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How to use Avast Antivirus

Like the heart is to the human body in the same manner a antivirus is to your Computer. Nowadays the malicious programs have become so common that every second user’s computer suffers from the problem of virus which may be in the form of worms, spywares, malware or Trojan horses etc. The answer to such type of threat to your computer is nothing but a suitable Anti-virus program.

There are near about bunch of such Anti-virus programs available in the computer market. You have Norton Anti-virus, McAfee Anti-virus, Kasper sky Anti- virus and Viper Anti-virus available for in the market. But the previously mentioned are all the soft wares available only when you purchase them. However, some computer users’ long to choose such an Anti-virus program that is available for free and at the same gives an ample performance too. For such type of Anti-virus you have the best Avast Anti-virus available for you. You can download the same from the internet. The software is available on the websites under the Anti-virus & Spy ware section. Download the latter and Install at the same time on tour system.

Handling such type of Anti-virus soft wares is very job to do.



Boot Time Scan can be scheduled:


Step one

Once you install the Avast Anti-virus on your system, an icon will appear on the task bar. Right-click on the same and click on the eject tab.

Step two

Then on the prompted window choose the “Schedule Boot Time Scan” by clicking on the same. You can either choose to scan any specific file or folder OR scan any particle disk or the entire hard drive disk. One can rather browse through to choose any specific file to be scanned.

Step three

“Scan Archive Files” tab is then clicked on to proceed further. Then check on the boxes available for an advanced setting. If any infected file is found you can click on the same and pull it down to delete or quarantine the infected files. You can also select the option of “Allow to Delete System Files” to prevent the pop-ups from developing while you go foe system scanning.

Go for scanning your PC or run a scan:

Step one

Open the Avast windows and click on the tabs which you can find on the right corner of the prompted window. These buttons are actually the list locations which can be scanned using your Avast Anit-virus security. The top most tab says to “Scan your hard drives like C: or D:” to choose OR go for entire computer scanning. The tabs in between talk about scanning the removable drives like CD or a Floppy disk drive.

Step two

Then at the bottom you can select folders which you long to get scanned in your system. When you click on the latter you can scroll through to choose from the options of folders available and take you decision for selection of your desired file n folder accordingly.

Step three

Once you have made choices or selected your desired options of files n folders. Then on the left corner to the Avast window click on the “Play” tab to begin the process of scanning.

How to Remove Spyware from Your Computer

Your computer faces a number of threats all around from the online world. These could be viruses, spywares, Trojans, and other such elements as well that might not only destroy your data but your computer as well. The best solution to make your machine secure is to remove all this unwanted stuff so that you get the best out of your machine. Spyware is a category associated to all the unwanted programs and software available in the market. You can use antispyware scanner to find and remove such unwanted programs. You might need to remove them manually or try both ways to remove the spyware or similar unwanted software.

Antispyware scanner and Removal tool:

The most convenient way to remove spyware is to use the antispyware scanner available in the Windows or from a third party yet reputed source. The Windows Defender is an excellent feature that has been integrated with Windows 7 that helps you monitor all the unwanted software and help you make your computer secure from unwanted software. You are being notified every time any software accesses your computer and tries to install itself. You can take the possible action to get rid of the offer and make your computer secure.

Spyware scanners are most of the time integrated with your antivirus programs. You can check information related the spyware from the website that features the antivirus that you use on your machine. You can add the feature from the internet and scan your computer using the tool. This would detect all the possible spyware available on your machine and remove them accordingly to make your computer a good experience.



Manual Removal:

Spyware are not that easy to get rid of therefore you need to make a few moves to make sure that you get rid of this issue making your computer safe. You can try the manual methods once your antispyware software refuses to have the caliber to remove the said spyware. In case your Windows Defender feature fails, try any of the following features in order to make your machine a safe one:

  • Install a quality antivirus program that has a spyware program integrated. Many of the reputed antivirus software come with antispyware protection that is quite secure.
  • Check for all the software list in the Program and Features list and see how many of them are in your use. Delete or remove the ones that you don’t usually use. You need to be very careful while doing this making sure that you don’t remove one of the major software that you usually use. There are spyware that provide you with the uninstall feature.
  • The last thing that you can possible do is to reinstall Windows. There are some of the spyware that hide themselves therefore there is no chance that you can remove them. Try your utmost to remove the spyware through any method and reinstall the Windows once you fail in every attempt.

Once you are planning to reinstall Windows, make sure that you take a back up of all the important files and folders so that you do not lose anything at the end. Reinstallation of Windows would certainly help you get rid of the spyware completely.

How to Increase the Speed of Internet Explorer

Sometimes we experience that our web browser responds very slowly. There are a lot of reasons which can cause this problem. We can analyze to see why the Windows Internet Explorer is running slowly. We can check each aspect one by one in order to resolve this problem. We will look at and discuss five methods in order to solve this issue.

  • Windows Internet Explorer might be slow due to the old version installed on your computer. If you are using the old version of Windows Internet explorer on your computer, then it is possible that you windows Internet explorer will respond slowly. In order to upgrade your windows Internet explorer you can visit the official web site of Microsoft. Updated versions of Windows Internet explorer are available there. You can just download and install the new version in your computer. We highly recommend you to always use the up-to-date software.
  • Secondly you can reset you windows Internet explorer. When you reset the windows Internet explorer it returns to its state when it was installed first time on your computer. This method is useful for troubleshooting the problem occurred after installation. When you reset the settings of your windows Internet explorer, all the cookies, form data and previous password do not work properly. However it does not delete your favorites and some other personalized web pages. This is an advantage as you are able to reset to the original settings, but all the important and relevant aspects that you have saved will not be deleted.
  • If the problem persists there then you can try the third method. You should check if there is any problem with your Internet connection. As Internet connection depends upon your service provider. You can contact your service provider in order to resolve this problem. This can also be caused by some viruses or spywares if they are present in your computer. It is also possible that your browser response becomes slow if there is high traffic on the web page which that you want to visit. Using the latest versions can even overcome the problem of increased traffic.
  • You can install some add-ons in your windows Internet explorer 8 in order to enhance your online experience. These add-ons can also interfere or create a conflict with the other software installed on your computer. You should try to start the windows Internet explorer without add-ons in order to find if these are creating the problem. After disabling the add-ons if you find that your problem has been solved you can use Manage Add-ons in order to use the particular add-ons. Manage add-on tools allow us to find out which add –on was causing the problem.
  • You can also run Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool in your computer to fix the problem of slow response from your windows Internet explorer. As you scan your computer on a regular basis, the speed of your browser will increase due to the removal of all the unnecessary malware from your computer.

In spite of all these methods of troubleshooting, if your browser is still slow, then you have to try and get your computer repaired by a professional.

How To Stop Norton Antivirus Startup

Applications and programs that automatically start with your windows boot-up are known as start up items. Messenger services, antivirus software, download managers or media programs are some of the startup items that you will find on your computer. In order to increase the operational performance of your computer, it might be necessary to disable some of these startup programs. Especially, some antivirus software can slow down the operating system to such an extent that it will be preferable to disable start up options.

When you install Norton Antivirus in your computer, by default it is set to load on startup, and can slow down your system. To disable Norton Antivirus and speed up your system, you need to follow the following steps:

Reboot in safe mode

The first and most important step is to reboot your operating system in safe mood. This will make sure that Norton Antivirus will remain disabled when you reboot your computer. The other benefit of operating the system in safe mood is that, it will help you to avoid activating spywares and other viruses. Spywares and viruses might cause a problem when you effectively disable Norton Antivirus from the startup. To reboot in the safe mode, go to the start menu and select “run”. Type “msconfig” on the appeared dialog box and press enter. This will open a window on the screen which is called msconfig window. In this window, go to the “boot” tab and check the “safeboot” box. Click “Apply” and then close the window. A system reboot option will be soon appeared on the screen, click “yes”.

Disable Norton Through the msconfig window

When your system starts on same mode, again go to the run dialog box by clicking the “start” on your desktop. In the appeared dialogue box type “msconfig” once again. When the msconfig window opens, go to the “startup” tab. A list of different programs and application will be available there. Those programs are your startup items. Scroll up/down and look for the “Norton Antivirus” program. Once you find the desired name from the list, uncheck the box and click “apply”. After clicking “ok” or “apply” you will be next asked for rebooting your computer. Do not press ‘yes’ because your system is not ready. You need to configure the “boot” tab first before reboot the system.

Disable Norton through Norton Antivirus

This is another way of disabling Norton startup which is through the application itself. Go to the option menu of your Norton Antivirus program. A menu will appear from which you can select Norton Antivirus. Go to Miscellaneous. From this window, uncheck the box “Scan system files at startup” and then click “Ok”. This will prevent the automatic scan of your computer on windows startup.

Reboot your computer in normal Mode

When you are done with disabling Norton Antivirus startup scan, the next and final step is to configure your boot option. You should follow the steps said already and go to the msconfig window again. Go to the “boot” tab and uncheck the box next to safeboot . Click “apply” and close the window. Once you close the window, the prompt will ask you to reboot the system, select “yes”. The computer will restart on its normal setting and will follow this setting unless you make any further changes.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003