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First look at Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception for Sony® PlayStation 3

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the third in the series of the award-winning game Uncharted was released in the US on 1st November, 2011. It is one of the most talked about video game of 2011 for PlayStation 3.

Players get to control the character of the main hero Nathan Drake, also known as Nate. His friend and mentor Victor Sullivan (also known as Sully) and Elena Fisher (Nathan Drake’s love interest) also return in this series. You will see many new interesting characters along with the old ones in this third series.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is loaded with many new exciting adventures and fighting techniques. Nathan Drake is equipped with many moves to attack his opponents. He has the ability to swim and go through narrow ledges. He can also jump, sprint, and perform acrobatic action. Also, he can attack and fight with multiple opponents without the use of any weapons. The new contextual melee attack is something to look for in this game. He can use glass to hit his enemies and can even pull his attacker’s grenade and let it explode. Drake also has the power to pull his enemy’s gun and use it on them, thus giving him extra ammunition.

In the game, Drake is given the power to be equipped with two firearms and four grenades. His ability to change firearms automatically also saves a lot of time. If you play your game well and your enemies are unable to detect you, you have the power to go behind your enemy and kill them with just one blow. You also get the chance to kill enemies by pulling them over a ledge where Nate is hanging. The game has lots of gun shooting, so you must always be alert and spot your enemies quickly.

Developer: Naughty Dog
Platform: PlayStation 3
Version: 1.02


Latest Update for Xbox 360 from Microsoft® Includes Piracy Check

Xbox is a sixth–generation gaming console from Microsoft. It was released on November 15, 2001 in North America. After this, it was also launched in Japan, Australia and Europe. The recent version of Xbox is Xbox 360. Microsoft is competing with Sony PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo GameCube. If you want to play online, you can play with Xbox Live. Xbox 360 is immensely popular among gaming enthusiasts. People prefer it for more reliability and accessibility.

Microsoft is very much interested in recent developments in Xbox 360. They are also developing newer versions of these famous gaming consoles. There are several other gaming consoles available today such as Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Xbox 360 has some of the best quality features like allows players to compete online, download arcade games, game demos, trailers, TV shows, music and movies and its Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities. Xbox 360 also has third party media streaming services like Netflix and ESPN in the USA or Sky Player in the UK. For specific regions, Xbox give access to their users with them.

Recently Microsoft released an update regarding its Xbox 360. These updates include change of Gamer Card and it also included a check on piracy when you re-enable disc booting on Xbox 360. There are rumors that these new updates are checking the pirated version of some of the most popular Xbox 360 games such as, Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Microsoft also released a piracy check update in November i.e. AP 2.5. To stay in the tough competition in this genre, Microsoft always develops and launches new updates for this gaming console. Piracy is a big threat to the software industry and Microsoft is also doing its part by launching updates that can find pirated versions of Xbox 360. Microsoft is still struggling with piracy related to Windows, so, these updates will remove and block all the pirated versions of Xbox 360.

Watch You-tube and experience Blue Ray movies in 3D from your Sony PlayStation 3

3D is the new in-thing, it is everywhere and you cannot avoid it. It is also extremely awesome and the effects and feeling of having to watch and experience any video in a three-dimensional format, captivates both young and old alike.  You Tube, who will introduce in twelve months and Blue ray movies, next month will be inputting 3D video which can be played and seen using Sony’s new 3D enabled PlayStation 3.

Transforming game Console to a full home theatre system

Mike Hawking, Sony Executive for Europe during a presentation announced the company’s move towards incorporating 3D blue-ray films as additional support by September 2010 as a firmware upgrade on PlayStation 3. Sony’s PlayStation 3 to be the first decked console to have full 3D enabled games, and the Mike Hawking said the company have all the hardware necessary to handle 3D games and movies, thanks to the Sony PlayStaion 3’s compatibility with HDMI 1.4 connection; because of it they can automatically detect the size and the 3D hardware in any connected television or personal computer it is linked with. Making Sony PlayStation 3 adaptable to support almost all the new 3D technologies as soon as simple boost in the form of updated required software and firmware are made available to the console and the connected units. Sony’s new PlayTV, will help this vision of Sony to come alive, which is an exclusive TV network for PlayStation 3 owners who can stream content in 3D to play on their consoles. Although, Nintendo already has 3D enabled Nintendo 3DS, a handheld console releasing in March 2011 with specialized technology that eliminates the use of  any physical controllers.

Emergence of three-dimensional content

YouTube announcement of supporting 3Dsoon there will be several television manufactures introducing new machines that can run 3D videos and also help Sony PlayStation 3’s 3D content to be run. . Also with PlayStation 3 you can take 3D pictures and using the camcorder capture 3D videos, and play it back on your television screens and/or eventually upload on YouTube.  With the wide range of content available on YouTube, adding 3D content will just double the opportunities and the timing of all these is right with 3D being the new chosen route for visual media.

Is our future 3D?

Currently only handheld consoles running 3D enabled games now, and soon with more manufactures and Sony PlayStation 3; almost all gamers except for Microsoft and Xbox, who have not announced or rumored to channel in the 3D market; is fully or more than partially on board with the 3D bandwagon. With several game manufactures already coming out with new 3D enabled games for all games stations and consoles. We all will soon be in a three-dimension infiltrated world.

You Tube and Google have already started experimenting with 3D, they have also introduced higher then HD resolution compatible videos, along with the capability of 3D. Blue Ray movies much awaited release next month will begin the 3D bandwagon and everyone will see 3D posters and marketing enticements for us to have a PlayStation and play games and indulge in the world of 3D.

Will Google Search Support Sony Playstation 3?

Playstation 3, successor of the very successful Playstation 2 is already a huge hit in the market. Launched in 2006, Playstation 3 or PS3 comes with alluring add-ons like upgraded gaming experience and online browsing as compared to PS2. The console is now available with 80 or 120 GB hard disc space against the previous versions of PS3 that offered 20, 40 or 60 GB hard drive. PS3 is undoubtedly a perfect combination of hardware, gaming, fantastic media capabilities and online support.

Online Trends

The online browsing options on the PS3 menu offer its gamers with search options. Hence PS3 offers easy access to various search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. But there is a good possibility that Google may turn out to be default search engine for the console. The probability of Google supporting the PS3 search browser increases with the fact that Sony is already into a business relationship with Google. Sony television with in built Google TV service will soon hit the markets. These Sony televisions are most likely to be available in Best Buy stores. You may have an easy access to these televisions in Sony online stores as well as the Brick and Mortar stores. With an already sound business background, there is a good possibility that Google may tie up with Sony for default browsing option.

Google stands high in the rankings for default search engine option for another reason. Since Microsoft owns the Xbox360, Bing cannot be the default search engine for the PS3 console. Yahoo further stands out of the race since Bing powers the search features of Yahoo, so Google has a good chance to win the race.

Google’s Revenue Strategy

Lately Google has been looking for newer streams of revenue for the company. Game related arena is a lucrative sector where Google would like to move on. If Google collaborates with PS3 and becomes its default search engine, the company will get another big source of revenue. As per sources, the company is already trying to develop games for the Android operating system. Although Google has not confirmed the news of collaborating with PS3, but the move does give a good indication that Google is looking to expand in the gaming arena.

The competitive authorities of PS3 too do not confirm the tie up between Google and PS3. The final decisions of the default search engine are made in the head quarters of Sony in Japan. But if Google search engine supports the Sony Playstation 3, the gamers will have another easy way to connect their screens. There is a good possibility that the gaming console can take over the laptops if the gamers have great internet surfing experience.

Gaming experts of the industry believe that Google could be the default browser for the PS3 gaming console. But we need to wait and watch if PS3 does something similar to what Nintendo’s Wii offers to its customers. Nintendo’s Wii supports Opera web browser and you can play easy flash games on it. Let’s see if the gamers get an access to PS3 supported by Google Chrome.

Nintendo Wii: Discovering the Off-beat Path

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most famous gaming consoles that are operational today and is also one of the most affordable consoles in the market. The gaming console has become quite popular with grownups and children alike because it sports a powerful distinction if compared to other gaming consoles. The Nintendo Wii has surpassed the Sony Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 in sales as of 2009 and its rise to popularity has been highly credited because of its popular remote control feature. The Nintendo Wii gaming console has a remote as compared to normal video game consoles which have a controller. The Nintendo Wii gaming console remote is to be used to shake, move and swing, as well as a variety of other motions in order to play the extensive range of games that are available on the Nintendo Wii; such as basketball, football, baseball and cricket. The remote also has an assortment of buttons to play the games that are available on the Nintendo Wii.

The new outlook of the Nintendo Wii boasts a lot of style and appeal. The newer Nintendo Wii features a sleek black console and provides a highly stylish look. The Nintendo Wii gaming console has a built in 512 MB of internal flash memory, a couple of USB 2.0 ports as well as a slot for SB memory expansion. The heart of the Nintendo Wii gaming console is a processing chip which was developed by IBM and has been named as the “Broadway” as well as a powerful graphics chipset device developed by ATI and has been named as “Hollywood”. The graphics of the Nintendo Wii gaming console are beautiful and stunning, providing stellar views of the games that you play on the console. It is a great new playable device with a variety of new options as well as a stunning performance ratio. In place of a tray, the Nintendo Wii gaming console employs a singular, self loading media bay that can play both 12 centimeter optical disks that are used in the new system of the Nintendo Wii gaming console, and the more traditional Nintendo GameCube disks.

Such great features have helped propel the Nintendo Wii gaming console to the top of the charts when it comes to gaming consoles and the device beats its competitors as the stunning graphics and the new game play system makes it an extremely new experience for gamers. The Nintendo Wii gaming console also has a Wii controller that can be used to play the video games in a more normal manner, as the Wii remote provides a level of functionality that does not familiarize itself well with new customers. Overall, the Nintendo Wii gaming console is a brilliant device released by Nintendo and its popularity amongst the people speaks volumes about the accomplishments and options that it contains.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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