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CES 2013: It’s all about cool gadgets and hot tech

If you live and breathe tech, then you must be one of them who are surely making to Las Vegas to experience this year’s biggest Consumer Electronics Show. But if you are still making up your mind and looking out for a sneak peek as to what CES offers this year, then we have jotted down a list of top 5 technology-powered gadgets that are rumored to debut during CES 2013 – the biggest U.S. trade show of the year.

Though smartphones and tablets remain the show shoppers during this year’s CES, thanks to their growing popularity, other gadgets that plan to dot the show are camera-equipped vacuum cleaners, internet-connected smart TVs, Wi-Fi smartcameras that can instantly upload your photos to Facebook, and mobile apps that promise to keep you connected.

Here’s the list of top 5 gadgets that will put the show on fire:

Samsung’s ‘Unprecedented’ TV

Though the Korean giant has not yet confirmed the launch, but rumors abuzz that the company will launch its new prototype TV during the show. Samsung recently teased the image of this TV on its blog, describing it as “A true innovation of TV design is coming up with a unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design.”

Sony Xperia Z

Forget smartphones, CES 2013 will allow us to get our hands on new superphones that are built with quad-core technology. As of now, the rumor mill is quite live about Sony launching its Android smartphone – the Xperia Z – during CES 2013. The smartphone is said to offer 5-inch 1080p displays, powered by quad-core processor with 12-megapixel camera.

Moneual’s Touch Table PC

Moneual, a Korean company, is all set to display their technology-powered restaurant-style table that will allow users to use its touchscreen interface to browse menus, order foods, and also pay the bill directly from the table.

Samsung Robotic Vacuum

Samsung has revealed the images of its latest robotic vacuum cleaner, hinting its debut during the upcoming consumer show. Though a lot of have been kept under the wraps, it is said to feature the “world’s first” pop-out brush that will boost up its efficiency by providing it with upgraded dust removal capability for corners.

Y-cam HomeMonitor

The CES 2013 will witness the launch of the first-ever home monitoring solution that offers both indoor as well as outdoor Wi-Fi-enabled installations and offer true cloud-based viewing and recording. HomeMonitor offers ‘plug & play’ secure cloud camera service that enables people to easily monitor their loved ones and belongings from anywhere. With this Wi-Fi-enabled device, users can now see and store events securely on the cloud and ensure that their house is safe while they are traveling.

Create a perfect work-life balance in 2013 with dual-identity smartphones

Year 2013 will be a trending year for dual-identity smartphones that will give you the privilege of keeping your business life separate from your personal life. To meet the security challenges posed by BYOD (bring your own device) policies that more and more companies are adopting, a number of mobile giants are building newer smartphone software that will offer the ability to separate your personal and corporate data on the same device.

Pioneering with BlackBerry 10 handset in January 2013, the dual-identity smartphone technology will soon be rolled out by a number of other manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, and Motorola for their Android devices.

BlackBerry 10 smartphones, through ‘BlackBerry Balance’ technology, will allow you to easily connect to the world of information as well as stay close to your friends while easily switching between your personal and professional life. The new revolutionary technology will allow you to keep your work e-mails, contacts, and apps separate from your personal mails and contacts, thus combining the power of two handsets in a single device.

A swipe and tap is all that it will take to switch gears. A simple swipe down from anywhere on the home screen will let “Work” and “Personal” buttons appear on the display and a simple tap will allow you to switch from one profile to the other. The sole intention of this dual-identity smartphone technology is to help businesses secure their confidential data while letting employees use their personal handsets at work.

This new technology had created a lot of buzz in the technology world and if the latest smartphone surveys are to be believed, the dual-identity smartphones will have a widespread popularity, allowing users to protect their data not only from hackers, but also from their partners.

Android™ apps with Ads in Question

According to a recent survey conducted by the North California State University, it has been found that libraries with in-application advertisements that come up with Android apps can prove fatal to the security of mobile phones.

The researchers said that sometimes this software go overboard and make connection with the Internet by fetching the required applications of the user. Dr, Xuxian Jiang and his team examined 10,000 apps from Google Play to disclose the fact that around 50 per cent of the apps can pose a security risk. These apps had libraries which are designed to track down the GPS location of the user. Some among them were also capable of passing the data back to the advertiser, while some of them can get hold of users’ phone numbers, call logs, and other apps used by them.

These apps are safe for the time being as their only motive is advertising. But according to the researchers, this method can pose as a lurking danger as the permission to install the app as do the ad libraries.
The danger is evident and can be prevented only if the permission rights are altered. The smartphone OS manufacturers also need to fill up the security holes to prevent unauthorized access of smartphones from malicious programs after downloading any app.

Smartphones at one penny: Amazon® Black Friday 2011 Sale

After AT & T priced its phones at one penny as part of an offer for the coming Black Friday, Amazon too is following the suit. Now a single penny can buy you Samsung Galaxy S II Epic and Blackberry Torch. Amazon is also offering the same offer on all its smartphones from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. This offer is available as part of the “Penny Pincher Sale“. If you are a penny pincher yourself, this offer is just for you!

And the good news does not end here, those who pick a hotspot capable phone and choose a mobile hotspot data plan get a $100 Amazon gift card. However, this deal is only for new subscribers. If you already have a deal with them, then better luck next time.

You can get all updates on Amazon Black Friday Sale 2011 on Amazon’s official website. This sale also includes two day free shipping. But iPhone and T-Mobile phone lovers will be disappointed. Though the offer is available on dozens of phones, iPhone and T-Mobile phone have been left out of this scheme.

This sale is sure to give Google an edge over its arch rival Apple. As on 4th October, Apple has activated 250 million iOS devices. However, Google claimed during its recent launch of Google Music that it has more than 200 million Android devices that are active throughout the world. The one penny sale will definitely help Google till Apple comes with a new plan.

But whether it’s Apple or Google, this sale is an offer no one would want to miss. For any customer, buying a smartphone in just one penny is definitely a lure. The offer ends on November 28th.

Apps beat browser and voice in mobile device usage survey

There is no doubt that smartphones and tablets will break all records when it comes to the downloading of apps. Surveys by Zokeim, a mobile search firm, indicate the same. Apps are definitely popular and are many times more in use than voice or browsing. While Gartner reports 33 percent Android usage, 31 percent Symbian usage, 16 percent Apple iOS, 14 percent RIM, 3 percent Windows and 3 percent other, surveys in India show differently. 29 percent claim to be using Symbian, 13 percent claim to be using Windows, 7 percent use BlackBerry, 6 percent Android, and 3 percent use Apple iOS.

However, even in India, 47 percent users download apps for their smartphones as per the LD Mobile Usage Survey of 2010, as against 52 percent who probably don’t download apps on their mobile phones. India and China collectively added 300 million mobile subscriptions in 2010.

Interestingly, International Telecommunication Union, Strategy Analytics, IDC, and other international survey organizations, seem to think that mobile Internet will overtake the PC, that is, web access via laptops and smartphones will overtake desktop web in the next five years. Other surveyors and generally worldwide all of them confirm that Asia and China, principally will over the coming years be the dominating force in mobile web applications.

During this period, mobile advertising, mobile marketing and mobile app sales are expected to rule the roost as far as services are concerned. Worldwide be it Japan, or China, or Europe or the US or India and/or China, apps are going to be the biggest usage areas in mobiles.

Windows® Phone 7 will sync to Mac®

Microsoft has officially declared that a product will be released by them for permitting Windows Phone 7-based smartphones to sync content with Apple Macintosh computers. The Zune software is required for syncing information between Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and computers. However, Microsoft makes only the PC version for the application.

Phones which are based on Windows Phone 7 were the first to offer an iTunes type experience for the Windows users. All photos, media, videos and music may be synchronized between the phone and the Zune software. Moreover, Zune offers the service subscription which permits the subscriber to access eight million to ten million songs.

If Microsoft prepared a full version for its Zune software, it will offer Mac owners who purchased Windows Phone 7-based smartphones the type of experience they will get with the iPhone, and in addition a service for subscription music, which cannot be found at Apple iTunes Store. In addition, the measure could gain some converts with respect to Microsoft’s media player Zune that has a two percent market share in comparison to Apple’s iPod line that has more than seventy percent of the share. Windows Phone 7 will commence networks at first on GSM only such as AT&T, which is contemplating the launching of three types of smartphones in the month between November and December, and then it will be found on networks like Verizon during the ensuing year and in this manner Windows Phone 7 will sync with Macs.

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