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Facebook® plans to resume address and phone sharing

The fact that Internet can change the lifestyle of the human beings is an undeniable fact and so is the gift that Internet is known to bestow upon the human race. Nowadays Internet has changed the way of the life of human beings who use the true potential of this technology. One of the major uses of Internet is to make the world a smaller place to live. Hence the emergence of several social networking websites has taken place on a recent basis and one of the most favorites among them is Facebook.

After several critical views that were fired at Facebook for launching the new application which would share the user information with the application and then publish it on the wall of the user by taking the permission of the user, Facebook has recently launched another controversial idea of sharing the addresses and phone number of the user by taking the consent of the user.

In several cases, it was seen that before Facebook planned to do so or to take steps regarding the sharing of the personal information of the users on the Internet, many people raised a voice to stop deploying the idea in reality. Most of these people complained that by doing so what Facebook would do is that it would leave the private details of any user vulnerable to the outsiders who can take advantage of the information and can easily breach the security wall and take all the necessary steps possible to hack the profile of the user. If not hacking, then some people can also take the details, which are being published by Facebook in the open market and can manipulate the information, which might cause further trouble for the user whose information has been leaked in the market.

As a reply to this, Facebook had thrown a counter argument telling that they would make the world a better place to live after they enable the phone and the address sharing system on the social networking website. They said that the greatest advantage of using the system would be that most of the people who want to connect to important job sites or even want to get a bit more influentially connected to the outside world can easily do this.

According to the officials, they are taking the details and then publishing them by taking the consent of the user and in no situations would the user be in trouble. It is for this reason that the security to the details that Facebook is possibly known to provide is quite robust and no external entity can ever hack or break in through the security network.

How To See if your Wireless Router is Working

The use of wireless routers has increased. There have been advancements in technology related to the number of different devices which can be connected to the router, the connection techniques, and much more. At times it becomes little difficult to troubleshoot wireless problems in case your Internet connection stops working or some other problem. Your devices may show that they are connected to the router but the router might not be functioning properly. It is very important to understand the troubleshooting techniques so that you yourself can fix many problems. In this post I will discuss some basic troubleshooting techniques which you yourself can try before calling any technician for help.

First of all understand the topology of your network. The Internet connection which is coming into your house must be having a modem, that modem must be connected to the wireless router and then the devices must be connected to the router wirelessly. If you have a modem-cum-router then you must not be having a modem, but Internet line would be going into the router directly. Let us see how to narrow down to the cause of the problem and fix it.

Step 1. Check if Internet is working on other computers or not. If it is working then the problem is with only one computer and not with the router, or modem, or the Internet connection itself.

Step 2. If Internet connection is not working on all the computers then the first best thing you can try is to power flee your router. This can be done by disconnecting all the cables from the router, switching it off and leaving it like this for a couple of minutes. Then restart the router and try again.

Step 3. If it still doesn’t work then remove the router and connect one of the computers directly to the modem and see if the Internet connection is actually up till the modem or not. If Internet works this ways then definitely the problem is with the router as it is not able to pass the connection beyond it, and if Internet is not working even at the modem then power flee the modem as well.

Step 4. If power fleeing the modem resolves the problem then it is good enough and you can connect the router again in between, but if not then you need to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider because your modem might need to be reconfigured or your connections status needs to be checked at the server or physical level.

Step 5. In case the modem is working but the router is not then you need to go into the router console and check the wireless LAN and DHCP settings. If you have a static IP assigned to the router then check for the same as well. You might want to reset the wireless router and re-configure it to fix the problem.

How to connect PCs through USB cables

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it is a technology which offers high data transfer rates between a device and a computer. USB these days is used to connect almost any kind of device to the computer and the best part of USB is that you can have multiple devices (up to 127) connected to the same USB port at the back of your computer. All you will need will be splitting USB cable to make the tree of USB devices. Connecting peripheral devices is the major use of USB, but have you ever thought of connecting two computers together using a USB connection. Of course for this you will need a special USB cable which is same at both the ends so that it can connect to the two computers. But only connecting the two computers will not be enough and in this post I will let you know how to accomplish this kind of networking. This can be of great help if you have to transfer large amount of data from one computer to another, because transfer over the Ethernet connection, or using a flash drive will be very slow if compared to the transfer speed of USB connection.

Let us go ahead and get to the steps of doing the same.

Step 1: Connect the cable to both the computers and since such cable is not very long so it would be good if you keep the two CPUs side by side and connect the cable to the front panel USB ports.

Step 2: If your computers are off then turn them on now and then wait for the desktop to appear. If they were already on then wait for a minute so that USB detects itself.

Step 3: Now click on the ‘Start’ button and then open the ‘Control Panel’. In ‘Control Panel’, open ‘Network Connections’ window.

Step 4: Once you have the ‘Network Connections’ window open click on ‘Set up New Connection’ option and then click on ‘Next’.

Step 5: Now select the option called ‘Setup Advance Connection’ and make the obvious selections. This will connect the two computers together over USB and then click on ‘Next’.

Step 6: Now select ‘Connect Directly to Another Computer’ and click on ‘Next’. It will further ask for some other information and once this wizard ends, the two computers will be connected together.

Now you can share and transfer data between the two computers. Please note that USB has become quite an old technology now and there are many USB standards available in the market. The actual rate of transfer will depend upon the lowest speed of any of the following: 1. USB controller on your motherboard, and 2. speed of the cable. If you have a high speed cable but the controllers are slow then it will be slower and vice versa. So please make sure that you use the correct cable to get the maximum out of it.

Malware attacks pose a huge challenge

Over the last couple of years, we have seen phenomenal growth in collaboration trends over cloud computing. This growth in technology, has given an impetus to development on various levels, the scariest of them being, collaboration by malware creators with planned and focused attack strategies. In the last few years, players on a single platform, like antivirus and security software, change the rules of the game, by collaborating with each other at different instances for different projects, to fight virus and malware, as also spam and phishing. This year, reports from various corners bring about scary situations of arch rival malware creators, tying hands and working together, to bring about unprecedented levels of damage, is thought provoking.

Some of the targets for malware attacks are websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. These social networking sites, generally, are used by the young and unaware teen and pre-teen population, making them easy targets. Distribution of fake apps, and hijacking of a browser seem to be the commonest and easiest ways for hackers and malware distributors to spread their wings in a simple and easy manner.

The DDoS attack on WordPress, Mastercard, Visa and PayPal are clear examples of group efforts of cyber criminals waging war with the system. Fake antivirus software, Trojans, attacks on smartphones and tablets and focused attacks on the Macs and Windows 7, seem to be the latest trends. HTML 5 is also a target for attackers. The pre-mature introduction and use of platforms like HTML 5 in their nascent stages, are interesting targets for such cyber activists.

Twitter has launched a free browser plug-in, developed by Finjan Inc. with an aim to aid users restrain clicking on malware and malicious links which could target the click to spyware and malware servers. The Finjan SecureBrowser plug-in has been made available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, the Finjan plug-in missed out on some links like shortened URLs, while the LongURL Mobile Expander Add-on on Firefox was more effective.

The complex IT environment of today, the new cloud and other technologies entering the fray, and with the smartphones and tablets explosion underway, it has become all the more easy for malware to flourish. The various new manufacturers and developers are yet to incorporate stringent security measures on all their offerings. While various security software and application firms claim to have set their developmental activities, well in advance of products and processes being released, security literacy is yet to see the light of day, amongst enthusiastic new comers, worldwide.

Users need to educate themselves on viruses, worms, Trojans, adware and spyware, malware, rootkits, malicious mobile codes and blended threats. User awareness increase is the only road to safety.

Windows® Phone Marketplace Hits 9000 Apps

Modern developments in smartphone have created a benchmark in the industry of technology. People are opting smartphones than normal cell phones these days due to numerous features and firmware updates. The change in technology is helping the consumer to get more out of the simple cell phone. Firstly, the software market was limited for computers and now the market has diversified itself and now it is available for smartphones, PDAs etc. Now various renowned software enterprises are in mobile industry to provide better firmware for the smartphones which could provide ease to the consumer in terms of using the device in a better way. Consumer segment is not only waiting for a big change but also the software industry is striving for it.

Recently, Microsoft has announced about a new development in Windows Phone 7 Developer platforms. The payout started in January and Microsoft has an eye on it so to analyze the feedback. There are 9000 applications and 32000 registered developers available in Windows Phone marketplace. Microsoft has introduced a trial version. Windows Phone Developer has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Users prefer trial software because the applications with trial functionality are downloaded 70 times more than a paid application and this results increment in customer to purchase the paid version. Microsoft is providing trial version as it helps to convert the customer from trial version to paid version. Recent statistics show that more than half of the trial version converts to paid version and the remaining converts within a day; this is a remarkable achievement in mobile application industry.

The Global Publisher Program will provide a golden opportunity to the publishers worldwide and this would yield a better result in collaboration with the Microsoft Developers. Publishers from worldwide can submit mobile applications, games, updates etc. to the Windows Phone market place. A new power has been provided that a publisher can submit apps on behalf of the developers with relevant pricing and terms provided by the developer. Microsoft talked about Yalla Apps, which lets the developers from Middle East and Africa submit and publish Windows Phone 7 apps and they are working to provide the same features to other regions to provide same opportunity to the developer around the Globe. Microsoft Global Publisher Program would definitely change the market of the mobile apps, which would enhance the smartphone market and also the dependency of the consumer over the calling device. As per the available reports cell phones are now a part of the life and now it is used more for applications than for calling. The primary requirement of the consumer has now changed.

HTC® Incredible S

HTC incredible S has several advanced features such as an 8 mega pixel camera and a 1 GHZ ultra fast processor. It provides a really great experience while browsing the web. With it, you will get a smooth web browsing experience. HTC incredible is a complete package of fun and work at the same time. The moment you look at it, it feels like magic. The eye catching design is 10/10. It has given a new meaning to touch technology.

It has a never before 4” screen which gives you a high definition (HD) video experience. Not only the screen, the speakers also give out a great audio experience and at the same time are very live. Because there are surround sound speakers, music is like never before. It has offers a whole new definition for everything, whether it is its appearance or its speed, everything is outstanding. It has an 8 MP camera to capture and cherish all the golden moments of your life and replay it whenever you want. So live it again when you want.

Let’s have a look at the applications it has. With the super sense apps you are able to keep yourself updated with the weather around you. With the smart map apps, you can store all the important maps you need and within seconds your desired map with details is just before you. With zoom in and out features it is possible for you to view all the things in a very detailed way. With DLNA technology it is possible for you to view TV. All it takes is a simple touch of your finger. One of the most important features you would really love are all the e-mail accounts in a single inbox.

Now it is time to live life king size with HTC incredible S whether you want to listen music or view videos. Here is all in a new way. With the crystal clear screen, one not only views but feels it very live with a never before sound quality. The connectivity options like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi all are there to keep all the possible ways to stay connected to the world. It has a 1.1 GB internal memory.

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