV remote which you can use with your smart TV. The smart TV remote that was introduced by Intel at the annual association for advancement of artificial intelligence can sense the person who is using the remote. It has got some special sensors that can detect the moments of your hand and keep the record of how you use the remote. The remote keeps a tract of your usage of the remote and saves it in its memory. When the next time you take the remote in your hands it can recognize you. The records are made according to the way you press the buttons and the moments you are involved in while using the remote.

How the Remote Works

The accelerometer technology is used in the smart remote made by Intel. The accelerometer actually help shift the screen to the position that a person can easily view. The accelerator collects the information about the motion of the users. It can also tell whether the remote was picked by the right hand or the left hand. Then the accelerator analyzes for how much duration was the button pressed by the user, and was it pressed in a soft manner or a harsh manner. Then the information sent by the accelerator is passed on to the algorithms that analyze different patterns for different users.

Testing by the Intel Researchers

Intel researchers have made several experiments in order to analyze the results and check if the technology is working well or not. Most of the results were good and the remote was able to identify the user using it.

The Intel researchers tested results with hundreds of families. They gave the remotes to the families who consisted of four to five family members and told them to use it turn by turn for a period of more than one week or even a month.

They varied the accuracy of the remote according to the nature of the test. Most of the accuracies varied from 70% to 80% and some were even above it. They gave the people the instructions to properly use it and record their results.

Intel researchers still look for more qualities that can be added to the remote like finding the area of the interest of the person who is using it. The remote can automatically play the game for you that you play most often or it can find the channel for you that you watch more.

But there is a lot more that Intel’s researchers are looking forward to. They have done great job in combining the smart remote with smart TV. Most of their results were good enough and up to the mark. The Intel researchers are still doing more experiments on such devices by using new and different technologies. I think it’s an innovative idea to combine a smart remote with your TV. The remote will minimize your work and you will feel more comfortable.

Google, Intel, Sony Prep ‘Smart TV’ Platform

At the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, industry leaders announced the development of new “Google TV”. This application has emerged as a new dimension in the television viewing experience that adds the power of web to your television sets. Although it is known as Google TV, is actually a joint venture of Google, Intel and Sony to develop a new Internet enabled “Smart TV” platform.

Details on this new technology have not been disclosed, which will be employed on set top boxes, TVs and other necessary devices. Sources have stated that it will be powered by Google’s Android operating system and run on a renewed version of Intel’s Atom chip, while Sony is put down for illuminating the plan to combine web services into its televisions.

This Smart TV is about to bring a revolutionary change in this competitive market of televisions, specially for Sony which is currently facing a half billion dollars loss in its consumer products and devices division due to the pricing pressure on its Bravia LCD televisions. At the same time, Sony is also offering support to assure the solid growth of this new platform. They are planning to introduce the first model in the U.S. market in the fall 2010. According to Howard Stringer, Chairman, President and CEO, Sony Corporation: Our company is happy about this unique alignment of Android platform with Sony’s incomparable capability in the field of TV design and technology.

It is assumed that a TV model, set top box type unit with an integrated Blu-Ray disc drive will be assembled together in the Google TV. The set top boxes and Blu-Ray players with Google TV technology will be sold separately as well. The set top boxes are manufactured by Logitech. Logitech also plans to manufacture an HDTV camera for video chat on Google TV, as well as other peripheral devices i.e. remote control software for Smartphone etc. It is also mentioned that normal TVs connected to a Google box will also let people to access the web and download applications.

Intel is playing a vital role on this whole project as they are providing both silicon and software to the Internet enabled TV project, something they have been working for quite a long time. The Intel Atom CE4100 processor will power both the Sony and Logitech devices. During the company’s annual conference with analysts and financiers, CEO, Paul Otellini advertized the ability of these microprocessors to make smart TVs, stating that the television revolution is going to get through the biggest single change in television since it went color. Experts believe that Intel is going to be benefited by this project to a large extent as it is considering expanding its marketing goal beyond personal computers. Although some of the experts are also considering the Intel’s previous history of not doing well outside their core market.

Smart TV project will also provide huge opportunity to the developers as Google announced that Google TV software development kit (SDK) and web APIs for TV would be soon released. It will encourage the developers to create unique applications for this Smart TVs.

Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249
Call Now: +1 315-226-4249