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How to Find Your Version of Windows 7

A brief history
Windows 7 is the latest installment in the line of operating systems published by Microsoft. Most of the people in the present generation know about Windows XP, the most common OS used around the world. It ran that long because it was user-friendly and very easy to be adapted to. Following Windows XP is Windows Vista. It was released January 2007 but was immediately replaced by its predecessor due to long loading times and other issues that was reported by users.
Windows 7 was released from manufacturing on July 22, 2009, and then reached general availability on October 22 of the same year. Information from users reveals that it was a very likely merge of the 2 earlier versions of operating system, Windows XP and Windows Vista. They testify that it has the convenience and versatility of Windows XP and the professional touch and complexity of Windows Vista.

Getting the OS Version
Getting information about the version of your Windows 7 is simple and easy. There are two ways to do it. Here are the steps if you are not acquainted yet:
First method:
1.    Right-click on the icon of My Computer on your desktop (or any location that has the icon).
2.    Then select Properties to pull up the System Properties box.
Second method:
1.    Click on Start on your desktop.
2.    Then select Control Panel.
3.    Within the Control Panel window, look for, and then select System.
4.    A window will appear, displaying information about your system.
Information about your operating system will be beneficial in many ways. Most of the applications released in the market now require certain versions of the operating system. Even if the operating system is built to be compatible to most of the applications nowadays, checking your OS version is still necessary, especially if you are having troubles with the installation and errors keep on popping up.
There are versions of Windows 7 that may not work on certain applications. The most common is the Beta version, releases prior to the general market release to be tested in the general market. It’s just like a survey; released as incomplete but with enough programs and changes to be determined whether it will work or not. This will determine whether changes should be done or holes should be patched on. It will bring up issues and ways to treat those issues.
Additional information
As like the recent versions of Windows, updates are also necessary to “perfect” the OS. Here is a method to download and install updates for the new operating system.
1.    Click on Start on your desktop.
2.    Look for All Programs. Then click.
3.    Click on Windows Update.
Updates are always beneficial in more ways than one. This is needed by your system to maintain security and keep the system up to date.
Windows has evolved from the old to new versions. Just keep it to mind to take care of your system, and it will take care of you. Good luck.

Flash 10.1 for Android Final Version Released on the Wild

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 brings in support for a wide range of devices including smart phones running under Android 2.2—dubbed as Froyo. Also in the list of supported devices are netbooks and other Internet capable gadgets. Clearly, iPhone and iPad support in the future seems bleak as Steve Jobs has publicly refused to integrate Adobe player to its iOS for its known security holes.

After months of beta testing, Flash 10.1 final version was  released to the public.  Originally it was scheduled for release during the first half of the year; Adobe changed the release to the second half of the year.   Well, it seems Adobe is true to its words. Just a few weeks into the second half of the year, Android 2.2 users can now avail the product through the Android Marketplace.

The public release of Flash 10.1 beta version was deemed to be one of the topmost downloaded applications in the Android Marketplace.

Mobility Personified

Adobe’s new flash player is designed specifically to cater to the mobility needs of its users. Smartphones being limited to lower CPU computing powers, Adobe had to develop the player form the “ground up”.


Users are treated to an application which fully optimizes the native capabilities of their devices. The key feature that seems to leap from the canvass is the player’s support for GPU acceleration. These make the Flash player experience completely compatible with mobile devices.

The GPU acceleration support redefines how the Flash player uses your resources especially those of your mobile devices. Streaming media using your mobile devices can gobble up most of your device’s limited resources. But with GPU support in the new Flash player 10.1, you can stream media while freeing up your CPU for a more enhanced multi-tasking experience. Battery life has also been a big issue when it comes to utilizing Flash player. The GPU acceleration support makes it possible to save on your precious battery stamina while on the go.

Video playback gets way better with the new release. Flash 10.1 gets support for peer-assisted video streaming or multicasting, HTTP support for live video streaming, and support for hardware-accelerated H.264 video playback. Another apparent improvement in video buffering has also been put in place allowing you to pause, rewind and fast-forward streaming video much like in any DVR player. That is, if your provider already supports this pretty neat feature.

Some Froyo users observed that Flash 10.1 does not let its player work with their sound profile settings. Although in silent mode, Flash player will still play sounds as is. Adobe Systems clears this up by saying that this is an Android problem and not the Flash Player’s fault.

Security-wise, the new version of Flash player now works with your browser settings. That is, to say, that your Flash player will not keep on caching when you enter in the private browsing mode.

Good news to multi-touch device users, Flash Player also comes with multi-touch support. The new accelerometer support also allows users to view their flash content in portrait and landscape mode. With the Smart Zooming feature users can scale their playback to full screen.

Flash Player 10.1 is available to those who will upgrade to Android 2.2, dubbed as Froyo. It also supports various platforms such as BlackBerry, Webs, future versions of Windows Phone, Limo, Me ego and Symbian OS. Alas, no support for Apple’s iOS; but not for the lack of trying, though. Steve Jobs is obstinate when it comes to Flash support in Apple products.

Devices that are supported include Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, DROID by Motorola, Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S and others.

For Adobe Sytems, this has been a major upgrade in terms of supporting multi platforms.

For those who can’t live without their flash content, this is definitely an enhancement to their mobile experience.

How to Resolve Website Errors in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is considered to be one of the earliest and most famous web explorers introduced in the World Wide Web. In the number of years that Internet Explorer existed in the technological world, new versions have been made in order to cope up with the test of time. Moreover, along with these continuous innovations with the versions of Internet Explorer are the errors that go by this.

Histrory of IE

Internet Explorer is actually the Microsoft’s web browsers. It is now more commonly known Windows Internet Explorer. Users all over the world mostly used Internet Explorer as their web browser since 1999. The latest version of Internet Explorer used nowadays is the Internet Explorer version 8. Moreover, the version 9 of the Internet Explorer is currently under developed and is expected to be released by 2010. These innovations and developments are continuously evolving that many people are already waiting for this new version. The hope that the new version will not cater the errors anymore is on the hearts of the users.

Indeed it is true that the current version is having some problems with its different functions. All of the problems when it comes to the current version have their own solutions. The error on viewing or display functions in the latest version also has its own solution.

With the 8 versions that Internet Explorer has innovated since the time that it began its role as web browser, no wonder errors occur. Some websites that have been in the web for a long time since the earlier versions of Internet Explorer have errors in the viewing function using the latest version. What users will see is a blank page with a button that tells the users to switch to compatibility mode.


Turning on the compatibility mode would open the websites that were once cannot be viewed through the current Internet Explorer. It would be just like using an old version of the Internet Explorer. Well, you know what the best thing is about the solution on this problem? Once a website is recognized by the Internet Explorer System to be a webpage not compatible to the current version, a compatibility button will appear on the address bar which will make it easier to find for the users to easily access it.

If you want to turn off or on the button of compatibility view, it is possible through the Internet Explorer then off to tools button, then to compatibility view. It is the easiest way to turn on or off the compatibility view button of the Internet Explorer.

If you turn the compatibility mode on, it would remain to be on the compatibility mode until you turn it off. The websites that you will visit will be viewed through an old version of Internet Explorer. But what you should also bear in mind is that not all website display problems are caused by the current version of the Internet Explorer. There are other factors that could result to website display problems and these are the website’s code, interruption on the Internet connection and heavy traffic on the web.

How To Get WinMX to Work on Vista

WinMX is a P2P or peer to peer file sharing application. It is quite similar to the popular Napster of the late 90s or Limewire. Various copyright laws however made the network WinMX was used to connect to shut down and since then it had been hard to find a copy of the application. Since then the website has stopped allowing people to download the installation file, but some discreet mirrors and servers still offer free downloads of the installation file along with a patch to enable it to work. The WinMX application is great for downloading books, music, software and videos shared by others. If you do find a copy of the installation file, here are the steps you can follow to get it to work on Windows Vista.

Step One

First you will need to download the installer. Do a search on Google or any other search engine using the search term “WinMX” and you should be able to get various websites that offer free downloads of the old version. This old version was the last to be released before it was shut down in 2005. The old version would require a patch to work after installation. Samples of websites where you can download the installer include and

Step Two

After locating and downloading the application you will need to install it. After the download is complete, double click on the file to begin the download. WinMX is compatible with Windows Vista and so you should have no problem with its installation. Just follow the dialog box prompts and instructions.

Step Three

Once the application is installed you will need to get the most recent patch to enable the installation to work. Conduct another search on Google using the search term “WinMX patch”. You could also just go to to download the latest patch. Once located, you will need to also download it.

Step Four

Once again you need to install the patch after the download is complete. Just double click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Be sure to install the patch only after you have first downloaded and installed the WinMX application. The patch will not be installed without the WinMX application. As you install the patch it will detect and patch with the application automatically.

Step Five

Once installed, initiate the program by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop or via the Start menu. Once you click to initiate the program, a new window will open, which allows you to search for files of interest to download. You simply search through available files and when you get a file you want, you click on it to download it. You will find out that the network community is still vibrant and alive even though the application has been banned.

While it is true that WinMX is popularly used by many people to break copyright laws and pirate other people’s work, it can still be used to legally download free content not protected by copyright that have been shared by others. It is thus a useful and handy application to have around.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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