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Rumor: Facebook® resumes talks with Skype®

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website. Recently, there have been rumors that Facebook is all set to join hands with Skype. As per the news coming from the tech arena, Facebook and Skype are in talks with each other to offer voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calls on the social networking website. If the deal goes through, it would be possible for the users of Facebook to do video conferencing and chat through text. In video conferencing, it is really great to see the person on screen with whom you are chatting.

When Facebook was launched it was never believed that it would gain such popularity. But as the time passed it added several features. For example there are applications like games, greeting cards, sending gifts and a lot more.

There is also an application which has made a swift change in the way we chat with each other; it has made it all possible to call the person over your computer. Skype is a software application that has taken a new avatar. What’s more, these voice calls are free if you are calling to the person who also has a Skype ID. It has also added a unique feature to call on a landline and mobile phone as well. But for that you will have to pay some fee.

Now there is news that Facebook and Skype are planning to join hands with each other in the market. It is a famous saying that two is better than one. Here is what these two are trying to do. As a result you will be able to call your loved one with Skype on Facebook. One of the best things is that you do not have to pay for the calls you make. The only one thing you need is that you should have is a Skype ID.

News of the collaboration between Facebook and Skype is great. So far the users were able to chat on Facebook and Skype individually, but after the partnership, it will be possible for the users to make video calls to friends on Facebook. It is really a revolutionary step. It may be a rumor, but if it is true it is going to make a drastic and welcoming change in the social networking arena. Let us hope and expect that these two players are going to join hands to make the dream possible.

Cisco® upgrades its video portfolio

Cisco is a big name in providing business communication solutions all over the world. With its quality products, it is possible to have a better communication experience. To add more quality to its services, Cisco has launched a new 12-inch touch screen video conference device with sensitive cameras to capture all the crucial moments. With its touch screen it is possible to control your communication in a very effective way. Cisco has also launched a device which is Media Experience Engine (MXE) 3500. With its smart and new age technology, it is now possible for you to share all your video content. You can train all your work force with its advanced technology. With its crystal audio and video quality, it is possible for you to stay in touch with your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Because it is very easy to use, it is possible to reduce your communication cost at a lower level of 90%. You will be able to produce your own training sessions for your workforce according to your need. It is now cost effective for you to get the job done at a less cost. Large companies are now upgrading their audio and video conferencing services with larger and high definition screens. Cisco has also revealed that it has launched a large screen video device to cater big companies. With it, it is possible to have video conference with six people at a time.

5 useful tips for business users to use Skype efficiently

Skype can be announced as one of the biggest and popular VoIP application and service providers. It comes with so many valuable and useful features which can provide great ease to home and businesses as well.  Especially for business users, Skype application provides some valuable tools like file sharing, video conferencing and also making international calls.

Skype has already acquired 550 million users worldwide and according to recent research it holds 12 percent share of international VoIP calls. It is also to be noted that one third Skype users use these services for business purposes. Although Skype is very popular service amongst home and business users both, very few users know how to get maximum output and performance, especially the business users.

Here are some basic steps which you can perform to get maximum output from Skype for your business:

Enable screen sharing:

There are so many users who are still not aware of the most powerful tool of Skype, Screen sharing.

Screen sharing in Skype allows you to share your computer screen with the user on the other end of the Video conference.

This can be used to provide remote presentation, and show data from your computer to your client.  All you need to do is just Right click on while the video call is on, and then click “Share your screen.”

Download and install Skype extras:

Skype is very customizable program and it can be extended to height limits to get maximum performance and Skype Extras are solution for that.

These Extras can also be termed as add-ons or apps which can be used for various purposes like playing games or recording Skype calls. Some Skype extras are specially designed for business users like Pamela which is specially used for call recording and Outlook integration and Voicemail purposes.

Use call forwarding:

Call forwarding is one of the major tools in regular business Skype users. This facility can allow you to transfer the Skype incoming calls onto your mobile phone even if you computer is switched off. To setup this feature, click on Tools menu, and the call will decrease the credit amount of your Skype account but it is wonderful feature.

Home surveillance even when you are out of home:

This is a very useful trick, rather tweak, which can be used to check out your house even if you are away. For this, you need to have two Skype accounts and use one account to log into your home computer, set the auto-answer for any incoming call and set to start video automatically during the call. In return, you can manage to see the activity at your house even if you are out on business meeting o tour, and that also by just making a call at your home Skype account.

Use Skype as customer support tool:

Skype provide a Skype button, which is very handy and useful and allows you to connect to your customer service. This is easy way to connect to customer support and get any kind of issue resolved.

These basic 5 steps can provide you the ease to maintain Skype account with business needs.

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