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Yahoo!® Japan and Google™ Form Partnership

Yahoo! is famous for services and software such as Yahoo! Mail, search engine, Yahoo! Maps and Yahoo! Messenger. Google is the owner of the most popular search engine and also offers software such as Google Chrome. Yahoo! and Google both are leaders in their own right and since a while there has been speculation about a partnership between Yahoo! Japan and Google. Recently they were evaluated by Japan’s Fair Trade Commission. It is the commission’s responsibility to ensure that no monopolies or unfair trades happen in the country. Yahoo! Japan had verified in July 2010 only that it was in line with Japan’s laws, but there were some groups who were apprehensive about the legality of the proposed alliance. There were concerns like when Google US supplies the search technology for Yahoo! Japan, they will become one of the biggest suppliers for Japan’s search volume.

There is also other issue like both Microsoft and Yahoo! US were concerned about the partnership and raised some doubts about the fairness of this partnership. These issues are not limited to US groups only but it also concerns some Japanese firms as well like Rakuten Inc, which is a web-based domestic retailer in Japan. However, the deal has been approved by Japan’s FTC. Yahoo! US cannot do much about it because it only holds a third of Yahoo! Japan.

Japan FTC will continue monitoring the deal and regulate monopolistic practices. The partnership is looking controversial but several market analysts had been predicting this decision for relatively some time. The surprise part is the choice of Google over Microsoft. The competition over Internet searches is getting bigger and in the Asian market, this deal will influence the nature of other companies also. The deal has taken place due to the different conditions in Japan and also the demand by users. Yahoo! is surely going to boost its presence in Japan and moreover in other Asian countries also.

Computer issues that users may face

Nowadays computers are more than what they were meant for. They are used for several purposes and have reduced the burden of work. It is really great to use computers as they perform tasks with high speed and accuracy. There is plenty of work that we cannot do without the help of these new age devices. These are really great in terms of the quality and the quantity of work they provide.

When these machines are so important and execute so much things for you, what if there is a problem in your computer. It can be really frustrating to deal with computer problems. As you are not sure, where to go and to whom consult for the problem you are facing. The first thing you need to do is that you should have access and information about the service centers near you. Let us have a look at the problems we generally face in our computers.

The first problem is of genuine software. It is always advisable for you to go only for a trusted software provider and you are really not going to face any kind of problem in future. It is like a drive on a smooth road without any glitches. When all the software installed are genuine it is sure that they are not going to create a problem as they provide safety to your hardware and ultimately they are going to work for a long time. Always use genuine software to overcome and resolve the problems of system crashing, hanging of applications etc.

Always be sure that your computer is kept safe in a healthy surrounding. It is advisable for you to keep your computer in a relatively moisture free and clean atmosphere. Make sure that there are no magnetic devices kept around your machine as it may cause problems. Another problem is that of data loss and hard drive crash. It is recommended that a UPS should be used to provide backup in case the power goes off.

Microsoft® WebMatrix released; utility for users unclear

Microsoft is the largest software developer and recently it has started a new service call WebMatrix. It is a very useful tool for web developers. As per Microsoft reports, it will make using these tools easier by simplifying the integration of various services, coding and databases.

Now the question is why developers need these services. Apporv Durga, an analyst with Real Story Group told us that this service offers key benefits for Microsoft. It can be used as a support for SharePoint which had some problems with public facing websites. There are also other issues like Microsoft also wanted to gain some good will in the open source community and they also wanted to target an important SMB agent. There are also other comments like consultant Rob Rose asserted same thoughts like Durga. He told that this new initiative from Microsoft has a great utility from the market development perspective. He also added that what the Microsoft is doing is same as others and to meet the market demands of open source tools.

But some of them also was not so much impressed. As Tony White, principle and founder at Ars Logica, a content management consultancy, sees a different perspective. According to him Microsoft is just replicating what IBM has done in the past with open source tools, but at the same time he also thinks that they are doing it not that well. Explaining the issue he added that Microsoft also wanted same kind of success that IBM has had with similar open source efforts. But the main difference between Microsoft and IBM is the less flexible approach by Microsoft to integrating with open source CMS projects. IBM is better as it always wraps these integrations with a distinctive, proprietary, value-added layer. Therefore, what customers see is the value of IBM on the outside, along with a quality assurance that IBM has taken good care of the underlying technology.

He thinks that they will not get the same value. For Microsoft’s product he explains that they are inflexible at the integration layer  and are also forcing open source projects to get their standards. With this step, open source benefits disappear at the first level. He is also adding the less proprietary value-added layer on the outside. Because of this, customers will not get the type of offer from Microsoft open source as they do get from IBM open source.

Apoorv Durga also warns that this product is still in its early days and users can opt for other products as this is an untested and unsupported product. Microsoft shows an interesting approach through WebMatrix, but it will be interesting to see whether this product clicks with the developers and open source users.

HTML 5: The future of gaming

Time is the best teacher. It is a universal saying and it holds true for all the walks of life. Whenever there is something new in the market, its first version is always complicated to operate. Take the example of computers. When they were launched, it was not so easy and it needed special qualifications and skills to operate the first computer. Because the user interface was not so user friendly and it took too much skill as all the commands were not so easy to remember (command prompt). Then it took a new avatar of Windows where it is all possible for you to execute all the tasks you want. It is as easy as anything. Now with user friendly interfaces it is all possible for you to make your own website. Even if you don’t have knowledge of HTML and other high level programming languages.

With the new and never before software, it is all possible for you to make your own website within a few moments. All it is possible through the Microsoft Publisher. It is all possible and easy. Now you don’t have to spend a huge amount from your pocket. Moving ahead, lets come to the gaming zone. It is believed that it is not possible to develop games if you don’t know the programming languages like C++ and other advanced languages like Java. But now it is your turn to turn the dream of becoming a game developer into reality. It is all possible with the help of HTML 5 based application software game maker.

With the help of this HTML 5 based game making application, it is all possible to design your games. You are the grand master of the virtual world, and what’s more you need not know programming languages like Java, C and C++. It feels so great to have such an amazing experience. Thanks to the revolutionary technology that has made all the programs converted into a pictorial way. From the menu you have to choose the desired movement you want to add into your game. It is as simple as that. What’s more it is all possible to convert your game into 3D version and use colurs like never before.

There was a time when gaming zone was reserved for the professionally trained software developers but now technology has taken a swift turn and as a result you can become a game developer. It is really great to stand among the professional gamers. Gone are the days when it was HTML and XHTML. Now it is HTML 5 which is the key player of different 3D gaming and other applications around the virtual world. This is something really amazing because you are your own master and you can develop games according to your needs.

Skype® Adding Ads to Windows® Version

Skype is software that lets people make calls and chat over the Internet. Two Skype users can make calls free of cost and talk for free. Skype also helps in providing new numbers and enable people to talk to other people over their mobiles or landlines. The call rates are very cheap and Skype also allows international calling. Apart from the cheap calling rates, the other features that have made Skype really popular are the instant messaging service, video conferencing and also file transfer.

Skype plans to have advertisements on the Windows platform promising that this won’t hamper the Skype experience of its customers. Skype says that the advertisements which it plans to have in Windows will appear in the home tab in countries like UK, Germany and the US. The ads will comprise of ads from Universal Pictures and Visa and many others as well. The ads are scheduled to be appearing from this week itself. The company said that the customers’ Skype experience is their prime priority and will not do anything at the cost of it. They promise that the Skype experience will remain as smooth as it was before and nothing will change the addition of ads in it.

They have also said that a lot of experiment and testing has been carried out to check how Skype responds to these ads. They also mentioned that ads have already been started in the last month or two. The ads will now start flowing at a wider basis now and the tests will keep on going on so that a check can be made whether Skype is responding properly or not and if it does not, they will make necessary adjustments.

Skype is also planning a partnership with Facebook as well. If this happens, users can connect to their friends via Skype and can send text messages and have a voice chat. About the ads Skype said that users won’t be bugged by the ads because these will appear only occasionally as they plan to show one ad from a particular brand in a day to the markets where it will be sold. They also said that the ads shown will not identify any users. If the user does not want Skype to use their personal information, they may chose the appropriate setting from the privacy options. This way the users are also not bugged and the ads can also go about easily. Another good thing that Skype did is by sticking on to one ad per day so that the users are not bugged when they log into Skype. The ads will help develop great products and can be in touch with the users through Skype.

HP Omni™ Pro 110

Hewlett-Packard is commonly known as HP and is an American multinational company. HP is involved in the development and manufacture of computers, data storage and networking hardware and software, printers, and lots more. A new business oriented addition has been made to its Omni line of personal computers with the launch of HP Omni Pro 110. This model is sure to be a great success because it has all what every PC user wants. The HP Omni Pro 110 has all the features of multitasking capabilities like that of a regular business computer. This design is a wonderful combination of the traditional personal computer tower with the monitor and hence reduces the clutter of cables.

Some of the features include an anti glare monitor of 20 inches, which has a 1600 by 900 resolution. The HP Omni Pro 110 has the capacity of playing a 720 p of high definition video and has several combinations of configurations. Some of them include Intel Core 2 Duo processors otherwise called as the Intel Pentium and had up to 4 GB RAM and the hard disk provides a capacity of 1 TB.

This new launch of HP can also help in the conservation of energy. The power assistant software helps in reducing the energy consumption and helps in saving energy. The energy star versions of HP Omni Pro 110 are also available which are known to save a lot of energy. It has an integrated webcam and an inbuilt speaker and microphone and apart from this an optional 802.11 b/g/n wireless card is also there. It has a DVD writing system and a 6-in-1 media card reader. The HP Omni Pro 110 comes with a lot of operating systems to choose from which include the Windows 7 and Linux.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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