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Passwords of Twitter® account holders exposed

The passwords of thousands of Twitter users were exposed this week by hackers. Twitter is investigating this data breach, which resulted in the posting of user names and passwords of Twitter account holders on Pastebin, a favorite site for hackers to showcase their ill gotten achievements.

What Twitter has to say on this

Twitter spokesman Robert Weeks said:
“We are currently looking into the situation. In the meantime, we have pushed out password resets to accounts that may have been affected. For those who are concerned that their account may have been compromised, we suggest resetting your passwords and more in our Help Center.”

Twitter is considering this leak as not a big threat as much of the information posted to Pastebin appears to be garbage. There are some 20,000 duplicates, many of the accounts belong to suspended spammers and some of it consists of ‘unlinked’ information, information where the user name does not correspond to the password paired with it.

Twitter® updates mobile app for iOS® and Android™

If you are using the Twitter app on your iOS or Android-based device then there are some good reasons to cheer. Twitter has updated its mobile app and has introduced a number of features and improvements. A new Discover tab, improved search functionality, and support for push notifications for interactions are some of the key highlights of the latest Twitter mobile update.

With the introduction of push notifications support for interactions, the Twitter app will notify you whenever you get a retweet or whenever somebody starts following you. With the help of new Discover tab, you can get to know the activities of the people you follow on Twitter. You will be updated about the tweets favorited or retweeted by them on a regular basis.

You will also enjoy searching on Twitter, thanks to the updated search functionality. The app will now offer suggestions for different spellings and queries. So, enjoy tweeting with your iOS or Android-based device.

Twitter® MySQL enhancements open sourced

Twitter has announced that it has open sourced some of the numerous tasks it has done to improve MySQL in its production systems. The microblogging and social networking platform is a major user of MySQL database technology – using it for timeline, user data, interest graph and tweet storage – and has been adapting MySQL to store most of the data generated by its users.

“MySQL is the persistent storage technology behind most Twitter data: the interest graph, timelines, user data and the Tweets themselves,” write Twitter devs Jeremy Cole and Davi Arnaut on the Twitter engineering blog. “Since we believe in sharing knowledge and that open source software facilitates innovation, we have decided to open source our MySQL work on GitHub under the BSD New license.”

Twitter engineers plan to share more about their open-source MySQL usage at an upcoming Live MySQL Conference and Expo being held this week in Santa Clara, Calif. Cole plans to discuss Gizzard – the sharing and replication framework built on top of MySQL.

“We look forward sharing our work with upstream and other downstream MySQL vendors, with a goal to improve the MySQL community,” concluded the engineers.

Twitter® Takes on Spammers: Files a Lawsuit

There are many success stories on the web and Twitter, the amazing micro-blogging service, is one of them. It is now considered as the lifeblood for over 140 million users around the globe. But even this huge and successful social networking platform is having a tough time due to spamming activities. Many Tweeter users have complained of spam and unsolicited tweets.

To tackle these spamming activities, Twitter has finally taken a big step. It has filed a lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court against the top five spam catalysts, including TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, TweetBuddy, James Lucero, and Garland Harris. The micro-blogging service has claimed that these companies and people are responsible for developing malicious tools to facilitate spamming activities on Twitter.

According to a Twitter blog post, “By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal. With this suit, we’re going straight to the source.”

Twitter is also strengthening up its internal settings to control malicious activities on the platform.

If you are not on Pinterest, you are missing something

Pinterest has claimed the third spot in the most popular social networks list by beating Google+ in the United States. It is now behind Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is largely a social photo sharing website that attracts a lot of female visitors. Pinterest members share a lot of interesting stuff related to fashion, food, health, fitness, home décor, and more.

Pinterest has reached the third position by leaving behind many social networking big shots like Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. The platform experienced a 50 per cent rise in its web traffic in the month of February 2012 alone.

According to the Experian 2012 Digital Marketer report, “The popularity of Pinterest is a result of the next phase of the behavior we’ve seen online over the last few years. Users are increasingly more comfortable with recommendations from friends or other users when they come through social personalization. As communities become less about friends and more about common interests, retail brands in particular need to take note if they want to make more meaningful connections with their customers.”

Pinterest is also a great platform for marketers and companies who are interested in promoting and advertising their products.

Go through this interesting INFOGRAPHIC if you want to know why you should be on Pinterest.

Updated Twitter® app for BlackBerry® Released

Here is some good news for all BlackBerry users. RIM has finally released the Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 version with brunch of interesting features. The app is now available at the BlackBerry App World. There are a number of noticeable improvements in the latest version, especially BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) integration. This will enable you to link your Twitter account with BBM and share your latest tweets as a BBM personal message.

What’s more? With Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 version, you can upload your favorite photographs to straight from your phone’s camera, or while typing tweets. Also, it will enable you to share interesting websites with others from your browser itself.

The app also features a fresh layout with automatic link-shortening functionality. So, install the latest Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 version on your device and enhance your social networking experience.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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