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SohoOS Unveils SMB Version of page is all about ‘learning about you’ from your page. Your page comes handy, when business prospects visit your website or  webpage. It is all about personal branding. SohoOS is an Israeli start-up company, making available a free and friendly business management solution for small and medium businesses. This solution covers many aspects of a small business in a single platform. SohoOS offers a range of primary tools needed for the SMB to help the business grow and succeed. The SaaS based solution offers free and customizable business management tools which are cloud based, also with many networking capabilities.

With a funding of $1.25 million and a series A funding of $1.75 million, the start-up company and their offerings, in the cloud computing arena, seem to propose an interesting application. Anticipating a good business opportunity on the anvil, Mangrove Capital Partners, a Luxembourg-based venture capital firm, has taken keen interest in SohoOs’s Small Business Management Suite, and invested $1.75 million.

Over the last year, over 20,000 businesses have registered themselves, and seem to be using the platform very comfortably since commencement and launch. The total package and service presently, is offered free of charge, barring certain value added features like bulk SMS, VoIP services, etc. These also are on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. In fact, SohoOS already has an interesting and unique iPhone application due to be released very early in several languages.

Similar to the page concept, SohoOS has introduced a option. You can create a profile of yourself very easily with innovative features like embedding your logos, links to social networks, customizable themes, etc. besides the conventional contact details, as required.

SohoOS has an impressive set of online tools, including project management, CRM, invoicing, payment processing and reporting, and all that for free. The page also has a built-in contact form. That needs automatic population of the CRM account of the customer for future contact, the moment the customer inputs his information.

This innovative option of having a full-fledged business management solution, free of cost, in a very expensive and competitive era today, in the massive economic slump situation being faced, will definitely bring in large returns for this cloud based concept. The plethora of features with fax, SMS, VoIP, mobile apps, payment processing facilities, e-mail, CRM and a range of innovative options, are all set to make SohoOS very popular. Some of the features that SohoOS needs to correct include a wizard shortened URL and optimization with commendable rankings on Google.

Experts:Gradual fall in the content creation for social networks

Content creation is the term associated with web serving. It is the content available on websites, uploaded on the server. The worldwide adoption of the social networking websites is continuously increasing. If we compare the data of past few years, we find that there is a gradual fall in content creation for social networking sites. This shows the lack of new ideas and awareness among people. Apart from this, the other forms of social network interactions have no significant growth in past years. These are the facts based on recent studies on the data collected from a number report.

Forrester Research is a market research company which uses its independent technology and Jacqueline Anderson is the Insights Analyst in the company. According to Jacqueline Anderson, the Content Creation is being on gradual fall on Social Networks. The data collected from the various networking sites called the technographics data proves that the progress rate of content creation on the social networking sites is progressing at a very slow rate. The Social Technographics data can play a vital role in understanding the gist behind it. Certain social media network approach to resolve the issue of slowing down of content creation on social networks. Now I am going to give an clear example to illustrate it. Around 40 percent of the metropolitan Chinese consumers can be classified as the Collectors. The data collected for Europe is only 10 percent. According to further research data the Chinese consumers with tools easily generate the contents for the networking websites. There is about 11 percent increase in the peoples who joined the social networking sites, in Europe alone. While the data collected for metro China is around 18 percent. Australia make an increment of 11 percent for its social networking website users. If we compare all the global data for the growth of social networking websites, we found that North America is still lagging with the slowest growth. North America has a grown less than even eight percent. While on the other hand, between year 2009 and 2010, no growth is observed in the markets for creating the social contents for social networking websites. According to Anderson such a growth in the content of networking websites indicates the lack of fresh ideas among the peoples. A lack in the growth of social creation translates into a lack of content and perspectives. For example, around thirty five percent of online US consumers regularly watch the videos generated by the users, available on video sites like YouTube. But only around 10 percent of online US consumers upload their videos to public sites. The efforts of people are required to create the social networking website content.

So, we can say that social networking sites are on a gradual fall, people are loosing their interests and there is a need to increase the progress rate for content creation on social networking websites.

How to connet your WordPress account to social Networks

WordPress is web service which can be used to create a beautiful website or blog. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers and when you are ready for more there are thousands of plug-ins and themes that are available to transform your site into almost anything that you can imagine. It is now the largest self hosted blogging tool in the world. WordPress is an open source project which means you can use it free for anything without paying any license fee.

WordPress can be completely customized. There is a service called which lets you to get started with a new and free WordPress based blog in seconds. It has evolved to be used as a full content management system and so much more through thousands of themes, widgets and plug-ins. WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant , well architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MYSQL and licensed under the GPL and  is the Official successor of b2/cafelog.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc have their own API to connect to the WordPress blog. Let us first see how to connect using Facebook Connect.

You should have a facebook profile for doing this. If you don’t have create one and move to Facebook Developers page to create Facebook application.

Facebook application is required to provide a secured authentication and manage Facebook members for your website.

Step1: Go to the Facebook Developers page and Click on the “Start” button.

Step2: Then login to “Facebook Developers Application” and add it to your application.

Step3: Once you do that you can use the “Set up new application” button. Then keep the settings page open for reference to the API key. Then get the Facebook Connect Plug-in, extract, upload and install it in your WordPress plug-in. Once it is done you need to check it out to see whether it’s working or not.

Step4: Now go to WordPress “Admin->Settings->Facebook Connect” and set the options, add your API key and secret key from the Facebook Application page.

Step5: For allowing users to send comments you need to enable comment Auto Approval.

Step6: Once this is done, click the “Update Options” button. After updating, go to the comment templates section of the page and click on “Create Template” button to create basic feed template for users Facebook mini-feed.

Step7: Then go to WordPress “Admin-> Appearance -> Widgets” for adding the Facebook Connect Widget to the sidebar and saving your sidebar settings you are finished with the process.

Thus you have added the plug-in to your system and integrated the functions to your blog.

For connect the WordPress account to Twitter you have Twitter Connect.

First install the plug-in and Register the blog on and retrieve your consumer key and consumer secret key. Plug those items into Twitter’s configuration page and you will have a fully independent application. When your readers wish to comment on a post, they just need to click on a button and enter their twitter credentials to identify themselves. You will see their Twitter avatar alongside the comments if you have setup avatar support on the blog.

Facebook Celebrates its 500 million user Milestone

One of the biggest and most popular social networks, Facebook, has recently announced that it reached five hundred million users. Although it is not official yet, that is a considerable achievement, surpassing in traffic even giants like Google and Twitter. It is also more than the number of Windows 7 licenses.

Call for celebrations

To mark this great success, which also coincides with the third anniversary of the Facebook platform, the network plans to throw a huge party and start celebrating even before the end of July. Another threat that Facebook has planned for its faithful supporters is the launch of the application “Facebook Stories.”

The application would actually represent collections of stories from Facebook users how the network changed their life such as finding old friends, a better job or true love. This would also prove that, aside from the casual games and applications, Facebook also brings something useful to people’s lives. Behind the number of five hundred million, stand real people, not just accounts.

However, there still are those who dislike the social applications, claiming that it is nothing more than a corporate monster, which does everything to please the advertisers. In recent customer satisfaction surveys users have pointed out multiple complaints for various features – from privacy and security concerns to constant interface changes and spam.

The success in numbers

Apparently, five hundred million is not enough for Facebook. The company expects to reach six hundred million users and one billion dollars revenue before the end of the year. Here are some of the other impressive estimations of Facebook since its founding in 2004.

Almost half of the active users log on every day and spend over seven hundred billion minutes in Facebook monthly. The users interact with over nine hundred million objects in the form of pages, groups, events and communities. In addition to that, they share more than thirty billion content items – links, news, photos and so on.

Since seventy percent of Facebook users are located outside the United States, the site is already translated in seventy languages with the help of more than three hundred thousand users. The Facebook Platform engages with over a million developers and businessmen from more than hundred and eighty countries. The platform is currently engaged by more than seventy percent of the users, hundred and fifty million people, five hundred and fifty thousand applications and a million websites.

It is no wonder that Facebook has celebrated such a success. They have connected people from all corners of the world and brought a new meaning to global communication.

Follow Facebook through Twitter

Social networks have been an active part of your life in all this time. One can list a number of such options that are widely accepted by people from all around the world. Facebook is on the top of these lists where one can have their status updated and let the world know of what exactly is on their mind and what are they up to. An application would have helped a great deal of people in getting all their friends and connections followed from the single place.

A Boon to Social Network Freak’s

Connect your virtual lives with ease as twitter is launching some new tools that let you easily add your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn connections to the list of people you follow on the social network. If your friends from Facebook and LinkedIn are on Twitter, you can use the Twitter’s official application on those social networks to start following them with one click. This should be a boon to Social Network Users, because it let them follow everyone they know across three of the major social web platforms out there.

Get Automated

Whether you’re a casual Facebooker, or a full-time twit-a-holic , wouldn’t it be nice if you could just update your status in one place and have it update both your accounts ? Huge time saver right? Good news! Twitter has a Facebook application that will allow you to post all your tweets directly to your Facebook status. Very groovy! Okay, now let’s get automated and show Facebook and Twitter who’s boss!
The application not only allows you to syndicate your tweets to the world’s largest social network, but now has a feature that allows users to see which of their Facebook friends are also on Twitter and choose which ones they want to follow. The new feature could be huge: it brings existing Facebook connections into the Twitterverse, which is likely to spur new levels of engagement and growth.

Your Post & Status are Updated Automatically Through Micro-blogging Application on Each Linked Social Network Whether the post  or status is updated from Facebook or Twitter .

Controversial Issues

A few days ago the Facebook Twitter application isn’t working. According to Twitter, “The Facebook application cannot currently access your Facebook friend list. We believe this is an issue on Facebook’s end.” They have emailed Facebook to find out what’s going on. Facebook’s official statement to Twitter: “We are working with Twitter to resolve the issue.” LinkedIn also beefed up its Twitter integration last month. These are the Controversial issues faced by the application But still awesome tool .In The end of course, some prefer to keep their Chocolate and Peanut butter separate — they can just ignore these tools and keep on living’.

The integration is certainly one of the best applications around but needs serious follow up from all the parties as this seems pretty odd having the application that serves pretty good but does not come up with the desired function.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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