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Big Ten Leave planning to Protest Vuvuzela

Every game has its own reactions and impression on audience, as World Cup in South Africa has greatly inspired and influenced the mind of a group students belonging to Ohio State. The student group is planning to start an aggressive campaign to bring as many vuvuzelas as possible on November 13 for ‘The Shoe’ clash of Buckeyes with Penn State. To ignite a burning fire in the campaign they also flagged a Facebook page which was boasted with more than 1,760 people committed to turn up along Olentangy banks having vuvuzelas in their hands. Moreover, there is another group of 621 folks joining this group, also expected to come.

Are you still in dilemma what vuvusela is as there is no such word in dictionary, do not worry; just turn on ESPN to see the World Cup coverage and use your sixth sense as this what you are looking for ‘vuvuzela’.

Ohio State admirer and brainchild of the campaign, student Dustin Stinson starting the campaign page excides his fellow students saying that everyone should come holding vuvuzela for the Penn State game but not without noise as this is the indication of making the world hear. He also said that his mission is to bring as many students as possible with encouragement, praise and enthusiasm. The main slogan says like this “provoke as many students to join as you can from all over Ohio State”, let’s do it.

During last year game played against Iowa, a passionate Buckeyes fan was leading the curve putting himself ahead of all brought a vuvuzela or some other imitative stuff. But great sorrow and alas there are clear instructions from the Big Ten to leave your vuvuzela at home or put kibosh on the vuvuzela.

According to the Big Ten Conference held by Per Scott Chipman stated via email this afternoon that there are some specific guidelines and policies of The Big Ten which do not allow any kind of irritations during the game and no kind of vuvuzelas are allowed at all. He also referred football game management manual which makes it clear in strict language.

The non-permissible stuffs, the arena management has the authority to enforce the Big Ten policies to make the game happen successfully. Patrons should not be allowed to bring following items in the arena: cups or container, cans, bottles, alcoholic beverages or any kind of strobe lights. Moreover, there are some other restrictions on specific items which could not be brought in the arena.

He said that he did not know how perfect vuvuzelas are going to show them at a college football game and he was quite sure of a lot of people being pleased to enjoy the Big Ten’s reactions and responses. He does not feel sorry as he is biased, just because his family also belongs to South Africa and he has seen many a times soccer games there. But, he still appreciates the idea of Ohio State students and said that in spite of high security there would must be a pair of smuggled vuvuzelas into The Shoe on November 13.

Thanks to Technology Now Enjoy Vuvuzela Free FIFA!

A one meter horn like flute becomes the most concentrated thing in this world cup 2010. South Africa and the whole world is dancing with the wave of football, but the sound wave of ‘Vuvuzela’ has come across in the middle with a great irritation to all. Actually the noise made by vuvuzela distracts the attention of the views and players along with harming the ear.

What is ‘Vuvuzela’

‘Vuvuzela’ is termed as ‘stadium horn’ which is maximum one meter in length. In this world cup it became a sign of irritation for its very unpleasant sound, but in the same way it became popular to live spectators on the field as an entertaining device. Traditionally the Vuvuzela has been a part of South African spectators to cheer; and now it has seemed to become a headache for all.

Effects of ‘Vuvuzela’ on Matches and Health

Vuvuzela has several bad effects which can hamper the enjoyment of a match along with some health effects.

First, the sound of vuvuzela can even make a person deaf. South African requested the fans not to blow it on anyone’s ear.

Secondly, The TV viewers have to tolerate the high noise of vuvuzela which is really annoying and disturbing for them.

Thirdly, Players attention may be distracted for the high sound and very odd noise of vuvuzela.

What FIFA Says

Everyday large numbers of complaints are registered in FIFA and other governing agency’s list. Last day BBC announced that every day they are receiving more than hundred requests to ban ‘vuvuzela’. In this context FIFA President Sepp Blatter twitted in the twitter. He said, “I have always said that Africa has a different rhythm, a different sound.” He also explained it like, “I don’t see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country. Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country?”

How vuvuzela free world matches can be enjoyed

Whatever FIFA president says, people don’t like the annoying disturbance of vuvuzela during the match. So people are looking for an alternative solution to get rid of it. is providing a service with the technology of cancelling the sound wave of vuvuzela by a special method. This interested viewers need to pay €2.95 to get this software. First they need to download a mp3 file which is necessary to be played during the match. This technology is termed as ‘active noise cancellation”. Active noise cancellation depends on sampling ambient sound and reproducing that sound exactly out of phase with the original; the result is that the sound waves cancel each other out.

Popular science gave a different but more difficult solution which is first given by a German Blog ‘Die Surfpoeten’. They use a method of filtering out the most common frequencies of the horn like 233, 466, 932, and 1864Hz. The filters are set up in a program like Logic Express where all audio signals are by passed through a secondary PC for processing of sound.

Lastly if anyone wants a free of cost offer, then ‘JACK audio connection kit’ would be the best solution for him.

Along with all these offers Professor Trevor Cox from the University of Salford, a Acoustic expert don’t think that it’s possible to avoid vuvuzela. So adviced, “Be Zen about it; accept vuvuzelas as part of the World Cup soundscape and pour another beer” in in the Daily Telegraph.

Fifa 2010: Spectators target coach Maradona, Messi & other players with laser

The Fifa World Cup has always been the world’s most prestigious sporting carnival. It delights the fans the world over once every four years. The Fifa World Cup 2010 is being held at South Africa this year, amidst high security. In the initial days of the World Cup, an unprecedented incident in the midst of the match raised the security concerns at the ground.

Spectator flickers laser pen during a match between Argentina and Nigeria

On Saturday, June 12, 2010, during a match between Argentina and Nigeria at Ellis Park, Johannesburg, South Africa, there was a security breach. A green laser pen was shone at players during the match between Argentina and Nigeria. Someone from the spectators flickered a green laser pen in the direction of the players including Lionel Messi and Argentina coach Diego Maradona.

This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. A similar incident took place during the Champions League in February 2008 in a match between Manchester United and Lyon. During this game, Cristiano Ronaldo was targeted with a laser pen. However, this is the first incident to occur during the Fifa World Cup. This has raised concerns about the efficiency of security checkpoints during a high profile sporting event such as this.

Questions raised over security perimeters

This occurrence has raised several pertinent questions regarding the security. Fifa was quick to react. It has ordered a probe into the security matter at Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg. The head of Fifa’s media department released a statement stating that such an incident did take place. He added that his team saw the green laser light being shone at the players during the match. Consequently, they immediately asked the security to look into the matter. Thereafter the incident did not occur again.

The head of Fifa’s media department was asked if all the security perimeters were functional. To this, he replied that for any high-profile game such as this, the most critical element is security and during this match all the security elements were completely functional. He also said that there was no official complaint registered by any of the teams.

What was the motive of the person with the laser pen? Was he just a fan? Or was he deliberately attempting to harm the players? Is the security up to the mark considering that Fifa World Cup 2010 is the most popular and highly viewed sporting event in the world at the moment? The incident in this match has left many questions unanswered. The most important question is how a spectator was able to surpass the security perimeter in such a high profile game where all the security elements were fully functional. Only investigations will reveal the exact reason and bring the truth to the fore.

Although Fifa has ordered a probe into this mishap, only complete investigation would reveal the exact reason behind this occurrence. This incident has definitely raised a lot of questions which Fifa will have to answer in the days to come.

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