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Click-fraud Sefnit Malware Resurrects from Dead, Microsoft Said

After Mevade Trojan emerged as the first large botnet to hide inside and attack Tor network, a new malware followed which will perform click-fraud. Sefnit Malware, likely to be developed by developers of Mevade Trojan, is reportedly generating click-fraud activity as confirmed by researcher Geoff McDonald at Microsoft Malware Protection Center.

According to McDonald, Sefnit malware was first discovered as a new click-fraud malware back in 2011. Microsoft detected click-fraud activity in Sefnit malware which uses open source 3proxy project to defraud search engine users. Considering the succession of emergence of Sefnit malware and Mevade Trojan, Microsoft suspects that they belong to the same family, with Sefnit malware being the click-fraud part of the latter.

How Sefnit malware works and defrauds? 

The new Sefnit malware click fraud method is more advanced and stealthier than the method developers used in 2011. Earlier in 2011, the old Sefnit malware used click hijacking method to perform click-fraud that whenever an infected user was browsing Internet and attempted to click on any search engine result, their clicks would be hijacked to a webpage which looked similar to the users’ destination. Sefnit malware was using advertising agencies to divert the search results and those clicks were in large volume that it was nearly impossible to detect such click-fraud activities by any anti-fraud agency, but some observant users reported the incidence and submitted samples to antimalware researchers. As a result, Sefnit malware developers were forced to close down.

Well, for a short time; the Sefnit malware authors have sophisticated their click-fraud activities that they are now using a network of affiliate search programs such as and other legitimate advertising agencies to deceive genuine advertisers. Microsoft has explained Sefnit malware activities using GroupOn; if Sefnit malware authors are using proxy service to ‘fake a click’ of a Google ad of GroupoOn site to n affiliate site. Now that the retailer is paying to Google for this click, Google is earning its share and paying out to these Sefnit malware affiliates.

Thus, Groupon ends up paying money for this fake advertisement to Google and the Sefnit authors are receiving a commission on the click, by signing up as an affiliate for mywebsearch. Have you equipped your computer with the right kind of amtimalware software which renders browser protection, real-time protection, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, antivirus and other added security protection?

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How to Transfer Norton AntiVirus to a New Computer

AntiVirus programs can be termed as a shield for your personal computer which protects your computer from any external threats. A threat can be anything like a virus, malware, spyware, Trojan, etc which spread through internet and any external devices like pen drive, floppy drive.

These malicious programs can harm your computer in many ways. They multiply themselves and waste a large amount of system resource. These programs can also slow down the system performance and sometime these programs also pass the important information from your computer to the hackers.

If we do not take care of the problem on time, these programs can also damage the system files and can lead the system to no boot situation as well.

That is why we use antivirus application which can detect and remove such threats from our computer and Norton is one of them. It is a very strong antivirus application which provides complete protection to your computer.

Norton is a subscription based service which means you need to purchase the license and then only you can get the benefit of the antivirus application. This also leads to a question that, what if you get a new computer during the antivirus subscription?

You don’t have to worry about it; you can transfer the subscription of this antivirus application to a new computer and below are some of the basic steps to do so:


The first step is to uninstall the Norton Antivirus application from the old computer.

TO perform this, you need to go to ‘Start Menu” select “Control Panel” and then click on ‘Add remove programs. This will populate the list of applications installed on your computer and you need to select the Norton.

Highlight the Norton application from the list and then click on remove. This will remove the application from your computer and it will ask you to reboot your computer so that the changes can take effect.


Now, you need to install Norton application on a new computer. You can do it either by the CD provided by the manufacturer or either by downloading the exe file provided by the download link. All you need to do is to double click on the installation file and it will initiate the installation process.


At this point, you will see some screens which will ask you to enter some information. A box will be shown up which will ask you to insert the email account and the password registered with Norton. This information can be pulled out from if you are not sure what information you passed at the time of registering your copy of Norton.


You must update the Norton program after the installation is completed because it is going to be a fresh copy of the antivirus and all the updates would not be present in it. You would also need to register your product with new computer and then it is good to go.

How to Manually Remove WinPro Antivirus 2007 Spyware

WinPro Antivirus 2007 is one of the spyware programs which get installed on the system may be for several reasons like-on click of a link of certain websites, Opening a spyware infected page etc. But once this spyware program is in your system it infects the system in a very speedy manner. So it’s better to remove this spyware program as soon as possible else you will be left with formatting the OS. It shows fake scans and warning messages pops-out every now and then. The program will mislead user to buy the full version of the spyware program so as to get rid of viruses. It will infect your computer as usual. The other names of the spyware program are as WinAntiVirus Pro 2007, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Virus, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Trojan, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007, Trojan, WinAntiVirus2008 etc.

The lists of some symptoms through which user will get to know that their system is infected are as:

Fake warning will pop-out every now and then with messages like “System Alert”, “Your Computer is infected”, “Virus Alert”, “Critical System Error”, Trojan-Spy.win32@mx, “Security Alert”, “Spyware.Cyberlog-X” or “Warning! Spyware Threat!”

Below are the steps, through which user can manually remove WinPro Antivirus 2007 from their system.

Step 1:

Open Task Manager and search WinPro Antivirus 2007.exe and click on end process. You can open task manager by either (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) or (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).

Step 2:

Follow the path C:\Program Files\WinPro Antivirus 2007 and then delete all the files in the folder. The name of the files will be like WinAntiVirusPro2007FreeInstall.exe, uwasffNT.exe or was6.exe, pmmnt.exe or pmsnrr.exe etc. If you can’t, then try doing it in safe mode.

Step 3:

Search for the files named nbbrhbd.dll, was6chk.dll and uwas6chk.dll and unregister and delete those files.

Step 4:

Open Run (Windows button+R) and on it type regedit. It will open the Registry Editor and then remove or else modify the WinPro Antivirus 2007 Registry Entries. First follow the path

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\TypeLib and then delete or modify the following files: {12398A44-7DFC-4C46-BD8F-41259D169A0D}, {4567AB12-AE24-4FD6-B479-E2B464F32DA6}, {ABCD4567-7437-43EF-AB74-4AB1D3A37411}.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes and then delete or modify the following files: UWAS6.UWAS6, uwasfsd.CreationNotifier, uwasfsd.CreationNotifier.1, uwashellext.ShellHook, uwashellext.ShellHook.1
uwashellext.WASContextMenu, uwashellext.WASContextMenu.1.

Step 5:

Find out and remove all the files related to WinPro Antivirus 2007 from your system and you are done. The names of the files are as:

uwasffNT.exe, WinAntiVirusPro2007FreeInstall.exe, was6.exe, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Scanner.lnk, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Scanner Online Manual.lnk, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007 Manual.lnk, WinAntiVirus Pro 2007.lnk, pmmnt.exe or pmsnrr.exe, AsAgents.dll, unins000.exe, uwas6chk.dll, unins000.dat, uwasffNT.exe, Updater.exe.

Press Windows and F key simultaneously and it will open the search window. Type the files name in the search pane and then hit delete button. Once done with all the files go to desktop and right-click on recylce bin and click on Empty Recycle bin.

Don’t try step 4 if you have only basic knowledge of computers cause if something goes wrong, it will make your system unstable.

Download-Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Cyber world is in continuous threat with increasing virus attacks and hackers.

There are number of virus and malware roaming on internet and trying to enter into any network or computer. It can come into your computer through any medium like a floppy drive, CD Drive, Pen drive, email etc. So you should be very careful while using such sources. The best way is to keep an antivirus application on your computer which can keep perform regular scan on for such malicious activities and can remove threats from the computer.

Emsisoft Emergency kit is designed for the same purpose, it is a collection of programs which can scan and clean threats from your computer without running any installation process.

It comes with a graphical user interface, which can be used to manage scan and remove virus from your computer. Emsisoft emergency kit also takes care of other malicious activities related to adware, Trojan, spyware, Worms, Dialers, Key-logger, etc.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The latest version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit is free to use, which means it is freely available and users do not have to purchase the license to use this security software.

The download file is available in so many websites, but it is always good to download the file from manufacturer’s website.


Go to the Emsisoft manufacturer’s website,, to download the install file.  Save the installation .exe file on the desired location on your computer.


Once the download is complete, run the setup once. It will ask you permission to run or don’t run the installation file, click on Run and the installation process will be initiated. This single installation process will install the complete Emergency kit and you will be able to use all the functions after the successful installation.

Advantages on Emsisoft Emergency Kit

License free: the best advantage of the software is that it is free to use. Being a new product and brand in the market, this strategy can help to improve the awareness about the product.

Single Interface for Multiple problems: As mentioned earlier, Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a collection of security programs; it gives you the functionality to manage all security related issues from one place. The emergency kit takes care of all the threats like worms, Trojans, key-logging. In normal scenario any user will need an anti-virus program with additional spyware protection but Emsisoft Emergency kit solves all the problems from single console.


The latest version is recently launched and not much problems are reported so far. However, some users have complained that the software is not much documented which means the product manual and support knowledge base is not improved.

Some users have also complained that the Emergency Kit is not working well with Windows 2000 and it crashes while launching the user interface.

Every software comes with its pros and cons and Emsisoft Emergency Kit is no exception for that; however it deserves a trail as well.

How to use Avast Antivirus

Like the heart is to the human body in the same manner a antivirus is to your Computer. Nowadays the malicious programs have become so common that every second user’s computer suffers from the problem of virus which may be in the form of worms, spywares, malware or Trojan horses etc. The answer to such type of threat to your computer is nothing but a suitable Anti-virus program.

There are near about bunch of such Anti-virus programs available in the computer market. You have Norton Anti-virus, McAfee Anti-virus, Kasper sky Anti- virus and Viper Anti-virus available for in the market. But the previously mentioned are all the soft wares available only when you purchase them. However, some computer users’ long to choose such an Anti-virus program that is available for free and at the same gives an ample performance too. For such type of Anti-virus you have the best Avast Anti-virus available for you. You can download the same from the internet. The software is available on the websites under the Anti-virus & Spy ware section. Download the latter and Install at the same time on tour system.

Handling such type of Anti-virus soft wares is very job to do.



Boot Time Scan can be scheduled:


Step one

Once you install the Avast Anti-virus on your system, an icon will appear on the task bar. Right-click on the same and click on the eject tab.

Step two

Then on the prompted window choose the “Schedule Boot Time Scan” by clicking on the same. You can either choose to scan any specific file or folder OR scan any particle disk or the entire hard drive disk. One can rather browse through to choose any specific file to be scanned.

Step three

“Scan Archive Files” tab is then clicked on to proceed further. Then check on the boxes available for an advanced setting. If any infected file is found you can click on the same and pull it down to delete or quarantine the infected files. You can also select the option of “Allow to Delete System Files” to prevent the pop-ups from developing while you go foe system scanning.

Go for scanning your PC or run a scan:

Step one

Open the Avast windows and click on the tabs which you can find on the right corner of the prompted window. These buttons are actually the list locations which can be scanned using your Avast Anit-virus security. The top most tab says to “Scan your hard drives like C: or D:” to choose OR go for entire computer scanning. The tabs in between talk about scanning the removable drives like CD or a Floppy disk drive.

Step two

Then at the bottom you can select folders which you long to get scanned in your system. When you click on the latter you can scroll through to choose from the options of folders available and take you decision for selection of your desired file n folder accordingly.

Step three

Once you have made choices or selected your desired options of files n folders. Then on the left corner to the Avast window click on the “Play” tab to begin the process of scanning.

How to uninstall Antivirus 2009 Trojan Horse Virus from your computer

Earlier Viruses and infections use to hide themselves in some executable files for entering into the computer systems but now some Viruses and Trojans can easily access your computer. These viruses and Trojans not only get installed automatically but at times they make you pay for their installation. Many users do not know how easily they can install such infections on their machines and end up paying extra money. These new breed of viruses pretend themselves as if they were Anti-Virus software and they run the same way. They scan your computer, show the files which are infected, and then says “You are running a trial version. Click here to purchase”. You won’t believe that many users actually end up paying for viruses. They don’t come to know about such viruses from their conventional Anti-Viruses or Firewall as it gets disabled by the disguised infection. One of the most widely spread virus of this kind is the “Antivirus” which already has released its various versions. Latest version of the Antivirus named Trojan is Antivirus 2009 and its removal is very difficult because it’s new and your authentic Antivirus would not have the definitions for the new virus. Even if your authentic Antivirus is updated still it won’t work as it gets disabled by the Antivirus 2009. In this post we will discuss some methods by which we can remove this Trojan and keep are computers clean.

The first method is to keep your computers Antivirus updated. Though the chances for it to capture the Antivirus 2009 are bleak but still if it detects it then at least you can respond quickly before much damage is done. The next step would be to identify if your computer is actually infected. The symptom is that an unknown antivirus application named as Antivirus 2009 will load automatically and will start scanning the hard drive without your action. It will show you numerous threats and will ask you to purchase the complete version. Once you see such a screen, close all your applications and reboot your computer once. Now open Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel and look for any application named as Antivirus 2009. If it is there the first thing to be done is to uninstall it. After removing it start your computer in Safe Mode. This can be done by starting the computer and pressing F8 to get the advanced boot options and selecting Safe Mode. The Antivirus 2009 is likely not to run so you can try running your authentic security program and scan the computer. If you are lucky this step would eliminate the problem else proceed with the other steps.

Reboot the computer in Normal mode and open the Task Manager. Under the processes tab in Task manager look for a process named AV2009.Exe. Highlight it and kill the process tree. After killing the process open the registry editor by executing “regedit” command in the Run box. In registry browse to the following keys and remove them. “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Antivirus” and “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Antivirus”. After removing these keys reboot your computer again in Safe Mode and scan the drives using your authentic Antivirus program. Now your program would be able to completely remove the infections and any left over of the Trojan Antivirus 2009.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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