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Extend Life of Your Old Thin Clients with IGEL’s Updated Universal Desktop Converter Software

Yes, you heard it right; the large business will now be able to convert Neoware thin client hardware into universal desktops in just under £25, thanks to the latest Universal Desktop Converter developer by IGEL technology.

The company proudly announced that they’ve made use of the latest protocols and clients to take care of conversion of early generation Neoware thin client PCs into a universal desktop, so that large businesses don’t have to waste a lot of money on upgrading.

£25 is peanuts for converting your outdated desktop with Neoware thin client running, into a universal desktop, which will be able to perform all the tasks accomplished by a modern PC.

What’s more, this innovative IGEL UDC software will be capable of converting good old PCs and thin clients to an IGEL Universal Desktop, which can be remotely managed! So, now it will be cakewalk to transform Neoware e140, e90, or e50 devices, because all that you need to do is to install company’s Universal Firmware onto the devices, and simply observe the transition to an IGEL Universal Desktop, or any other desktop virtualization environment for that matter.

And, the best part of the story is that you don’t have to bear the expense of replacing the entire client hardware, and £25 sounds more than reasonable for such an excellent option. Therefore, various companieswill be able to extend the lifecycle of their existing infrastructure, and avoid the unnecessary expenses of purchasing new hardware. Furthermore, upgrading old thin clients to an IGEL Universal Desktop will also open up a whole realm of functionalities such as ability to connect to the latest Quest, VMware, or Citrix clients.

IGEL Technology happens to be third largest client vendor by revenue in the global markets, and a dominating player in the German market. They’ve been known for producing widest range of thin clients, based on all popular platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and others too.

They’re the masters in virtual desktops, and of server-based infrastructure management. Moreover another impressive thing about IGEL is that IGEL Thin Clients come bundled totally free of cost, along with their custom remote management suite called UMS (Universal Management Suite), which in turn ensures that you perform administration, and secure remote configuration of thin clients in a hassle free manner, with minimal efforts.

With the latest Universal Desktop Converter, one can also convert the good old Fujitsu Futro S100, HP t5745, current HP 5545; t5735 models, Acer Veriton N260G, Fujitsu S450, S500, S550, and Dell Optiplex FX160, apart from the Neoware models.

The UDC will be available in three configurations – the advanced, standard, as well as entry level software packages. The noteworthy thing about this update is that customers will be able to simply plug-in and boot their outdated thin clients from the USB drive, and the IGEL Universal Firmware will be transferred onto their system automatically.

Double Acquisition by Symantec, Acquiring PGP and GuardianEdge

The largest personal computer security software provider Symantec has gone through another acquisition with the aim to spread their own business. They acquired PGP, an encrypting software and GuardianEdge Technologies, a top notch e-mail security and encryption service provider.

In today’s world everyone has to depend on e-mails and Internet information. So anyone’s privacy may be hampered in a great extent due to hacking or any sort of wicked attempt by others. Internet or web security holds a prior position among the users for the best use of time without any tension. Data encryption provides the way to retain a data safe. The data encrypts always goes with new ideas and vision to protect the clients from hackers. Symantec is the largest PC security company who acquired many companies of encryption and Internet security. They mainly focus on the companies who provide service like Internet security, Information management, disk storage, security software, anti-spam software, application streaming, risk management etc. In last couple of years they acquired companies like Altiris, an IT management software and Investor Group, a computer based management solution provider. Today in business data security is a part and parcel of management job and failure of this can cause serious damage to the company’s portfolio both economically and socially.

Symantec aims to grasp the whole market and so they bought the whole share of PGP and GuardianEdge. The financial deal was of $300 million for PGP and $70 million for GuardianEdge. While after its establishment in 1985 by Gordon E. Eubanks and some of his friends Symantec started producing third party software. With the progression of time they concentrate on Internet security and PC security system and tend to extend their business by purchasing small competitors. Their agreement with PGP and GuardianEdge is going to be activated within June of this year. This dealing can place Symantec in the top among the encrypt security providers and can lead a secure position for a long time. In fact this purchase enables Symantec to use several sophisticated technology of encryption. This agreement helps them to protect the e-mails, folders and files with more perfection. Along with this they also possess some data recovery codes from these two companies that could help them to extend their business.

Symantec officials express their hope for the better service and more users to entertain after the dealing. They wish more successful selling of their products and more market share. After the completion of whole aggregation process PGP and GuardianEdge will work under the umbrella of Symantec Enterprise Security Group. The vice president of corresponding group Francis DeSouza expects more dynamism in data encryption and recovery and above all providing security.

As the leading company in the field of PC and Internet security, Symantec concentrates in the spreading business wing for reaching its service to more users. They also hope to add more protection system along with utmost efficiency. So everyone knows that their expansion will not stop at PGP and GuardianEdge.

Facadeprinter – The Unparallel Robot that highly shoots the Art of Paintball

Facadeprinter; is actually a robot that is software controlled. It will shoot colours onto the walls from an unimaginable distance of 40 feet away. It is a true spectator which can be watched and amazed by innumerable people. It can invariably from the largest installation of true art for the people to admire. Calvin; the work on the wall was essentially formed by Facadeprinter. The primary creation of this unique device is to envision the large scale images signifying either the medical help or the fresh water which is utilized mainly in the efforts of relief.

Today, the inkjet printers are producing an image with utilization of thousands of tiny ink dots. Instead of a print head and ink cartridge the user has to imagine a printer that highly utilizes the paintball gun and color pellets. This is what actually this device does in reality; it forms beautiful memorable images on the grand walls. This device is, however, invented by three legendaries from Germany, the eminent designers Martin Fussenegger and Michael Sebastian Haas and eventually engineer Julian Adenauer. This robot which is essentially software controlled can shoot color either on the wall or on the other surfaces and make the spectacular watch it as the evolution of the largest installation of not only art but also beauty.

Fussenegger, Haas and Adenauer, the three inventors have felt that the applications of this robot should be applicable in efforts of disaster relief, symbol of the medical facilities, fresh water and last but not least danger zone. Thus this small device can be an effective and rapid means of communication in public. This device is integrated with two axis turntable and an air pressure print head. This device can be safely closed when taken for transport. This modified paintball marker is highly mounted on 2 axis turntable. It is incorporated with touch screen for operation control and USB port for the input of file. Other two important components of this device are called the large scale communication tool. These are the ball tower for holding pellets and the cylinder filled with compressed air. The printer can offer the printout that could be taken at 26 feet greatly from safe distance of 40 feet away from the wall. The investors have utilized their invention to print on concrete, plastic, brick, steel and eventually glass.

Thus, Facadeprinter is simply not a complex robot. It will print huge artworks out from the box onto the walls. It essentially works on digital artwork software in which the thousands of colour balls are fired by the motor place and the air pressure marker. Artwork is dot by dot. It is truly an architectural design of an inkjet printer. Mounted on 2 axis turntable the paintball marker which is modified offers the best control on the input and the operation. This device is a symbol of faster and more effective communication. So, Facadeprinter is the ultimate provider offering the largest installation depicting not only its art but also its hidden beauty.

Security “Leakage” in Facebook Turns Down the Chat Mechanism

The most common question piping in the minds of thousand of chatters is whether they are safe during their personal communication over the net. Recently, the most renowned social networking site the Facebook has discovered a serious security gap which allows unauthorized access of individual’s private chat messages. As a result the site has dropped down its vast chatting network and is indulged in repairing the flaw.

The security gap identified by the TechCrunch essentially relates to the Facebook where a user is able to view the entire live chat of another with just a few clicks on the mouse. Not only this, the dimension of the problem increases further since the user can also access the pending friend request of his friend’s account without his knowledge. After identifying the problem, Facebook as turned down the chatting mechanism and is displaying a message “chat is down for maintenance at this time”. According to the site the problem has been caused due to a bug in the program which temporarily allowed some people to manipulate the Preview my Profile section and view messages. It has also asked the software engineers to take up the matter urgently and come to concrete solution immediately. But till then, has decided to hang up the chatting service.

But the way in which Facebook ensures the privacy protection of its users, is highly criticized by the US Senators. Even the privacy Watchdogs are not quite satisfied with the technique of sharing information between different users registered with the site. This security leakage has raised voices from organizations against the data privacy technique provided by the social networking sites. Mr. Mark Begich the Senator of the Colorado representing the Alaska, the Senator of Minnesota Mr. Al Franken and Mr. Charles Schumer the U.S. senator jointly have asked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for imposing strict rules to guarantee data privacy of such sites. A written document from their behalf has also been sent to the Facebook’s Chief Executive and Founder Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. The document expresses their concern regarding the vulnerable effect of the security flaw on the people in general. But in any way, the site continues to stick to the statement that it has all along given top priority on the privacy settings while maintaining a user account.

Following the words of the Vice President of the Global Communications, Mr. Elliot Schrage the latest features of the Facebook are especially developed to promote extensive social curriculum and to ensure optimum privacy. The features thus monitor the information that the users are willing to share with their friends. These also keep track regarding the exact time of information sharing and also the details of the individual with whom it is shared.

However, the Facebook users all over the world are eagerly looking forward for a reliable solution of this problem. The site has given highest priority to solve this issue and assures to resume the chatting facility within a brief period of time. It should be remembered that the social networking sites serve like a platform where people interact with friends, make new friends and shares information with them. Keeping this mind, there should be hundred percent guarantee of information privacy to avoid social nuisances.

Dubai 45 Gigapixels: A Complete View

Not everyone can come up with a feat where they can make do with the hardware and software at hand and yet showcase some triumphing photos. But if you thought that this was not possible, then you thought wrong. Not too long ago the Paris 26 Gigapixels had been created, and it was a fitting tribute for The City of Love, Magic and Fashion. Frankly in these days and time where competition not only spells success but also fame, fortune and the love of doing what you want to. It was only obvious that the Paris 26 Gigapixels would be left far behind with something even more creative and big.

Gerald Donavan, a photographer by profession seemed to have wanted to capture the city of Dubai with an unbelievable 45 gigapixels. We bet, no one had even thought about taking pictures of Dubai let alone at this time of the year when the sun is beating down your backs and just heating everything up. Stand for a few minutes in the Gulf sun and you would think that your body will just melt off like wax. Donavan needs to be given double credit not only for the amazingly beautiful Dubai 45 gigapixels but also for taking this beautiful picture in the hot blazing sun.

Donovan managed to capture the beautiful once fishing town of Dubai and now a shoppers paradise and city with magnificent structures with his Canon 7D. He didn’t jus get lucky with a single shot, he had to take around 4.250 photos and all this in a time frame of three and a half hours. Donovan uses a 100 – 400 mm fl4.5-5.6 L zoom lens along with the 40mm.

After accomplishing what he did, Donovan described his feat in his blog and mentioned the grueling three and a half hours that he had to painstakingly stand under the heat of the sun, just for a complete panoramic photo that would be his Dubai 45 gigapixels. He took this beautiful picture from the Ubora Towers in the business Bay at Dubai. The heat was 37C or 98 degree in the shade and was so immense Donovan says that the camera and the lens had gotten too hot to handle by the time the shoot ended. The picture is a clear depiction of the field of view that is around 220.0 degrees in width and 0.0 degrees in height.

Heat was not the only issue Donovan had to face the air quality in Dubai too at this time of the year which was the 23rd of April is not that great. Working with these conditions could term the 45 gigapixels Dubai view photo an artistic brilliance. However Donovan says that he still regards the Paris 26 gigapixels was a far better experience and the interface too was splendid.

Well that’s Donovan’s point of view and we have to give him that credit, but one look at the Dubai caught in 45 gigapixels and you will know that it’s a masterpiece to reckon with. The only thing that we are desperately for now is some electrifying photos of a few other cities.

Adobe Not to Develop Flash Applications for iPhone

It what seems to be a disappointing development, for iPhone users, Mike Chambers, a senior product manager for developer relations at Adobe, has announced in his recent blog that due recent licensing changes by Apple it will not be able to create flashed based application for the iPhone.

Licensing software, for any Apple product has become a major issue with companies that are trying to be innovative and cashing into the rising iPhone applications market. However Adobe has proven fidgety about licensing issues, as many companies have already infringed its licenses.

The major issue that Adobe faces with the iPhone is that, Apple will not allow applications that have been created on compilers to be sold through the App Store. This news certainly gives a huge jolt to flash programmers, as their applications are largely based on compilers.

However, the only optimistic note that Chamber wrote on his blog in twitter was that, Apple will consider the new licensing changes in its forthcoming release of Adobe Creative Suite 5. In his blog Chamber was quoted as follows,” We will still be shipping the ability to target the iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5. However, we are not currently planning any additional investments in that feature.”

Chambers also said the Packager to develop flashed based applications for the iPhone, was based on the previously prescribe Apple license. Since there have been changes of not allowing applications to be written from compilers. Adobe has to start from scratch and embedded its next release of the Packager according to the new licenses.

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