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Microsoft® to offer Windows® 8 Pro upgrade deal

Microsoft Corporation is going to allow buyers of Windows 7 PCs to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for US $14.99 from 2 June. This promotional deal seems to be a step to prevent the slump in sales of PC before the launch of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

When the offer will start?

The offer is believed to make its debut at the same time when Microsoft will launch Windows 8 Release Preview, which the software giant has pegged to the first week of June. The most likely date is 5 June, assuming Microsoft follows the same schedule it used in 2009 to deliver Windows 7 release candidate.

The blog post of Paul Thurott indicates that this time around, Microsoft is only offering two mainstream versions of the product to consumers – Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

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How to Upgrade Office Student

Microsoft is known for developing products for everybody and keeping the price economical. Microsoft bundles required applications for a particular group of users and varies the price of its suit. For example the Office Student edition has applications which a student would use and has no other application which one can get if he purchases another edition of Office. Microsoft Office student edition does not have Microsoft Outlook in it because being a student the user does not need it. If he or she wants to access mails via pop then the same can be done using Microsoft Outlook Express which comes for free with the operating system. This strategy of Microsoft is really appreciated because suits with less number of applications costs less. But what if you are no longer a student and want to have more applications added in your office suit. You simply can upgrade your copy of office to some another one by paying the difference amount or any other payment mode. Let us see how to upgrade your copy of Office Student edition and add more applications to it.

First of all you need to visit the Microsoft Office website to check which application is available in which edition. For example the student edition does not have Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, Microsoft, Publisher and Microsoft InfoPath. So you need to find out the edition which will give you the required component. Once you have decided go ahead and purchase the upgrade suit for the same. The purchase can be done on the Microsoft website directly and you can click on the Buy now button which is under the product that you decide to buy. Clicking on buy now will give you two options like Buy new or Upgrade. Select upgrade and fill in the existing software information if asked. Further enter the payment details and complete the process. This will enable the download link for you with which you can download the software and can install it on your computer.

Once you have downloaded the software you are ready to install it. Initiate the installation by clicking on the downloaded setup file. It will start with the extraction of files and once extracted the installer will begin. During the installation make sure you select custom install and a new folder for installation should be used. This is just to avoid any conflict with the already installed products of your student edition of office. Continue with the installation and finish it. Restart the computer if prompted and now you would be able to use the newly installed application in Microsoft office suit. When you purchase the software you receive an Email which has all the instructions in it. it also has the download link for the software and the product key if required. Keep this email saved in some favourite folder of yours so that it can be used later in case of reinstallation. The same email also has instructions of downloading and installing software which you can take help of if needed.

How to Upgrade Vista to Windows 7

It’s quite long that Windows 7 has been released and unlike Windows Vista there are hundreds of positive reviews for this new Windows. If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 from your Windows Vista computer then we will help you in deciding which Windows 7 to buy, what all needs to be done before upgrading and how to upgrade.
The first thing to be done is to get the Windows 7 upgrade disk for your computer. But upgrade will depend upon the edition of Windows Vista which is currently installed on your machine. First check which Windows is installed by opening the Start menu and right clicking on Computer option. When you get the context menu click on Manage and in the manage window you can see the correct edition of Windows Vista which you have. Now if you have Windows Vista Home basic then you can upgrade it to Windows 7 Home premium and Windows 7 Ultimate. Similarly Windows Vista Home Premium can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and Ultimate, Windows Vista Business can be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate and Windows Vista Ultimate can be only be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. Also please remember that you cannot upgrade your existing 32 bit operating system to a new 64 bit version of Windows 7. Another very important step to be taken before actually purchasing Windows 7 is to run the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor. This tool can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website and will show you the actual picture of your computers state after you upgrade it. This will let you know if your computer fulfils the hardware requirements or not, and which Hardware and Software might create trouble after the upgrade.

Once you have done all the tests and have got the disk for upgrading to Window 7 you are all set to go. It is advised that you run Windows Update and one full scan by good anti virus and Anti Spyware. Boot to your Windows Vista desktop and insert the Windows 7 upgrade disk into it the auto-play screen will appear and you need to select Setup.exe. The first screen will again ask if you want to check compatibility, but since we have already done this so click on install now. Some of the important updates of Windows Vista are required for upgrading it to Windows 7. If you have not run the Updates prior to this installation then select the first option which is Go Online to get latest updates for installation. On the next screen accept the license agreement. After this it will ask for type of installation that you want. Select Upgrade on this screen. After this Windows will check for compatibility itself and will report if something incompatible is found other wise it will start the upgrade process and user intervention would further be required.

Minimum Requirements for Window 7 are: 1GHz or faster processor, 1 GB of RAM for 32 Bit Windows 7 and 2GB for 64 Bit version, 16 GB hard disk space for 32 Bit and 20 GB space for 64 Bit version, DirectX 9 compatible graphics card which should have WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.

How to Register Windows 7 Upgrade

Windows 7 is also a chain of operating systems for personal computers. It is a version of Microsoft Windows. It is a new technology that can be installed on business and home desktops, note books, laptops, media center computers and tablet PCs. This Window was released on 22nd July, 2009. Windows Vista was the predecessor of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will succeed Windows 7. However, the date is yet not confirmed.

However, are you going with your new PC and really interested in registering Windows 7 Upgrade? If your answer is Yes then this article may, obviously, serve you great. In this article I am going to summarize the method of registering Windows 7 Upgrade on your new PC. If you use a Windows 7 Upgrade license then you can save up to $100 against the cost of the full version. Moreover, if you have a complete copy of Windows Vista or Windows XP then it would be easier option to install or reinstall the old version of Windows.

Before going with all the necessary instructions regarding registration, we should have a brief look upon the things required in this registration. First of all you should have your PC. Beside this, your PC should have installed Windows 7 Upgrade and a comparatively old version of Windows. Last but not the least, you should have internet access.

Now its time moving towards instructions. First of all press the start menu button. Here you will find a text box ‘Search Programs and Files’. Type ‘Re get it’ in that text box and press Enter key. When you will press the enter key you will find ‘User Account Controls’ window. Click the option of ‘Yes’ and finally it will open a registry editor.

You have to click those arrows present next to registry key. In that way you will get access to a registry folder. Now double click on ‘Media Boot Install’ key present in the OOBE folder. At the moment also change the vale from one to zero.

Again press the start menu. Type ‘cmd’ in the search bar ‘Search Programs and Files’. After that right click on short cut that will appear at the top. Here you will find another option ‘Run as administrator’. Select this option and click the icon ‘Yes’ appeared on ‘User Account Controls’ window. After this action a new command will automatically open. You have to type rearm/ slmgr in this command line window. Now press enter key. The action has been done. Now close the command window and reboot the Windows 7.

You will find that Windows 7 Upgrade and start running. To register and upgrade the Windows 7 properly, you have to click on Start menu button. Right click on ‘My Computer’ and you will find several other options there. Select the option ‘properties’. Click on it and you will get a bar. In this bar you should type the product key and finally you will find your Windows 7 activated and registered. Now you can definitely enjoy with Windows 7 Upgrade.

How to Upgrade Windows 7 Beta to RC

Before going into the details of how to upgrade your Windows 7 beta into the all new Windows 7 RC, let us go into the new features offered by the Windows Release Candidate. The Windows 7 Release Candidate is available as a free download. Also the Virtual XP installation which was available for Windows 7 is also available for Windows RC.

The Windows Release Candidate also has a much better media streaming. The RC helps you to stream your media on internet, music and movies. It also helps you to verify it by yourself and by tour friends with the new Windows Live ID.

Now with the Release Candidate you can also personalize your PC with a wide variety of wallpapers and screensavers. The Windows Release Candidate is stuffed with more than 70 new wallpapers. All the wallpapers are catchy and mind blowing. You can choose them from a wide variety of categories like nature, cartoon characters, architecture, international, scenes, and landscapes. You can also customize the color, sound etc. according to your taste.

Finally knowing the new features of the Windows RC build 7100 which is both x86 and x64 leaked; you can install it in your PC by following a few instructions.

For installing the Windows 7 RC, you may need a bootable DVD iso on your hard disk drive. Then you have clean install Windows RC because the Microsoft has already given in a press release that the developmental changes that were made after the release of Windows 7 beta were not compatible with the newer releases. The Microsoft has recommended a clean install rather than to upgrade the Beta version.

The Windows 7 Release Candidate will also quit automatically if there is a pre-RC build in the computer. Before installing you should back up your machine before running an Os installation. It is also not advisable to test an OS on any of your only of data. It is also important to take all the necessary precautions before testing a test release on your computer. The Microsoft has published a step by step procedure to install Windows 7100 Release Candidate. They are as follows:

  1. Download the ISO and burn it to a DVD.
  2. Copy the whole image to a storage location where you wish to run the RC form.
  3. Browse to the sources directory.
  4. Open the file c version.ini in a text editor like notepad.
  5. Modify the MinClient build number to a value lower than the down-level build.
  6. Save the file in place with the same name.
  7. Run setup like you would normally from this modified copy of the image and the the version check will be bypassed.

Now your Windows Release Candidate is installed in your computer.

How to Create Windows 7 on a Flash Key to Upgrade a Netbook

A netbook is a great addition to the PC’s world in the way it offers flexibility in usage. It is one of those portable gadgets you can carry around and is as well very handy for checking mails and browsing the net. However, the fact that they do not have disc drives makes it obviously impossible to install windows 7 if you want to use the windows 7 DVD. This by far is its demerit but it does not mean you can’t have the windows 7 operating system in your netbook.

Ways to go about it

There are ways to go about it and the creating windows 7 on a flash key to upgrade a netbook is one of those ways. With the flash key upgrade mechanism, it should be child’s play upgrading your netbook to windows 7 if you really want to use it. First time I wanted to upgrade my netbook to windows 7, the first challenge I encountered was how to go about it and since I had no idea then, I was pretty annoyed. However, I soon discovered that you can easily upgrade through this simple but awesome procedure. I will walk you through it and you should be able to do it as well easily.

For starters,

To start the procedure, just insert a USB flash into any of the slots on your netbook and go to the “Start” tab on the left, lower side of your PC from where you will open the instant search bar and simply enter the words “cmd.” Once the “cmd” entry is displayed, just right click on it and select the tab “Run as Administrator” from here. Immediately, the command window will open and its time to enter your next command.

Your next command to type is “diskpart” after which you will then type “list disk” for the command to show you all your disks. If you plan on a using a 2GB USB Flash disk, then from the list of disks just choose the 2GB USB Flash you will see. After you have chosen the disk to use, enter the words “Select Disk 1” and then the words “clean” and this will format the USB Flash for the windows 7 operating system. When the cleaning is done, you will see the message “Diskpart succeeded in cleaning your disk.”

Upgrade your netbook Easily

Now just enter the words “create partition primary” and then follow it with the word “active” as well to activate the disk. To format your disk, type “Format FS=Fat32 and you will immediately see the progress of the process from 0 to 100%. After the formatting process is completed at 100%, it is then easy to download windows 7 portable file, the ISO, from the internet and copy it to your USB Flash. Alternatively, you can copy windows 7 from another computer with DVD drive by simply inserting the windows 7 disc and copying it to the USB Flash to be used in upgrading your netbook.

Once you have the windows 7 file in your USB Flash, it is now ready for use in the upgrade of your netbook.

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