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5 best free virus removal tools for your computer

Having antivirus software on your computer is a must. Virus destroys your computer and you always need to check for viruses on your computer if you want to stay safe. You can buy the antivirus software online but why buy software when you can use the free tools that are available on the internet. Here are five best free virus removal tools for your computer.

Symantec Virus Removal Tool

Symantec gives you free virus removal tools, which you can download from here. This is a free spyware and virus removal tool that you can download for free from their website. Download these tools and check for viruses on your computer.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

When you download anything from an unreliable source, your computer might be infected with malicious software that try and modify your computer. Microsoft has a great free tool called Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is completely free. You can download the tool from here.

McAfee AVERT Stinger

AVERT Stinger is a great free tool from McAfee, which can be used to check for variety of threats that your computer might be facing. The virus definitions of this tool are updated regularly by McAfee so it makes a great virus removal tool for your computer. You can download McAfee AVERT Stinger from here.

F-Secure virus removal tool

F-Secure offers a set of virus removal tools that are completely free. F-Secure is another option, another set of virus and malware removal tools for your computer, which can be downloaded from here. Make sure you download these tools and check for viruses on your computer.

Recovery Disk tool

When it’s too late, you always use a Recovery disk to recover the operating system that’s lost to a virus. A recovery disk is an important tool to have ready, always. Do you know how to create a recovery disk for your computer? It doesn’t take much time to create a recovery disk and it helps you in more than one ways. Create a recovery disk for your computer today!

Ways to Work Faster in Windows 7

A user can find a variety of featured in Windows 7. Microsoft has added so many features and functionality in Windows 7 for the users. It is mainly designed to support the idea of great user experience.

Here are some of the ways to make the Windows 7 work faster:

Use jump list:

It is best known efficiency weapon in Windows 7. In the previous version of windows operating system, it used to show the recently used applications in the Start Menu. In Windows 7 user can add multiple items in the Jump list as required.

It gives the facility to add the most commonly used application in a place where it could be accessed effectively.

Context Menu

It provides the common functionality of the application. You can access this option by pressing Shift key with the right mouse click. It will show you the expanded list of the Context menu

Use Sleep functions

It is one of the best option fir the users who works in chuck or in installments. If you are working and busy in two or three different things and you need to leave your system idle occasionally, then you can always use the Sleep function.

It saves the power and also saves the current settings and working application intact so that it will load the same settings and application back once it returns from the Sleep mode.

Use Windows XP mode:

This is one feature which allows low end computers to run the operating system appropriately.

For an example, you have a low Ram or the hardware is in such a manner which does not supports the high end system resolution then you can always resume to the Windows XP mode which disable all the jazzy visual effects and make the Windows & visibility as Windows XP.

This Mode is also useful if you are using some high and video or picture editor software which uses the most of the system resources.

Check device compatibility:

Device compatibility is one system which makes all the devices in same network rub in sync.

IF you have a home network and using yr smartphone, printer, or any other device, then you can always use this function to check if all the devices are compatible with the operating system. It can also be used to share and transfer data amongst all those devices available in the network.

These simple tips can help you to work faster with Windows 7 operating system. You might know a lot about the troubleshooting and the other stuffs related to software and programming but it is always good to know all the know-how of the operating system and it is the platform where all the application would work.

Microsoft® and Nokia® partnership

On February 11, 2011, Nokia and Microsoft announced a joint venture regarding their future developmental strategies. Nokia is considered one of the best mobile hardware makers in the world. The company’s devices are famous for their excellent screen, high resolution cameras and other high end hardware designs. The Nokia products with their attractive, well designed and durable hardware designs can easily be compared with the other companies like Samsung, LG etc.

The only visible problem with Nokia is that the software installed by the company does not share the same standards as its hardware. While the present day smart phones have already been converted into pocket computers, Nokia devices seem to have fallen behind. This sentiment was shared by the CEO of Nokia, who confirmed the failure of the company to develop software that would come close to smart phones of other companies.  While Nokia was trying o develop its software standards, Andriod became very popular in less than two years. This made Nokia lose its leadership position in smart phone sales and proved to be a matter of concern.

Nokia therefore needed a very bold and productive move in the region of software technicalities to regain its top spot as a mobile leader. Joining hands with Windows Phone 7 was the best chance for Nokia to regain lost ground in the mobile industry. There are, however, some challenges that both Nokia and Microsoft are sure to face with this joint venture.

Prior to making a deal with Microsoft, Nokia was also in talks with Google in search of a platform for itself. Since Nokia already is working with an open source in Symbian so Google Andriod which also is an open source, should have served as the perfect platform for Nokia. It remains to be seen whether the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia will actually help in building the reputation of both the companies. Nokia has the largest customer base in Europe. Microsoft may have seen this to be a good opportunity to increase its market share in the region.

Dual boot tablet computers

There can be multiple operating systems on a computer. A computer having more than one OS is known as a dual boot system. In a dual boot computer, the hardware usage is shared by two different operating systems. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the dual booting of computers.

Advantages associated with the dual-boot operating systems are as follows:

Multiple operating systems can be operated on a single computer with the help of an option provided in the boot menu of system. If one of the operating systems was corrupted, you can work with other operating system. In this way, the dual booting of the system offers a smoother work environment. If any software or application is not working with an operating system, you can check it with another one.

Following are the disadvantages associated with the dual booting of operating systems:

The main disadvantage of dual booting is the degraded performance of a computer as the hardware and memory usage is shared with two OS. Another bug in dual booting is the clash between different applications. The clash between applications uses system memory and thereby the performance of system may be affected.

Nowadays it is possible to have a tablet PC with dual-boot functionality. Earlier, only single OS was supported by tablet PCs. Tablet PCs prove to be very helpful to take your data on the go. Azpen is scheduled to launch their dual-boot tablet PCs in 2011. These will be capable of booting Android OS along with Windows 7. This model of tablet PC released by Azpen will be available in two different versions. The details regarding these different versions of Azpen tablet PCs are as follows:

First one is a 10.1 inch model and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Another one is available in a 9.7 inch size and the aspect ratio is 4:3. These tablet PCs come with touch screen functionality. They are equipped with Intel Atom N455 processor, 32GB storage space and 2GB of internal memory. With all these power packed features of Azpen tablet PCs, consumers can take their data and work anywhere with dual-boot operation. Dual- boot operating systems greatly help consumers to work frequently on different OS environments that enhance their working capabilities.

Android™ app from VMware® separates business and pleasure

VMware at the Barcelona World Mobile released a solution to separate the use of an Android enabled smartphone into separate entities that would not overlap. This mobile virtualization solution will help people to have separate profiles on the same Android enabled smartphone for both work and personal usage. The technology was unveiled on the LG Optimus Black phone by VMware’s Chief Technology Officer Stephen Herrod. The main thought behind this solution is that employees have the free choice to buy any mobile they wish and the mobile virtualization technology from VMware will enable corporate IT departments to securely manage sensitive information on these smartphones with enterprise level accredited security and safety. According to VMware’s Chief Technology Officer Stephen Herrod they want to move forward into a world where its not the company that is providing you with a phone and you have the choice and freedom of buying what you like and bring it to work and VMware will enable you to use it in an enterprise-safe way.

It is not possible to download the application after the cell phone has been bought, so manufacturers will be required to pre-load the software in the Android enabled smartphone. VMware is currently working with their partners LG to have the software pre-loaded into the phones. And when it is bought by an employee he can get his IT department to load an application in it using the management console and configure it appear on the homescreen of the phone touching which launches the enterprise version of the smartphone. The IT administrator can configure the device in accordance with the companies policies and thus provide differently ranked employees with different capabilities and access options. The administrator can in accordance with the security issues may block usage of several features like the camera, GPS, Bluetooth, cut/copy options (to ensure sensitive files are not  copied into the users personal files). Also the option to remote wipe clean the device is also available with the administrator. The enterprise will also have the option of insuring that any secure calls and voice over IP calls from the PBX have different alert tones than the ones coming from their personal side.

Many other options like Dual SIM option is also available so that the employee can have different personal and work accounts thus reducing the volume of data traffic for both the separate accounts. VMware is planning that the mobile virtualization app preloaded on the phone be for free however enterprises will have to pay per user for the administrator’s management software. The software is scheduled to undergo trials this year and will be soon available for users. However availability of the handsets with the software pre-installed is yet to be known. This is a wonderful attempt by VMware to cash in on the Android boom and make a mark for itself on the mobile app market.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Basically HPC is high performance computing, which brings together multiple computers, software, and expertise to solve problems too difficult to solve by other means within a specific time frame. HPC is something that emerged after the concept of supercomputing. While a supercomputer is a subset of the high performance computer, supercomputing is actually a subset of HPC (High performance computing).

HPC is a measure of performance. HPC is not a computer. The need of HPC arose with the rate of development demanding higher computing power for more demanding problems. A single multi-core, 64 bit, 32 GB RAM machine which most of us believe to be one of the most powerful hardware resources available could only execute one routine rather one problem solving in a dedicated period of time. The physical limits to the speed of a single processor, and storage media capacities in terms of time resources is the basic limitation of this type of sequential processing.

The alternative is to move to parallel processing – use relatively fast, multiples of, cheap processors in parallel. Meaning, concurrent use of multiple processors for the purpose of processing voluminous data, either by running the same program on each processor or even running different programs on each processor. With this technology you can probably get 100x (times) performance. This brings the concepts of Super Computing, growing towards parallel supercomputers evolving into HPC (High Performance Computing) – use a range of small cluster of PCs or Supercomputers to compute – revolutionizing the field of science, changing the outlook of researchers in their respective fields.

Applications like bio-chemistry, chemistry, physics, environment modeling, industrial products and services generally deal with a large range of data and require phenomenal archival storage facilities. From Kb, to Mb to Gb to Tb we have now moved to Pb (Petabytes – millions of Gigabytes). HPC is about the only method that can prepare a platform for such high resource computing power with such voluminous data to be stored for analysis and evaluation of products under development. Recently it has come to awareness that HPC is also being applied to business use like in data warehouses, transaction processing, etc.

HPC is basically computer technology focusing around the development of supercomputers and software in parallel processing algorithms for scientific and commercial use. This is achieved by the simultaneous use of multiple processors executing programs that are divided into multiple small pieces delivering, a co-existing unified result in a very small time frame.

Typically operating systems and the open source environment play a very large role in the development of HPC worldwide. Naturally, the 100x concept of HPC will gain advantage using low cost hardware systems and free open source operating systems.

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