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LaCie Wireless Space to rival Apple Time Capsule

LaCie has recently announced that it will create a product similar to Apple’s Time Capsule, which will be called as the LaCie Wireless Space. This devices will have a  Wireless Space is a combined wireless router and NAS server.

According to LaCie, the Wireless Space will have more features than the Time Capsule. Time Capsule’s services are limited as it network storage function

not much more than a backup space for Time Machine. However, Wireless Space shares the same number of network ports similar to the Time Capsule from Apple.

Briefly, in terms of features the LaCie’s has a lot of similarities to  Network Space, such as the ability to backup large volumes of data, stream digital contents to UPnP/DLNA-compliant network players and iTunes and more.

The Wireless Space support’s Apple’s Time Machine which is installed with Genie Timeline Software. This software provides the same backup features for Windows users.

Wireless Space is only available in 1TB or 2TB of built-in storage, which are complemented by USB ports to support more via external hard drives. The product has been designed by Neil Poulton, with his signature mark of creating distinctive rectangular LaCie products.

Some of the features of Lacie can be seen as follows:

  • Wireless router
  • One WAN port and only three LAN ports
  • Support for N wireless standard however it doesn’t support dual-band, which the Time Capsule does.

LaCie’s Wireless Space will be released in October, at a cost of $230.

Latest Storage and Backup Servers from LaCie

LaCie is a company that is involved in providing external storage solutions. It has been into this for some time now and has made quite a name for them in this domain. Very recently LaCie launched a new product which they very interestingly called 5big. That’s unusual for a product name but when LaCie named this they had a reason for it. The 5big storage device is not the run of the mill storage device. It is real BIG and unique. It has an Intel D410 1.6Ghz single core CPU, 5 hard drives that are swappable and each can accept drives up to 2TB each. Now that’s some capacity. The storage device consists of a number of software that are both Windows and Mac compatible. All in all it has a total storage capacity in the tune of 5TB or 10TB.

Storage and Backup Servers
The new LaCie 5big backup servers are targeted more towards the small and medium sized enterprises and are a real boon for them. With the help of the these storage and backup servers the companies using it can have a centralized file and bare metal backup for 10 PCs and 25 Macs. It also provides data protection against drive failure and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is powered by high performance 64-bit Intel processor 1.6GHz Atom processor coupled with 2G of RAM and Microsoft WHS and has the online file and full system restore facility. It is also time machine compatible.

The LaCie 5big storage and backup server supports all necessary file sharing formats like, SMB, NFS, AFP, iSCSI, HTTP and FTP. Apart from this it also supports the windows active directory. This feature of the LaCie 5big enables it to ensure easy and efficient integration into existing IT set up. The hard disk, which is huge in capacity (up to 10TB) is further scalable which gives it enough longevity in future as well. The LaCie 5big storage and backup server is very user friendly and does not require any specialized IT guy to operate it. It fits into the office environment very easily and helps you store you data and create a back up very easily. The user manuals are also available which are very helpful. Apart from this the customer support is always there who are well trained to guide them user in case of any query.
What makes LaCie 5big storage and backup server a cut above the rest of the small business servers is that it is fully compatible with Mac systems and environments through its support for AFP, Spotlight, and the AppleTalk stack for legacy applications. It has the option for automatic backup and restore and is also compatible with Time Machine.
Other Products from the company
LaCie have also kept in mind the environmental factors in mind and have designed a recyclable aluminum casing, advanced power management options, and power-efficient processor. The cooling system is also very efficient and effective. It is available in many capacities and also extends a 3 year warranty which is a bonus for any user.

Networking and Its benefits

Storage of the data is the main goal when computers were designed first. Now computers store large number of data related to many financial trades or list of private clients. If you are employee in a company and wanted data from other computer to continue your work then you can get it through storage devices. However, this way is little bit time consuming. Thus, networking sounds beneficial in this case. Network is nothing but connecting two or more computers and let them communicate with each other to transfer data. Networking no doubt makes life much easier and makes us able to do following tasks.
Benefits of Networking

  • Suppose you want to pay bills on laptop but your bills are stored on desktop in office. Instead of physically going into the office for that particular file you can access it through network. You can decide which file to share and thus network is always under your control.
  • You can connect compatible entertainment devices such as new generation TVs or music player over the network to play music or to watch photos etc. In this process, digital media is send over the network to access it.
  • In a cyber café or offices you can buy only one internet connection and can share it over the network instead of buying individual connection for each console.
  • You can also play multiplayer games over the network with other users and can even connect gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or Wii to the network.
  • The same way you can connect a printer over network so that each computer connected through network can access it.
  • There are two ways to connect computers via network. One is wired in which each and every computer is connected with wire but it restricts the portability of device.

Wireless networking

Another way is connection through wireless media. This is the best possible way of connecting a group of computers. First of all you get rid of mess of wire connections which are also costly to install. There is no need to carry wire in each and every section where computer is located.  Wires carry many problems with them like fitting in wall and thus to make everything wire-free is always beneficial. However, you will get portability at the cost of speed. Speed of wireless network is not equal to that of wired networks. If you wish to play multiplayer games then you must prefer wired type for it. The speed is more than sufficient for rest of the applications though.

To setup a network, what you need is a router. It is a type translator that helps to establish better communication between computers. You can establish wired connection with its help and it also provides you with an alternative if you wish to switch to wireless environment later. If you are not using notebooks currently and thus don’t need wireless connectivity right now; it is better to prepared for it. It will help reduce your hardware cost for installation of wire-free environment.

How to Add an Extra Hard Drive

The fastest way to over come the storage problems is a second hard drive, in addition, its great method to protect critical data. It’s not only an easy and quick way as well as it’s a cost effective, approximately 1$ per gigabyte. So if you need additional storage on your machine, this article will tell you the simplest way to push you forward towards living this experience and obtain your desired results.

Instructions to follow:

As long as you reached this part, this means that you are about to begin this exciting process, shall we delve?

  • First check if you want the Serial ATA or IDE (parallel-ATA). Although older machines have the IDE (Parallel ATA), modern ones might support only (Serial-ATA). To make sure of that, you can open up the case and try to distinguish the used drives type. Usually the IDE drives have a flat and wide ribbon cable. The SATA ones have thinner cables and no jumpers.
  • Free a room for an extra hard drive:
  • Restart your machine then log into the BIOS-Menu.
  • Hit the Standard CMOS Settings.
  • Restart your machine
  • See a trusted manufacturer to get the external hard drive you want to add , make sure that its compatible with your master hard drive
  • Turn off your machine, unplug all cords attached to it from the back and unscrew all the screws of your case.
  • Place the screws in a well know place then remove the side panel and drag it out of the case.
  • Look for the region where all flat ribbon cables (or even the SATA cables) attach to the mother board.
  • Pose the jumpers to change the drive status to a slave or a master. Follow the instructions printed on your hard drive to do so. Meanwhile you won’t have to do so if you were dealing with a SATA, as each SATA device uses only its own cable, IDEs can share devices.
  • Locate the empty bay inside your machine case.
  • Connect the ribbon cable that to your hard drive.
  • Connect the Molex power cable; you can distinguish it by the 3 thin internal wires of red, yellow, and black. Notice that SATA drive has a non similar kind of power cable.
  • Place the side panel where it was to your computer then screw it back.
  • If you reached here it’s the last step as you will have to plug all of cables, connect them back to their power source incase while installing the drive you unplugged them.
  • Now we need the computer organization to feel all the changes, and that’s why you will restart your machine. Log into BIOS startup (depending on your mother board manufacturer you can show it by either pressing F10 or DEL key on keyboard). Now check back the BIOS Auto-Detect to make sure that the additional drive got detected. Check the screen that presents the both the Primary and Slave drives, you should see the name of the new added one.
  • Once you log into it, you will face 4 settings named as following: PRIMARY MASTER\AUTOPRIMARY SLAVE\ SECONDARY MASTER\ SECONDARY SLAVE. Hit them all and change them into Auto-Detection.

Some users ask does it work with me if I had a Macintosh machine. Same goes on Clamshell-Cases those small shape cases from Dells operate differently.

As a tip, we recommend you to use SATA drives as they are pretty much faster than IDEs, plus the IDE ribbon really stands against the air flow.

How to Diagnosis your Hard Disk Drives

The year 1956 was the inception of hard disk drives. The hard disk drives got an upper hand over the floppy drives and thus were able to get immense impact on the storage of the computers. It sorted out all the possible storage issues and got solutions which were the most cost effective. The hard disk drive consisted of platters, spindles and metal cases. Most importantly the storage capacity of had disk drive was in tera bites and gigabytes which was fairly enough for the systems. The newer versions of hard disk drives come along with error correction techniques, which help in fixing the errors in the hard disk drive on its own. In many a situation the head of the HDD gets in contact with the platter which creates scrathes, scrapes on the platter. Thus the diagnosis of the hard disk drive is the must and the steps that could help you perform an efficient diagnosis of HDD:

  • Be sure that you stick to the ground rules and never play around with it

There are few basic guidelines that one must be abided with while diagnosing the hard disk drive. The HDD has all the information about the operating system, programs, softwares and lot more. Therefore handle the HDD with absolutely great care. Never touch the hard disk drive with naked hands and avoid physical exposure of the platters to outside environment. Never format the system without backing up the important information.

  • Identify whether it is a hardware problem or a software issue

A proper investigation could answer whether the failure is a resultant of hardware issues or software conflicts which again helps in developing the right strategy to resolve it.

  • Get yourself equipped and check whether the hard disk makes noise

If you find the hard disk making noise, get yourself equipped with tools to open the hard disk and put it aside. you could either get it fixed in repairing store or could help yourself sort it out by taking help online.

  • Check out in BIOS whether your HDD reflects unformatted

If the HDD reflects as unformatted in the BIOS as one should get the HDD taken off from the system and try it out in some other windows machine.

  • Have the converters ready if want to change HDD from desktop to laptop

If you wish to connect a laptop HDD to a desktop HDD or the other way round, the older versions would not support it however the newer system do support them but demands converters from SATA to PATA,SCSI to USB or fire wire.

  • Never write data on the broken HDD

It is essential that any broken must not be formatted or must not write on it as the data would be at complete loss.

  • Use repair PC in case of damaged or erased operating system files

In situation where the operating systems files are erased or damaged, the disk could still be retained fro data using repair PC.Get the data transferred and saved.

  • Move the HDD drive to its own CPU

Move the HDD to its original system, get the operating system and start loading all your files and folders back to the HDD.Install all the drivers and programs. If there is any drive that appears to be unformatted, follow the data recovery software. Analyze the drive and unzip the programs. After the disk is fully accessible you are all set to go.

Rely on a technical site which could give you comprehensive information as you might get confused, it could be the best helping hand to you.

Emulex Dell partnership for Network Accessories

Emulex Corporation has announced that it is going to formulate a partnership with Dell for producing 10Gb/ s Ethernet chip which could enhance the productive market of high speed internet world. Emulex’s new OneConnect™ Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs) is chosen by Dell for 10 Gb/s Internet Small Computer System Interface (ISCSI) and Ethernet connection which is specified by Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). These products are available in Dell PowerEdge™ franchises and open for the use of all types of Dell iSCSI and Fibre chanel system. Emulex OneConnect UCNAs are enveloped with blending of network and storage management accessories with more efficiency and they don’t affect the management domains and servers.

Dell-Emulex partnership is a milestone in the connectivity and network market which can set up a new goal for others to produce the more accelerated products in cheap cost. These products enable the customers with a opportunity to use consolidated network and storage advantage in a very moderate price line. In a press release Emulex announced a approximate save of the users with their products:

Service Costs save up to (%)
Switches, adapters and rack space 28%
Power and cooling 42%
cabling 80%

“The aim of Dell and Emulex are to elongate and ease the Ethernet market with flexible, fast and cheap products” said Steve Daheb, CEO and senior VP of business development, Emulex. “The increased performance of 10Gb/s iSCSI over 1Gb/s iSCSI and the hardware offload support that Emulex’s OneConnect iSCSI UCNAs offer allow end users to get the most out of their Dell iSCSI infrastructure, resulting in increased data center consolidation, virtualization and operational efficiency.”

Sally Stevens, the vice president of Product Group Platform Marketing, Dell Inc. stated “Dell is trying to lead the ISCSI market from the front and to employ this vision this agreement could be a giant step. Dell is looking forward to offer the customers with high level performance and consolidation based on 10Gb/s network convergence with iSCSI and FCoE on a single network , thus the hardware of Emulex could be the best solution.”

OneConnect UCNA is a unique product in the arena of network connection as this single chip adapter has the ability to give full hardware protocol with a support for TCP or IP, ISCSI and FCoE. In fact it is stated as the world’s fastest Ethernet network solution by Pulse™ which took the speed of 1Gb/ s to 10Gb/ s. On the other hand it gives a great opportunity to consolidate network and storage infrastructure successfully without any change in domain management.

Dell and Emulex have made this bond with a motive to reach the cutting edge faster and high performance products with less cost. Their endless effort will create more competition in the market and will pave to produce more sophisticated products for network connection.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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