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Ultra slim Android based Laptop Released by Toshiba

Android OS has been a new entry in the world of OS and is expected to do great business around the world. An increasing number of manufacturers are taking up the OS for their smartphones or even laptops now. A recent news rose from the world of Toshiba. The laptop is an excellent development that is casting the Dual Core ARM processor as well as Android 2.1 to bring an excellent machine to you.

There was news in the beginning that the laptop model named AC-100 would be running on Linux and the processor would come from the U.K based manufacturer ARM. The laptop was said to use mobile technologies instead of the typical laptop based technology. It was termed as a smart book.

The reality

The reality of AC-100 is just amazing. You can easily get this machine running the perfect way with the design being contemporary and different from all other laptops that are in the range. The unique design would certainly get you enough experience to enjoy. The machine is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 250 combined with Android 2.1 as being the Operating system. The processor is from a line of cutting edge processors that is being used in the world of smartphones and is said to rise up to the speed of 1GHz. The processors that have been used up before this were all single core processors while the latest development that would be integrated with Toshiba is a Dual core version.

The use of Android is justified in the world today for its functionality for some of the very exotic and exhilarating smartphone experiences have been brought to you by Android. This includes Motorola’s Droid and Nexus One by HTC. The whole laptop is like a smartphone more than a laptop because of the integration of the use of the mobile broadband being used in the development. The machine is said to take less than 1 second waking up from the standby mode. This feature makes this machine “always on” like a mobile phone.

Technical Features

The laptop is uses a 1 GHz Dual core ARM processor with a memory of 512 MB DDR2. It has a built in storage space of around 32 GB that is being provided by the solid state drive. The battery life is also remarkable that gives you a power back up of around 8 years. The laptop is having a display of 10.1”. The device is also been integrated with Bluetooth 2.1 and WLAN (802.11 b/g/n) as well as mobile broadband that gives it an edge over many other machines of the same caliber. The device has one USB 2.0 port, one Mini USB and one SD, MMC port. You even have the HDMI connectivity port as well.

The laptop also has a 1.3 megapixel webcam that has an integrated microphone. The machine is expected to strike the Japanese market somewhere in the third quarter this year with a launching price of less than $500. The weight to this laptop is another factor to consider. The ultra slim laptop is ultra light as well with a weight of 870g.

Settlement of Motorola and RIM

Motorola and Research in Motion has announced that the patent dispute between them over wireless technologies has come to an end. According to their settlement, a cross licensing agreement will be set up by them based on industry standards and some key technologies. This will allow them to receive patent rights for 2G, 3G, 4G, 802.11 and wireless e-mail. RIM has also agreed to give ongoing royalties and upfront payment to Motorola. The monetary terms of the deal have not been disclosed but in reality it would have involved hundreds of millions of dollars. Thus the litigation between them has come to an end.


RIM is a Canadian telecommunication company and it is the developer of BlackBerry Smartphone. Before it started its work to produce BlackBerry, it had worked with Ericsson and RAM Mobile Data. Ericsson- developed Mobitex wireless data network which was transformed into a two-way paging and wireless e-mail network. This paved the way for the release of Interactive pager 950 which competed with SkyTel developed by Motorola.

RIM always has been entangled in a sequence of suits concerning to alleged patent infringement. In 2001 in reaction to an encroachment suit filed by Glenayre Electronics Inc, RIM sued it for patent infringement. It hunted for a command to put off Glenayre from infringing on the patent of RIM’s Single Mailbox Integration. In 2003 RIM filed suit its competitor Good Technology. Throughout the year, it filed complaints against it. After two years in March 2004, Good Technology settled the outstanding litigation by agreeing to a licensing deal.

Pertaining to keyword design on hand-held e-mail devices RIM was rewarded a patent on September 16, 2002. It then advanced to sue Handspring over its Treo device. Within two months, Handspring avoided further litigation by agreeing to license RIM’s patent. On March 3, 2006 RIM completed its BlackBerry patent dispute with NTP . RIM paid NTP US $612.5 million for the final defrayal of all claims. On July 17, 2003 RIM filed suit against Xerox. On May 1, 2006 RIM was litigated by Visto for violation of four patents.


Disputes arose between Motorola and RIM regarding the patents related to user interface, application management and power management. On January 22, 2010 a complaint was filed against RIM by Motorola with the U.S. International Trade Commission. The other lawsuits were filed in federal court in Texas. Motorola had argued that license held for the technologies by RIM was lost in 2007. It argued that RIM, the BlackBerry maker was infringing on five Motorola patents. Hence it requested ITC to ban the import of BlackBerry phone into the U.S. According to the industry tracker IDC in the first quarter of 2010, Motorola was knocked by RIM from the world’s top five mobile phone manufacturers.

Now they have joined their hands to enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi and new 4G standards. They have decided to spotlight on upcoming developments rather than prolonged legal battles.

How To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

In the current cyber world, Broadband Internet is considered as the modern standard for internet services. For people today, time and speed are the two influential decision making factors that are followed closely for all types of services. Slow traditional dial-up connections are gone thus paving the path for faster internet services and new technologies. These new innovations are either the DSL connections that connect using the telephone lines or the simple cable wires that connect using the same connection as that of the Cable TVs. If the need be, you can also subscribe to the range of wireless internet technologies such as WiMax, 3G, etc.

Having a broadband connection at your workplace or home is extremely convenient for downloading files, movies, images, etc. or even transferring important files to your clients and friends. In the initial stage, your internet speed will be simply amazing but with the passing time, you will see a sudden decline in its actual speed. Just as more and more people start using the same connection with the same bandwidth, your internet speed will slow down drastically. Usually, people using the cable internet connection are more susceptible to this speed issue. Similarly, when a large number of people use the internet under the same sub-network and consume huge amount of bandwidth, your broadband speed will surely face a great dip. Well, if you are also facing a similar problem, here are a few points to help you improve your broadband internet connection speed.

  • Keep a check on your speed: Comparing the speed as promised by your Broadband provider against the actual speed you are receiving is extremely essential. As a result, it gets essential that you check your actual internet speed before making a complaint. Usually, the speed is measured in MBPS (Megabits per second) or KBPS (Kilobits per second). When you compare the two speeds, you will notice that the actual speed is a lot lower than the provided speed.
  • Reset IP address: Usually, the slowdown in the speed is caused due to the rising number of total people using the similar subnet connection. In such conditions, resetting the IP address will help you to automatically retrieve a fresh IP from the system. All you need to do is simply click through your network settings and then click on “Renew DHCP Lease”.
  • Check other active background applications: Apart from the problem with your connection, it is also possible that your own computer is the culprit. Hence, it is necessary that you check out the OS for enabled Automatic Updates which will keep downloading new files for your softwares, movies, songs, etc. without your knowledge. If the system is enabled, it is better that you disable it.
  • Secure your wireless internet network: A similar problem with you internet speed is caused if your wireless connection is not protected and is intruded by other users. Hence, it is better to have your network protected using an encrypted protocol.

Make sure that you check all of these points if you are also facing issue with your broadband speed.

High Speed Motherboards launched by ASUS

ASUS unveiled the 890FX motherboards to display the company’s hexa-core architecture’s capabilities. Using the capabilities of AMD processors, the company showcased its six core computing design.

The ROG Crosshair IV Formula and M4A89TD PRO are fitted with 890FX AMD processors which give unmatched performance and are the best in its league in the computing industry. Its fast processing and unmatched graphics shall create a new set of standards for the company. The motherboards are fitted with exclusive ASUS technologies like Core and Turbo Unlockers. The users will be facilitated with turbo boosters and high level performance, with unprecedented over clocking for higher end experience for the user. This combination teamed up with AMD processor shall change the whole computing experience system for the user and shall enable the user to achieve news heights in computing.

ASUS has incorporated various technologies and rather set a new level of standards which is very hard for the competitors to achieve. ASUS has also many awards along with awards for its motherboards for its unprecedented and high class enabling of various technologies.

Its Core Unlocker technology has earned higher than expected remarks from all over the industry, just because ASUS developed it into a concept to increase the speed of the user computing. It has been transformed into the most reliable and efficient way of transforming and unlocking various cores that are available on the motherboard. Now ASUS, with the usage of AMD 80 series processors enables to operate on full six cores of computing. It has been termed as the most powerful, smart and intelligent over clocking technology, which can enable heavy computing which include extensive using of visual software and even high level gaming.

Joe Hsieh, General Manager of Motherboard Business with ASUS, said that the company will always be there to deliver to the needs of the customer, providing them with motherboards and graphics of unprecedented heights. He said that the new technologies of Turbo and Core Unlockers will enable the best computing options, which will make them the best value for money processor for the customer.

ASUS has designed the AMD black edition and six core technology, which are enabled with Core Unlockers, that will intelligently manipulate the clock speed. With one clock they can attain even higher computing speed to ease their work harmony. This has also enabled faster than ever connectivity, which is a must for today’s world.

ASUS has always stood out in the market in terms of technology, innovation, design and price. They always been the front runner in services also, this is what places them very high and now with hexa-core technique available they are going to storm the market.

Nokia accuses Apple with Theft of Ideas

The tiffs between the two mobile producing giants continue, and this is not the first time that the accusations are flying across each others back. This time around Nokia has blatantly accused Apple for stealing their ideas and in a bid to get it all back have even filed a lawsuit against the smartphone giants in the United States.

According to Nokia, Apple seems to have stolen their idea on data transmission and speech enhancement. This is directly infringing on patents, but we are quiet confident that Apple will see through this as well, or like the other infringement cases against them this one too will carry on till a few more years. Apart from those two patent infringement cases, Nokia has also accused Apple of stealing their innovations that include antenna configurations which helps in improving the performance as well as helps in saving a lot on space. This saving eventually works well for those wanting to make devices that are compact but yet powerful.

There has also been a press release by Nokia, and this was held by the general manager of Nokia’s patent licensing Paul Melin who in his own words struck back at Apple and at the same time tried to justify their filing of patent infringement. This is what Paul had to say to the press “Nokia has been the leading developer of many key technologies in mobile devices. We have taken this step to protect the results of our pioneering development and to put an end to continued unlawful use of Nokia’s innovation.”

This is not the first lawsuit that Apple has been slapped with, infact over the years they have managed to get quiet a few into their fold. However what most of us wonder is why there is never an outcome against Apple, and if everything is hushed up even before the verdict is reached? Anyways this is all business game and it is difficult for us to understand the inside matters. Nokia hasn’t been the only one slapping infringement cases against Apple, not a few months ago HTC were at it too.

The battle of the two greats Nokia and Apple however does not seem to end, and it just keeps volleying against each other, reminds you of a lawn tennis game where the ball volleys into the players court from time to time. However who wins match point here is yet to be known.

What we do know is that October 2009 was when Nokia had filed a lawsuit against Apple. It took only 2 months for Apple to volley it back (again patents) into Nokia’s ground. And now Nokia is back with its patent volley.. Another lawsuit probably from Apple’s end and the entire gamut of volleys between these two companies will fizzle out.

Nokia however thought of the best time to mar Apple’s brand. The accusations come after Apple announced that it would release the iPad in the UK markets. The date for the iPad release in the UK markets is slated to be May 28th and the prices are £429 onwards

Sony iPad rival tablet on the way

Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products. The company is now looking forward for making its way in iPad markets. In the past, Sony thought that there are no great opportunities for iPad in international markets. But, after much success faced by the several iPad companies such as Apple, even Sony is now thinking to manufacture its own iPad as a rival of Apple and many other companies. On May 14th, one of its executives said that the company is desperately looking forward to introducing their first iPad into various International markets, but is looking forward to having a few more proofs about the response of people using the iPads. The executives of Sony have been talking about launching their iPad since many years but have now realized that there is a very large market for iPads. Apple has played a very important role in this whole scenario. Apple made its debut in the iPad industry by selling almost 1 million iPad. This amazing success of Apple has made them realize that they can also utilize this great opportunity by offering unique features in their iPads for their customers.

In a press conference, Abary, Senior Vice President of Sony: said that the company was quiet confused about the variety of opportunities for the technologies, such as iPad. However, can now make a better judgment regarding the opportunities that iPad has will continue to launch its new versions in the coming time. These remarks of the Senior Vice President of Sony gave a clear indication that Sony is thinking seriously about its iPad project. But there is a question in the minds of many people that will the new iPad be able to give a tough time to companies like Apple which has developed a good reputation in the world of iPad? Its answer is very much simple. As far as its ability is concerned then yes, it has the ability to give a tough fight to various companies like Apple and many others. It has already done in the field of other electronic appliances like manufacturing TVs, washing machines, laptops and many others electronic products. So, there is no doubt about that whether it can compete with Apple or not. Sony is also showing interest to give its focus to the devices of reader line that are very much helpful for displaying the digital books and many other such reading materials. Sony has earned a lot of profit from the sales of these special reading devices that are very much famous all over the world.

So, all these things indicate that in the near future, Sony has an ability to introduce its own iPad tablet that can be the composition of many features like reader device that is glorious like iPhone along with many unique features. If it succeeds to do it then it will soon become a great revival of Apple and many other iPad companies.

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