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Next-generation smartphones from Samsung®

Samsung has launched many smart phones in the market for CDMA and GSM users. Recently Samsung also launched the Galaxy Tab. Many of the smart phones runs on the Android operating system. This is also the main reason for the fast growth in the market for Samsung. Many of the phones are equipped with the latest features like Wi-Fi, 3G, cameras, touch screen, and lots more. Samsung provides the Android operating system for most of its smart phones. Because of Android, the performance of the phone is increased tremendously and user also gets very good using features.

Samsung is now releasing the next generation of its smart phone, Samsung Galaxy. The next version is the Samsung Galaxy S smart phone. Recently, at CES 2011, Samsung launched Samsung Infuse 4G. The Galaxy S uses the LTE 4G technology. AMOLED Plus touch screens are used in these phones. The smart phone is also equipped with a 8-mega pixel camera and has the ability to shoot video on a High Definition (HD) mode of 1080p. This phone also comes with HDMI output so it is possible to watch high definition videos and pictures directly from phone by connecting to a PC or television. Samsung Galaxy S also has highly efficient processors that provide an excellent experience to users.

Is QWERTY overtaking Touch Screen?

Touch screen phones were very much a matter of imagination until Apple released the first series of its iPhone five years back. You might be able to easily navigate through the phone menu using touch screen, but typing a message is still tedious on a touch screen phone as it does not have an “ergonomic “advantage as compared to QWERTY keypads.

Blackberry incorporates QWERTY and touch screen for larger market segment

iPhone 4's core strategy has been to provide an ease of navigation through touchscreen

According a leading cell phone analysts, the market is witnessing a favorable trend towards QWERTY keypads as the iconic BlackBerry have enabled many cell phone users to type messages with  incredible ease.

Blackberry’s contribution towards QWERTY

It is absolutely a user’s choice whether he or she finds the touch screen feasible to a QWERTY keypad; however users define their experience of using a phone depending upon their comparison with that of a PC.  This is mainly because a PC has a wide range of peripheral devices which makes it easy to integrate communication devices through which information can be keyed in efficiently.  Blackberry’s initial customer segment related mostly towards business and corporate management with the primary focus on email messaging and access to office applications like outlook.  This was the main reason that Blackberry had primarily focused on the QWERTY keypad to enable easier methods to key in information.

Recent studies suggest that Blackberry has diversified its reach of expanding its flagship products by releasing the Blackberry torch in order to cater to an audience that has the benefits from touch screen as well as touch screen. Moreover there are various smaller brands emerging with the QWERTY advantage as there is a larger consumer segment besides the business segment that appreciate the QWERTY advantage.

Acquisition of Touch screen keyboard Company by Google

The San Francisco based touch screen keyboard Startup Company Blind Type has been acquired by Google Inc. If you are using a smart phone then you must be familiar with the on screen keyboard. The Blind type technology will remove the need of on screen keyboard. You can start typing anywhere on the screen, the application will read the movement of the fingers and translate them into text. And the most important feature of this technology is you do not have to look at the screen while typing, you can simply start typing anywhere on the screen.

Now those who are using Android phones can type without any flaws. Before the acquisition, Android phones were  considered inferior to the Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads. But this seems to be an advantage for Google’s Android phones; it can help those who are frequent to instant messaging and chatting. One more organization is making the same service for Android phones; Swype. It is a big competitor of Blind type. They were developing the same technology for Google, so it is very interesting to know about their continuity in the development. But from a recent report it was revealed that they will continue with the touch screen keyboard development as the spoke person of the company told the reporters.

If you are very interested to see the demo, then you can visit the Blind Type website, they are really interesting and impressive. As this technology is about to released, you will not be able to try it yourself. If you want to try it then you can try Swype as it is already released and the Blind Type will be almost same as Swype. The Merging of these two companies will make a difference in the smart phones market and we can see more inventions like this in future. . As the Android growth rate is very high, this new acquisition also helps in the smart phone market’s share and it will emerge as the biggest competitor of Apple’s iphone and Blackberry. Smart phone users are always interested in new innovations and they are looking forward to this new innovation. When this technology will be released, the Android’s users will find it very helpful in typing SMS and e-mails. Blind Type was a start up company and the acquisition by Google is a huge step for them and it will also help them to renovate new ideas.

How to Use Touch Gestures in Windows 7

In a touch screen  computer , user might find that gestures (motions that user make with one or two fingers) are easier to use than a keyboard ,mouse or pen .The Touch Gestures are simple actions/procedure  user use to communicate with Windows or an application using touch technology . If user have a touch-enabled monitor/screen and Windows 7 installed, then virtually any program that gel well with Windows responds to the user’s touch. These Gestures are inbuilt into the core of Windows and are designed to work with all applications, even the ones which were never thought with touch in mind. So Windows 7 is touch friendly through and through. Microsoft has come out, after lot of research and development with nine gestures in Windows 7 operating system. As it is very difficult for user to remember too many gestures windows 7 has come up with just 9 Touch Gestures for Multi-touch which nearly suffices all requirements of users in today’s world.

Let’s list down the nine gestures for Multi-touch magic in Windows 7and their functionality applications:

  • Zoom – Same as CTRL key + Scroll wheel. Bring two fingers together in a pinch position or apart to zoom in or out on a document. This gesture is extremely useful for photos or reading documents on a small laptop which enables user to enlarge or reduce the size the same as per requirement for better viewing/working.
  • Drag /Select –Same as mouse drag and select. In touch gesture user has to Touch and slide the finger on screen. This moves objects / icons around the desktop, selects text (by dragging left or right), moves windows, etc.
  • Press and Hold – Replica of Right Click. User has to hold finger on screen/touch monitors for a while and then releases thereafter the animation to get a right-click effect.
  • Rotate – user to touch two spots on a digital photo / document and twist to rotate it just like a real photo in both clockwise and anti clockwise direction.
  • Tap and Double-tap – This gesture is the most basic touch action which is very similar to what a click and Double click performs.
  • Press and Tap with second finger – This touch gesture is very like a right click. User to Press on target and then tap using second finger.
  • Panning with Inertia – This touch gesture is for scrolling. User can drag any part of a page up or down with one or multiple fingers. This suffices the purpose of standard scrollbars.
  • Two-finger Tap – when user Tap with two fingers together and zooms in about the center of the gesture or brings back to the default zoom – indeed this gesture is great for zooming in on hyperlinks.
  • Flicks – The Flick gesture left or right is used to navigate back and forward in a browser and other applications. This works in almost all applications that support back and forward.

Indeed touch gestures has brought a lot of relief to our 10 fingers and the reduced stress level of the fingers prepares them for use that technology is yet to release in near future.

Aava Vitra Android reference platform

It is rest assured that although on one side Intel is enriched with its high plans to graciously hit the market worldwide in another six months and introduce its exceptional Moorestown-based smart phone and on the other side another unbeatable mobile phone namely LG-GW 990 also might have experienced a deadly and forceful competition but that had not effectively stopped Aava from acquiring the best option of offering its much awaited Vitra Android. The Aava Vitra Android mobile phone is essentially reference smart phone that is specifically integrated with an Atom Z600-based feature where an amazing Atom Inside Sticker will be seen gracing the face of a smart phone. This Android cell phone is primarily designed for the developer testing.

The amazing specifications of Aava Vitra Android phone

This Android mobile phone is incorporated with beautiful 3.8 inches wide display of capacitive touch screen that offers a devastating resolution of 864 x 480. Moreover, this mobile phone is sported with radios and networks of quad band EDGE. This device is highly supported by the diverse and efficient wireless connectivity’s of AT&T 3G, Wi-Fi and last but not least Bluetooth. This exceptional handset is equipped with a 5 megapixel video camera to offer exceptionally marvelous shootings. This powerful device has an effective internal memory which can be further upgraded grandly by the users with the utilization of the effective micro SD cards.

The expected price of incredible Moorestown-based smart phone

Although this handset is slated to be highly shipped in Q3, but this mobile phone will grandly feature a processor that is essentially of Moorestown. The much awaited users are greatly assuming that the shipping version of this incredible mobile phone will be looking more like a prototype of Ava device that the users are genuinely observing for a while now. Although Aava had kindly build a number of prototypes for the Intel which was grandly showcased at Computex 2010, but Aava has certainly more renders that are much fancier on its site, so it will be truly interesting for the users to watch that what will happen then and how much this elegant and ravishing handset will cost when it arrives at the global market spaciously.

Aava Avira Android phone the truly irresistible handset of era

Aava Avira has undoubtedly amazed its versatile users with the introduction of its Android smart phone which is Moorestown based.

• This mobile phone is bound to thrill its users with its gracious specifications and incredible features.
•The Android feature of this handset will certainly make the users spell bound.
•The incorporation of 3.8 inches wide screen is spectacular.
•Moreover, the diverse data offerings make it an exceptionally swift mobile phone.
•The 5 megapixel video camera will avail memorable offerings for the users.

It is thus worthwhile for the users to explore this many awaited handsets, which are expected to be shipped in Q3. This excellent mobile phone is certainly going to make its users astonished with many surprises.

A New Leash in the Tablet Market: Notion Ink Adam

Things have just got better for tablet users, as Notion Ink Adam tablet is set to hit the markets anytime soon this year.

With more features than the iPad, such a megapixel camera, vertical positioning to read likes an e-book and a Pixel Qi’s 3qi LCD display; Notion Ink Adam is certainly going to deliver more than the iPad. Competition seems to be brewing up, since Apple opened up the gates of the tablet. What once seemed to be science fiction is now a technological reality of actually reading your documents and interacting with a touch screen interface.

With a 5 inch touch screen display, Notion Ink Adam provides high resolution HD viewing experience in a 10240 pixel display. Through its ruggedized composite structure, it gives you a sleek and stylish impression while working with it. Moreover, Notion Ink Adam has incorporated ergonomic design with a curved back, which enables users to easily get a hold of the device.

Unlike iPad, Notion Ink Adam has an inclusive megapixel camera which enables you to have video conferences and even take pictures just like a cell phone.

In terms of market penetration Notion Ink Adam stands a good chance of taking advantage of the much hype that has been there in the market with regard to the tablet. There seems to be no other “prominent” competitor other than the fact that proxies keep on popping here and there. However, when Notion Ink Adam hits the market, it is certainly going to create a stir.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003