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Share photos in a snap with Facebook® camera app

Popular social networking platform Facebook has announced the release of its Facebook Camera photo application for iPhone. The app allows Facebook users to share many pictures simultaneously instead of having to post them one at a time to the social network.

How Facebook camera app works

The Facebook camera app works similar to Instagram, which has been acquired recently by the social networking platform, but through a different interface. Once the user signs in, the app offers news feed which only contains photos, alongside a camera/photo upload ‘quick-menu’ across the top. A tap on the top menu expands it to full screen, at which point the user can scroll through all his photos. From there, the user can either take a new picture, or select one or many to upload on its Facebook profile. The Facebook camera app also allows the users to make basic edits to the photos such as filtering, cropping, adding tags, etc. The user can comment on, tag, or ‘Like’ photos, but the app does not yet allow the user to save photos taken by others. Secondly, there is no option for uploading video on Facebook profile as well for time being.

From where to get the Facebook camera app

If you wish to install this photo sharing app on your iPhone, you can grab it from Apple’s App Store. For more details on Facebook camera app, visit the official page of this app on Facebook.

News and image source: Facebook


Google™ integrates more Google™ + features into Gmail

Google’s development team behind Gmail has modified the web version of the popular e-mail client Gmail to include more Google+ information within the user interface. For instance, when a user searches for a specific e-mail address in Gmail, the Google+ account associated with the e-mail address will now appear at the top of the search results.

Other Google+ features integrated

The search results include a Google+ profile picture, a direct link to the Google+ account connected to the search and a button that allows the user to assign the subject of the search to a Google+ circle. Assuming the user connected to the searched e-mail address has authorized these methods of contact, it will also include links to their e-mail address, text or video chat in addition to a phone number.

Improved circle integration and circle search

The development team has also added rules regarding searching for specific e-mail conversations within circles. Simply by typing “circle:[circle name]” in the search box along with some terms, a Gmail user can isolate e-mails that are limited to that specific set of people within the circle. Gmail users can also apply filters to specific circles. For instance, a user could automatically assign the star value to all e-mails received from a family circle in order to highlight important e-mails from family members. Alternatively, a user could automatically delete all e-mails that are sent from Google+ users they have added to a “Crazy Exes” circle. To know more about the Google + features that have been injected into Gmail, click here.

News source: Gmail blog

How to get a piece of Facebook®?

Popular social networking platform Facebook is going public today. Everyone on the Earth want a piece of its share, but when and how to get it is the main deterrent. Here is how you can qualify yourself to be a part of Facebook’s shareholder meetings.

Financial experts’ view on Facebook IPO

The Facebook IPO is slated to go public today. New investors can potentially buy around 421 million shares of the social networking site at $38 a pop. But, according to financial experts, purchasing shares at an IPO, especially a ‘hot’ one that has been widely hyped, is a risky step. There are chances of Facebook becoming the next Google or Apple, but there is also a scenario where it simply does not and ends up more like Yahoo! But this is what share market is about. So, if you are ready to take the risk, you should take a plunge.

Way to Facebook boardroom

Here is how you can buy shares of Facebook, and why is it okay even if you do not succeed. Check the video below for more tips on buying Facebook shares.


Facebook® proposes further changes to privacy policy

Facebook has announced that it intends to make further some changes to its privacy policy in order to respond to an audit by the Irish government. This move has been seen as an inadequate attempt to subdue privacy concerns prior to Facebook’s planned initial public offering by privacy advocates.

Will there be any major changes?

The proposed changes, which the company put out for public comment this weekend, do not indicate any major shifts in its policy. A major part of the document clarifies how Facebook is using the data of its users. The company has also updated the policy to reflect newer features, such as cover photos.

The proposed changes are not final. A document highlighting the proposed changes can be viewed on the official website in PDF form, along with an explanation of the changes. Facebook is asking for user feedback and will host a web question-and-answer session about the changes on May 14 at 9 a.m. Pacific time.

According to privacy analysts, once Facebook goes public, it will be under pressure to generate more revenue and will probably resort to selling personal information for targeted advertising to accomplish that goal.

LinkedIn® to acquire SlideShare™

The social networking platform for professionals LinkedIn is all set to acquire the content-sharing site SlideShare for US $119 million in a move designed to boost the content available to its members. The buyout will enable LinkedIn users to utilize SlideShare’s popular presentations feature.

Functionality of SlideShare

SlideShare portal allows its users to publicly or privately upload presentations, which can be embedded on blogs, websites, company intranets, and shared across social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so the two companies are not new acquaintances.

LinkedIn, which recently launched an iPad to provide more uses for business networkers, will pay US $53.4 million in cash for SlideShare, with the remaining amount being made up with stock.

According to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, SlideShare is the perfect fit for LinkedIn. “Presentations are one of the main ways in which professionals capture and share their experiences and knowledge, which in turn helps shape their professional identity,” he said.

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