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Is your digital home missing these tech gadgets?

Do you wish for an app that lets you know when to buy new milk, remove grass strains, or remotely let the repairmen know that things need to be fixed. Well, technology is all about getting smarter with each passing day and manufacturers have already started building home appliances that communicate easily with you as well as among themselves, helping us eventually head toward having a single user interface that can manage our entire home. Considering the new wave in home electronics, many major players in the industry are taking a crack at newer technologies that can let your home tech gadgets communicate with you as well as each other.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the home automation technologies and tech gadgets that are turning our homes into a digital paradise.

  • Samsung T9000 – Much more than just a refrigerator

The first wave of digitally equipped tech gadgets is already here as we welcome refrigerators that feature touchscreen. Samsung has already turned your refrigerator into a billboard, a baby monitor, and even a multi-media notepad that lets you jot down every idea that come across your mind, build your grocery list, track down food that lies in your fridge and find recipes to match the inventory.  Controlled by your smartphone, the Samsung T9000 refrigerator can also act as your baby monitor. When you place your phone in your kid’s room, the fridge’s control panel turns into a small baby monitor that lets you closely monitor your child even while working in the kitchen.

With technology touching every sphere of our home, how can we leave our washers behind?

  • Samsung ‘smart’ washing machines for a smarter you

What if your washing machine detects your laundry load and adjusts the detergent and water levels automatically? Well, stuff as this have become things of the past and now manufacturers have taken a ‘smart’ route and have used wireless technology to let you control your washers directly from your smartphone. Using Wi-Fi technology, the washing machine possesses “smart control system” to streamline your laundry process. Using a wireless router and a smartphone app, this tech gadget informs the user when a wash is done by sending a notification alert on your phone.

  • Numi toilet

Who doesn’t wish for a high-tech toilet that’s not only water efficient, but also highly functional. This innovative technology will surely make its way to your home. Beautifully designed and coupled with most advanced tech features, Kohler Numi Toilet is touted as the world’s most advanced toilet that has been engineered to bring the finest features for best in-person comfort and cleaning at a price of $6400. Its advanced features list include a motion activated lid, deodorizer, integrated air dryer, foot warming, heated seat, illuminated panels, and music control. This latest tech gadget also offers touch screen remote control and magnetic docking station for better control options, making it the best high tech toilet in class.

The current crop of digital technology might help you save your time, but they will become really exciting when they start saving your money as well. If you are looking for one such digitally connected device that saves your electricity bills, then Nest is an answer for you.

  • Nest – A prototype thermostat of the future

Nest is a little artificially intelligent robot that can learn your living habits in a week and help you save on your power bills by controlling the temperatures in your house. Just answer a few simple questions and the tech gadget will optimize itself for you by remembering the temperatures you like and scheduling itself automatically. Like, it automatically turns off your AC few minutes in advance, but keeps the fan running to cut down on your energy costs. Not just this, Nest also automatically turns itself to an energy-efficient ‘Away’ temperature when you’re out of your house to avoid heating or cooling an empty home.

But all these digitally connected appliances are ineffective, if your digital home security system is out of place. Well, technology has an answer for this too and offers you myriads of options to keep your house well secure. Click here to know more.

Tech gadgets that promise connected digital entertainment

For years, your regular home appliances have toiled without companionship. They always worked as big boxes that used to sit around the corner of your home, giving you limited functionality. But not anymore! Like all other technologies that surround us, home tech gadgets have also seen the light of change. Today, appliances can actually communicate to the outside world. They can connect to your phone, negotiate rates with power companies, customize your wash cycles, light your house on their own, and even remotely inform the repairmen about the next service cycle. To fit the bill, a handful of smart technologies are already here, and some on their way soon.

Whether you want to watch a YouTube video on your TV, liberate your digital music collection from your regular headphones and speakers, or browse your latest photo collection on a big screen, now it’s all possible. Consumer interest in high-tech digital entertainment solutions is on rise and many manufacturers have crafted their own technologies to enrich your connected home experience. Let’s take a look at them.

  • A one-point control system for your digital devices

If controlling your digital entertainment ecosystem is becoming more and more confusing, with a pile of remotes cluttering your table, then it’s the time to take the guesswork out of your controlling system and make it interesting and fun to deal with. Bring home a Bitwise BC4X1 Pro Automation Controller and give your TVs, processors, receivers, and home theater system a one-point control. With Bitwise, all the controls are now available to you at your fingertips through your iPad, iPhone, or your Android smartphone.

  • Transform your TV into a digital hub

Watch and share all your digital content in up to five different rooms in your house by owning an Xbox 360. This digital entertainment tech gadget will work as an extender in your house and will let you watch HD movies, listen to music, watch live TV, and play games with people around the world. Available at Best Buy for a price of $179.99, Xbox transforms your TV into a digital hub that lets you experience connected digital entertainment at the touch of a button.

  • Amplify your house with multi-room digital music system

Let the sound of your favorite song resonate in every room of your house with PLAY: 5. Sono offers you the state-of-the-art digital amplifiers that can wirelessly deliver superior sound to any room of your house. The wireless, multi-room digital amplifier is not only elegant and easy to use, it is also extremely easy to control, thanks to its wireless controller that lets you control and manage your digital entertainment ecosystem with the touch of a button.

  • The ultimate content streaming device

Watch everything from latest HD movies, to photo slideshows, to videos, or stream live music from various sources by wirelessly connecting this amazingly simple and efficient digital entertainment tech gadget with your Mac, PC, or TV. No managing storage. No syncing to your iTunes library. Simply connect and start streaming content directly to your device. The home entertainment tech gadget is so small that it easily fits in the palm of your hand. When not filling your living room with romance, drama, and action, it simply sits in your crowded cabinet, utilizing power that is even less than a night lamp.

But, digital entertainment is just one part of your digitally connected home. The next generation “smart” appliances and tech gadgets connect to your smartphone and allow you to summon professional help with just a push of a button. Click here to take a closer look at them.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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